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Dave Chang has a few questions. Besides being the chef of the Momofuku restaurants and the creator and host of Netflix’s 'Ugly Delicious,' Dave is an avid student and fan of sports, music, art, film, and, of course, food. In ranging conversations that cover everything from the creative process to his guest’s guiltiest pleasures, Dave and a rotating cast of smart, thought-provoking guests talk about their inspirations, failures, successes, fame, and identities.

96 Episodes
Dave sits down with merchandising titan Mickey Drexler — known for his work stewarding the Gap, Abraham & Straus, Apple, J.Crew, and other successful businesses — to glean pearls of wisdom.
Dave sits down with legendary food writer Madhur Jaffrey CBE to explore the great depths of Indian food and its relations with the Western world.
Dave sits down with renowned pastry chef Roy Shvartzapel to discuss his extraordinary life and career: from being on a track to play basketball in the NBA to working in the most preeminent kitchens around the world to creating extraordinary panettones in the present day.
Dave sits down with his very first chef, Marco Canora, to discuss his illustrious career, from starting as a line cook at the iconic Gramercy Tavern to becoming the chef-founder of Hearth and Brodo.
In honor of what is arguably the best time of the year for sports, Dave sits down with The Ringer’s resident NFL analyst Kevin Clark (5:42) and NBA analyst Kevin O’Connor (51:53) to draw parallels between sports trends and the culinary industry.
Dave sits down with James Beard Foundation chief strategy officer Mitchell Davis to assess the state of the James Beard Foundation Awards and how it can improve.
Recorded live at the 92nd Street Y in New York City, Dave interviews renowned chef Sean Brock about rediscovering the culinary heritage of the American South and pioneering within Southern cuisine.You can purchase chef Brock’s new book, ‘South: Essential Recipes and New Explorations,’ wherever books are sold.
What can a chef learn from a hedge fund manager turned cryptocurrency specialist? A lot, it turns out. Dave sits down with Galaxy Digital CEO Mike Novogratz to discuss the wisdom he’s gleaned from working on the highest levels of Wall Street, buying in early on blockchain, rescuing US Wrestling, and working to reform the American prison system.
Dave celebrates Jeremy Fox’s new Santa Monica restaurant Birdie G’s (0:37) before sitting down with Angela Duckworth, psychologist and author of ‘Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance,’ on the complexities behind the personality trait of grit (3:08).
Dave sits down with Counterpoint founder and Pulitzer prize–winning cartoonist Nick Anderson to discuss the value of editorial cartoons, the importance of critical thinking, and consuming a variety of opinions.
Dave shares his thoughts on the recent controversy around comedian Shane Gillis (1:00) before sitting down with analytics expert Jeff Ma—best known as the blackjack player at the center of the book ‘Bringing Down the House’ and the film ‘21’—to discuss trusting data over instincts and facts over bias (5:57).
Dave extols the virtues of fly fishing (1:16) before sitting down with renowned molecular gastronomy chef Wylie Dufresne, a hall-of-fame food innovator who revolutionized American cuisine with his unorthodox—but delicious!—dishes (9:52).
After the successful launch of Bar Wayō in New York City’s South Street Seaport, Dave sits down with its chef Sam Kang to assess for themselves the newest addition to the Momofuku restaurant group.
From playing the drums to being an elite pastry chef to cooking iconic vegetarian burgers, Brooks Headley produced excellence despite limitations. Dave speaks with the James Beard Award-winning chef of Superiority Burger about his journey.
Dave talks about his most recent barbecue exploits in Austin, Texas (0:45), before sitting down with filmmaker Brian Koppelman to discuss the early days of Momofuku, choosing to focus on positivity, the intense obsession over one’s craft, and much more (6:58).
Dave remembers the late musician-poet David Berman (1:00) before sitting down with the newly minted CEO of Momofuku restaurant group, Marguerite “Marge” Mariscal, to discuss her meteoric rise as well as the past, present, and future of Momofuku (6:18).
Dave shares his thoughts on which tomatoes taste best in BLT sandwiches (1:46) before sitting down with Elizabeth chef-owner Iliana Regan to discuss her unique culinary vision, maintaining mental health while working in high-pressure environments, and much more (9:23).You can find Regan’s new memoir ‘Burn the Place: A Memoir’ wherever books are sold.
It’s not often that Dave calls someone his “hyung”—an informal, affectionate Korean word meaning “older brother.” But Dr. Jim Yong Kim, former president of the World Bank Group and Dartmouth College, is one of those people Dave cannot help but call his “hyung.” Dave speaks with the renowned global health leader about their friendship, dealing with racism while growing up as an Asian American, his passion for helping the disadvantaged, and much more.
A message from Dave: “Steve Ross, if you're reading this, I implore you to divest from Trump. He is everything we stand against. Please turn your attention to fundraising for gun control and immigration reform.”
Dave explains why aspiring cooks should not go to culinary school (1:02) and then brings in food critic Jeff Gordinier to discuss what makes chef René Redzepi and Noma special, where the food world is headed, and much more (8:35).You can find Gordinier’s new book ‘Hungry: Eating, Road-Tripping, and Risking It All with the Greatest Chef in the World’ wherever books are sold.
Comments (31)

Myungwoo Yoo

The philosophy, which David Chang has, is very thoughtful. And I'm totally agree with that. I'm dreaming about to be Chang's team member in future. Thanks for your podcast.

Nov 29th


Great interview and a great guest. Smith has great insights on creativity. She's right, the person with great ambition will excel over one with "natural talent." Fantastic questions from Dave. Yes, cooking, as with anything, can be art. That lies with the cook, and the diner to decide. You can find it from a food truck, or a 4 star restaurant.

Sep 29th


thank you for this episode. i love pottery and asian culture in general

Jul 24th
Reply (1)

Thiago M. Pinto

Long as hell, but I think it's funny.

Jul 11th

Mae Lee Arant

I dont know if David Chang ever looks at comments but someone please pass on to him that there is solid research about gut envirodome health and mood disorders. as chefs the alcohol and foods you eat may not be healthy gut bacteria you need. there are 2 specific types that are low in people with depression and anxiety.PLEASE GET TO A DOCTOR AND GET YOURS CHECKED!!

Jul 2nd

Thanh Nguyen

hey david Chang. I know you don't really fuck with soccer all that much but Asians do a have a premier talent in pro sports right now. Son Heung-Min from Tottenham Hotspur. he's a top 10 player in the world right now but doesn't get enough love. imo it's because he's Asian. check him out and throw some love at him because the boy deserves it!

May 3rd

Mae Lee Arant

david. as you have your child please be a leader in reflecting on the cost of climate change associated with meat as well as the cruelty of factory farming.

Mar 24th

Bic Vu

This is a great podcast, not just about food, but about work. The good, the bad, the ugly delicious.

Mar 1st

Colleen Arreola

love this pod! dave you da bomb 😁

Feb 18th

Krys Fulton

It is relieving to relate to others and to hear people that understand the hidden people under the stairs. I have busted my ass, with so many struggles and delt people who just dont get it or care. thank you i love your podcast

Dec 14th

Krys Fulton

I want to open the soup spot

Dec 14th

sam pah


Nov 10th

Allie Hill

So grateful for you putting yourself out there like this.

Oct 24th

Rohit Albin Cheyaden

Such an amazing podcast! This episode was really great. I have always regretted not ever being able to have a meal at Wd~50 Still hurts.

Sep 21st

Ulrikke Olufsen

Thank you for this episode, heartbreaking but so important.

Jul 25th

Niki Torres

I love this episode. I'm glad this was the episode that introduced me to David Chang's foray into podcasts. The storytelling, the conversation, and the reality of being a Korean-American. It's such an interesting look into her life. David was right about there being trade-offs and it was fab that Chloe said she won't change anything about her life. Congrats again Chloe for the gold medal! All the best to your next medal. David, I have yet to try your restaurants but I really love Ugly Delicious. 😊

Jul 3rd

Vicky Applebaum

Luckily, today, nobody mocks my daughter for her "different" lunches. Our kids are lucky to grow up in such a diverse community where no kid brings a baloney sandwich. And yes, yes, yes to perceptions of MSG being inherently racist...!

Jun 23rd

Vicky Applebaum

She's adorable!! As an Asian-Canadian, I wish I'd had a cool role model like her growing up. Great podcast!

Jun 23rd

Sylvia Sargeant

Thank you.

Jun 20th

Maria Campbell

Thanks for this.

Jun 17th
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