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Chris and Teri bring to light what is really under the hood of the healthcare system and wellness in general from their first hand experience and their guests.

In order to win in the healthcare game you need to do it different from the masses...they tell you when and where those times exist.

We know you're busy, have bills to pay and healthcare is crazy expensive. Spend 20-30 minutes with us (listen at 1.5x is you have to!) and we guarantee you will learn a something you can leverage to live happier, healthier and probably with some more cash in your pocket! Support this podcast:
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Chris and Teri have the behind the scenes creator of the podcast, Caleb Stern, on to discuss what it is like living with anxiety, depression, Autism and Ehlers Danlos.  How have they had to adapt their lives and expectations to be successful in life and happy. --- Support this podcast:
Teri and Chris discuss the most common mistakes that people make when it comes to their rehab after surgery.  Teri speaks closely from personal experience and Chris speaks to what he sees on the medical provider side of things as well!   Learn how to make a plan that will actually work for you! --- Support this podcast:
Teri and Chris discuss a topic that is pretty much not covered to get motivated to complete rehab and to stay fit when it is not your "thing." --- Support this podcast:
Director of Performance, Alex Cassella, joins us today to chat about a very important topic - how to broach eating healthy and with kids successfully.  Don't miss this one if you have ever struggled with this incredibly touchy and difficult topic. --- Support this podcast:
Not feeling so great?  Kids sick?   Chris and Teri talk about when to use the latest technology and the future of medicine vs when to go to the local minute clinic vs when to go to your primary care MD.   As always, discussing not only the cost factor or what to consider, but also the time savings or costs as well as the convenience factor.  You interested in seeing the doctor while still in your bed and in your pajamas?  Teri did it and here what her experience was like!   --- Support this podcast:
Chris and Teri and joined by Dr. Patrick O'Connell from Sentinel Primary Care in Raleigh, NC.  We dive into the business behind medicine, why it is the reason you wait over an hour for 15 minutes with your doctor and what more and more Doctors are doing about it!  Learn about the model that allows you to text with your doctor, get same day appointments and get to spend over 30 minutes with your doctor regularly!  We also discuss how telehealth is being used to limit your visits to the office, how you can get EKG's without any additional cost and overall, how you can be treated based on what you need and not what insurance will pay the doctor! This episode blows the roof off your prior experiences in healthcare!  Reach out to Dr. O'Connell at or call  him at 919-797-0550 Resources:  Find a Primary Cary Doctor Near You:   --- Support this podcast:
Chris and Teri discuss an important topic of all the self help pain industry and if it is worth your time and money.  Are they a waste of money?  Are they helpful and will they save you money in the long run?  Listen in to find out the answers to all of these questions!   Resources for finding research studies: --- Support this podcast:
Choosing a Massage Therapist is like choosing a cracker at the grocery store right?  WRONG!  They are NOT all the same, and in fact, there are HUGE differences in the still emerging field.  Chris and Teri welcome Hands on Health Co-Founder Laura, as she discusses how to choose the right clinic and Therapist for you as well as gives you tips on how to get the most out of your next Massage Therapy Session.  We also dive in to discuss how Massage Therapy can be used as an adjunct to Physical Therapy and in other situations where you wouldn't necessarily think of it.  Don't miss this one!   RESOURCES: Massage Therapist License Lookup - --- Support this podcast:
Chris and Teri dive into the specifics of if foam rolling is even worth your time, not to mention the pain that often goes with it.  What is it really doing?  Are there different ways to do it that make it more effective? When should you roll vs when should you stretch?  All this and more in this info packed episode! Value Add Videos: (why foam rolling for golf helps) Foam Rolling Exercise Playlist: --- Support this podcast:
This week we chat about how to keep it going when life isn't going your way.  Chris and Teri both know about unplanned events (open heart surgery and multiple other things) get in the way of your plans and your happiness.  How did they get through it and what are the options out there available to you to explore to help you when you need it?  Listen and find out! --- Support this podcast:
Teri speaks from her over 10 experiences on this topic and Chris discusses this really hard question from a medical perspective.  Together, they both give you a best practice formula on how to evaluate your specific situation.  They provide a map or pathway that allows you to make sure you exhaust all your options prior to going under the knife...which should always be a last resort! --- Support this podcast:
Chris and Teri discuss the big 5 exercises that are most often done incorrectly that lead to back pain.  More than likely, you are doing at least one of them and this is your opportunity to fix it before it becomes a problem!  Don't miss out on this one. Videos of Fixes:  OH mobility fix: How to Deadlift correctly: Anti-extension exercise instead of crunches:  --- Support this podcast:
Teri talks about her recent $1500 surprise when she went to the pharmacy, what that means for her health, her pocketbook and how you can navigate  a situation like this effectively to stay alive and not broke!  RESOURCES and AlTERNATIVE:, price shop pharmacies, websites, formulary vs non-formulary, generic, patents, coupons   --- Support this podcast:
Teri shares her stories about hip pain that eventually required surgery...TWICE!  And Chris explains the process and steps that you need to take if you have hip pain to get it evaluated and treated fast and effectively.  Chris and Teri also touch on how issues in the hip can manifest as pain in other areas of your body, particularly the groin and the low back.   LINKS Check out this video on a simple at home fix for your hip pain: --- Support this podcast:
Dr. Eric Westman, one of the top, if not THE top researcher when it comes to the Keto diet and your health joins Teri and Chris this week to discuss how changing what you eat could save your life, your golf game and your performance in the gym!  Learn what the Keto diet really is, the truths and lies about it and what the science says about long term effects on your health.  Diabetes and Obesity may have met their match!  Dr. Westman also discusses his exciting new venture to help America fix its obesity problem with his Heal Clinics likely opening near you soon!  LINKS TO INFO: &  LINK TO INVEST IN HEAL CLINICS: $480 buy in  --- Support this podcast:
Teri and Chris address the top three questions you NEED to be asking your Physical Therapist to assure the quickest recovery and avoid and setbacks!  They discuss this critical topic from both sides of the interaction...the patient and the therapist and tell you what each is thinking and how to manage them both!  This episode is great for Therapists and clients or even loved ones of clients to make sure you and your loved ones are getting the most out of your rehab!   Check out our blog on this topic: --- Support this podcast:
Knee pain is something that affects a TON of people around the world and most of you don't do anything about it.  Those of you who do, will often waste on average one month trying to get in to see the right provider and will waste on average over $1,000 before even getting to the right person!   Chris and Teri go over the top causes, top fixes and how to know who is the right provider you need to go to right off the bat instead of wasting precious time and money!  Link to DIY Knee Pain Fix Playlist - --- Support this podcast:
Is it financially smart to use your insurance for Physical Therapy or other medical expenses? If you haven't met your deductible, then probably not! And even if you still might be wasting money. Chris and Teri educate you on the BIG THREE when it comes to understanding your insurance and when it makes sense to use it or not. Co-pays - Co-Insurance - Deductibles. Did you know that when you don't use your insurance the cost is often 50% less! --- Support this podcast:
Chris and Teri take on the #1 injury experienced by Americans - back pain! If you sit at your desk all day or have ever experienced back pain at any point you NEED to watch this! They discuss top causes, top things to avoid, what healthcare provider to see and how to navigate the incredibly confusing healthcare system to get better quicker and for less! Self help Back pain Fix Video: Schedule a discover visit or call so we can help you for FREE link to discovery visit/call --- Support this podcast:
Shoulder pain keeping you down and out of doing what you love? It's annoying! Chris and Teri discuss the keys to getting rid of shoulder pain and give you resources to take care of it yourself. If you can't get rid of it yourself, they discuss the key healthcare professionals that can get you back pain free quick and at a reasonable cost. Shoulder Pain Fix Discovery call: --- Support this podcast:
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