DiscoverThe Economics of Everyday Things
The Economics of Everyday Things
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The Economics of Everyday Things

Author: Freakonomics Network & Zachary Crockett

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Zachary Crockett uncovers the hidden side of the things that surround us. Who decides what snacks are in your office’s vending machine? How much is a 100-year-old elm tree on a suburban block worth — and to whom? And what makes Girl Scout Cookies a billion-dollar business?
4 Episodes
3. My Sharona

3. My Sharona


Can a hit single from four decades ago still pay the bills? Zachary Crockett f-f-f-finds out.
2. Girl Scout Cookies

2. Girl Scout Cookies


How does America's cutest sales force get billions of Thin Mints, Samoas, and Tagalongs into our hands every year? Zachary Crockett digs in.
1. Gas Stations

1. Gas Stations


In our first episode, host Zachary Crockett sidles up to the pump to ask:  Who owns your local gas station, and where do their profits really come from? 
A new show is coming to the Freakonomics Radio Network. Stay tuned for The Economics of Everyday Things, hosted by Zachary Crockett.
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