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We’re often being pushed to match some cookie cutter standards in the way we live our lives, how we run our business, what we create, and even in who we are. Guess what? Screw those expectations! This episode is about dropping ‘comparison-itis’ and fully embracing who you are as you flow forward in ease and grace. Sign up for my newsletter, The Feel Good Tribe
Before we start a business, commit to a project, or even just buy something, we only think of what it'll feel like to have that thing belong to us. But the more important question to consider is, "How will I feel when I belong to it? How much of myself am I ready to give to this thing?" This episode starts with a simple story about my shoes that leads us to understand the impact that this shift in perspective makes on our life and business decisions! Drop me a voice note about your takeaways from this episode, or any favourite episode on this show: Sign up for my newsletter for lots more fun stories (most with lessons snuck into them):
We simply accept so many things in life just as they are because that’s what we’ve seen/experienced. But being ourselves, shaking stuff up, and doing things our own way is so freeing and wonderful! This episode is about questioning how we do things in our life and work, and having fun with the creative possibilities that opens up. Drop me a 60 sec voice note about your favourite takeaway from my show: Sign up for my newsletter:
Story of a broken ship engine and a skilled mechanic's solution 0:04 The importance of experience over education 3:04 Overcoming self-doubt in teaching and coaching 5:43 Sharing experience without giving unsolicited advice 9:59 Imparting knowledge with humility 12:11 Let me know your thoughts on this episode or any of your favourite episodes/lessons from The Feel Good Factor. Drop me a voice message here: Keep it under 60 seconds. Can’t wait to hear from you! :) Want to stay more connected with me? Sign up for my newsletter:
Sometimes we’re so intent on doing something no matter what that we just keep pointlessly pushing against the blocks that come up. Our attachment to our way of doing things is so strong that we’re completely unaware of other creative solutions that could make our work/life way easier. Listen to how a bumble bee 🐝 outside my door made me realise all this and more! Also, sign up for my newsletter:
Just because we’re great at coaching, guiding, or teaching people something, doesn’t make us immune to making the exact mistakes we stop others from making. Hire a business coach in your area to work with, get a mentor, join a mastermind group. Taking guidance before making many business decisions makes a world of difference to your well wellbeing, peace of mind, and fulfilment.
Waking up to this childhood memory made me want to talk about time abundance and no agendas. Sign up:
By consciously making things uncomplicated and easy for ourselves, there’s so much more we can accomplish. And we get to do it in a joyful, fulfilling way. When we prioritise ease and comfort, and embrace a friction-free way of living, we contribute to a healthy work and life culture. Join The Feel Good Tribe:
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We'll focus on each of the seven main chakras in this guided practice. Bring them into balance and let them glow in harmony with each other. It's a simple but powerful visualisation. Please ensure you're not disturbed in the middle. Once you're done, gently ease yourself back to the present. This practice could be followed by a grounding meditation. Explore more of my meditations on the Insight Timer app: Connect with me on my Feel Good Tribe:
Whether in life, or brand building, relatability is a game changer. Add playfulness to it, and you’re all set to attract your ideal clients/audience into your world, and have fun and fulfilment along the way. Sign up for the Harmonious Multi-Passionate Life Course: Here’s how you can subscribe to my newsletter: See you on the inside! :)
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Here's a way to go easy on yourself, track your progress and be gently and steadily productive. This episode is a lesson from my course Harmonious Multi-Passionate Life. The second cohort of the course is starting soon. If you'd like to get more information about it and lots of related tips leading up to the course, sign up for my newsletter, The Feel Good Tribe.
Every brand or business has different types of people who support it in their own special way. And all of them matter! In this episode I've spoken about: The five categories of supporters How you can recognise them Ways to connect with them The sixth, most powerful kind of supporter Why these connections are important How you can nurture these relationships Join The Feel Good Tribe:
Want to know a secret to achieve gentle, consistent productivity? Keep it simple. When we start with whatever we have at our disposal and chug along, the Universe supports us in all kinds of unexpected ways. In this shortie episode, I share the amusing way in which I was supported today, and leave you with some honest questions to chew on. (By the way, the noise started up as soon as I was done with the recording. hehe) Sign up for the Feel Good Tribe Newsletter:
The meaning and significance of the Purnamada Purnamidam shloka/prayer. A simple affirmation to remind us that completeness is within us and around us. It's always in our own power to feel whole and fulfilled. Join The Feel Good Tribe:
Do this short breathe and reset meditation at any point in your day to ground yourself into the present moment. Our breath is a powerful, calming tool to help us relax and begin the day afresh. Order a personalised guided meditation for yourself or a loved one here:
To be able do something for someone simply because we can and we want to is a cause of so much joy and fulfilment! Thoughts from me and some friends on the freedom that comes with being generous without expectation or obligation. Spiritual and practical perspectives. Register here for the Manifest Your Most Fulfilling Life Deep Dive Workshop: Join The Feel Good Tribe Newsletter:
Why you need to follow fulfilment above the more surface level, fleeting feelings. And a deeper look into the five practices to include so you can be more joyful and manifest your most fulfilling life. 1. Cleanse and Release of Useless Energy Periodically 2. Indulge in Acts of Self-Love Often 3. Follow the Good Feelings instead of Things/Outcomes Always 4. Be Mindful Constantly 5. Visualise and Affirm Regularly If you'd like to go learn hands on how to inculcate thses practices, join my workshop at Bangalore Creative Circus on Sun, Aug 13th: The Feel Good Tribe Newsletter:
“Everything else was good, but because of that one thing, I have to fail you, sorry”, she says (in a sorry-not-sorry tone of voice). I apologise, or thank her, as she gets out of my car. At least, I'd like to believe I did, but I’m totally blanking on that detail. What I do clearly remember is, as I gape at her walking away, my brain's going, “umm, what the eff just happened?” For five years I’d driven through Bangalore on my own. I could even navigate the by lanes of Shivajinagar like a pro. But my first driving test in the US? I’d flunked! 🤦🏻‍♀️ I’d actually freakin' flunked. Want to know why that happened? Listen to the hilarious and embarrassing story on this episode. Subscribe to The Feel Good Tribe Newsletter:
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