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The Feel Good Factor is all about consciously finding things that spark joy through every aspect of life.

The podcast features contemplative talks, interviews and meditations, covering a wide range of topics from compassion to self-love, wellness to abundance, and so much more.

Come, join me, as we imbue fun, peace and uplifting, high vibe energy into our everyday moments by making feeling good our highest priority.
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I mix the sauces and tofu together, cover and let it marinate, bake everything, relish the dish, and slow down to let it digest. That’s an excellent process to achieve delicious baked tofu, but it also works successfully in other endeavours. Here are the five steps: Inspiration – creation/planning/ideation Marination – allowing the ideas to come together Action – doing the work Celebration – savouring and honouring everything that led to this success Relaxation – resting after a job well done In this episode I explained each step in detail, and share how you can incorporate this process into your business and personal life. Implement the system and watch things fall into place beautifully. It’s an enjoyable cycle that keeps your work, your projects and your life flowing smoothly. Blog post with all links mentioned on the episode (including an additional one for a yummy baked tofu recipe):
“Does it make your soul happy?” This the magic question Shailaja Vishwanath asks us to go back to again and again as individuals, entrepreneurs or content creators. And I for one can say it’s an approach that works like a charm! Our conversation here is packed to the brim with so many nuggets of wisdom, so keep a pen and notebook handy. These are just a few of the many, many areas we covered: Selfless service Masculine energy vs feminine energy in marketing Creating without attachment to results Being productive while not pushing yourself Finding joy in whatever you’re doing Looking for ways to make things interesting Doing things for their own sake Being compassionate without being a pushover Abundance mindset and community And so much more… Check this episode's web page for more details and links:
The energy of the waning moon is very conducive to clearing unwanted energy from your life so that space can be created for new, useful energy. I follow various spiritual practices on full moon nights and the days following it. Here are my five favourite full moon rituals for you to try. They're simple and powerful. If you're new to this, don't have to do all of them at once. Just start with the practice which most resonates with you and build from there. I've spoken about these five rituals in detail on this episode: Washing and Charging Crystals Write, Tear, Burn – Emotional and Mental Clearing Sound and/or Aroma Ritual – Energetic Cleansing Guided Meditation Intentional Decluttering– Physical Cleaning for Manifestation Apart from these, if you're able to, spend at least 30-60 minutes looking at the moon and bathing in its light every full moon night. It's a beautiful, calming, energising experience. Episode blog post with links and additional information:
Marsha is hands down the most fun, interesting person I’ve interviewed on my show until now! As soon as you start listening to this conversation, you’ll feel the energy uplifting you. Our excitement and laughter throughout are both totally contagious, so make sure you’re somewhere where it’s okay for you to randomly burst out laughing. The episode made me feel so good that I’ve listened to it multiple times. Yes, even after I had completed the editing and refining work and didn’t “need” to listen to it anymore! That’s how much I love it. This woman is full of delightful stories and ideas! I can’t get enough of them. And I’m beyond excited for you all to get as hooked as I am to the wonderful world of Yes Yes Marsha. Oh and if you’re a podcaster, you’d be lucky to have her as a guest. She created a secret web page just for my audience with all the links and resources she mentioned on the show. And what’s even more amazing is that she freaking noted down all our talking points and sent them across to me so I could easily copy/paste them below. How thoughtful is that?! Here they are, the key topics we discussed in this episode: Storytelling as time travel Everything you need to know about how to tell good stories (in 5 mins) How to edit your stories Marsha's thoughts on manifestations and tarot (and how they can work, even for the skeptics) Her philosophy on why it's important to get your hopes up Her best ever life hack — writing letters to your future self Episode web page with Marsha's secret web page link and additional information:
My friend Shilpa did a series of video interviews featuring women supporting women on her Instagram page during the week of International Women’s Day. I was delighted to be a mid-week guest! The idea was to discuss mindfulness, joyfulness, and being yourself – through all of life’s ups and downs. But as the conversation progressed, she had so many more interesting questions that we ended up covering a wide range of topics. Tips and guidance to help women in their entrepreneurial journey and personal life. Shilpa has a beautiful way of guiding the conversation and asking the kind of questions to dig up nuggets of wisdom and insights from you that you didn’t even realise you had. Once you listen, you’ll agree with me that this woman should be running her own podcast! Haha By the end, I knew I just had to pull the audio from that interview and put it here for all of you. It’s like getting a delicious assorted platter of all the things I usually discuss on the show, plus more. Here are some of the things Shilpa and I conversed about: Mindfulness – being fully present in each moment Establishing boundaries with family, colleagues and customers Unapologetically taking time for yourself Delegation over perfection The power of prioritising fun Sustainable happiness Need for digital and physical disconnection Running your business from a place of inspiration Enabling others through your own happiness Quieting the mind and avoiding overwhelm Making lists, brain dumping and taking deep breaths Overcoming blocks to having an abundance mindset Being excited, finding lessons and showing gratitude How to make difficult choices and when to let go Episode Web Page: Use code "veganosaurus10" on Shilpa's website Jus'Amazin and get 10% off on your first order.
Holistic health and wellness coach Manasa Rajan experienced the magic of going vegan in her mid-twenties. It immensely benefitted her and her family’s wellness, and over the years has shaped her purpose in life. Manasa's mission is to help people upgrade their food and take control of their health! And this means work within the food ecosystem to make clean, healthy alternatives easily accessible and the norm in the country. In this conversation, we speak about the impact of switching to a plant based life beyond just food. The way it uplifts our energy and emotions, how it influences our way of thinking, and inspires us to help others. We also discuss the need to prioritise women’s health, the great need to create positive change in the food eco system so everyone can access healthy food, the beautiful way the vegan and health food movement has been growing, and so much more. Visit this episode's webpage to read about one of my earliest memories of Manasa, our parallel journeys, and also see the weight lifting photograph I mentioned on the episode:
The thing I love most about podcasting is getting to have meaningful connections with a bunch of awesome folks! In the year (and few months) since The Feel Good Factor was launched, I’ve been able to reach out to so many people whose unique voice and message I admire, and invite them to have a conversation with me on the show. This interview with @shivya is one of the most enjoyable exchanges I’ve had the privilege to experience. Shivya is all about thinking and living outside the box. She’s a proponent of breaking norms and forging your own path in life. And through her work she inspires others to do the same. I loved how easily we were able to converse with each other and smoothly navigate multiple topics. If we hadn’t had internet issues on the day of the recording, I think we might’ve gone on chatting for an additional hour. haha We discussed: Life as a digital nomad Solo travel stories Our creative processes Developing your voice as a writer Balancing authenticity with privacy Feeling financially secure as a freelancer (especially in these uncertain times) The Journeys project Consciously aligned collaborations What she liked about my Vegan Immersion Experience course The positive impact we can create on others through our work How to travel the world as a vegan Being “cornered” into discovering hidden skills Thinking outside the box And more… I just know you’re going to love getting to know this amazing woman! Episode web page with more information:
What can you do when scary things are happening in the world and you feel helpless at the unfairness? What can you do when you want to heal someone or keep them safe, but you’re not in a position to do so? I had a different episode planned for this week, but with what’s going on right now, I felt like answers to these questions were desperately needed by all of us. So I sat down and meditated, and channeled the messages I received into a recording. I trust that this episode will help us all to create a positive impact in the world today and in the future too. Some of topics covered are: Focusing on what you can do instead of on what’s not in your control Protecting yourself from negativity Not getting attached to others reactions and opinions Raising your vibrations before taking any action The power of surrender and visualisation I’ve also included an 8 min long Visualisation exercise (from 12:00 to 20:00). Make sure to sit in a quiet place and try it out. It’ll immensely uplift your energy and feelings. Episode blog page with more information and links:
This short episode is all about why it’s so important to invest in yourself, especially when it comes to anything that’ll make your life easier, eliminate friction or help in your personal growth. And how to recognise the difference between impulse buying that gives you short term pleasure and spending on something that’ll keep you happier for the longer run. A few months ago, I invested in a ring light. It wasn’t even expensive, but I had kept putting off the purchase for the longest time because I kept wondering if it would be a “waste”. But when I finally did get it, it helped me create much more video content than I had before because I was not dependent on daylight anymore. Whenever inspiration strikes now, I can just sit down and start recording. The quality of my IGTV live videos and online workshops have also gone up noticeably, and this motivates me to do them more often. Now looking back, I’m like, “duh! why didn’t I buy this gadget sooner?” Haha This is just one example of the things I’ve hesitated to invest in at first, but after I did, it contributed to my life in multiple ways and paid off significantly. Mindfully investing in yourself creates a domino effect of opportunities and opens up your world. And I just had to talk about this on my show! Bottomline – if it will bring you more peace of mind, give you more time freedom, make your work smooth, result in self-improvement and knowledge upgrade, help you build meaningful connections to benefit you in the longer run…don’t hesitate to spend. Investing in your present life, your present self is just as important as saving up for your future. Episode web page with more details:
Kathryn Ely of the Imperfect Thriving Podcast talks about how to overcome the obsession with perfectionism and the different ways this can makes our lives so much more easy and joyful. She shares anecdotes from her own personal experiences and how these incidents not only led her to embrace and harness imperfection in her life, but also help others do the same. Listen to our conversation and learn about: Eliminating procrastination Being your own best cheerleader Letting go of judgement and limiting beliefs Being more confident Focusing on the process instead of the result Learning to forgive yourself Finding joyfulness in relaxation Get ready for some deep insights! Episode web page: Kathryn is a former attorney turned licensed, national certified, counselor, and a recovering perfectionist. Through her Imperfect Thriving Podcast, counseling, consulting, and program development, Kathryn helps you let go of perfection and get out of your own way so you can take action, reach goals, and love yourself. Connect with Kathryn on her Website (where you can avail the Free Gift), Instagram @imperfectthriving and Facebook Group.
Last week we focused on inspiration, this week let’s delve into productivity. Today’s guest, my friend Kris McPeak of the Elevate Your 8 podcast is a pro in the art of planning and getting things done! Kris has a full time job, and has multiple side hustles too. She shares how she creates a framework for her days but also relies on her feelings to decide on what to do. It’s all about being present in the moment and checking in with yourself while also checking things off your tasks list. Our conversation in this episode touches on various topics. Morning routines Prioritising tasks Making pretty checklists Creating a roadmap for your day Giving yourself permission to put things off Determining what method works for you Becoming an author and podcaster Balancing your full time job and side hustle And so much more… I love Kris’s fun, uplifting energy and I’m sure you’ll connect with it too! Connect with her on her instagram @krismaspeak and podcast. Episode web page with more information, links and a photo of Kris I love:
Today’s episode features Adam Schaeuble of Podcasting Business School. This guy is full of amazing insights and he’s very generous when it comes to sharing them! So I thought he’d be the perfect person for everyone to listen to at the beginning of the year. In this conversation, Adam and I have discussed: Motivation vs inspiration Using your life experiences to teach and serve other people Adding value and sharing implementable steps as a teacher/coach Building a side hustle out of your passion point Understanding your audience and niching down on what you create Respecting what you’re offering enough to charge what you deserve And so much more! The episode is chock full of information that’ll leave you with so many creative ideas for your life and your business. Here’s a link to his Podcasting Business Builders Course Bundle that I mentioned: What I learnt on this course has had a huge impact on my business journey! I highly recommend it to all podcasters Adam is a full time podcaster, podcasting business coach, and the host of the top ranked podcast, Podcasting Business School. Adam’s goal is to teach his students how they can love their show like a hobby, but build it like a business. Connect with him on his website or instagram @podcastingbusinessschool Episode web page where you can send me a voice note with your thoughts about The Feel Good Factor:
Begin the new year with a simple technique that combines the power of creativity and journaling to manifest your goals and desires. Cultivate this as a regular practice to fill yourself with positive, uplifting energy. There are many paths to manifestation, what I've shared here is a fun, light way to go about it. And the doodling component helps you get in touch with your inner child too. Episode web page where you can leave me a voice note: At the start of the episode, I've spoken about my two online courses to help you be more joyful. Here are the links: Ignite Your Joy: Vegan Immersion Experience:
On this milestone episode of my show, I've interviewed my friend, mentor and inspiration, Allison Melody (@allisonmelodytv). Alli is the epitome of how shining one's own light can uplift you and set off a powerful, positive ripple effect on the world. This extra long conversation is packed with so much value! We discussed: overcoming great difficulties building and growing a business being an authentic entrepreneur who can change the world valuing your experience and efforts forgiveness letting go manifestation and SO MUCH MORE! A little over two years ago, I listened to my first episode of The Food Heals Podcast ( It featured some very inspiring women. I can never forget that feeling of expansion I had as the conversation progressed. It felt like there was so much potential for me to tap into. I just knew my life would be irrevocably changed from that point onwards though I didn't know how. Flash forward to today, I've had the privilege of meeting All in person, attend the Food Heals Italy Retreat (the episode art photo was clicked there), and be a part of her Rise and Bloom Mastermind ( for the past year. My 2020 has been filled with so much growth and learning because I've been a part of the group. I've shared the kind of value I've found on the group in my conversation with Alli. Episode web page with more information and photographs:
How do you know it's okay to let go of something you love? Something beautiful that's added so much value to the world. When you've poured much of your life, love and energy into something for many years, how can you move on and make peace with it? This week we announced that our restaurant of nearly eight years old will be shut down in January. It's a landmark in the Indian vegan community that has touched and changed many lives.  It's also been a huge part of me for the better part of a decade. This episode is filled with vulnerability and raw emotions. I've expressed the fear based thoughts I've experienced in connection with this decision. And I've shared how I'm finding strength to look forward to a new beginning with faith and hope. I hope it inspires you to look into your life with honesty. At your relationships, work, business...and all other aspects of your life to see what's serving you and what's holding you back. And I hope it helps you in letting go of whatever you might have lost in this past year or what you need to move on from now. Episode web page with more content and images related to this story:
Mahathi Parashuram tells you why it's so important to make a big deal of  your "happy birthday" and celebrate it, and how that attitude of self-love extends into the rest of the year. The conversation is filled with lots of humour, mingled with so much deep, powerful advice. It's an episode that's very close to my heart because Mahathi is one of my dearest friends. We've known each other for a loooong time now and it feels great to feature someone I care so deeply about on my show. She is a mother of two, a wife, a sister, a daughter and a friend. These roles she plays mean a lot to her. Mahathi cares deeply for the people she loves. She's passionate about her work in Public Relations at Grundfos and the impact she creates through it. She is also someone who has learned to value and love herself through the years. I've seen this woman grow and thrive through so much in her life. I am proud of her and blessed to have her as my friend. Listen to her and get ready to be inspired to unapologetically put yourself first, above all else! Episode web page with more content:
What if your heart desires to take you in a direction to achieve something seemingly impossible? Would you follow it? Chef Yin did exactly that! She studied law and worked in PR, but when she discovered raw vegan cuisine, the passion to create it was so strong it didn't matter that she had no prior experience in the food industry, she got into it with complete dedication. The fact that neither raw food nor vegan food was known in Malaysia didn't stop her either. She just knew this was a path she had to take and bravely ventured forth. Today she's an extremely popular Raw Vegan Chef in not just her country but also across the globe. In this interview she talks about her journey, experiences and the practices she follows to keep going strong. I know you're going to find her story very inspiring! I mentioned my brand new course, Vegan Immersion Experience on this episode. Here's a link if you'd like to learn more about it: Episode web page: About Yin: Raw Chef Yin is Malaysia’s very own raw vegan celebrity chef, author and TEDx speaker. She has a law degree but left her jet-setting corporate job to don a chef’s jacket instead. Trained at the world’s leading raw & plant-based culinary academy, she now dedicates her time to helping others make beautiful, delicious raw vegan cuisine. Due to the worldwide lockdown which prevented her from travelling internationally, she began producing various online vegan cooking courses on ice cream, cheese, tempeh, mooncakes as well as Japanese & Korean cuisine to rave reviews. Watch her on VELICIOUS with Raw Chef Yin, Malaysia’s very first (un)cooking show or buy her one of her 5 Ebooks or attend her pop-up dining experiences. Website: Facebook: Instagram: YouTube: The introduction to this episode was presented by my friend Kris McPeak from the Elevate Your 8 podcast ( Listen to her show for lots of inspiration to be productive and gain time freedom.
I'm always talking about how to follow your happiness and practice habits that make you feel good. In this episode I wanted to share how veganism is the source of so much joy in my own life and how going vegan can deeply impact yours too. I recently created a course called Vegan Immersion Experience. It takes a holistic approach to being a happy, joyful vegan. I have spoken a bit about it on the episode. You can find more details here: Between this episode and the course, my intention is to inspire and guide more people to embrace this beautiful, uplifting way of life. Becoming vegan is the best decision I've made in my life and I so want you to experience its magic too! Episode's main web page/blog post:
In this meditation, I guide you to form a deeply loving and tender connection with your inner child. Spend a few minutes practicing it regularly. As your inner child feels more safe and cared for, you'll be able to experience and share greater joy and uplifting energy in your life. Episode web page with more details: Connect with me on Instagram @veganosaurus
“Love yourself enough to say no to others demands on your time and energy.” When I pulled this message from my Goddess Cards Deck, it validated so much of what I’ve been saying for a few years now. The card is about Boundaries, and drawing it spurred me to speak about it with you all. Episode’s main web page: How much of your time and energy are going into your work/business, family and other relationships on a daily basis? What’s left for self-care? And creativity? What about for just having fun and enjoying life? Just because you love your work, or enjoy any activity which involves you giving your time and energy to others, doesn’t make it eligible to be categorised as “me time”. It’s a common pit we fall into. This is why it’s so important to set clear boundaries! First the boundaries need to be defined between ourselves and everyone else, especially in our work and personal life. Then, after we’ve carved out time away from our work and other people, we need to create sub-boundaries between different aspects of the rest of our life. In this episode of The Feel Good Factor, I’ve spoken about how I’ve consciously tried to make this happen in my own life, and the immense benefits that have emerged. If you’ve been overwhelmed (especially considering the work-from-home situation we’re experiencing right now), and if the lines between different day to day activities are blurred, you really need to listen to this message! And as with many of my episodes, what I’ve shared here will especially strike a chord with small business entrepreneurs. I’m all about helping conscious entrepreneurs build and grow their business. That’s why I run my holistic Vegan Business Coaching program. I’ve learnt many things the hard way in my entrepreneurial journey. I’d like my mistakes to serve you with some valuable lessons and inspiration on what to do and what to avoid. Find out more about me on and connect with me @veganosaurus on Instagram.
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