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B-B-B-BONUS EP!!! A-A-A-AGAIN!!! Every now and then, Hugh, Ryan and Josh like to get together and chat about their own imperfections that they’ve been dealing with recently. This is one of those episodes. Hugh talks about “life seasons”, Ryan explains why European holidays aren’t always as perfect as they appear, and Josh talks about watching Morning Wars with Jennifer Anniston.  To read Hugh’s recommendation of Kimberly Gillan’s article in the Age, ‘Are You In Tune With Your Life Season’, follow this link:
She’s back again! Our very own psychologist, Dr Emily! In this emisode, Dr Emily reflects on a very moving chat we had with comedian Steen Raskopoulos.  She talks with Hugh, Ryan and Josh about the concept of Emotional Awareness, and explains why it’s not only important to identify your unpleasant emotions, but why it's even more important to express them when they arise. Oh, Hugh and tells us about going to Bondi. For book recommendation Atlas of The Heart by Brene Brown, follow this link: For Susan David’s Ted Talk, The Gift and Power of Emotional Courage, follow this link: To learn more about Matthew Lieberman’s study on ‘affect labelling’, (putting emotions into words) and its impact on our negative emotional experience, follow this link: To learn more about Dr Dan Siegel’s research into ‘mindsight’ and how we can ‘name and tame’ emotions, follow this link: To learn more about The Resilience Project’s Journals, follow this link: For app recommendation Day One, follow this link:
Okay, so we're dabbling with repeat episodes because we've taken a week off. But we have recorded a new intro bit so there ya go, at least there's SOME new stuff! This episode with comedian Steen Raskopoulos is not only one of our favourite episodes, but it's also the subject of next week's emisode with Dr Emily - which we can't wait for! So yeah, back to regular, imperfect programming next week! To listen to Steen’s podcast, Congrats On The New, please follow this link: To listen to Ryan on Steen’s podcast, please follow link:
Maybe you know Michelle Brasier from Aunty Donna. Or maybe from Shaun Micallef’s Mad as Hell. Or maybe she’s made you laugh (or cry) in any number of things she’s done on the stage and screen over the years.  Or maybe you don’t her……… YET! Michelle Brasier is a singer, actor, writer and comedian who - as you’ll hear in this Vulnerabilitea House - has overcome multiple adversities since a young age. But despite the challenges, she still firmly believes in the practice of optimism. And after selecting the card, “Are you more of an optimist or a pessimist?”, Michelle explains why optimism is such an important part of her life. Thanks Michelle - you are a breath of fresh air! To see when and where Michelle is performing next, follow this link: To listen to the soundtrack from the movie Once, follow this link: Parting Glass by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license. Artist:
We all fail. All of us. Why? Because we’re all imperfect. And no one talks about failure more passionately than The Resilience Project’s own Martin “Rac” Heppell. And he’s today’s guest lecturer in The Academy of Imperfection. Some of you may remember Rac’s first memorable appearance in The Vulnerabilitea House last season. If you haven’t heard it, we know you’ll want to listen (or re-listen) after this one - link below. Failure, the other F word, is something we don’t like to talk about. It’s embarrassing. And sometimes it’s shameful. But as Martin explains, it’s important that we DO talk about failure. Because failure isn’t just normal… it’s crucial for our growth. Feel like a rev up? This ep’s for you. Rac’s back, baby… RAC’S BACK. ALSO… here’s some extra info about Rac that’ll be helpful before listening to the ep: - When Rac was a kid, his family spent some time living with a head-hunting tribe (there’s more on this in Rac’s first episode from last season) - Between 1993 and 1995, Rac played 7 senior AFL games for St Kilda and Melbourne - Rac works with The Resilience Project as one of their main Speakers, spending the majority of his time at schools, helping kids around Australia. To listen to our previous episode with Rac, follow this link:
Australia has had a LOT of success in the Olympic Swimming Pool. That’s an understatement. But one of our most successful and loved Olympians of recent times is golden girl, Libby Trickett. During her successful swimming career Libby was all smiles after winning gold medal after gold medal at three consecutive Olympic Games, but as she shares in this episode, on the inside she was struggling with a powerful feeling that she wasn’t enough. Libby tells us all about what that was like, as well as sharing her more recent struggles with motherhood, and how both have led to bouts of depression and anxiety. Libby displays extreme vulnerability in this episode - more of which is in her new book, Beneath the Surface. Thank you Libby. To listen to Libby’s podcast, All The Glitters, buy her book “Beneath The Surface, or learn more about her business “Unlocking Her Potential”, please follow this link: For book recommendation “A New Earth” by Eckhart Tolle, please follow this link: To listen to the Oprah’s Super Soul Conversation podcast with Eckhart Tolle, please follow this link: For book recommendation Atomic Habits by James Clear, please follow this link:
Dr Emily is back to help us all! Reflecting on our episode with Olympic BMX rider, Sam Willoughby from Season 2, Dr Emily talks us through the dangers of the Hedonistic Treadmill, and its slightly lesser known cousin, Hedonistic Adaptation. There’s a lot covered in this episode, including ‘Growth Mindset’, being mindful of what we want and why, and how quickly we actually adapt to finally getting those things we want. For book recommendation Hardwiring Happiness by Rick Hanson, please follow this link: For book recommendation The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin, follow this link: To watch Carol Dwecks Ted Talk, please follow this link: Reference for Sonja Lyubomrisky’s stats for the determinants of happiness:
For over 30 years, Glenn Robbins has been one of the funniest and most loved performers in Australia. From The Comedy Company and Kath & Kim, to The Panel and of course Russell Coight, Glenn has guaranteed his spot in the comedy history books. But Glenn hasn’t always seen it that way. From a young age he was told he was "average", and despite his many successes, has dealt with a lifetime of performance anxiety. In this edition of The Vulnerabilitea House, Glenn opens up and tells us how he manages to ignore the 'bad voice' in his head that tells him he's not good enough, and instead listen to the ‘good voice’, so he can face his fears and make good work he's proud of. We highly encourage you to listen to this episode - especially while power-walking through the suburbs with a set of hand weights. To listen to Glenn’s podcast with Dave O’Neil, click this link: To watch Shane Warne on The Panel, click this link: Book recommendation Before & Laughter by Jimmy Carr can be found here: Book recommendation From Strength To Strength by Arthur C Brooks can be found here:
In the words of her own child, Lael Stone “works for the kids”. But while Lael is technically a therapist who supports parents in understanding their children, everything Lael talks about in this edition of The Academy of Imperfection could easily be applied to all of us in understanding the people in our lives - no matter what age. Whether that be our friends, parents, colleagues or even ourselves. Through her work, Lael helps adults process their own childhood trauma, and creates education systems that value emotional awareness, demonstrating why it all comes back to connection and compassion. Oh, and listen out for the dramatic moment when Ryan swoops in and inadvertently steals Josh’s “Good Question” (patent pending). To learn more about Lael’s work please visit her website at: To watch Lael’s Ted Talk please follow this link: To learn more about Lael’s school please follow this link: To watch It’s Not About The Nail, please follow this link:
Harry Garside is an Australian boxer who won bronze at the Tokyo Olympics - the first Olympic medal in boxing for Australia in 33 years. But to simply describe Harry Garside as a champion boxer, would be to sell him waaaaaaay short. Because Harry is also a ballet dancer, a plumber and the guy who asked to wear a dress at the Olympic Opening Ceremony with the desire of defying gender stereotypes (request denied). But above all of that, Harry embodies everything we preach on The Imperfects. Vulnerability. Embracing our imperfections. And just men bloody talking about the emotional shit and stuff. To listen to the podcast with Deeyah Khan that Harry recommends, please follow the link
In this Emisode, Dr Emily returns to talk about a topic that is VERRRRRY close to the bones of Ryan, Hugh and Josh. The ongoing battle of Truth vs Harmony. Does that ring any bells for you? Do you choose to live truthfully? Or harmoniously? And what does that even mean? What’s the difference? And how do living ‘truthfully’ or ‘harmoniously’ affect us and the people around us? Dr Emily goes into all of it. In this episode, Dr Emily references conversations from Hamish Blake's episode and our last bonus episode. To listen to those, follow the links below: Hamish Blake's episode: Bonus episode: Dr Emily also references Rick Hanson, to follow his work visit: If you have experienced, or are at risk of domestic and family violence and/or sexual assault, you can call the 24 hour national counselling service 1800RESPECT (1800 737 732). In an emergency, or if you are not feeling safe, always call the police on 000. -
Big episode. HUGE episode in fact. Especially for Ryan. Ryan has been a long-suffering/recent-celebrating supporter of the Melbourne Demons his entire life. And today, Premiership captain of the Dees, Max Gawn is in The Vulnerabilitea House. Ryan. Breathe. Max tells Hugh, Ryan and Josh about a courageous comment made by one of the players in a team meeting that addressed the negative way players were speaking to each other. The comment cut deep - not only for Max who felt shame for his own behaviour, but one that lead to greater connection, trust and respect between the players, and ultimately to their lifelong dream of an AFL Premiership (the greatest, most joyous day for their fans). Once again… breathe, Ryan. For more information on Active-Constructive Communication, start here… [](
We seriously hope you listen to this one. I mean, obviously we hope you listen to all our episodes but THIS ONE... well, we reckon this one’s important. Tarang Chawla’s younger sister Niki was the kindest person he knew. But in 2015, Niki was murdered by her partner who she was trying to break up with, as a result of domestic violence. Since then, Tarang has become an activist against men’s violence, educating all Australians on the many forms of abuse and its role in the mental health crisis. But as Tarang explains, “abuse” is often not what we think. In this Academy of Imperfection, guest lecturer Tarang Chawla talks with Hugh, Ryan and Josh about the many forms of abuse, violence, coercive control, gender inequality, and how we can all play a part in a safer future and why that’s so important for all of us. If you have experienced or are at risk of domestic and family violence and/or sexual assault, you can call the 24 hour national counselling service 1800RESPECT (1800 737 732). In an emergency, or if you are not feeling safe, always call the police on 000 To listen to Tarang's podcast, "There's No Place Like Home" please follow the link below:
You might think that TV journalist and proud indigenous woman Narelda Jacobs has a perfect life. She’s the co-host of Studio 10, makes regular appearances on The Project, she’s a three-time host of the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras, and she’s... done lots of other things that are also on her Wikipedia page. But like all of us, Narelda’s life has been far from perfect. I mean come on guys, we’re all imperfect, surely you’ve learnt that by now! In this episode, Narelda talks openly about the challenges of falling pregnant as an 18-year-old... and then having to tell her parents. This would be hard for anyone, but Narelda grew up in an extremely religious household and her father was a Reverend of the Uniting Church. But that turned out to be a mere warm up for what was to come three years later, when she came out to her parents as gay. We loved this chat with Narelda. And well, we love Narelda. We’re sure you will too.
Welcome back to Dr Emily, our very own... PSYCHOLOGIST! Reflecting on the recent episode with Luke McGregor, in this episode Dr Emily talks about panic attacks. What are they? Why do we get them? And what do we do when they show up and scare the hell out of us? Thanks Dr Em LINKS: To find out more about by Russ Harris, The Happiness Trap and his work as an Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Trainer visit;
Originally from Rwanda, stand-up comedian Oliver Twist spent 14 years in a Malawi refugee camp before finally arriving in Ipswich, Queensland with his family. In this Vulnerabilitea House, Oliver answers the question, “Where is home for you?” - a simple question for some, but a complicated one for Oliver. Oliver shares stories from his extraordinarily imperfect life in great detail. Everything from being displaced by the Rwandan Genocide, to living in the refugee camp, and eventually seeing Trevor Noah perform stand-up comedy on the internet. And, thanks to ANOTHER “good question” from Josh, Oliver reflects on what his Australian citizenship actually means to him. Oliver Twist’s incredible live shows, Jali and Griot, are still touring in select cities. You can find tickets on the link below:
Okay, so get this...not only is Kemi Nekvapil an author, speaker and coach, but she was trained by Brené Brown. Yuh. THE Brené Brown. As an author, Kemi has written a new book that you must read. It’s called ‘POWER: A woman’s guide to living and leading without apology’. And in our imperfect opinion, as 3 NON-women, it’s exactly what we all need right now. In this edition of The Academy of Imperfection, Kemi shares her childhood experience living in foster care - being moved between 5 different families across England - and how it’s shaped her as the powerful woman she is today. Kemi then takes us through her interpretation of POWER - which happens to be a very convenient acronym... - Presence to understand what is and isn’t working in our lives. - Ownership of our personal narratives, especially our power stories. - Wisdom about our needs, boundaries and growth. - Equality as part of the diverse human family, all of us worthy. - Responsibility for our choices, healing and happiness.
Like all of us, Luke McGregor is imperfect. From his challenging childhood at home and school, to his crippling panic attacks on stage as a stand-up comedian, Luke generously shares some of the many stories from his imperfect life with us and of course with you. A lot gets covered here, including Luke’s ongoing battles with OCD and why he eventually turned to professional comedy after trying a handful of other careers first. But also, as you’d expect, Luke’s hilarious in this ep so please put your Giggle Hat on. Wait, you DO have a Giggle Hat don’t you?!?!
B-B-B-BONUS EP!!! After what has been a very vulnerable month for The Imperfects, Hugh wanted to check in with Ryan and Josh to see how they’re feeling after some “big shares” in the first 4 episodes of the season. Firstly, Ryan reflects on how he’s feeling after revealing his worries around the supposed “love triangle” with Hugh and Hamish during Hamish’s Vulnerabilitea House episode. Then Josh talks about his self-doubt surrounding his role on the podcast, and of course where he’s at with his internet use since bravely sharing addiction with the group during the Johann Hari episode. We’ll be back to normal programming next episode with Luke McGregor, but until then, this episode’s all about us!
Please welcome the newest member of The Imperfects family... our resident psychologist, Dr Emily! Dr Emily recently joined The Imperfects behind the scenes, ensuring our episodes are released with care, compassion and professionalism. This season however, Hugh, Ryan and Josh begged Dr Emily to bring her knowledge directly to you with her very own regular episodes! Each month she will join Hugh, Ryan and Josh and bring in something from The Imperfects archives, to then give general advice and information based on the stories and themes from the episode. In this debut ‘Emisode’, Dr Emily discusses the final episode of 2021; “Georgia & Hugh”. If you haven’t heard that incredibly moving episode, you could listen to that first, but you’ll definitely be able to follow along if you haven’t heard it. Here’s a link to that ep just in case... And here’s a link to the book by Oprah and Dr Bruce Perry mentioned by Dr Emily:
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Troy Rogers

What a guy! A great listen.

Jun 3rd

Janine Pearson

come climbing max gawn. I live at the best cliff in Aus. jp nikinorth

May 23rd

Sarah Allen

Wow guys this was AMAZING so honest and raw. It takes alot of guts.

Aug 5th

Sarah Allen

I seriously love Ben Crowe and have listened to a few of his interviews. This one is my favourite by far and I have listened to it twice. Make sure you have a pen and paper handy to take notes.

Aug 3rd

Kim Borin

This show is THE BEST. Love you guys. Thanks so much, keep them coming!

Nov 11th

Matt Szlazak

I am so glad I found this podcast channel. Having podcasts that talk about what's real, instead of hiding behind a social media persona will be a key concept in helping to tackle the rising mental health issues we currently have today.

Dec 15th
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