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“To this day, I will go somewhere and I will meet somebody with Irish Heritage and they’ll have tears in their eyes about how important this is to them”The month of March is now officially 'Irish Heritage Month' across Canada, and its all thanks to James Maloney, a Canadian MP with Irish roots, who wanted to find a way to formerly recognise the contribution that the Irish community have made to Canada’s society, culture and infrastructure. In this episode of the Ireland Canada Connection, James tells the fascinating story behind this initiative, and the impact it has had since being unanimously passed in the Canadian House of Commons in 2021. Produced and presented by Patrick Haughey of AudioBrand
Henk Potts is Director of Investment Strategy at Barclays Private Bank. In this episode of the Ireland Canada Connection Henk gives his outlook for the global economy, he talks specifically about how Canada and Ireland are performing and what opportunities and challenges are coming down the tracks, and we discuss falling inflation, a looming European recession, and the opportunities for investors in the current market.  The Ireland Canada Connection is produced and presented by Patrick Haughey of AudioBrand 
At the ICBA Maple Leaf Dinner 2022, Leo Varadkar (now Taoiseach) delivered a keynote speech that addressed the power of the relationship between Ireland and Canada and the continuing  support that it will be given by Ireland's political leadership. Click play to listen to the full speech. "So, colleagues, just really wanted to conclude tonight by once again saluting what is the strength of the Ireland Canada relationship, a relationship that is connected by our cultures, by our literatures, and above all, by our people. We're divided by a wide ocean, but bound together forever by our past and united in our hope and ambition for the future. Ireland and Canada share a truly unique relationship and as we face an uncertain world and the increasing challenges of this new century, Canada will remain a friend and ally for Ireland and a partner in working towards the betterment of our people, our two countries and the wider world. "
The aviation industry is going through a period of significant innovation right now, in particular around its efforts to become more environmentally sustainable and lessen its impact on the planet. In this episode of The Ireland Canada Connection, Blaithin O’Donnell, Sales Manager for Air Canada in Ireland, outlines some of the fascinating things that the company is doing to become more environmentally friendly. The strategy includes small but effective actions like changing the nature of the paint used on airplanes, right up to the introduction of electrically powered aircraft in the near future. We also speak about the return to business travel and why SMEs have been much quicker than larger companies to make business trips post-Covid, and we hear all about the future of aviation and what this will mean for travellers.  The Ireland Canada Connection is presented and produced by Patrick Haughey of Audiobrand.  
Strategic communications are central to what successful companies do day to day. Whether it's communicating with clients and customers, the media and on social media, or internally with staff, it pays to have a clear and effective strategy. In this episode of The Ireland Canada Connection, Lorna Jennings, Managing Director of Hanover Communications Dublin, talks about how to build such a strategy, communicating in a crisis situation, and why every company should find its ‘why’.   The Ireland Canada Connection is brought to you by the Ireland Canada Business Association Produced and presented by Patrick Haughey of AudioBrand 
Sachin Aggarwal is CEO of Think Research – a Canadian technology company that is helping to shape the future of healthcare through digital. Sachin paints a fascinating picture of how healthcare will be delivered in the future as a result of digital tools that can help reduce the work load and the mental load of health practitioners, allowing them to concentrate on the patient. He also talks about why Think Research has established a presence in Ireland and how that experience is working out so far. Ireland Canada Connection is presented and produced by Patrick Haughey of AudioBrand
Cybercrime is one of the top concerns for business leaders in 2022. Remote working, the rise and rise of digital commerce, and increased sophistication among cybercriminals are all fuelling a remarkable rise in cyber threats, predominantly ‘ransomware’ and ‘phishing’.  In this episode of The Ireland Canada Connection, host Patrick Haughey meets Ciaran Luttrell, Director of Operations at e-Sentire - a global cybersecurity services company headquartered in Ontario, Canada and with a European base in Ireland. eSentire is a valued member of the Ireland Canada Business Association. They discuss: ·      What is driving the exponential growth of cybercrime in recent years.·      Why small companies are just as at-risk as enterprises. ·      How business leaders can protect their companies from attack. ·      Why eSentire chose Ireland as its European base, and advise for other Canadian companies considering establishing an operation in Ireland.·      How to connect your Canadian and Irish offices and keep the company culture consistent. ·      Attracting and retaining top tech talent. The Ireland Canada Connection is produced by AudioBrand 
Building a happy, healthy and highly engaged workforce is one of the key priorities for modern business leaders. Success in this area leads to success in talent acquisition and retention, and also customer and client experience. In this episode of The Ireland Canada Connection, host Patrick Haughey of AudioBrand is joined by:  - Miriam Manning, Director of Human Resources at TELUS International Ireland. Headquartered in Canada, and with 50,000 team members globally, around 2000 of those based in Ireland. TELUS International provides exceptional customer experience solutions for its partners, and Miriam sees providing an exceptional employee experience as a central part of that role.- Desmond O’Sullivan, Director of Customer Experience and Director of PMO at Optel Group. A company with operations in both Canada and Ireland, Optel Group is  global provider of traceability, track-and-trace and vision systems. The company has four facilities across four different continents, and currently tracks over 25 billion products.  Miriam and Desmond discuss how their companies go about creating an exceptional employee experience, what impact this has on culture and productivity, and what advise they would give to others, based on their experience. 
In the mid 1800s, a 3000-mile long cable was laid across the Atlantic Ocean connecting Valentia in Co Kerry with Hearts Content in Newfoundland. It was described at the time as “a triumph of science and energy over time and space” and it completely revolutionised the communications of the day, bringing Europe and North America much closer together and thereby enhancing trade, diplomacy, culture and so much more.  In this episode of The Ireland Canada Connection, host Patrick Haughey meets Leonard Hobbs, Chairperson of the Valentia Transatlantic Cable Foundation, to talk about the history of this cable, how its impact can still be seen today, and his bid to make Valentia Island a UNESCO World Heritage site.  The Ireland Canada Connect is produced and presented by Patrick Haughey of AudioBrand
Pharmapod is an Irish software company that has developed a cloud-based platform to reduce medication errors for patients. In recent years, the company expanded into Canada and has been rapidly growing there ever since. In this episode of The Ireland Canada Connection, Anne Keogh, CFO of Pharmapod, tells host Patrick Haughey of AudioBrand, the remarkable story of the company’s growth across Canada, what she has learned about succeeding in that market, the role that CETA has played in Pharmapod’s growth, and future plans.
Greenfield Global, a large and successful Canadian company,  chose Ireland as the location for its very first base outside of North America. In 2020 Greenfield opened its 3,8000 sq meter facility in Co Laois, Ireland, and has very ambitious plans to grow its presence in the country. Ken Finnegan, MD of Greenfield Global Ireland, has been leading the companies establishment and expansion since it established in Ireland, and all the way through the Covid pandemic. In this episode of The Ireland Canada Connection Ken chats with Patrick Haughey of AudioBrand about:+Why Greenfield Global chose Ireland as its very first base outside of North America+Why the company chose to set up outside of the main cities, and, having visited 32 different sites,  Ken shares what he learned about the finding the best location for your company+How Greenfield is helping in the fight against Covid 19 +Turning waste in to valuable energy and why sustainability should be top of every business leader's agenda right now. +How to lead a team and drive progress during challenging times like a pandemic   
The Business Council of Canada is one of Canada’s most influential business representative organisations. It represents the chief executives and heads of 150 leading Canadian businesses, employing 1.7 million Canadians and composed of every major industry across the country.Goldy Hyder, the Council’s President and CEO, has a fascinating track record in business, public policy, and in the not for profit sector. He has such informed and passionate opinions about effective leadership, business strategy and global trade. In this interview we talk about:·        His ties to Ireland, his trip to Dublin in 2019, and why the keynote speech he gave then is as relevant today as it was then·        Driving the competitiveness of Canadian businesses ·        Why trade is the solution to an impending global recession·        How Eastern countries have managed Covid-19 more effectively than those in the West·        His hope for what the new US Presidency might achieve for global trade and relations ·        Why CETA has been a boost for businesses and why Ireland must ratify the agreement·        The leadership mindset and policy-making in times of crisis
Eamonn McKee has become Ireland’s new Ambassador to Canada, Jamaica and The Bahamas. He previously held ambassadorial positions in Seoul and Israel and has spent the last 5 years as Director General of the Trade division at the Dept of Foreign Affairs. Ambassador McKee is also an avid reader of history and indeed loves writing about the subject too, which gives him a very interesting perspective on some of the biggest challenges that the world is facing right now.In this episode of The Ireland Canada Connection, Ambassador Eamonn McKee joins Patrick Haughey of AudioBrand to talk about:·       His priorities for his new role of Ambassador to Canada ·       The importance of national brands and how to grow them ·       Why Ireland thrives in a free-trade global environment·       How business is all about relationships and personal connections, and why this makes organisations like the Ireland Canada Business Association so important ·       The new wave of Irish emigrants making Canada their home·       How an understanding of the past can help us make better decision in the present 
Joe Aherne founded the Leading Edge Group in 1995 in Cobh, Co Cork, and in 2009, decided it was time to internationalise. Joe chose Toronto, Canada as Leading Edge's first location outside of Ireland. In this episode of The Ireland Canada Connection, Joe tells Patrick Haughey all about the experience and what he learned from it, including:Why he chose Canada over other countries on the list of potential locations The first steps he took – what worked and what he would do differently His advice for other Irish companies considering expanding into CanadaCanada’s response to the Covid-19 crisis and what other countries might learn from it
RxSource had planned to set up its EU base in the UK, but Brexit led the company to choose Ireland instead. RxSource, a global pharmaceutical wholesale distributor from Canada, set up operations in Ireland in 2016 and has been growing steadily since. Our guest on this episode of The Ireland Canada Connection is Sue Kelly, the company’s Director of Operations. Sue speaks about:+Why Brexit led RxSource to choose Ireland over the UK+What it has been like operating in Ireland and lessons learned+Why strong regulation of the Pharma sector is so important +The impact of COVID-19 on the company and how it has adjusted +The experience of growing the team remotely The Ireland Canada Connection is brought to you by the Ireland Canada Business Association and is hosted by Patrick Haughey of 
As a North American company, what is the key to successfully starting and growing operations in Ireland? Our guest on this episode of The Ireland Canada Connection is Kevin Elliott, Senior Vice President at Bank of Ireland Corporate and Treasury. In his current role, and previously with the IDA, Kevin has helped many companies from Canada and the US to establish operations and grow in Ireland. In this podcast, we tap into his extensive experience in this area and talk about:+The most common questions that Canadian and US companies ask about Ireland when they’re thinking about setting up a base in the EU+What are Ireland’s key selling points – but also what are the things the country needs to improve about the business environment+Why COVID-19 is making more Canadian and US companies look at Ireland as an EU base +The key differences between Canadian and US companies when it comes to doing business, building relationships, and talking about their success. +What are the most important things about doing business in Canada and the US that Irish companies need to be aware of in order to successfully do business there. +The most exciting emerging businesses that Kevin is seeing right now  The Ireland Canada Connection is brought to you by the Ireland Canada Business Association (ICBA). For more information on who we are and what we do, visit us at The series is hosted by Patrick Haughey of 
Nikolay Malyarov is CEO of PressReader International and also its Chief Content Officer. Press reader is a Canadian company, a valued member of the ICBA, and a multinational with operations in Ireland. In this episode of The Ireland Canada Connection, Nikolay talks about how PressReader has been impacted by the Covid-19 crisis, how it has reacted, and he shared his advice for other companies about how to turn a challenge into an opportunity. Nikolay also talks about the future of news and journalism in a world of free content and social media. 
Former Canadian Ambassador to Ireland, Kevin Vickers, is our special guest on this episode of The Ireland Canada Connection. Always a great friend to the ICBA and supporter of the Association’s work, Kevin left his post in Ireland in 2019 to become leader of the Liberal Party of New Brunswick in Canada. In this interview Kevin talks about his time as Canadian Ambassador to Ireland, why he believes connectivity and relationship building are key to economic success, the great opportunities in cyber security and the green economy, and his decision to enter the political arena in New Brunswick.We also explored more personal topics, such as his Irish roots, his time in the Canadian Mounties, and his road to recovery after he stopped a terrorist attack at the Canadian parliament building in 2014.  
Ireland and Canada are two countries with incredibly close ties – for over a century and a half the Irish have been making Canada their home, and today, almost 15% of the Canadian population claim Irish ancestry. And more recently, there’s been a wave of emigration from Canada into Ireland – this time in the form of multinational Canadian companies making Ireland the center point of their European and EMEA operations. Our shared history, culture and approach to business has seen the Ireland Canada relationship flourish – and the Ireland Canada Business Association is here to help that relationship continue to grow ever stronger in to the future.The Ireland Canada Connection is a new podcast series featuring interviews with leaders in business, culture and public affairs from across Ireland and Canada. We’ll get to the heart of what makes this relationship tick, and hear insights and advice about how to succeed in business in both nations. Subscribe or follow The Ireland Canada Connection wherever you get your podcasts.  
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