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If you are a woman in leadership and/or aspiring for greater leadership and you are looking to have it all; success in your career, personal life, and health, you're going to love this podcast season.

I am incredibly passionate about this topic because I believe that as women leaders we can have it all! We don't have to settle for being successful in just one area of life such as our careers. We can orchestrate a life that is fulfilling, pleasurable, and healthy in all areas. We are all a "work-in-progress" but it's important to BELIEVE we can have it all or we surely won't get that.

We will be speaking about what it takes to be a successful leader AND have a thriving personal life. Topics include passion, purpose, grit, compassion, self-awareness, thought leadership, self-care, wellness, visionary thinking, and strategic leadership.
*Health Is Freedom, LLC is providing this podcast as a public service. Reference to any specific product, treatment, health advice, or entity does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation by Health is Freedom, LLC. The views expressed by guests are their own and their appearance on the program does not imply an endorsement of them, their opinions, or any entity they represent.
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We can’t rely on punishing popular health practices to offer us the gentle healing we need. Dr. Stephanie Zgraggen is a chiropractor and a nutritionist who focuses on the clinical nutrition side of her practice and helps women heal naturally. Many women suffer from a variety of health issues and can’t get the help they need from standardized healthcare practices or commercialized products. Extreme dieting, intense training, fasting, and pills can be more detrimental to the body than helpful, but self-care practices that reduce stress and increase your positive mindset can do wonders. If you are having trouble making progress on your self-care journey, a certified nutritionist may be able to help you discover the root cause of your problems and put you on the path to success. Getting healthy isn’t a quick-fix, so stay positive and research the kind and gentle help that you need.🩸 Dr. Stephanie is a chiropractor that focuses on clinical nutrition and helps women with hormone balance, adrenal fatigue, digestive disorders, and others: she had her own crazy hormonal story. 02:01🤷‍♀️ So many different parts of your body are talking to each other: when you take birth control, you tell your whole system to shut up. 07:09💅 The body always triages: it doesn't care about your weight or what your hair and nails look like. 10:29✅ The more cortisol you produce, the more nutrients you need to regenerate your gut: stress is not just coming at you from one place. 12:23💊 Many products we see on the market aren't even at therapeutic doses: treat the cause, not the symptoms. 16:20💚 When you fast too much and too long without having proper nutrients stored, you can start having negative effects: choose nourishment over punishment. 17:41🪫 If you barely have the energy to get through the day, you don't have it for workout routines either. 20:35🤩 Looking for progress, not perfection:  when your body works better, anything you take will be more effectively utilized. 23:30🍵 Drug absorption can vary depending on the type of therapy: we store a lot of estrogen and toxins in our fat cells - a true metabolic detox is helpful with balancing hormones and releasing toxins. 26:12🌸 If you're looking for a clinician, do the research and find somebody kind: hormones are important for osteoporosis and dementia. 33:35❤️ You can have the help and support to heal from the inside out. 37:21Links:Connect with Dr Stephanie: https://drzgraggen.comDetox your morning routine: Weight for the Last Time:"With Your Nature" Wellness & Weight Loss Blog: with Jill:
There is a lot of confusion out there about how much protein you need in a day. That is why I really enjoyed this conversation with Beth Lipton. Beth is a food and wellness writer and shares her tips on why it is important to have meat-centric meals. Eating is all about self-care and giving the body what it needs, so the most important eating habit we can practice is listening to our body. Our body requires a lot of energy to keep up with all of life’s demands, and the older we get, the more we need to maintain our physical health and muscle mass. Protein is an excellent source of what the body needs, and when paired with other self-care exercises, it can lead to a healthy and less stressful way of living. Making meat and fish a regular part of your diet can potentially elevate your health, energy, and muscles!Shownotes:🍖 Beth is a food and wellness writer, recipe developer, and the co-author of a cookbook called Carnivore-ish: the concept of the book is that we should be centering animal protein on our plates. 02:09🏋️‍♀️ Beth's friend and co-author Ashleigh has a strong background in muscle building, especially for women. 06:33⚡ We need energy for our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual demands: energy is a thing that you build through your habits. 09:03🧘‍♀️ Meditation practice is not about clearing your mind: Jill is on a journey of getting out of being a hyper person. 13:20🤔 When we become more aware of the negotiations in our heads, we become more disciplined: meditation helps with discipline and keeps us from worrying about the future too much. 17:10👠 Women don't expect anyone else but themselves to be perfect, and we need to work on that: I'm the master of my own universe. 22:53✅ You need all 9 amino acids to have a complete protein intake: animal proteins are superior, but that doesn't mean you can't get enough on a vegetarian or vegan diet. 29:30👩‍⚕️ The protein you take in today affects your energy over 24 hours: our bodies are exquisitely designed to handle anything we put in them because we are omnivores. 34:55🥩 Carnivore-ish has 125 recipes and a ton of variety. 38:58Links:Connect with Beth: Weight for the Last Time:"With Your Nature" Wellness & Weight Loss Blog: with Jill:
Take care of yourself to ensure you have the mindset needed to serve others. Liz Johnson is the owner and Care Planning Consultant for Seniors at Always Best Care Bergen & Passaic. She shares critical healthcare information and resources for seniors. When family members become ill, guilt and heavy emotional burdens can make handling the situation problematic. The key is to practice self-care during these challenging times so we can show up as our best selves and take on the responsibility of being there to serve our family members in need. Understanding the nuances of the healthcare system and how it applies to helping our aging loved ones can be a difficult and emotional journey, so we must seek professional help and resources. Take care of yourself to be the hero your aging loved ones need!🧓 Liz is a care planning consultant for seniors: we attract whatever is happening, but not everything is our fault. 02:44🌸 Getting sick is part of life - nothing ever stays the same: take care of yourself to help others: there's nothing to feel guilty about. 06:38❤️ In the end, you want to say to yourself: "I did everything possible to make things well for my parent": don't wait for someone to pass away to be good to one another. 13:03🧑 Play the hero instead of the victim: we can go back to those wonderful moments that we had with our parents to give us the fortitude to deal with what is at present. 20:47🌺 There's a difference between skilled nursing and long-term care: Lisa offers help and advice to anybody who contacts her. 25:26💔 Even for a nurse or doctor, it can be too emotional to take care of a loved one. 28:36🌼 Self-care is health care. 31:11🌎 The world won't end if we go to the gym, meditate, eat, or sleep - make it a priority. 33:50Links:Connect with Liz: Best Care: https://alwaysbestcare.comLose Weight for the Last Time:"With Your Nature" Wellness & Weight Loss Blog: with Jill:
The key to balancing work and life is to take more time for self-care. Beth Ramer is a career counselor and professional coach who helps women balance the alignment of work and life by prioritizing their well-being. The unfortunate truth is that the concept of work/life balance is often an illusion because being a high achiever can push us into a state of trying to constantly manage unrealistic schedules. Being in a chronic state of hyper-mode and dealing with persistent stress will compound over time, eventually leading to dangerous burnout. To avoid damaging ourselves, we must take time for self-care, find moments to calm ourselves, and shift our energy to a relaxed state to recharge properly.Prevention is easier than recovery, so make sure you are taking time to love yourself!🔸 Beth works in the pharmaceutical industry and has a private practice: work-life balance is an illusion in many ways because we somehow always put ourselves last. 02:30💮 Pushing to do everything at work or home makes us stuck in a masculine energy: there's a way to do it all in a more feminine flow state and open up our creativity. 06:40🔥 Striving for that end achievement is perfect in small doses, but we shouldn't keep ourselves in constant overdrive: the pandemic had an enormous effect on health and nutrition because, for many of us, our bodies got used to overdrive, so we constantly looked for that rush. 12:50🟢 Emotional resilience makes us self-aware and shifts away from reaction mode: that control can help us stay calm and have a moment of choice. 20:26🌺 It's really about the holistic approach to our well-being: find something that you can add in today that's going take your energy up a notch and make you feel supported, cared for, and nurtured. 26:01🧡 Set boundaries within yourself, and not just at your workplace: prevention is much easier than recovery. 29:29Links:Connect with Beth: Weight for the Last Time:"With Your Nature" Wellness & Weight Loss Blog: with Jill:
The healthcare system needs to view obesity through a more compassionate lens. Dr. Beverly Tchang is an endocrinologist who works with a medical team to help support patients seeking obesity management in a holistic and individualized way. Weight issues have historically been viewed by society and medicine as a problem that is centered on lifestyle and reflect an individual’s poor choices. Modern medical research proves that the inability to lose weight is a multifaceted issue linked to hormonal problems that require individualized treatments. We must stop identifying obesity as an external physical issue and have compassion for the mental and hormonal issues that impact people suffering from the disease. Let’s end the stigma around obesity!Show notes: 👩‍⚕️ Dr. Beverly is an obesity medicine physician who says obesity is a medical disease, not a morality issue: only 1% of people eligible for obesity medicine medications are offered medications. 04:35❌ Media is pushing a false dichotomy that people with obesity are taking away the medications from people with diabetes. 11:15📈 "Calories in - calories out" is a description of our current weight, but it doesn't give us an explanation as to why the body continues to gain weight. 14:02🍔 A study showed that given the same meal with the same amount of calories and fiber, people who were given an ultra-processed meal ate 300-500 kcal more. 18:02✅ If you're overweight, you have a higher risk of developing obesity in the next 10 years: BMI doesn't count for body composition, ethnicity, or comorbidities. 21:29🧠 US statistics from 2015 show that 60% of people have overweight or obesity: most people have obesity because their hormones are out of whack, but that's not always possible to prove. 25:01👍 Dr. Beverly works as an endocrinologist at Weill Cornell Medicine in New York. 31:11💊 Medications are not for everyone - the approach has to be holistic and individualized: there are options to help mitigate the damage our modern environment imposes on us. 33:44🟢 Obesity is a neuro-hormonal disease, and we should treat it like that. 36:07❣️ Female physical appearance doesn't determine female worth: it's a struggle that has lasted centuries. 38:53Links:American Board of obesity medicine: www.abom.orgLose Weight for the Last Time:"With Your Nature" Wellness & Weight Loss Blog: with Jill:
It’s time to stop putting our ambitions on the back burner and find our true passions. Samrah Kazmi is an entrepreneur, trend hunter, and startup advisor in the fintech industry and shares her thoughts on staying true to yourself and your passions in your professional life. It’s so easy for us to lose our true nature in the working world, and we often lose focus while climbing the corporate ladder instead of pursuing who we really want to be. The key to building the confidence to chase our dreams is disentangling our identities from our work accomplishments. You must change your mindset and appreciate who you are outside of your titles and professional milestones so you can learn to live with passion and enthusiasm. No corporate labels can trump your own badass identity!Show Notes:⬆️ Samrah’s career path: we sometimes go up the corporate ladder or a particular path at the detriment of our ambitions and aspirations. 03:27👔 Women often lack confidence and audacity and tend to be more people-pleasing, while men are more straightforward. 07:08🔶 Samrah lacked female mentors so now she makes sure to be one for others: sometimes you need to go through a particular process to understand what you're capable of and understand your passions. 10:06❣️ It's an unhealthy mindset if you're not impassioned to be who you are: you don't necessarily have to be passionate every day, but you should have a general level of enthusiasm on an ongoing basis. 13:18🟡 Be open-minded during the early part of your career so you can become your own person and disentangle your identity. 16:50📊 Samrah went through multiple layoffs: you should constantly think ahead - be a trend hunter. 21:26✅ Identifying future trends takes away an enormous element of uncertainty and anxiety. 25:22🤗 Appreciate yourself: Reflecting back on our wins and accomplishments helps us to continue to be even moderately productive. 27:49🌷 Samrah quit corporate and does things on her own because she is confident that no corporate identity could trump her identity. 30:09Links:👉 Connect with Samrah:🎯 Lose Weight for the Last Time:🌼 "With Your Nature" Wellness & Weight Loss Blog:😍 Connect with Jill:
Menopause can be challenging for many women, but there are ways to make it easier. Bette Vargas is a certified holistic health coach and the creator of Crazy, Sexy Menopause, and she helps post-menopausal women improve their well-being and live more gracefully and vibrantly. First and foremost, regular exercise and healthy eating are essential for alleviating menopausal symptoms. Your body constantly gives you feedback on what activities and foods are helpful and harmful, so listening to your body is the key to improving your experience. Keep a positive mindset, live in a state of gratitude, and accept the changes you are going through. Embrace menopause as a re-awakening and not a burden!🌸 Menopause is a spectrum that includes many stages in a woman’s life. 02:31💛 Hormone replacement therapy mimics natural hormonal effects: no woman deserves to go through these processes alone - we should have support. 06:59🟣 Certain cultures experience menopause differently, and some women experience symptoms even in their 70s: it can be a bumpy ride - know your body and listen to it. 12:07❗ African American women are left out of the conversation: most medical studies only include young men. 19:14🌷 Menopause is a natural transition - move forward with ease and grace: do some physical activity because endorphins can help with brain fog and anxiety. 24:47🌻 Bette is a personal trainer who doesn't necessarily like to exercise: you need to be challenged to learn something new. 28:38🏓 Start your day with something that feels good and be in gratitude: you can breathe, walk, play ping pong, or do anything you like. 31:23Links: Connect with Bette: www.crazysexymenopause.comLose Weight for the Last Time:"With Your Nature" Wellness & Weight Loss Blog: with Jill:
If you are waxing and waning with your motivation, there is a strong reason for that. While it is perfectly normal to have drops in motivation during your health journey, we need to ask ourselves why we feel this way. There is a lesson in our negative mindsets, and if we stop blaming ourselves and become curious about why we think the way we do, we can learn to shift and control our thoughts. It may not be easy, but you can break habitual negativity with even the smallest of changes. Take the time to be curious about yourself, and you can take control and grow in a positive direction!🤷‍♀️ Losing motivation on your health journey: what is wrong with me? 00:09🎯 Within the ebb and flow lies the solution: shift your focus and your blaming mentality. 01:15🤓 The reasons behind losing motivation: analyze your unconscious beliefs. 03:18⏳ Recognizing what you can and can't control: your thoughts have become habitual and it takes time to change them. 06:38⚠️ How to change your habitual thoughts: yes, you have control - you are the boss. 09:02😇 Negative thoughts can be short-lived or last for a long time, but there is a lesson and reminder behind each of them. 11:52🤩 What is the truth: you deserve love and you are worthy - start with that. 15:05🌸 The foundation of love and exploration, discovery, forgiveness, compassion, pleasure, and science: WYN networkLinks🌸 Natural Weight Loss and Wellness:🤝 Connect with Jill:💓 Join our loving community:
We need to stop denying reality and start practicing acceptance. Stop putting everything else in your life ahead of yourself and take responsibility for your health because you can’t look after your loved ones or enjoy your hobbies as much if you are unhealthy and stressed. If you are practicing self-care but thinking negatively about yourself in the process, you will never realize all the benefits of your actions because negativity puts our bodies in a state of stress, and we do not perform properly in this state. To truly prioritize your health, you must learn to accept the current shape you are in, forgive yourself for your past, and see your work toward self-improvement as a powerful act of self-love. Feel the power and confidence of self-acceptance and love yourself enough to better yourself!Show Notes:🌸 We confuse acceptance with giving up: acceptance makes you feel better, and when you feel better, your brain works better. 00:09⚠️  Our bodies don't perform well under chronic stress.   02:38🧠 Stress causes our brain to function differently, which is good in acute situations when instinctual reaction helps. 05:10💭 The thought "it's not enough" is a source of stress and an example of how we sabotage ourselves: don't deny reality - face it. 07:27👍 Take responsibility instead of blaming yourself: you control your life, and like every other human being, you make mistakes. 10:471️⃣ Your number 1 priority should be health - take care of the machine. 13:00🟢 Learn to accept correctly, with forgiveness, compassion, and responsibility - it opens up possibilities: when you hate your body, you block weight loss by creating stress. 15:06🥰 When you are in a high-stress situation, your creative thinking is compromised: you can love yourself unconditionally and change yourself for the better. 18:05💓 The electrical signals responding positively throughout your body feel fucking good: you have to accept where your body is right now in this very moment. 21:16💪 You're only as powerful as you think and nobody can give that to you, and nobody can take it away from you: you can't fight reality because you will always lose. 23:43❣️ When we deny our emotions, we deny reality. 26:47🎉 Acceptance is opening up the possibility to step into your power and live a fucking fantastic life, which is the opposite of giving up. 28:12🤝 Take the right action for the right reasons and hang out with people who believe in that and who can help you do that. 28:47🌷 Acceptance is with your nature. 32:14Links:🌸 Natural Weight Loss and Wellness:🤝 Connect with Jill:👍 Book Jill to speak:💓 Join our loving community:
👩 Mindie is getting her master's in marriage & family counseling and is doing research on burnout syndrome: everybody needs recovery time so we don't become a depleted nation. 02:25🤳 Make your body a leaner, meaner machine by taking time to unwind: the phone is often the main work-home interference. 10:24🥱 Sleep compromises are not good, but we all have them sometimes. 13:52🌸 Lead with empathy but know the difference between a mistake and a misstep: don't hover over your employees but have a check-in. 15:58🏇 If you're pulling the reins too hard you're going to cause damage - be gentle with your employees. 19:03🤝 Mindie shares an incident from her company and how it was resolved: we have to align with our team because our team is really us. 21:05✔️ Poor behavior is almost always a result of being hurt or fearful: clients have to also do their part. 25:37👩‍💼 Stand by your team: let your employees know when you make a mistake and don't try to cover it up. 26:34📢 Get your name out there in the media. 28:39✅ You can be successful in your career and not compromise your health. 32:03Links: Connect with Mindie: Mindie's company: Natural Weight Loss and Wellness: Connect with Jill: Book Jill to speak: Join our Love Challenge:
🧠 Trauma is stored in the body: our brain is built on our experiences and relationships. 03:23✅ When the vagus nerve is toned, we are in a safe and connected physiological state. 06:50👪 Why creating a strong vagal tone is important: how trauma gets stored in us. 09:58🤗 It takes a lot of energy to self-regulate but zero energy to be naturally regulated with a trusted loved one. 15:02💞 Our nervous system is attenuated when we are playful with people we trust: all people are trying to move towards safety or connection. 19:15🍔 Being in a state of fight or flight causes us to seek reward unconsciously - the movement toward the fridge happens below our level of thinking. 23:043️⃣ Three pillars of how our memory gets created: our memories are changeable - we always download the latest version. 32:15📿 If you have a spiritual practice, there's no reason that shouldn't be part of your therapy. 37:05🌬️ A quick way to engage the vagal brake is to exhale longer than inhale. 38:54👉 Trauma can be anything that happens that's too much too soon, too much for too long, or too little for too long, without a safe and secure attachment. 41:12Links: Connect with Shannon:  Natural Weight Loss and Wellness:  Connect with Jill:  Book Jill to speak:  Join our Love Challenge: 
Women need to have their voices heard in the medical care system. Yvette Sims is a nurse practitioner who specializes in women’s health and talks about the decline of femininity in the healthcare system. One of the biggest problems of the modern healthcare system is the shift towards prioritizing the business model of making money over focusing on patients’ needs. This change incentivizes doctors to see the maximum number of patients and offers extremely limited time for the individual, which results in women not feeling heard during their visits. There are so many complex hormonal systems and balances in a woman’s body, it is crucial for women’s health that we provide enough time to properly listen to their concerns in order to understand and diagnose their needs. Help advocate for change and bring care and femininity back to the medical care system!Show Notes:👉 The allopathic health care model is focused on quantity, not quality, and women feel like: "You did not hear a word I just said." 02:45🌸 Yvette's vision is to get this science of caring back into medical education. 05:48✔️ Yvette can't work full-time and be present at every moment, so she chooses to work less. 07:54💞 A capitalistic society, when it comes to giving and humanity, cannot be based on productivity: it's necessary to bring more femininity into the system. 09:52✅ Doctors don't heal anybody - people heal themselves. 13:04🧠 When the hypothalamic–pituitary–adrenal axis (HPA) is off, our system can get very taxed: teaching the body to respond differently to stress. 16:30👁️ Four pillars of stress are glucose, external factors, sleep disturbances, and inflammation. 22:52🧘‍♀️ The only way the change can happen is if you have actionable things to do: Jill added the fifth pillar - thoughts - treat them with meditation, not Prozac. 25:45❤️ The system is really good right now on sick care, but not well-care: you can go through menopause and peri-menopause smoothly - women heal together. 28:03🌎 You move through the world with confidence and ease by taking care of yourself and prioritizing your self-care and needs. 33:01Links:🍀 Connect with Yvette:🌸 Natural Weight Loss and Wellness:🌟 Connect with Jill:🎤 Book Jill to speak:💗 Join our Love Challenge:
✅ We have inner dialogues around our goals all the time: you can be in the exact same situation as someone else but feel completely different. 00:22👉 The only person who can make a change is you - not medication, diet change, or exercise, but being proactive: it's all about perspective, and you have control to change it - get to the root story first and build up on that. 02:40💙 One of the most pervasive and damaging stories we tell ourselves is that we are not enough: change internal dialog and tell yourself what's believable. 05:55🤗 You are worthy of it and don't have to prove anything to anybody: appreciation should always be part of your feel-good story. 10:07💟 You can forgive yourself and learn big beautiful lessons along the way. 12:05🧘‍♀️ Mantras are the opposite of your negative stories, whatever feels good to you, and it's not too long: practice helps you create a new identity. 14:15🥰 Don't let those thoughts slip in, and when they do, forgive yourself, allow it to happen, and move on. 16:47Links:🍀 Natural Weight Loss and Wellness: 🌸 Connect with Jill: 🎙️ Book Jill to speak: 💗 Join our Love Challenge: 
✅ You want to be fabulously successful and have great relationships and you can have it!: our worth is not tied to how we look. 00:26💯 Establish what's important to you so you can have it all: don't listen to people who didn't do it themselves - success is an internal job. 02:32💛 Relax to tune yourself like a beautiful Orchestra: you don't need to be perfect, it is all within your reach. 04:24🎯 Your creative genius is within you: when your nervous system is calm, everything works better. 07:09Links🍀 Natural Weight Loss and Wellness: 🎯 Connect with Jill: 🎤 Book Jill to speak: 💗 Join our Love Challenge: 
🧬 Bioidentical hormones exactly match human DNA hormones: synthetic estrogen can be harmful, but that's not the whole story. 02:44🤦‍♀️ Some women get a hysterectomy and nobody tells them anything about their hormones. 05:59❗ When some hormones start to dip: lower progesterone causes your body to want to hold on to fat like a survival mechanism. 07:45✅ If your mom is getting forgetful, check her estrogen-circulating estrogen that keeps the amygdala active. 10:21📋 Reasons to go to an anti-aging doctor: the tests that Dr. G does. 13:07🎯 There's no age limit for receiving bioidentical hormones: women need adequate hormonal therapy after a hysterectomy. 16:54👩‍❤️‍👨 A story of when progesterone saved a marriage. 19:26📊 You can get your life back: cortisol is a stress hormone that we shouldn’t forget about. 21:31💊 Semaglutide helps you lose weight that won’t come back: the misuse and overuse of Semaglutide.  23:33🧑‍⚕️ Doctors have to play friendly, get their egos down, and accept that we all need to do this together. 28:42✅ I don't have to settle because I'm 45 and post-hysterectomy: give yourself permission to feel human again. 31:20👉 We can expand our potential: seek out the care you deserve. 34:04❤️ Do it from a place of love. 38:53Links:👉 Connect with Dr. Bonnie: 🌸 Natural Weight Loss and Wellness: 🌟 Connect with Jill: ✅ Book Jill to speak: 💗 Join our Love Challenge:
💡 Linda used her weight loss issue as an excuse not to love herself: discovering a connection with inner narratives/self-talk. 02:57🧒 It's a fool's errand to be searching for worthiness externally or in your physical appearance: it all goes back to our childhood history. 09:20🎓 Linda explored her inner child over several years of cognitive work and reiki: becoming a master of mental health counseling in her 60s. 10:22🧠 From a young age, our brain is recording everything and creates neural pathways that become patterned and automatic: that's why we bring our childhood history into our adult lives. 13:15🥳 Neuroplasticity allows us to change negative self-talk to healthy, positive ones: we can't make new pathways in a week, but fear and guilt shouldn't stop us. 17:55⏳ Procrastination is a way of sidetracking us from what is significant and timely to do. 22:12🕰️ We need radical acceptance to be able to change: you can develop new neural pathways through a structured process. 23:59✅ Process realizing that you are worthy of it: the 2 approaches you can try on this path. 27:37❤️ Practice gratitude, at least toward nature and stuff you like. 31:04🥰 We're all worthy of living a happy, healthy life: take any small step. 35:06Links:👉 Connect with Linda:🌸 Natural Weight Loss and Wellness:🤩 Connect with Jill:✨ Book Jill to speak:💗 Join our Love Challenge:
🤱 It's easier to connect with nature than with our own body: observe how we're taught unconsciously to disconnect, to look outward. 00:32🥰 To have a deep sustainable level of health, you need to befriend your body: our body is a source of everything we need. 03:58⛪ We source everything from within ourselves - we can read the Bible, but we connect with God inwardly, and creativity comes from within you: body, mind, and soul are all one - if you hurt your body, you hurt your whole self. 06:01✅ The only reason you wouldn’t want to be your best is if you think you can't, and that is the lie: if you don't befriend your body, that hurts you and slows you down. 09:41❤️ Spend time with yourself every day: your mind has an infinite capacity to love your body. 11:17🏆 Pull in a mantra and use the words that feel good to you: loving and nurturing yourself is a path to achievement. 13:40💜 Nobody has to give me validation - it's coming from me. 15:49🥳 It's not hard to do this - you can join our community, interact with other women and develop your skills for free. 17:48👭 It's all you-based, and we're here to hold hands and give inspiration and empowerment: food needs to be simple and whole. 19:17🤗 You can do it on your own with all the free stuff or take things to another, more intimate level. 21:22Links:🌸 Natural Weight Loss and Wellness: ✨ Connect with Jill: 🎤 Book Jill to speak: 💗 Join our Love Challenge: 
👩‍⚕️ Why Dr. Renu, an endocrinologist, chose to be an obesity medicine physician. 03:25❗ Obesity is not an intrinsic characteristic: we don't say somebody is cancer, yet, we say somebody is obese - it's not a personality flaw! 10:51✅ The weight problem is multifactorial - it has genetic, biological, psychological, lifestyle, and environmental components. 14:07👉 "If I had $1 for every time someone told me to eat less and move more..." - it's not people's fault that they’re dealing with obesity. 19:57🎯 Dr. Renu's medical history form is 15 pages long - it's essential to listen and know what to focus on. 23:16✔️ Sometimes it's more about improving health and feeling better than losing weight. 27:47💊 A little bit about drugs - there are many meds people can use to lose weight if they qualify. 31:37💸 It's ideal to go to a physician who specializes in your illness, or a primary care physician that you trust: the Hollywood approach is the scariest part. 35:09🤑 A greedy industry victimizes people: for some people using meds can make lifestyle changes easier. 40:45❤️ Dealing with obesity and being overweight is a holistic process that can be a source of growth. 43:35Links:👉 Connect with Dr. Renu: 🌸 Natural Weight Loss and Wellness: 🤩 Connect with Jill: ✨ Book Jill to speak: 💗 Join our Love Challenge:
🤗 It's important how we approach infertility mentally and physically: this shouldn't be an isolating journey - the more you talk, the less isolated you feel. 03:19🎯 Challenge your core beliefs that there's something wrong with you or you're not enough. 09:05💭 Helpful and nonhelpful core beliefs come from a compilation of everything in our lives, and we're usually unaware of them: it takes a lot of work to be aware and pick them apart. 11:17❤️ Mantras help manage uncertainties and discomfort: everything is an opportunity - shift towards learning and gratitude. 16:32✅ Find mantras that resonate with you: it’s hard for the mind and body to accept false positivity - build a relationship with it. 23:05🧘‍♀️ Meditation is a key practice that gives you some distance from your thoughts and feelings and helps us stop feeling trapped: it helps in our relationships with other people as well. 26:41Links: Connect with Emily:  Natural Weight Loss and Wellness:  Connect with Jill:  Book Jill to speak:  Join our Love Challenge: 
😮 Robin had a stroke even though she led a healthy life. 02:03💤 Sleep is a time of healing. 06:28💔 Living with a stroke and all risks: it's hard having speech problems and emotionally overwhelming moments. 08:15💙 Robin couldn't teach in a physical classroom anymore: adopt a positive view and don't forget to recover emotionally, not just physically. 16:21✅ Be kind because you don't know what someone else is going through. 19:52⏳ Go for the experience, not the fear: we don't know how much time we have. 21:40⏱️ The ongoing discovery of an entrepreneur is how to be more efficient and effective with time. 24:43⏰ We just have the moment we are in, and we should use it in the best way possible: prioritize what truly matters at the end of the day. 27:29☑️ Your health is your responsibility: slow down and take care of yourself. 32:37🤹‍♀️ All the hats of entrepreneurship: networking, making breaks, and delegating. 37:29🎯 Do what you want but also manage your health along the way. 40:18🥰 Take care of your body so you can do all the things you enjoy. 42:18Links:✌️ Connect with Robin:🌸 Natural Weight Loss and Wellness:👉 Connect with Jill:🎤 Book Jill to speak:💗 Join our Love Challenge:
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