DiscoverThe Jill Cruz Podcast91. How and Why To Befriend Your Body
91. How and Why To Befriend Your Body

91. How and Why To Befriend Your Body

Update: 2023-01-18


🤱 It's easier to connect with nature than with our own body: observe how we're taught unconsciously to disconnect, to look outward. 00:32
🥰 To have a deep sustainable level of health, you need to befriend your body: our body is a source of everything we need. 03:58
⛪ We source everything from within ourselves - we can read the Bible, but we connect with God inwardly, and creativity comes from within you: body, mind, and soul are all one - if you hurt your body, you hurt your whole self. 06:01
✅ The only reason you wouldn’t want to be your best is if you think you can't, and that is the lie: if you don't befriend your body, that hurts you and slows you down. 09:41
❤️ Spend time with yourself every day: your mind has an infinite capacity to love your body. 11:17
🏆 Pull in a mantra and use the words that feel good to you: loving and nurturing yourself is a path to achievement. 13:40
💜 Nobody has to give me validation - it's coming from me. 15:49
🥳 It's not hard to do this - you can join our community, interact with other women and develop your skills for free. 17:48
👭 It's all you-based, and we're here to hold hands and give inspiration and empowerment: food needs to be simple and whole. 19:17
🤗 You can do it on your own with all the free stuff or take things to another, more intimate level. 21:22


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91. How and Why To Befriend Your Body

91. How and Why To Befriend Your Body

Jill Cruz