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Author: Priscilla Swahn

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I’m a Registered Dietitian with a Master’s of Science in Clinical Nutrition who specializes in holistic keto for women who have hormone imbalances and thyroid conditions like: PCOS, Endometriosis, Hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s. I’m ready to help you lose weight consistently, gain confidence, love the way you look while being able to decrease and even get off your thyroid medication!
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Today we are chatting about how 90% of women with Hypothyroidism do in fact have this according to the research. In fact, by testing your TPO Antibody lab, you could discover it up to 10 years before even receiving any thyroid diagnosis. Ready to receive the support with all the training and meal plans to help you heal your thyroid condition? Click here.
Are Eggs Bad?!

Are Eggs Bad?!


Are eggs bad?! We discuss the current research on eggs and break it down on whether it's inflammatory or anti-inflammatory based on your hormone or auto-immune disease. Join KGN University here and get weekly meal plans with training + community!
Today I chat about the difference and similarities between Mindful and Intuitive eating, and how it really does play a role in how you utilize it in healing your hormone and thyroid condition.  Join KGN University Membership here.
Toda we talk about the thyroid and supplements. How do you know what supplements to take and when? Here is my blog to read about the supplements.  Ready to get to the root of your thyroid condition? Join the KGN University Membership today by clicking here.
Today we talk about how it's medically possible to get off thyroid meds. As long as you have a thyroid, you can absolutely get off and stay off; even if you've been on meds for 30+ years! The key? We talk all about that and stay till the end to find out just how short it takes. To join the KGN University Membership, click here. Get 40% off your first month with code: KGN40
Today we are chatting about the 3 phases of reversing your thyroid condition, for GOOD! This is the proven method I use with clients who have lost 10, 20, 50+ lbs, regained their energy, and got off thyroid meds and continue to maintain this after years! You can have this too!  My special offer is 40% off your first month when you join KGN University membership by using promo code: KGN40. Click  here to lock in this temporary offer!
We chat about the 4 tips on how to lose your first 10 lbs successfully, in a manner that makes it sustainable and consistent. Weight loss looks different for someone with a hormone and thyroid condition. Need more support? Join my NEW Membership: KGN University! Click here to learn more.
Today we chat about how to align your goals while enjoying your holiday and vacation! It is possible to enjoy eating what you love while feeling great and staying on track! If you're ready to get to the root for good, join the KGN University Membership here.
Today we chat about Adrenal Fatigue, including the 3 stages and identifying which one you may be in. 
Today I provide 3 incredible tips to help you ACTUALLY trust your body again while losing consistent weight, feeling great, and getting off thyroid medication.  As always, grab my FREE 3 day meal plan here Ready to get to the root for good? Apply Here
Today we talk about all things pertaining to inflammation. When it comes to a hormone and thyroid condition, the root is getting to the inflammation in the gut. Whether you struggle with weight gain, body aches and pains, fertility, thyroid disease, all comes back to an inflammation issue. Ready to have support to get to the root for once and for all? Click here
Today I chat about what to do when your Dr says your labs are "normal" but you do not feel normal! I provide info on what thyroid labs to get drawn and why. You can find these labs on my blog here. Also, grab my FREE 3-day Meal Plan here!  At-home thyroid lab panel Paloma Health. Promo Code: KETOGIRL
Today I am talking about the 3 BIGGEST weight loss myths, specifically geared for women. Age is just a number. The reason you're not losing weight has very little to do with how old you're getting, and more with the hormonal imbalances that have developed and are compounding, taking a toll on your health and wellness. Grab my FREE 3 day meal plan linked here.
Is fasting right for you? Today we talk all things fasting, and what it looks like for women with a hormone or thyroid condition. It does look different. I give you the toolset to assess what it looks like for you. Being kinda and gentle is key.  Read more about fasting on my blog!
Today I talk about how the Keto Girl Method is unlike any other diet you've ever done. It is a mindful, anti-inflammatory approach that is based on the 3 types of Hypothyroidism & Hashimoto's: Insulin Resistance, Inflammation, & Adrenal Fatigue. It is specifically designed to help women lose consistent weight while managing symptoms and reducing/getting off thyroid meds. Want to discover your thyroid type? Take the quiz and I'll provide a custom video along with a 3 day menu based on your type.
Priscilla's Story

Priscilla's Story


In this first episode, I share my story and how I came about developing the Keto Girl Method for women with a hormone and thyroid condition. I touch on my weight loss and mental health struggle, and how it played a huge part in helping women with hormone and thyroid conditions find freedom. Check out how you can start seeing results by starting today! Learn more here. Grab the FREE 3 day meal plan to lose 2-5 lbs Here:   Come Say “Hi” on Instagram @keto.girl.nutritionistl: