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Kevin Jackson is an award-winning radio show host and podcaster. His blend of humor, intellect, wit, and savage knowledge provides an entertaining daily two-hour ride. Rush Limbaugh would be proud of the best-selling author, TV host, political pundit, nationally recognized speaker, and comedian, as Kevin Jackson delivers political and pop culture humor from a unique point of view.
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In this episode, all black America has survived and thrived despite all racism. Loud and vocal minority think they respect the majority; they don't. Trump under siege from day 1, "If I weren't tough I wouldn't be here."
In this episode, gender as a social construct or a biological determinant. More than 90% of kids affirmed as trans grow out of these feelings.
In this episode, a surprising stumble with a sand bag on stage. Jill Biden asks audience to clap after they all miss the cue. Harvard's latest diversity study concludes 'striving for diversity is a waste of time.'
In this episode, John Kirby shocked by questions that Biden is corrupt. Self proclaimed fastest girl suing for the integrity of women in sports. A 35-time national champion decides to retire following a loss to transgender competitor.
In this episode, black woman says white women are the most dangerous in the world. Anna Navarro says being black and brown doesn't prevent you from being a white supremacist. Elon Musk asks for specifics when confronted about hate speech.
In this episode, a possible Trump pardon with one election condition. Durham report 300 pages, 4 years and Comey stands on 'nothing to see here.' Sen. Ron Johnson on reprehensible behavior of Hunter Biden.
In this episode, kids don't know who they are; adults know who they are but are afraid to admit it. Voters confident Joe Biden will return to normalcy. Graduation postponed until June to allow more students to qualify.
In this episode, Frank Lutz blames Trump for his health emergency. The Biden administration has released more than 51,000 illegals from ICE in the last five months.
In this episode, more than 300 COVID-19 science related articles have been retracted lacking truthfulness. Stormy Daniels regrets the decision to come forward with the allegation. Target doubles down on special interest marketing campaign.
In this episode, we mourn another icon who fought against all odds to achieve greatness. Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis declared as a "President for the People." NOBODY in the presidential field is prepared to do what Trump must do in a 2nd term.
In this episode, what will it take to win a 2024 election against Trump? Biden budget proposal for border security, zero percent increase. 95% of warrants issued in LA for murder are illegals.
In this episode, woman poisons husband and publishes a childrens book on how to cope with loss. Why politicians walk thru their crime ridden homeless districts and not think 'WTH have we done?' Mayor cleans up his city for presidential visit and photo op.
In this episode, NY Mayor seeking court suspension of "right to shelter." Michigan State professor extorts students to fund her radical left-wing group. California refuses to pay back $20M federal government loan.
In this episode, could the comeback of "cash stuffing" be your hint on the future of currency. Two IRS whistleblowers allege federal prosecutors engaged in "preferential treatment and politics" to benefit the Biden family.
In this episode, Dodger issues apology for lack of pride in Pride Night. More information revealed about elites indulging their sexual fantasies as Epstein captured the kodak moments.
In this episode, Twitters efficiency with just 20 percent of staff vs a government staff of over 21M. Griners WNBA return not a sell out celebration. E. Jean Carroll's joke on sleeping with the alleged offender.
In this episode, MTG issues long overdue articles of impeachment. McCarthy doubles down on the right and jurisdiction over the FBI. Trump suing WaPo for defamation. Tim Scott throws his hat in the presidential ring.
In this episode, printing error in NY caused all voters to be listed as Democrat. One of the most embarrassing people to hold public office, arrested again. The NAACPs latest move really a grab at BLMs former honey pot.
In this episode, Chappelle's aim at San Francisco highlights the gross decline of a once thriving tourist spot. FBI whistleblowers confirm federal law enforcement had some degree of infiltration at the Capitol on J6.
In this episode, after a two month medical leave Feinstein returned to Washington unaware she'd been gone. Public facing positions and the ability to communicate is the essense of the job.
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Scott Bertelson

Thank you Kevin for all your work, I live in a urban area where the youth need you !!!

Jan 15th
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