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Author: Joe Glover

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The Marketing Meetup Podcast is an audio series by marketers, for marketers. Featuring live talk recordings, interviews, and discussions, The Marketing Meetup Podcast is the place for marketers to come to stay in touch, learn, and be inspired.
86 Episodes
Jonny Plein took Pouch onto Dragon's Den. This is the story of how he took his company from founding to exit with a big marketing break along the way.
Russell Parsons is the Editor of the industry leading publication, Marketing Week.The first to admit he is not a marketer himself, Russell holds a unique place as a voice for the industry. He is able to look from the outside, hear the ongoing conversations of the day and then digest them. In this talk, he shares his views of where the marketing industry is today, and what you can do about it.
Full-stack marketers - we all like to pretend to be one, right?The truth is, there isn't really such a thing. In this talk, Zoe shares how you should be building your capabilities out in a T-shape, and the makeup of her perfect marketing team.
Ash Jones has had a hand in building some of marketing's biggest names including Steven Bartlett. He's done this through owning the narrative through building personal brands. In this extended talk, Ash shares his strategy and tips for building personal brands that matter.
Marketers - we love data. We love doing things by the numbers. And while we like to say the era of mad men and women is over, should it be?Dan Kelsall makes the case.
Everyone regardless of what they do for a living has to write at some point. In this talk, Lucy will give some key pointers about how to write well and convey meaning, with examples.
Ritchie Mehta is a big thinker, a dreamer, and an industry shaker-upper. In this talk, Ritchie will share the journey he is taking with the School of Marketing and Learn et al to revolutionise how we educate humans about the marketing sector.Expect to walk away from this talk inspired to help the next generation, and prepared to start your own revolution.
Katherine Sale is Partner Director at Serpico, a global marketing, consulting and technology platform, designed for in-house digital teams. As a certified Google Marketing Platform partner, Serpico provides the expertise and skills needed to get the most out of the full Google Marketing Platform stack - from search and display to creative and analytics. This, combined with our suite of proprietary tech and tools, and access to a global, on-demand network of digital marketing resource and expertise, enables in-house digital marketing teams to run campaigns across 175 markets and 86 languages. Serpico is a subsidiary of global digital agency Croud.
Director of Social & Creative at Media Chain and #Vogue25 Most influential Women 2018. Hannah is clearly well-positioned to be delivering her talk: “Don’t build a brand, build a personality ”. This is not one to miss!!
10 years running a hugely successful marketing group. From influencer marketing, media buying, paid advertising and much, much more, Nicola has a wealth of experience. She is here to share the things she wishes she'd know when she started!
Richard Huntington imparts some of his marketing wisdom. Watch as he talks about his journey in marketing, what Saatchi & Saatchi do, the marketing industry as whole and how to get started in marketing.
We spend a lot of time as marketers focusing on 'the pipes' of our craft. That means to say we're far more likely to spend our time trawling through analytics than we are to come up with our next creative campaign.In this talk, creative dynamo Baz Richardson will put forward why he things we should reinvest our time and energy in once again exploring our creative sides.
Should we be considering our branded SERPs as our new homepage? Is less traffic really a bad thing?
Charlotte Travers has worked in recruitment for 4 years and now a digital marketing agency for 3 years. Now responsible for finding new talent for the agency. And it’s tough. AND its starting to feel more and more like tinder: here she explains why.
In this talk, Joe Glover shares why he loves marketing to a young audience at Saatchi & Saatchi.
Lightbox are looking at websites like very few others. Creating experiences that are tailored to each visitor is making a big impact for their clients. Rob is going to explain how you need to be thinking about not just building a website, but building an experience.
 How to get free PR for your business. Well if that title doesn't indicate it is worth listening to, I don't know what is. 
Simon Hall is ex-BBC and current Cambridge University: that means to say, this dude is accommmmmppppllliiiiiisssssheeedd!In this talk, he shares why simple messages are often the best.
Edward will be talking about the importance of visual media in B2B marketing.
In this talk, recorded during TMM's partnership with London Tech Week, Gary took a dive into some of the more technical side of video content production.
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