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The Marketing Meetup Podcast is an audio series by marketers, for marketers. Featuring live talk recordings, interviews, and discussions, The Marketing Meetup Podcast is the place for marketers to come to stay in touch, learn, and be inspired.
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Join Jo as she wades through the disingenuous claims of AI applications and looks at: - How AI is being falsely marketed - Who's really using AI - Using AI to find out what customers really think and feel
Jess Evans, Head of Partnerships at Phrasee explains: - The difference between AI and machine learning - Why it matters to use AI-powered solutions - How AI is transforming the way brands speak to their customers online
Ritchie Mehta is a big thinker, a dreamer, and an industry shaker-upper. In this talk, Ritchie will share the journey he is taking with the School of Marketing and Learn et al to revolutionise how we educate humans about the marketing sector. Expect to walk away from this talk inspired to help the next generation, and prepared to start your own revolution.
We spend a lot of time as marketers focusing on 'the pipes' of our craft. That means to say we're far more likely to spend our time trawling through analytics than we are to come up with our next creative campaign. In this talk, creative dynamo Baz Richardson will put forward why he things we should reinvest our time and energy in once again exploring our creative sides.
In this episode Becky Simms shares with you a novel but effective way of creating content which really engages your audience - games!
Ever been in that situation where you've been at an event or meeting and got someone's name on the tip of your tongue, but can't quite get there? How about the time you just flat out forgot? It happens to all of us. But, Jordan Harry (TEDx speaker with 1,000,000+ views) is here to help. In something slightly tangential to marketing but still very relevant indeed, Jordan will take you through: - The Geeky Stuff of memory - Short and long term memory training - Memory Techniques - And it's application
Having built the worlds largest social media following in the construction industry (c.4.5 million followers), Lee has successfully built an agency off the back of his original idea to create a place for the trades of the UK to meet online. In this episode, Lee talks about how he did this and how you can grow a social media audience to benefit you as a business.
Kay is exposed to a range of different clients and problems. She is therefore really well placed to help you plan your marketing campaign.  In this talk, "Why and how to plan effective campaigns", she covers the tools, tricks and tips on how correct planning can lead to great ROI.
We're all guilty of thinking 'our' news is 'the' news.  Amanda Bunn has dedicated her career to the art of PR - leading the charge at digital agency Mobas as Head of PR. In this interesting talk, Amanda details the things that make your news actually interesting, as well as some interesting tips for how to structure your releases.
Ever get the feeling you've seen the prediction article you've just finished reading before? How about writing it - struggling for new stuff? In this interactive talk James Gill shares his research having compiled a bunch of articles predicting the 'next big thing' from 2009, 2014, and 2019, with surprising (or perhaps unsurprising) results.
Luca Senatore is a serial entrepreneur with a hell of a story, although that one will have to wait till another time, as today we focus on his experience in growing one of EMEA's leading agencies - Genie Goals.  In this fascinating interview, brought about in a timely manner due to Luca's new book, The Agency: Build, Grow, Repeat, we hear from Luca on what he would do if starting all over again today.  This turned out the be a very practical interview for anyone starting out on their own. Luca's book can be found just here:
Nicola Bray runs SEVEN companies. Basically, she's superwoman. In this talk, she goes back to the very basics of marketing and shares some values of what marketing really means beyond the channels, beyond the hype and beyond the hyperbole. This is also the second ever talk from The Marketing Meetup: Birmingham, which is very exciting!
Video is still the most powerful tool in a marketer's toolbox for storytelling, yet, people STILL aren't taking advantage of it as much as they should be. Enter Gary Gumbleton, founder of CapCo Group. Gary talks eloquently and in simple terms about video marketing and how you should be structuring your activity to ensure not only that you're producing content in the first place, but also that you're doing it in such a way that you are making the most of the channel.
Luca Senatore is a serial entrepreneur, leader, and now - author. Luca has started businesses in a range of disciplines including health clinics and ju-jitsu gyms - but his biggest hit has been leading the agency - Genie Goals: famous for work with Calvin Klein, Karl Lagerfeld, Mamas & Papas and many more. In this talk Luca explores what, in his eyes, great businesses do and need to have to be able to grow successfully. What is striking is the similarities between growing a great business, and simply having a great life. With all that said... enjoy!
This is a BRILLIANT lightning talk from Mark Cook, all about automating social media and the benefits you can reap from them. Just listen to it. You'll enjoy :)
Jodie Cole is a creative through and through - she's also a mountain biking champ, but that's a whole other story. Jodie isn't a speaker - she's a bloody awesome creative person. In this talk, she shares something to make you go mmmm and think all about your relationship and how you use creative services.
This might be the best ever title for a talk at the Marketing Meetup ever. In this lightning talk, Simon shares how the punk rock movement taught him to be a great marketer (even though he likes to pretend he's not really a marketer at all)
Like it or not, Xmas is coming. And in fact, in a corporate world, chances are you're in the 'or not' category because that means one thing... corporate xmas presents. A real minefield, corporate gifting is a tricky one. Thankfully, like the angel of xmas herself - Jenny is here to help you navigate this tricky time with practical advise on nailing this period and leaving your clients with nothing but smiles.
In this inspiring lightning talk, Anne-Marie Miller shares her journey to becoming a sketchnoter, and how she now uses the skills she has picked up to remember important aspects of talks she would have never been able to otherwise.
In this talk, Mark Dalgarno aspires to deliver the worst lightning talk in history. Not because he aspires to be bad, but because he uses a great tool to problem solve during times he becomes stuck. This is a truely brilliant lightning talk. Enjoy!
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