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My name is Melissa Vargas and I have started and celebrated many dreams that have ever barely gotten off the ground, until now.

Come with me as I start the scariest dream of it all, this podcast, and share my journey to make it a reality.

These won’t be guru tips you get from people who’ve made it, you’re going to hear from someone changing her life in real-time. Support this podcast:
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We have all experienced heartbreak. But is heartbeark only when a romantic situation doesn't pan out? What about a job you wanted bu didn't get? What about a friendship that fizzles out, or a relative that is hard to deal with? Heartbreak comes in many forms. And it's inevitable. We can't escape it, we can't avoid it. So what can we do? In this episode I share three different scenarios and some helpful tips on how to work with and through heartbreak. Just because it's inevitable doesn't mean we have to let it keep us down. We can definitely move forward, even with a broken heart. --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
Wether it's ADHD, depression, anxiety, life or family crisis, or anything else that could be weighing you down... life can get heavy and hard to bear. It's even harder to share the struggle and let people in when the house that's your life, relationship, heart, or mind isn't has tidy as you'd hope. In this episode I tell you one simple thing, it's ok to feel like you need help, support, love, and it's perfectly fine to express that. Speak up, we need you alive and better. Even if better is left for tomorrow. Let people know you need help, and let them help you. We can't begin to live the life of our dreams while trying to maintain the facade of perfection. Ask for help. I promise you the fear of voicing it I nothing compared to the gift of seeing the people that love you the most rally around you. --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
Shame should be ashamed. No really, it does some of the dirtiest work in us. It's like mold, but worst. Because it's so hard to get rid of. Just when you think you're past it, it comes back even stronger. I know this all too well. This is why I knew this episode needed to exist early on. you don't have to listen to its venom or bow down to its agenda to paralyze you to do what you've been dreaming of. Your dreams are valid and so is your journey. If you're looking for ways to move past shame and start taking action in your life, this is the episode for you. Let’s Connect Youtube: Instagram: Official Website: Patreon: Buy Me Coffee: Become a paid subscriber of the podcast: All Inquiries: --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
In this first episode of the Find Your Start show, I share with you what led me to start the podcast, and where I am now in life that makes this beginning meaningful.  Find out what the podcast is going to be about, and what my hope is for everyone listening. This is not a "this is what you HAVE to do to accomplish "x" in life" kind of show. We're here to learn from each other and find the things, strategies, and tips that will help each and every single one of us get started on our dreams. And yes, this is a bit of a rebellious show, hope you're ready for a fun ride! Let’s Connect Youtube: Instagram: Official Website: Patreon: Buy Me Coffee: Become a paid subscriber of the podcast: All Inquiries: --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
It's here! The podcast I never thought I'd start. All because I wasn't waiting for the perfect art, the perfect, idea, the perfect episodes, guests... etc. I was listening to all the gurus, and everyone who had done it before me... and I was stuck. Stuck not being able to do it their way, and not listening to my own. Isn't that what happens to many of us? We listen to experts, follow their advice against our own needs, fail their way, and never try to figure out our way. This is what this podcast is all about... finding the way it works for us. It being businesses, dream projects, families, creativity, faith, etc. This is not an expert giving you their secrets, this is just another person looking for her way and hoping that as she shares her journey, you'll find yours. Welcome to Find Your Start! --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
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