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The Mental Wealth Show is about health, wellness, and healing. Join Health & Performance Coach and Masters track and field national champion, Rich Jones, for the journey to a holistically healthy life through honest reflection and candid conversations with diverse guests.
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It's been a while. I catch you up on what's happened since the last episode in May, including a few celebrations and a big lesson you can apply to your life.  I also announce the launch of the Find More Balance Network! It's a private membership community for growth-minded professionals who are ready to go after meaningful goals, live a healthier lifestyle, find inspiration to sustain progress, or simply interested in connecting with like-minded folks who are on their own health & wellbeing journeys.  The network kickoff event is on September 16th at 11am ET. It's a live session focused on what to know about taking a mental health leave from work. I explain more in this episode. If you're serious about growth, let's get to work. Visit
Sometimes the path of least resistance is the best path to follow. Rich reflects on what he's learned from focusing on one thing at a time, including the idea that things don't need to be difficult to be meaningful. Tune in for this quick listen and share it with someone if you find it useful.    Twitter: @iamrichjones Instagram: @iamrichjones Interested in coaching? Visit Interested in having Rich come speak at your company or organization? Visit  
Some reflection on my birthday weekend before I chat with Jordan Grumet, long time friend of the show from the personal finance community, host of the Earn and Invest podcast, and author of Taking Stock: A Hospice Doctor's Advice on Financial Independence, Building Wealth, and Living a Regret-Free Life.   Toastmasters - Giving a talk at 730am PT on April 12th at the weekly Toastmasters meeting I attend. I haven’t spoken about it much, but it’s helped me become a better speaker and podcast host. At this meeting, I’ll be talking about how to start a podcast. So visit to register for the session and see an example of Toastmasters in action.   
On today’s episode from the unreleased archives, I’m chatting with the author of Indistractable - how to control your attention and choose your life, Nir Eyal. If you struggle with distraction, this episode is for you! We also cover how behavior changes facilitates identity change and a lot more.  Nir's distraction guide ---- May is Mental Health Awareness Month and I’m available to speak to your company, organization, or ERG about how mental health and wellbeing translate to your performance, the wealth that comes with healing, and so much more. If you’re interested in looking like a genius by booking a dope speaker, send me a note at (Pitches from podcast bookers will be ignored)  
In addition to reasons you need to move, I share what I learned from a recent 8-week challenge and how you can apply the insights in your own life. May is Mental Health Awareness and I'm looking forward to talking more about my journey, the importance of mental health, and the wealth that comes with healing. If you'd like me to come speak to your team, organization, or at a special event, drop me a note at (Please note: I am not accepting podcast guest pitches. This is not the time to shoot your or your client's shot. :) Magic Mind is a 2 oz. energy shot I personally use to accompany my morning caffeine or take solo when I need a boost. It helps me get into the zone. The Magic Mind team created an offer for the mental wealth family. You’ll get up to 56% off your first subscription order in the next 10 days or 20% off a one-time purchase by visiting and redeem using the code mentalwealth20.
Jason Vitug is the founder of Phroogal, a purpose driven financial wellness company empowering people to achieve goals through knowledge, access, and community. I was blown away by his vulnerability, storytelling, and ability to connect the dots during our conversation. He’s also the author of the new book (his second book) dropping on February 1st: Happy Money Happy Life - A multidimensional approach to health, wealth, and financial freedom.  We talk about all three areas and Jason shares some lessons and insights from his personal journey.    The Magic Mind team created a dope offer for me to share with the Mental Wealth family. You’ll get up to 56% off your first subscription order in the next 10 days or 20% off a one-time purchase by visiting and redeem using the code mentalwealth20.
In this episode, I talk about six things I'm taking into 2023 and lessons learned you can apply this year, too. I also talk about the recent tech layoffs and a day I've never been through before. (There's a special message for those impacted) I mention a 2 oz energy shot called Magic Mind. This ain't no tummy tea or anything like that! For me, it's just good calm focus. The Magic Mind team created a dope offer for me to share with the Mental Wealth family. You’ll get up to 56% off your first subscription order in the next 10 days or 20% off a one-time purchase by visiting and redeem using the code mentalwealth20.  Want to work with me? Visit to learn more.
On the surface, Angela is an investment strategist, coach and founder of the Happy Investor Method, where the goal is to make wealth inevitable. But through hearing her story, you’ll realize she’s so much more. This is her high achiever origin story! Want to work with me? Visit to learn more.
In this episode , 2009 Super Bowl champion and former NFL wide receiver Marques Colston talks about the importance of mindset in performance, how to create separation in your life, competing at a high level, and more.  Be sure to check out Marques' site to elevate your game (we ain't talking sports): ---- Interested in working on your wellness 1-on-1 with Rich, visit to learn more about wellness coaching and the many benefits. Want to work with me? Visit to learn more.
It's been over a month since my last update. I catch folks up on what happened at track nationals and my journey over the past couple years. I'm  also joined by EconoMe Conference founder, Diania Merriam, who candidly shares her mental health journey and experience with the therapy modality that's helped her most: Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR). If you've ever heard of or wondered about EMDR, this episode is for you. Jump to 10:20 to go directly to the interview.  Trigger Warning: discussion of death/loss As always, talk to a professional before doing anything you heard on a podcast! This is for informational and entertainment purposes only. Want to work with me? Visit to learn more.
As a Certified Wellness Coach, my goal is to help high-achieving professionals make better choices and live healthier lives. Because high performance doesn't mean you're well. If you're thinking of making a lifestyle change or better choices, or increasing your sense of wellbeing so you can show up more consistently across your life, maybe we should talk. My 1-on-1 coaching doors are open and you can schedule a free discovery call to see if I'm the right coach for you by visiting Stop thinking, start doing. It's time. --- This is Welcome Sarah's story... I started to realize that there was some work to be done internally in order to create the life that I wanted externally. I went through a coaching program with the International Coach Federation and it changed my life. It taught me that I could control my own destiny and that I didn't need to rely on others to create the life that I wanted. Now, as an athlete and coach, I use those same principles to help myself and others create the lives that they want.. In this episode, you will learn the following: 1. The importance of mental fitness and how it can lead to a happier life 2. The power of coaching and how it can help you overcome difficult challenges 3. The benefits of being an athlete, including the ability to better manage your life and see incremental results. I also share some recent challenges and how I'm planning to navigate them.  Welcome to Reinvention podcast: IG: welcome_sarah Want to work with me? Visit to learn more.
Thinking about changing your relationship with alcohol? Be sure to check out Monument. You don't have to struggle in silence. They've got a great anonymous community, free live meetings, optional therapy services and more. Full link: --- In this episode, I chat with Harold and Steven Hughes. Harold is the founder of Bandwagon and cofounder of Steven is a past pod guest, financial therapist and money reiki practitioner. They help break down how to learn the NFT space so you understand it in a real world way.  This is NOT about how to profit off NFTs! Understand the technology, understand the future. This episode also planted the seed for something happening soon. I didn't know it at the time, but glad I held this one til now. It makes the big happening even sweeter! Me on IG/Twitter: @richrunstrack Key Definitions: Eth = Ether = the unit of currency on the Ethereum blockchain Web3 = New era of the internet defined by blockchain technologies and decentralization.  Web2 = the internet today. Companies provide services in exchange for your info (Facebook, etc) Key links: Wellness for Black Men Bandwagon (Harold's company) Steven's site The NFT Handbook Want to work with me? Visit to learn more.
An update on the past couple months and the work I've been doing to move through past trauma.  I also talk about the future of the show and the new Wellness for Black Men community.  Links mentioned: Want to work with me? Visit to learn more.
Rich discusses his mental health and a conversation with his mom that didn't go well, but yielded some valuable insight. Want to work with me? Visit to learn more.
Catching you up and reflecting on a decision I almost made that I'm now so thankful I didn't.  Interested in changing your relationship with alcohol? Check out Monument by visiting They've got an anonymous community, therapists and more.  Want to work with me? Visit to learn more.
This week I'm chatting with Jason Brown, founder of The Brown Report. A one stop shop for all things investing and more. We talk about his mental wealth journey, a revelation that shocked me, his mastermind experience and more.  Want to work with me? Visit to learn more.
Some thoughts. Want to work with me? Visit to learn more.
Kicking off the new year with some reflections and lessons to help you chart your path in 2022. If you haven't already, check out to learn about premium. Let's go!!!! Want to work with me? Visit to learn more.
Edited by me. Check out The Mental Wealth Show premium at! That's correct, c-o.  Talk to you soon! Want to work with me? Visit to learn more.
Micah Johnson is a self-taught figurative artist who uses strong gestural lines and loose brush strokes to create dramatic portraits that feature African-American children. Although Micah spent seven years as a professional baseball player, you rarely see reference to his career in any of his works. He sees art as an independent journey with the opportunity to inspire a broader demographic around the subjects of racial equality, chasing your dreams without limitations, and the empowerment of young people. I’m excited to have Micah on the show today to discuss his interest in Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and his current opportunity to blend digital NFTs with offline life.           Want to work with me? Visit to learn more.
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Mark Perry

Wow. This conversation woke me up. I appreciate y'all.

Oct 15th

DeWayne Johnson

The host just went on a rant about himself. LOL

Dec 9th

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this might just be my favorite episode. #Props

Jul 23rd
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Eric Wilson

Futhermore, the white banks & institutions are going to miss out on alot of interest $, giving these black graduates a good start to life

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another great podcast, this is really simple. He's a Black billionaire helping black students period. This had nothing to do with finance, but instead a wealthy blackman helping other black people

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you guys podcast is very good with excellent interviews, while being helpful & relaxed

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