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Author: Richard Duhig

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The Metal Cell Podcast sets out to promote the Irish Metal Scene by talking to the bands, promoters, artists and fans of this musical genre. I hope to interview as many generations as possible involved in the Irish Metal community from those who create the music, design the artwork, promote the gigs or simply fans of the music itself. It's one of the most exciting times ever to be a Metal fan in Ireland with so many home grown and international metal bands touring our cities and releasing incredible music. This Podcast has become a solid link in communicating our voices throughout the world wide Metal community. The bonds forged in the Metal Scene are strong, loyal and lasting. Friendships created that traverse oceans and continents linking us to Europe, the America's, The Far East and even into the Eastern Block. Thank you all for listening and for your support, Richie. #supportyourlocalmetalscene
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Elder Druid came out of 2019 as one of the best Doom/Metal bands in Ireland. They launched their critically acclaimed Golgotha to a jammed packed Voodoo Room in Belfast in January, tour dates were booked and a vinyl pressing done of 250 albums; so it would be fair to say the lads were ready to take it to the next level until their momentum suddenly ground to a halt with the COV-19 pandemic. Join myself, Gregg (Vox) Jake (Guitars) and Brien (Drums) of Elder Druid as we catch up on a interesting few months for the band, hear some hilarious tour stories and wonder are the band actually cursed. It's a brilliant snapshot of time in Elder Druids history. Thanks to all the band's for the music and all of ye for listening. Richie supportyourlocalmetalscene Songs featured and permission granted: Suicide (c) Razor Sharp Death Blizzard , 2020 all rights reserved. Golgotha (c) Elder Druid, 2020 all rights reserved. Fracture (c) Rupturation, 2020 all rights reserved.
I was delighted to finally interview Ciaran Culhane for my series on people who have left their mark on the Irish Metal Scene by producing incredible music. Ciaran has dedicated his life to music as a producer, sound engineer and multi-instrumentalist based in Limerick. He has built up a fantastic body of work, so it's fair to say innumerable bands and people have benefited from his work at gigs and studio settings. Ciaran along with John Real (aka Tall John) have run Bad Reputation since 2007. They have established Limericks credentials on the international metal scene with the famous Siege of Limerick festival and it acts as a feeder for all the other Bad Reputation gigs hosted in Dolans. Helping me trying to encapsulate Ciaran’s work, is guitarist Jack 'O Neill who enjoyed the benefit of Ciaran’s recording skills on the highly acclaimed Chaliceburner album by Coroza. Songs featured and permission granted: Sardonicus (c) Brigantia , 2020 all rights reserved. Steely Danzig (c) We Come In Pieces, 2020 all rights reserved. Looking down at the sky from above (c) Shardbourne, 2020 all rights reserved.
Delighted to welcome back my wonderful co-hosts on this terrific episode, where we covered Grey Stag & Xero single releases and our chosen subject was Metal Genres. Along the way many Metal rabbit holes were explored and both Evan and Jack updated us on their bands activities. Great to have everyone back on the show, the banter is some of the the best that's out there in the Metal Scene so please convert, like and leave a positive review on whatever listening platform you are using. Many thanks Richie #supportyourlocalmetalscene. Songs featured and permission granted: Cyclopean (c) Grey Stag, 2020 all rights reserved. Quickfire (c) Xero, 2020 all rights reserved. Event Horizon (c) Eyes Eternal, 2020 all rights reserved.
I was so pleased to welcome Josh Robinson on the Producer and Mixer Series as I have been a massive fan of his work and bands that he has chosen to work with for a long time. Joining us on the Podcast also were Taylor and Gavin from Survivalist and Paddy, Daire and Steve of Heel of Achilles. It was a huge edit considering it was all done using Zoom, the sound outcome was patchy enough in stages during the interview due to connection issues and apologies for that. Nevertheless all the band members were terrific and very informative in helping us the listener understand what Josh brings to the mixing desk as a producer and sound engineer. His creativity in lyrical videos, willingness to move past financial gain to work with bands is very unique and refreshing. Thanks to Oracle, Survivalist and Heel of Achilles for the songs as well. Hope you enjoy the Podcast and remember please share, convert or subscribe to the YouTube channel. Thanks Richie. #supportyourlocalmetalscene. Songs featured and permission granted: In which I Envy (c) Survivalist, 2020 all rights reserved. Hollow (c) Oracle, 2020 all rights reserved. Stratosphere (c) Heel of Achilles, 2020 all rights reserved.
I was delighted to welcome back long-time contributor to the show Evan from Worn Out/The Metal Cell Forums along with his legendary DJ pal Dave from Today FM's Dermot and Dave Show to talk about their love of the Metal Scene. Dave talks about his teenage years following Metal and as he grew older how his love for Metal music stayed with him through various stages of his professional working life. So many great Metal acts are talked about on this show, with Evan offering his insights into his influences and talking about his terrific Irish Metal/hardcore band Worn Out. The banter and laughter are second to none on this show so be sure to share it, leave a rating if you enjoy it. The bands suppling the absolute HEFT on this week’s Podcast were King Witch from Edinburgh, Wolf Acid Ritual from Kilkenny and Diamir from Lisburn. Songs featured and permission granted: Body of Light (c) King Witch, 2020 all rights reserved. The Hidden Secrets (c) Wolf Acid Ritual, 2020 all rights reserved. Behind the Facade (c) Diamir, 2020 all rights reserved.
Aidan Cunningham is a mixing, recording engineer and music producer with a life-consuming obsession of sound. Aidan's fascination with recorded music formed as a young teen and has flourished into a full time career creating music with artists from around the globe. In this episode the first of my Producer and Mixing Engineer Series, Aidan gives us an insight into his world working creatively to produce incredible music with artists from Zhora to The Scratch. We also have some seriously heavy tunage from Survivalist, Enshroud, Death Can Wait and Ruairi O'Baoighill. Thanks for listening and support your local Metal Scene. Songs featured and permission granted: Bound In The Sacrafice (c) Enshroud, 2020 all rights reserved. Left (c) Death Can Wait, 2020 all rights reserved. Greed and Obsession (c) Survivalist, 2020 all rights reserved. Parish Law (c) Ruairi O'Baoighill, 2020 all rights reserved.
Andy Clarke of The Crawling invites us for a drink in his virtual bar and we talk about the current state of Irish Metal in the middle of a pandemic. There's lots to discuss, the last few gigs of The Crawling, their merch, future plans and the state of Irish Metal at the moment. We have the now regular news round-up of the Irish Metal scene and 2 exclusive songs from So Much For The Sun and The Grief. Thanks to Peasant to a King and Words That Burn that also contributed killer songs to this episode. All these bands are some of the finest Irish Metal acts out there at the moment so be sure to check out their Bandcamp pages. Enjoy and support your local Metal scene by checking out all the merch your favourite bands and artists have for sale. Songs featured and permission granted: Selfish (c) Peasant to a King, 2020 all rights reserved. Deathgrip (c) Words That Burn, 2020 all rights reserved. Carmilla's Embrace (c) So Much For The Sun, 2020 all rights reserved. Departed (c) The Grief, 2020 all rights reserved.
This episode is examines the thought process that goes into an artist designing a brief for a band and the work that goes into achieving a final product that will represent both the band and the artist. Contributions by Kym Horner of Kym Horner Design, James Sheridan of James Sheridan Does Art/deadxactress, Colin Bolger of Dabulga Design and Mick Carey of Zealot Cult to help to understand the thought process with the design, concept and final product. There's that infamous Gary Holt story when Exodus played Cork. I also want to thank Witchkicker, Dirty Power, Drakonis and Durt Burd for summiting their brilliant songs for this episode. Enjoy and support your local Metal scene by checking out all the merch your favourite bands and artists have for sale. Songs featured and permission granted: Oh God (c) Dirty Power, 2020 all rights reserved. Nature, Nuture or Resent (c) Witchkicker, 2020 all rights reserved. Of Dusk and Of Pyre (c) Drakonis, 2020 all rights reserved. Shuffle Monkey (c) Durt Burd, 2020 all rights reserved.
This episode is spent examining the connections between the t-shirt, art and the Metal Fan. Contributions by Sean O'Sullivan of Ten Ton Slug, Ciaran Coughlan of Obsidian Design and Alex Fitzgerald of Absurd Merch help to understand the thought process with the design, concept and final product. I also want to thank Conjuring Fate, Sectile and Grief Eater for summiting their brilliant songs for this episode. Enjoy and support your local Metal scene by checking out all the merch your favourite bands and artists have for sale. Songs featured and permission granted: Night Of The Knives (c) Conjuring Fate, 2020 all rights reserved. Black Cloud (c) Sectile, 2020 all rights reserved. Imithe in êag (c) Grief Eater, 2020 all rights reserved.
Strange times indeed but it didn't deter TOOMS from releasing one of the best singles of the year with Stampede. All precautions were adhered to, when the lads arrived from neighbouring border county Limerick, to talk about the efforts that went to recording their new album. One thing for certain with Alex, Anto and Kieran you are guaranteed some great chats and weird rabbit holes to disappear down in the pursuit of trying to define TOOM's. Enjoy the episode and leave a rating if possible for the Podcast! Songs featured: Stampede (c) TOOMS, 2020 all rights reserved.
Delighted to welcome back my wonderful co-hosts on this terrific episode where we covered gigs attended, festival gossip, a Grief Eater single review and lots of banter. The main subject was professionalism in the Irish Metal Scene which hopefully will answer a few questions or kickstart another discussion on it. The insights that Jack and Evan offer as musicains playing in the scene are really brilliant and Danielle who has been attending these gigs regularly always adds a compelling view to the mix. We are lucky as listeners to have such a great team on board for these special shows. Once again I must ask to leave a rating if ye enjoyed the show. Thanks Richie.
Part 1 features Dog Tired. The lads had just finished playing a stormer of a set, upstairs in An Spailpin Fanach for Urban Assault 2020, when we had a great chat about the creation of one of their best releases yet "The Electric Abyss". There was plenty of stories of hairy princesses, sheep punching and life growing up in the wonderfully named Penicuik. Dog Tired are playing Bloodstock this year and it was very interesting to hear them talk about how being an independent band can be a positive thing without relying on a major labels help. Part 2 features Skypilot. Recorded at The Old Town Whiskey Bar it was chaotic right from the start. A large hen party was in the room next to us as I was joined by Skypilot and James Loveday from The Distortion Project. Despite the unsettling sight of a naked male model the lads tried to be as professional as one can be given the circumstances. There was plenty to talk about as the lads had enjoyed a very successful 2019, having played Bloodstock and recorded a new album, the excellent "The Affront". With another Siege of Limerick appearance on the horizons and a tour with Blind River, it's shaping up nicely for the Northern Ireland three piece. It was also terrific to have James there as well to give us insights into the thriving Belfast Metal scene that he helped create. Songs featured: Beyond The Grave (c) Dog Tired, 2019 all rights reserved. Superdupernaught (c) Skypilot, 2019 all rights reserved.
Delighted to welcome back Con Doyle to talk about all things Metal. Con is a local legend of the Metal scene and discusses his many projects that are coming to fruition in 2020. The main subject of course is his two day Monolith Festival on July 31st and 1st of August. We run through all the bands that are on the bill and share some of their music for those that may not have heard of them. Con also reveals an exclusive gig in October 2nd at Cyprus Avenue and not only that we have a great chat reflecting on his career in Rap/Hip Hop as Grandmaster Cash, culminating in his debut at the Cork Film Festival. There's so much jammed into this episode that it will keep those that wanted a longer episode happy and also gives a interesting snapshot of the scene in Cork at the moment. Thanks for listening and be sure to rate the show if you enjoy it. Richie Songs featured: Burden's Root (c) Vehement 2020 All rights reserved and by kind permission Exiles Necronautical (c) Mord'A'Stigmata 2020 All rights reserved and by kind permission Here Begins The Fall (c) Necronautical 2020 All rights reserved and by kind permission SOL (c) Jupiterian 2020 All rights reserved and by kind permission
I was delighted to welcome Chris (vox) and Pavol (guitars) of Cork band ZHI REN. The lads also sent on 4 demo's of new songs, one of which is featured on the show...the brilliant "Feed the Beast" and after hearing those songs, their appearance at this years Siege of Limerick cannot come fast enough! Chris and Pavol take us on a crazy adventure recalling the lunacy of their appearance at GOTHOOM Open Air Festival in Slovakia and the song writing process in a isolated wooden cabin. Podcasts are made for these stories! Enjoy the show and if you enjoy it leave a rating. Thanks Richie. Feed the Beast (c) ZHI REN, 2020 all rights reserved.
Episode 59 was a special episode as I got the gifted Alex Vinci, frontman of Last Vinci and Narrow Door Management, to film the entire Podcast. So the fruition of our collaboration is up on my YouTube channel It was great to catch up with Danielle, Evan and Jack after Christmas and we quickly got back into our groove. Irish festivals like "Urban Assault, The Gathering, Iron Mountain and Clang all got discussed. The usual round up of gigs attended and Irish Metal news also were discussed until we got to our main subject...the links between Metal and Wrestling. Enjoy and it's like a mantra now....please leave a rating on the Podcast. Respect and thanks Richie.
I was delighted to welcome Danny Fitzgerald of Pethrophile Promotions and John O'Brein of Irish Metal Archives to the Metal Cell Studio to talk about the Urban Assault Festival. It’s the first big indoor Metal festival of the year and the line-up over the two nights features an array of top quality Irish and International acts. It also heralds the end of Pethrophile Promotions for the foreseeable future and it was cool to chat and share some memories with both Danny and John. Both of them have been crucial for promoting Irish Metal acts over the years Danny through Pethrophile and John through the Irish Metal Achives. They have spent weeks and months putting their energies into maintaining a healthy Metal scene in Cork. I was glad to acknowledge this on Episode 58 and I hope you enjoy it. Tracks featured: GOURD: Mycelium/Mouldering Aberrations DOGTIRED: Dagoth's Nine SKYPILOT: Superdupernaut LOCK HORNS: Wendigo
It was great to welcome one of the best drummers of the Irish Metal Scene to the studio last Saturday. Tom and Zhora have released a vicious single called Coke Vulture which knocked us all on our arses and should herald another massive step forward for one of the biggest drawing Metal bands in Ireland. Tom talks about the recording of the new album "Mortals" and the emotions that are forged into those songs. The discussion talked about the frustration of something that’s controlling you or someone you care about, inner demons and trying not to be consumed by the surrounding darkness. Tom is brutally honest and it's an absolute relief to hear he accepted the turmoil and Zhora created something that channelled those feelings into songs that brought Tom health and happiness. It's what makes him human. It's what makes him Mortal. Enjoy the episode and if you like it leave a rating please! Song featured: Coke Vulture (c) Zhora. All rights reserved and used by permission.
I travelled up to Belfast on Friday for the Elder Druid record launch and organised to meet Pete Clarke owner of Grindscene Records and singer of Strangle Wire the next day. The venue for the Podcast was the Hampton on Hilton Belfast, though funnily enough I never knew there was two Hiltons and of course Pete was at the other one. It sums up his character that when I realised my error after waiting fifteen minutes on his own, he didn't complain but just laughed and made his way down to where I was. The Northern Ireland Metal community enjoys massive respect from us all and to have Pete share his stories and insights was really great. Growing up in his early teens listening to and being involved metal bands, Pete is another fine example of a guy that dedicated his life to making his mark in the Metal Scene. Thanks for supporting the show and kindly leave a review if you enjoyed the Podcast. Be sure to check out Pete’s band Strangle Wire and Grindscene Records. Songs featured: The Games They Play and Psychopathic Blues (c) Strangle Wire, 2020 all rights reserved.
The Metal Cell Podcast made the short trip up to Limerick to sit down and have a chat with John of Bad Reputation/Siege of Limerick. John along with Ciaran Culhane have put Limerick on the map as a destination for Irish Metal since the Sieges inception in 2008. They have steadily grown the brand of Bad Reputation and The Siege festival for it to be internationally recognised as one of the best indoor free festivals in Europe. A bi-annual event, The Siege of Limerick showcases the best of Irish Metal bands, playing alongside U.K and International acts. John certainly knows how to tell a great story and offers some fascinating insights into being a promoter trying to deal with a myriad of issues. Of course, the interview wouldn't be complete without the fantastic story of Amon Amarth and Bethemoth playing King Johns Castle. Long may John, Ciaran and all their fantastic team, many whom are mentioned, continue to fly the flag for the Irish Metal Community in Limerick. Special shout out to Dolans for hosting all us thirsty and hungry metalheads throughout the years. Enjoy the Podcast and if you haven't already, kindly leave a review on whatever platform you listen to it on. Thanks. #supportyourlocalmetalscene
The Metal Cell was delighted to start off 2020 with the first of a series of new acts to look out for in the Irish Metal Scene. Spirit Merchant's Colin Bolger (Vox/Guitars), Leon (Bass/Effects) and Ollie (Drums) all have a wealth of experience between them in their respective bands Zhora, Coroza and Medicant. It was great to sit down with the lads and explore the fundamental building blocks of Spirit Merchant. Having seen their debut last year, I was intrigued to hear how they've progressed as a three piece and they were quick to tell me that they had no shortage of new songs. It didn't surprise me to hear they were experimenting with various tones to bring a earthier soundscape to enrich the listeners experience and the conversation flowed around such topics as their band name, lyrics and festivals. The next few months will be important for Spirit Merchant with an upcoming appearance in Metal 2 The Masses and the release of a debut E.P. Colin, Ollie and Leon are seriously talented musicans and it was great to chat about the Metal Scene from their perspective. I have no doubt that they are ready to take a giant step into making 2020 a year to remember for those who witness them live and hope that whatever they release will live long in the memory of Irish Metal music.
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