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Letty interviewed Joe (Vocals/Bass) of URNE just before they were about to hit the stage at a sold out Academy in Dublin supporting Paradise Lost. Joe chats about his influences, band and working with Gojira’s Joe Duplantier. Joe offered URNE the use of his Brooklyn studio, Silver Chord, and got involved in the recording sessions for their latest release, the brilliant 'A Feast on Sorrow'. This was a really great interview so check out the link below for URNE & please 'SUBSCRIBE to The Metal Cell YouTube channel if you haven't already. Thanks!
I was delighted to welcome Craig Murphy (Vocals), Marcelo Varge (Guitars) & Sebastian Sparr (Bass) to the show. Uragh are a metal band formed and based in Dublin in 2022, they incorporate elements of alternative, progressive and black metal in their songs. The lads with Jason Hodgkins on (Drums) are certainly for me one of the most exciting bands to emerge on the Metal scene this year, with some killer performances that saw them make it to the Metal 2T Masses final and release a brilliant single. This was a really great interview with Uragh and with an album being worked on in the background it was the perfect time to catch up with them. If you enjoyed the interview please 'SUBSCRIBE' to The Metal Cell YouTube channel. Thanks, Richie. Uragh band links: Song featured: Decimate © Uragh, all rights reserved.
Formed in Halifax, West Yorkshire, UK, in 1988, Paradise Lost are considered to be among the pioneers of the death-doom genre and regarded as the main influence for the later gothic metal movement. Their line-up has remained stable for such a long-standing heavy metal band, consisting of singer Nick Holmes, guitarists Greg Mackintosh and Aaron Aedy, and bassist Steve Edmondson. On the back of two sold out shows in Ireland, Dolans of Limerick and The Academy, Dublin, Letty spoke to Aaron of the band before they played to a packed audience in Dublin. Aaron covered plenty of topics and it was a pleasure to have such a legend on our podcast. Check out all of Paradise Lost's merch on the link below and please 'SUBSCRIBE' to The Metal Cell YouTube channel to watch more of these interviews. Thanks! Band Link:
Myself & Danielle welcomed Chris (Drums) & Leighton (Bass) of Belfast based stoner/sludge metal band The Boat Sank. The three piece including Charlie on guitars have been getting praise for all the right reasons by playing some immense shows on Metal 2T Masses & Crypt of the Riff. A string of impressive single releases only added to the buzz around The Boat Sank along with statements of 'A fancy ass ship that sunk. Who cares? Get the F#ck over it' is winning them plenty of fans up and down the country. Mainly instrumental; myself and Danielle get a lowdown on what to expect off the lads for the rest of the year and we get some insights into the wonderful creative process of The Boat Sank. Certainly one to watch in 2024, The Boat Sank is being risen by a tide of anticipation. Please 'SUBSCRIBE' to The Metal Cell Podcast and check out The Boat Sank on the links below: Song featured: Contagion © The Boat Sank, all rights reserved.
Guilt Trip is a crossover/hardcore band hailing from Manchester UK, formed in 2015. Blending elements from a multitude of genres through metal, hardcore and thrash, the band have made numerous festival appearances across Europe this summer. Guilt Trip will also be heading out on a UK and EU run supporting Malevolence alongside Sylosis and Justice for the Damned this coming November. Band Members: Jay Valentine – vocals, Tom Aimson – drums, Jak Maden – guitars & Sam Baker – guitars. Letty catches up with drummer Tom Aimson for a chat about his drumming, influences and the preparation that went into the recording of their soon to be released album 'Severance'' on September 22nd via MLVLTD worldwide. Guilt Trip links:
It was a pleasure to welcome Cormac Jordan of Eyes Eternal on to the podcast. Cormac released his debut EP in July 2023; the incredible melodic Death Metal 'Blood Stained Wings' a solo project which started in 2019. Myself and Letty talk to Cormac about his journey to get to the release date, working with other musicians, his creative side of songwriting and his influences. We get a track by track overview of each song on the EP so be sure to check out Eyes Eternals Bandcamp page on the link below. It was great to talk to one of the most gifted musicians in the scene at the moment and hopefully we'll hear more from Cormac in the next few months either with Horrenda or more solo stuff. If you enjoyed this episode, please consider 'SUBSCRIBING' to The Metal Cell Podcast YouTube channel and following us on one of our many listening platforms. Eyes Eternal link: All songs featured © Eyes Eternal, all rights reserved.
It was a pleasure to welcome Ali and Bailey onto the podcast to talk about the setting up of the first ever Sonic Dissonance Festival in Edinburgh on Sept 15-17th. The lads talk us through the brilliant line-up and what to expect over the two days. This episode was pre-recorded a few months back and was originally lost due to my laptop dying but thankfully the episode was recovered by my mate Cormac an IT guru! Hope you enjoy it and please hit 'SUBSCRIBE' on the YouTube channel. Info and links on festival: Sonic Dissonance is a two-day three-venue UK underground extreme metal festival in Edinburgh featuring a horde of around 30 bands who will be taking over the capital’s best underground venues with a crushing concoction of brutal sounds. Lurking within the vaults and catacombs of Bannermans, Legends, and the Banshee Labyrinth, a gathering of death and black metal, grindcore, sludge, and wild card experimental sounds. Featuring: Abyssal, Wallowing, Mastiff, Crepitation, Live Burial, Scordatura, Iniquitous Savagery, Vacivus, Kastrated, Deus Vermin, Aphotic, Headless Kross, Nemorous, Exhumation, Ageless Summoning, Gendo Ikari, Penny Coffin, Uir, Coffin Mulch, Endless Swarm, BrainBath, Tymvos, Ven, Catafalque, Stairmaster, Forever Machine, Extort, Suffering Rites, Wolvesrot, Oliver Wardell, Unhallowed Void, Fall of the Gatekeepers and more! Weekend tickets: £30 Friday tickets: £12 Saturday tickets: £20 Songs played: Disdain © Deus Vermin, all rights reserved. Precognition © Endless Swarm, all rights reserved. Antinatalist © Iniquitous Savagery, all rights reserved. Flesh and Steel © Wallowing, all rights reserved.
UK Death Metal/Hardcore band Burner blitzed their three Irish gigs in Dublin, Cork and Limerick last weekend and instantly won over any neutral punter who was lucky to see their violent assault on the senses. With supports by Worn Out, LaVein, and New Mud there hasn't been a better bill for mosh pits this year. Thankfully Letty of The Metal Cell podcast was on hand in Dublin to catch up with front man Harry Nott to see what makes Burner one of the most exciting bands on the UK scene. Please hit 'SUBSCRIBE' if you want to see more of this content on YouTube. Thanks Richie. Band link:
It was a pleasure to welcome Shannon Bowman (Guitars/Producer), Jamie Murphy (Vocals) & Darragh O'Connor (Guitars) onto the show. Aborted Earth play a mixture of Grind/Punk/Sludge and experimental metal that not only smashes you in the face but also throws some serious curveballs that literally are jaw dropping. They recently released a split EP 'Hey kid, wanna buy a split? with Organ Blender which contains three new blistering tracks, which we feature two of and talk about on the episode. Having seen Aborted Earth live they are as chaotic as they are brutal so there's a throwback chat about the Siege and also about the formation of the band back in 2018. There's plenty of laughs along with some great insights from Aborted Earth. Hope you enjoyed the chat and please 'SUBCRIBE' to The Metal Cell YouTube channel. Thanks, Richie. Band Link: Songs featured: Vicious Circle © Aborted Earth, all rights reserved. Coolock Bodybag © Aborted Earth, all rights reserved.
It was a pleasure to welcome John Connor (Guitars/Keyboards), Michał Bugajski (Drums) & Dean Ashall-Kane (Bass) of Ravenlight on to the podcast. The Power Metal/Symphonic four piece fronted by Rebecca Feeney have a long list of growing admirers both here and abroad with the release of the latest album, the brilliant 'Immemorial'. The album contains songs that reflect different aspects of human emotions – love, fear, anxiety and bereavement. 'Immemorial' showcases the incredible vocal performance of Rebecca, stunning arrangements and musicianship that run throughout their sophomore release. The lads talk us through their song writing process, influences & live performances. Dean gives us an insight into being the newest member band and we look ahead to their upcoming show at Mandella Hall Belfast on August 26th; A Grand Declaration of War: The Crawling, Strangle Wire, Insidious Void, Ravenlight, Sinocence & Domhain. Thanks for listening/watching....please 'SUBSCRIBE' to The Metal Cell YouTube Channel and podcasts. Sharing is caring! Band link: Songs played: Masque of Red Death © Ravenlight, all rights reserved. Reflections © Ravenlight, all rights reserved.
It was a pleasure to welcome Adrian Foley of Necrokinesis, Red Cocoran of Necrotized & Roan Hynes of Terror Syndrome to the show for part four of my series featuring Irish Metal solo artists. Adrian had been previously on with his other project, the brilliant Melodic Death Metal release: 'The Ancient Dark' ep. Having returned to his thrash roots for the second incredible Necrokinesis album 'A Force Made Flesh' which drops on August 5th, it was a perfect time to catch up with the ex-Stereo Nasty guitarist. Shane 'Red' Cocoran is well known in the Kilkenny Metal Scene, having been in Crucifracture, Grot, Oncology and Putrefy. So I was really intrigued to hear his first solo offering as Necrotized, with the release of some gruesome Death Metal in the shape of the 'Eternal Perversion' LP which dropped during May this year. The youngest guest I've had on the show for quite a while is Roan Hynes, an eighteen year old from Cork who has been creating waves in the scene already having a glut of releases since 2021. Playing a mixture of synthwave and Metal, Roan is steadily building a following of fans both here in Ireland and further afield, check out his excellent current release Vol.2: Fear Surge. Despite what you may imagine confines a solo artist to playing live, Roan has already two gigs under his belt as a one man show under Terror Syndrome and he is definetly one to watch in this exciting time for Irish Metal. Hope you enjoy the interview with Adrian, Red and Roan, please 'SUBSCRIBE' to the podcast and give it a rating on whatever platform you listen to it on. Thanks, Richie. Band links: Songs played: Long Cold Dark © Necrokinesis, all rights reserved. A Force Made Flesh © Necrokinesis, all rights reserved. Dismembered Delicacy © Necrotized, all rights reserved. Basement Impalement © Necrotized, all rights reserved. Fear Surge © Terror Syndrome, all rights reserved. The Dullahan (feat. Foraoisí gan Iniúchadh) © Terror Syndrome, all rights reserved.
It was a pleasure to welcome back Andy Clarke (Guitarist/Vocalist) of Doom/Death metal band The Crawling to the show. The three piece band comprised of Andy, Stuart Rainey (Bass) and Gary Beatie (Drums) are about to release their incredible third album, a masterpiece of doom infused grief and melancholy 'All of this for Nothing'. The album is a journey that focuses on the realization life is finite. Many aspects of life cause heartache, hardship, and misery. The tracks here explore the reasons and rationale for putting ourselves through such things when eventually it will all end in a black void … and all of this for nothing. Myself and Andy go through the album track by track and you will get an remarkable insight into the particular characteristics and long hours that drove Andy into making the best album The Crawling have ever put out! Be sure to check out The Crawlings Bandcamp page for the jaw dropping variety of Merch and album formats on the link below. 'All of this for Nothing' out on August 4, 2023. If you enjoyed the episode please 'SUBSCRIBE' to The Metal Cell YouTube channel. Thanks, Richie. The Crawling link: All tracks played © The Crawling, all rights reserved.
It was a pleasure to welcome Benny Murrin, Promoter and co-founder of the Sligo Whiplash Festival along with two bands that are featuring on the bill, Ren Marabou & The Beserkers and Howard of The Magnapinna. There was a lot to catch up on so Benny gave us an overview on the history of the festival, the line-ups and the venue itself. I talk to Ren about their latest single and welcome the newest members to his band, Terence on drums and Cass on Bass. Howard gives us an update on what to expect from The Magnapinna on the day of the festival and tour plans. In between all that there is plenty of craic and Sligo Whiplash content! Hope you enjoy the podcast and be sure to 'SUBSCRIBE' to The Metal Cell YouTube channel if you haven't already. Sligo Whiplash Festival links: Https:// Music played: The Journeys Of Rig © Ren Marabou & The Beserkers, all rights reserved. I Kennedy © The Magnapinna, all rights reserved.
Letty interviews Peter Cooney (Vocals) & Rossa Molloy (Bass) of Metallic hardcore Dublin act LaVein. The band were preparing to hit the stage supporting Chelsea Grin and Kublai Khan at the Grand Social in Dublin when Letty caught up with them. LaVein have gone from strength to strength after releasing their fantastic EP 'Fine Failure' to an scene that immediately appreciated the quality of the release backed with some incredible live performances culminating with an appearance at this years Bloodstock Festival in the UK. Check out LaVeins links below and as always please 'SUBSCRIBE' to The Metal Cell YouTube channel.
It was a pleasure to welcome Mark John Payne bassist of Indominus to the podcast. Formed in 2016 with original members John & Logan McKee (Guitars) both ex-ForChristSake, the band released their Hardcore-Inspired Death Metal EP 'Legion Within' the same year. Critically acclaimed, it was a blistering attack on the senses and toured multiple international festivals in locations such as Holland, Malta and Switzerland. A follow up was expected in 2017 but nothing materialized. Since then the band have lost members and with COVID hitting, Indominus ground to halt. The long awaited renewal of gigs saw Indominus recruit Ricky Boyle on Vocals and Oak on drums. It wasn't long before the new line-up were leveling venues across the country and returning to writing for an eagerly anticipated new release. Mark shares his thoughts on all of the above as well as some brilliant stories involving his friendship with a famous Metal drummer. There is plenty for everyone to enjoy in this great episode so be sure to hit 'SUBSCRIBE' on The Metal Cell YouTube channel. Indominus links;
It's always a pleasure to talk to Nathanael Underwood vocalist & guitarist with Damim. The last time we met was at the Siege of Limerick this year, he was there as a spectator soaking up the unique atmosphere that only the Siege can conjure up. Damim played there in October 2022, where his band unleashed their furious blend of blackened death metal on a captive audience. Nathanael told me that they were readying an EP called 'World Turned Hell', composed of two new studio tracks with two live recordings, so the invite was issued to come on the Podcast when the EP was released. We talk about this brilliant release, their fantastically unique comic series 'The Bloodied' along with what Damim have planned for the rest of the year. Hope you enjoy the interview and please 'SUBSCRIBE' to The Metal Cell YouTube channel. Band links: Songs played: World Turned Hell © Damim, all rights reserved. To Catch a Falling Knife © Damim, all rights reserved.
Signs of the Swarm is an American deathcore band from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania formed in 2014. The band consists of drummer Bobby Crow, vocalist David Simonich, guitarist Carl Schulz and bassist Michael Cassese. They have released 4 studio albums. Letty catches up with the incredibly talented vocalist David Simonich for a chat about his vocal styles, influences and the preparation that went into the recording of their soon to be released fifth album 'Amongst the Low & Empty' on July 28th via Century Media Records. Signs of the Swarm links:
A really enjoyable Forums this month after a short break. I was delighted to welcome Letty to her first Forums along with the regulars Danielle & Howard. We reviewed four new releases by Aesect, Koma, Humanity Check and Strangers With Guns. The topic of the night was a discussion on what upcoming Metal bands are ready to take the mantle as festival headliners on stages across the world. Please 'SUBSCRIBE' to The Metal Cell YouTube channel and leave your comments below if you enjoyed any of the things you heard on this weeks episode. Thanks Richie. Songs played: Of Dionysus and the Vine © Koma, all rights reserved. Built to Kill © Humanity Check, all rights reserved. Time Enough At Last © Strangers with Guns, all rights reserved. Revolutionary Suicide Final © Aesect, all rights reserved.
It was a pleasure to welcome Dola of Safe Gigs Ireland and Ciara of Relapse Promotions Cork to the show. Joining us also were my co-hosts Danielle & Letty to discuss a relatively new initiative set up by Dola and her team to make gigs and nightlife safer, for everyone. Safe Gigs Ireland want to eliminate discrimination and sexual violence in nightlife by creating a zero-tolerance environment for all forms of violence and unacceptable behavior. Safe Gigs Ireland ask that all venues, event and festival organizers, promoters, crew, artists, staff, security and attendees who sign up to share the same goal by agreeing to promote Safe Gigs for everyone, tackle sexual violence and discrimination in your environment through zero tolerance and support those around you to ensure everyone has a good night out, free from harm. Please 'SUBSCRIBE' to The Metal Cell YouTube channel if you enjoyed this episode. Thanks Richie. Safe Gigs Ireland Links:
It was a pleasure to welcome for the first time onto the podcast, Dublin based thrash band 'Saint Slaughter'. The band have been on the Metal Scene for a long time with their first release 'Demos' dating back to 2015. Eoin Clarke (Vocals), Jeff Hernandez (Guitars), Tom Moylan (Drums) and new member Spencer O'Brein, join me to talk about the history of their blistering thrash attack which has seen them play with thrash legends Gama Bomb, Xentrix and headline their own gigs also. We get an exclusive clip of a new song and talk about what the rest of 2023 has in store for the band. There's plenty of tour stories and craic on the episode so I hope you show Saint Slaughter so love by hitting them up on their socials and following them. If you enjoyed the episode please 'SUBSCRIBE' to The Metal Cell podcast channel! Thanks Richie. Band links: Songs: Got the right © Saint Slaughter, all rights reserved. Born to f*ck © Saint Slaughter, all rights reserved.
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