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It was a pleasure to welcome back God Alone's Cian (Bass/Vox) & Jake (Guitars/Vox) to the show. The Cork five piece have gone from strength to strength since last appearing on the podcast and now with an imminent release on the horizon, it was great to catch up with the lads. Having heard a sneak preview of the release, suffice to say it's the album I always hoped they'd make, it's a game changer for sure! Cian & Jake give a good insight into what to expect with on the music side of things, we also spend a bit of time chatting about their tour of the U.K and what to expect from God Alone further down the line. Hope you enjoy it, there's plenty of laughs in this and as usual please 'SUBSCRIBE' to the channel if you haven't already. God Alone Link: Track played: A Mellifluous Rose Bouquet And Unheard-of Citrus Midtones Are Merged In The 2010 Semillon From Champs De Beaujolais (c) God Alone, 2022 all rights reserved.
Myself and Evan have a brilliant chat with one the the nicest guys in the Scottish Metal Scene Finnbar Connell, drummer of Below The Neck from Inverness and co-ordinator/promoter at Broken Foundation Collective. Finnbar gives us an fantastic insight into the scene where he is from, how the band formed and what to expect from Below The Neck during the remainder 2022. Having recently completed a tour with Evan's band Worn Out in UK, it was a pleasure to witness first hand the blossoming bromance between these two and as you can imagine there is plenty of great stories to back up another reason why we have some many of our Scottish Metal brethren on the show. Track played: Blight (c) Below The Neck, 2022 all rights reserved. Band link: Promotion link:
Myself and Howard sit down with Mark Morrissey one half of the legendary Paranoid Beast Promotions. Mark and Con Doyle joined forces five years ago to create an amazing scene for live Metal music in Cork. They steadily grew their brand by hosting some incredible gigs firstly in the Poor Relation before finding their spiritual home in Fred Zeppelins. In between those memorable years; Cyprus Avenue was the venue for the amazing 'Monolith' festivals where the best international Metal bands mixed with their Irish counterparts and also An Spailpín Fanach which hosted the fantastic 'Ritual of the Evil Eye' festivals. Paranoid Beast were also behind a seven series compilation of the best in Irish Metal and created an independent record label to help with releases from Cork acts Partholón & Coroza. There are many stories to go through on this interview and once again I want to thank both Con, Mark and their incredible team that helped them throughout the years, they have a huge amount of audio recordings, video footage and photos to revisit so hopefully we'll see the fruition of these in time to come. Their story is now part of the rich legacy of the Irish Metal Scene and their contribution to the Cork Metal Scene is immense. Long live The Paranoid Beast! Track played: Cities of Smoke (c) Soothsayer, 2022 all rights reserved.
It was a pleasure to welcome Alex Da Costa (Vocals) & Junior Afrifa (Guitars) of Lock Horns. We have a great chat about the history of the band, playing Bloodstock & The Siege, working on the follow up to the critically acclaimed 'Molon Labe' and of course many other topics were discussed as the lads settled into the interview. Lock Horns next date is an appearance at the Templemore Metal Festival on June the 4th and hopefully we'll see some more dates announced in 2022 even though the four piece are currently finishing off songs for their sophomore release, which they assured me is going to be as heavy as f#ck! Band Members: Alex Da Costa - Vocals Junior Afrifa - Guitars Corey Hodges - Drums Rhys Fraser - Bass Band links: Track played: 'Molon Labe' (c) Lock Horns, 2022 all rights reserved.
Myself and Danielle had a really entertaining chat with the talented Jake Wallace guitarist of Elder Druid about the yet to be released 'Carcosa' album. It's fair to say they had some delays with it and Jake still won't put a date on the actual release. We discuss their incredible performance at The Siege of Limerick festival and some upcoming gigs that Jake is promoting through his Dark Arts Promo page. I bought 'Lustre of the Dark' Jakes solo debut album, which certainly caused me to appreciate the brilliant musicianship of his work & arrangements. Jake does all the piano & acoustic guitar arrangements, focusing on tones of melancholy, ethereal soundscapes and contemplative ambience. It was a pleasure to have Jake on and be sure to check out all his stuff on the links below. As always please hit that 'SUBSCRIBE' button and thanks for supporting the show. Richie. Tracks played: Elysian feat. No Naime (c) Jake Wallace, 2022 all rights reserved. Golgotha (c) Elder Druid, 2022 all rights reserved.
The Metal Cell Forums. Join myself, Danielle, Evan and Joe as we talk about the Metal Scene, talk about bands and discuss topics related to our favourite music....METAL! We had a cracking episode of The Metal Cell Forums this week and a lot of rabbit holes explored in relation to Myspace. We discuss the effect it had on Metal bands, fans and many other things it may have influenced. We also talk about how the Russian invasion of Ukraine has affected both their Metal scenes. Music wise I play a track from Voodoo Chief and there's updates from Joe and Evan in relation to @gamabombthrash & @wornoutnoise. As always thanks for your support and please 'SUBSCRIBE' to the show if you haven't already. Track played: Wolf (c) Voodoo Chief, 2022 all rights reserved. Band link:
I had a great chat with Dave Gleeson (Guitar/Vocals), Neill Nevin (Bass) & Mick Carey (Guitar) of purveyors of Doom, Brigantia. John Clarke (Drums) and Dave have been playing together and putting out demos since 1994, however in early 2000 the addition of Neill on bass finally put the band on the path they still tread on today. Brigantia became a four piece when Mick Carey joined giving the band the forward momentum they needed to expand their sound and record the brilliant 'Midnight' EP in 2020, recorded by their mate Ciaran Culhane. We cover that along with some fantastic stories and future plans for the band. Definitely an episode that will live long in the memory and it was great sharing some beers with the lads! Band Link: Song: Sardonicus (c) Brigantia, 2022 all rights reserved.
It was a pleasure to welcome Doom merchants Death The Leveller to the show. Denis Dowling (Vocals) & Dave Murphy (Bass) are no strangers to the Irish Metal Scene with Dave playing in Mael Mórdha and Denis fronting Cursed Earth. We touch upon both of those bands histories and talk about the formation of Death The Leveller from the ashes of Mael Mórdha. The band come into their own in a live setting and having witnessed their performance with Primordial, it was both mesmeric and incredibly powerful. We talk about their two releases (i) and (ii), the flow of conversation was terrific, helped by the wine and beers with plenty of tales from the past surfacing. I thoroughly enjoyed talking to Denis and Dave; keep an eye on tour dates for Death The Leveller. Please hit 'SUBSCRIBE' if you haven't already to The Metal Cell and thanks for listening. Band links: Songs: How To Break Pernicious Spells (c) Death The Leveller, 2022 all rights reserved. So They May Face The Rising Sun(c) Death The Leveller, 2022 all rights reserved.
Myself and Evan have a great chat with Ryan, Colin and Chris of Northern Ireland Metallic/Hardcore band Axecatcher. Bursting onto the scene in 2012 the band were quick to make a name for themselves with the first single “The Odalisque” becoming a featured track on BBC Across The Line’s feature 'That New Band Smell. With a string of critically releases behind them the band took a brief hiatus which saw them go through a few line up changes. In 2017, Chris joined and the three piece haven't looked back since. Their immense live shows have been smashing audiences up and down Ireland over the years; one need only listen to their brutal new album 'Tooth Over Claw' and it will have you checking tour dates for the band immediately. Having had the pleasure of seeing them support @wornoutnoise was enough to get Axecatcher on the show to convert more people out there to their exciting brand of Metallic Hardcore. Axecatcher are Ryan Montgomery - Vocals/Guitar, Colin Wilson - Bass, Backing Vocals and Chris Whall - Drums. Link to Axecatcher bandcamp: Songs played: Swarm (c) Axecatcher all rights reserved 2022. Engines to Dust (c) Axecatcher all rights reserved 2022.
The Metal Cell Forums with Danielle, Evan and our special guest John Ard of Bad Reputation and Siege of Limerick. Whilst everyone's ears are still ringing after the 25th edition of Siege Of Limerick and for those who had that incredible feeling of being at a truly immense celebration of Metal in Limerick, I feel it's only proper that we revisit this episode which was recorded via Live Stream on 14th of April before XXV Siege of Limerick. I wanted to give this interview a number and not release it as a bonus episode. So enjoy the brilliant stories from John Ard, get an insight into what it takes for him and his team to get this fantastic festival over the line; which they absolutely nailed over two memorable days in Dolans pub in Limerick. All Hail the XXV Siege! Tracks played: Abaddon Incarnate (c) Rising Of The Lights, 2022 all rights reserved. Astralist (c) The Outlier, 2022 all rights reserved. Bailer (c) Strung Out, 2022 all rights reserved. Strangers With Guns (c) Fuck The American Dream, 2022 all rights reserved. Skypilot (c) Superdupernaut, 2022 all rights reserved. Soothsayer (c) Outer Fringe, 2022 all rights reserved. The Last Vinci (c) Glitter Slaughterhouse, 2022 all rights reserved. TOOMS (c) One Ton Soup, 2022 all rights reserved. Zhora (c) Sin Eater, 2022 all rights reserved.
It was a pleasure to welcome the talented Santiago Kodela (guitarist/vocalist) of Svet Kant to once again join me on the show. The band will be releasing their brilliant new EP called 'Three Faces' on Friday 15th of April. We talk about the creative process that went into the writing of 'Three Faces' and discuss what the rest of the year holds for one of the most unique bands in the Irish Metal Scene. They will be releasing the EP ONLY via Bandcamp, and it can be pre-ordered here: Songs played: 1.Three Faces (c) Svet Kant, 2022 2. Conjured (c) Svet Kant, 2022 3. White Parlour (c) Svet Kant, 2022 Band Link:
Myself and Evan welcomed Gavin Sharp (Vocals) & Nick Butcher (Bass) of metalcore act Survivalist to the show to talk about their brilliant debut 'VII'. Pat O' from The Metal Cell review page summed the band up nicely: "Survivalist play a powerful and highly technical style of metal, heaving with intense riffs, deep-rooted bass hooks and devastating drums. All this energy is elevated beyond the stratosphere by earth shattering vocals that burn and blister." The lads fill us in on joining the Earache records family, the arrival of new members Nick and Ben along with the future plans for the band. An upcoming appearance at The Siege will go a long way to get more new fans on board for this hungry band! Check out Survivalist on the links below and please 'SUBSCRIBE' to The Metal Cell YouTube channel. Thanks Richie. Song: With Wrath (c) Survivalist, 2022 all rights reserved.
In this bonus episode taken from our Live Facebook Stream recorded on the 16.03.2022, join myself, Howard, Evan and Joe as we celebrate the 3 year anniversary of The Metal Cell Podcast. We reviewed five quality releases from Expedition, WhiteRoomNightmare, The Crux, Lacerator and Devilsome. The hot topic of the night was the good, the bad and the ugly of Metal side projects. That caused a lot of debate and see if you agree or disagree with our selections. As always thanks for your support and be sure to subscribe to the show in case you haven't already. Richie. Songs featured and permission granted: Repent (c) Expedition, 2022 all rights reserved. IdiotsMark (c) WhiteRoomNightmare, 2022 all rights reserved. Being (c) The Crux 2022 all rights reserved. Digging Up The Hatchet (c) Lacerater, 2022 all rights reserved. Lilith (c) Devilsome, 2022 all rights reserved.
Myself and Evan interview Cian Sweeney of Poser. Cian has released a terrific Metal crossover solo e.p called 'Sick' and is currently attending college in Galway. We have a great chat about song writing, influences and his appearance on the RTE/TNAG show 'Tribes'. It's always important for us to promote young talented musicians on the Podcast and Cian certainty is one to watch in the Irish Metal Scene. We are hoping he can get a few musicians together and bring Poser to venues around Ireland in 2022. Thanks for your support and please subscribe if you haven't already to The Metal Cell YouTube channel. Link to Poser: Song: Sick © Poser, all rights reserved 2022. Heatstroke © Poser, all rights reserved 2022.
I was delighted to welcome Adrian Foley, Keith McCoy & Mó Sheerin to part 3 of a series I'm doing highlighting the terrific Irish solo artists that are releasing material in the Irish Metal Scene. Adrian Foley (guitarist/vocals) is no stranger to this podcast due to his brilliant thrash solo release with Necrokinesis. It's fair to say he caught us on the hop with his new e.p 'The Ancient Dark', a brilliant slab of melodic death metal. Keith McCoy (drums/synths/guitars) has released a fantastic metal infused with 80's synth e.p called 'Tacky Boots and Technology'. Whilst Mó Sheerin (guitarist) is working on her yet to be released project 'Nebularis'. It was fascinating to hear about their creative processes, the difference in song writing techniques, some of the difficulties a solo artist faces and the decision to collaborate or not. All of their music is different but they all share common trait of being passionate about their music, taking a really professional approach to the end product and proud to fly the flag for Irish Metal. Hope you enjoy the episode and be sure to check out their respective Bandcamp pages! Thanks Richie. Hours Turn To Years © Adrian Foley, all rights reserved 2022. Tacky Boots and Technology © Keith McCoy, all rights reserved 2022. Nature, Nuture or Resent © Witchkicker, all rights reserved 2022. Links:
Kaz (drums) & Maeve Molly (guitars/vox) of Vulpynes, Eddie (vox) of The Nilz & Jim (guitars) of Hashmaker all talk about their upcoming appearance at the Relapse Festival in Cork 19/03/22. Relapse is a DIY music and arts festival celebrating some of the finest talent in the Irish arts sector hosted in The Spailpin Fanach pub. There's eleven bands announced so it was a great excuse to get the Vulpynes, The Nilz and Hashmaker on the podcast. We had a brilliant chat, previewed the bands and of course there was plenty of stories and craic. Some fairly graphic content discussed so please be warned it's not for the faint hearted! Hope you enjoy the show. Richie. Vulpynes track: This Motor is Me © Vulpynes, all rights reserved 2022. The Nilz track: Ginger Jesus © The Nilz, all rights reserved 2022. Hashmaker track: Queens of the Steamed Hams © Hashmaker, all rights reserved 2022. Links:
Myself and Joe McGuigan of Gama Bomb sit down with Alan Averill of Primordial/Dread Sovereign. Primordial sell out venues around the world; they headline festivals across Europe, their fans will travel thousands of miles to see them, they’re the biggest contemporary Irish metal band but are largely ignored by the main stream Irish press. We get an in-depth account from Alan about Primordial's rise to achieve that status with some fantastic insights into his creative process along with his other band as the bassist and vocalist of Dread Sovereign. There's certainly a fortitude and mental strength to survive thirty one years playing in Primordial and as their lead vocalist, Alan shares tales of gigs, fights and his views on the changes in the metal scene since he first started out. Hope you enjoy it. Richie. Primordial links: Dread Sovereign: Alans Podcast:
It was a pleasure to chat to Andy Whale (ex Bolt Thrower/Memoriam), Mick Carey (Zealot Cult) and Lee Cummings (Severe Lacerations) about the release of their gore soaked, old school death metal e.p titled 'Times Up'. Fronted by Kieran Scott (Ashen Crown) and mixed/mastered by Gord Olson (Darkened), DeathCollector has seized the Metal Scene in the UK by the throat and ripped it's head off with three songs blasting a brand of furious death metal that lasts a mere twelve minutes. It certainly leaves you battered but wanting more. The band have a rich heritage in the Metal scene and it's evident in each track with a level of musicianship that can only be described as a lesson in first class brutality. DeathCollector track: Internal Expansion © DeathCollector, all rights reserved 2022 Band Links:
Myself and Evan have a brilliant chat with Carlo Bellotti of Worm Hole Death, Epictronic and Carlo Bellotti Publishing. Carlo came to my attention via his Worm Hole Death record label, which he created to sign some incredible Metal acts and it has steadily grown worldwide. At the moment it has two brilliant Irish Metal acts on it which is Foreign Wolf and The Risen Dread. Carlo imparts some terrific insights and wisdom working in an industry that he loves for over 30 years. We talk about the deals bands can get if they sign with one of Carlos labels, what is expected of the band and what to expect in the future when it comes to the challenges record labels face. It was important to forge a relationship with Carlo when it comes to the Irish Metal Scene and to know that he will genuinely listen to a band that The Metal Cell will recommend to him. Carlo may be Italian but he lost no time in sharing with us his love of Ireland. So enjoy the episode and hit subscribe if you haven't already. Thanks Richie. Links to Carlo:
In this bonus episode taken from our Live Facebook Stream recorded on the 27.01.2022, join myself, Danielle, Evan and Joe as we reviewed five quality releases from The Magnapinna, Hyperstasis, Jordan Dennis, The Mountain King and Kurokuma. The hot topic of the night was Metal bands who should have stopped releasing music after a particular album. That caused a lot of debate and see if you agree or disagree with our selections. As always thanks for your support and be sure to subscribe to the show in case you haven't already. Richie. Songs featured and permission granted: Hunters (c) Hyperstasis, 2022 all rights reserved. Battle Cry (c) Jordan Dennis, 2022 all rights reserved. Jaguar (c) Kurokuma 2022 all rights reserved. I Bongnob (c) The Mountain King, 2022 all rights reserved. Doxxing (c) The Magnapinna, 2021 all rights reserved.
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