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Cutting edge conversations at the intersection between Personal Development & Spirituality. 

Join me as I interview extraordinary human beings from a diverse range of backgrounds, exploring their genius and using my gift to see people to get a glimpse of what makes them truly unique.  

And as I share deep contemplations and pieces of my journey with you. 

The topics we will cover are as diverse as my range of interests as a human being. From Manifestation to Entrepreneurship, Neuroscience to Spirituality, Love, Sex & Money to Consciousness, Co-Creation & The Collapsing of Duality.

9 Episodes
When Caity walked into her first hypnotherapy session, little did she know it would mark the beginning of an incredible journey towards self-discovery and profound healing. This week, we sit down with Katie, an inspiring actress and entrepreneur, to traverse the twists and turns of her extraordinary path. From the emotional catharsis of somatic release to the life-altering effects of physical re-embodiment, Katie shares the pivotal experiences that reshaped her life and led to the manifestation and co-creation of her truest self.Connect with Caity: Michael for Free Live Sessions as he holds powerful space for sacred healing and self-discovery: With Michael:
"Fear is False Evidence Appearing Real" -AliWhat does it take to rise from life's trials and tribulations? Join us for a heart-to-heart with the dynamic Ali Bond, a seasoned entrepreneur, passionate speaker, and compassionate coach. Ali bravely paints a picture of her journey marked by the grit of overcoming challenges and the grace of transformation. She speaks of success and failure, reminding us that neither is defining - it's the courage to persist that truly matters. Listen to Ali as she encourages us to tune into our inner voice and manifest our deepest desires, and learn how our biggest hurdles can lead to our most profound transformations.Connect with Ali Online: Join Michael for Free Live Sessions as he holds powerful space for sacred healing and self-discovery: With Michael:
"People are enamored with celebrities, but its because they have not yet become the star of their own lives" -ChrisJoin us for this magnetic conversation with talented pop star, speaker, manifestation coach & entrepreneur Chris Saint. Recognized by Forbes, and an influential voice in the new generation of spiritual awakening, Chris shares about authenticity, empowerment, and the profound impact of transcending ego. We delve into the idea of 'living the highest timeline', embodying love, and transforming our concept of significance and fame. Chris also enlightens us about his spiritual journey, emphasizing the importance of aligning with love consciousness and striking a balance in creative expression. This episode is definitely a must listen!Connect with Chris: Michael for Free Live Sessions as he holds powerful space for sacred healing and self-discovery: With Michael:
"I became this sensation, the headline was pastor turner stripper, but the truth is I just wanted to be a free woman"-NikoleIn this episode we have the most beautiful conversation about authenticity, self expression, the human experience and finding forgiveness. After recording this episode I felt like it had opened my heart, and I felt exactly the same again when I listened again while editing it, I know you will feel it too. Michael for Free Live Sessions as he holds powerful space for sacred healing and self-discovery: With Michael:
"I feel like we are all soul family. And the people that might hurt us the most are probably the closest to us. And they take on that, I'll do this so that you can move through this exploration of what unconditional love feels like."-Jess FentonThis episode is filled with wisdom, insights, love, compassion and a kind of humanization of our experience on the planet. This is one of my favourite manifestation & spirituality conversations in a long time and I know you will love it too!!00:00 Introduction and Guest Introduction00:47 Understanding Manifestation and OnenessHas manifestation become one of the forefronts of, what it is that you do and stand for?...02:12 The Journey of Spiritual AwakeningSo was this inner work and a healing journey, was that a big part of your journey to get here?...03:39 The Power of Manifestation in Relationships and BusinessAnd that's what I'm naturally good at doing is explaining the energetics of something, of how something should really feel in manifestation, whether it's in relationship or something to do with business....09:49 The Role of Inner Work in ManifestationThere are these sort of....13:22 Exploring Past Experiences and Their Impact on SpiritualityIt's about your body and how Stable and centered....14:22 The Evolution of Consciousness and ManifestationI can't even keep track of all of the things because there's so many things that I. set the intention for, hold space for, and they just come flying in, there's a position that I wanted to fill in my business....19:32 The Art of Listening and Its Role in ManifestationAnd this conversation is so wild because I just taught a manifestation program and really, it was very much mine....19:56 Understanding Relationship Dynamics and Attachment StylesI was also exposed to spirituality when I was younger that I was just no, that's not for me or even, and I've become really interested in chakras and energy centers, but I resisted it for a long time because I was taught that, in this yogic way, that was just, it was just very resistant to it....22:00 The Power of Synchronicity in Manifestation25:05 Practical Application of Manifestation PrinciplesI can suddenly see where I'm much more in that human form of blaming someone or feeling, whatever I'm feeling....27:42 The Role of Compassion in RelationshipsEven though there was this other stuff going on....30:11 Understanding the Energetics of RelationshipsAnd of course, vulnerability is such a huge part of connection....33:23 The Power of Attunement in ManifestationYou can find Jess in the following Places!Her incredible writings:https://spiritualised.substack.comPodcast: Michael for Free Live Sessions as he holds powerful space for sacred healing and self-discovery: With Michael:
Has your rational, logical mindset ever held you hostage, blocking you from plunging into the depths of your true self? What if surrendering to your deeper self, embracing your emotions, and relinquishing the need to make sense of everything could lead to a more effortless life experience? We journey through the intriguing relationship between rationality, the unconscious mind, and our navigation of life. The discussion unveils the struggles of those who resist exploring their unconscious due to an overanalytical mindset and contrasts them with the effortless experience of open-minded individuals who willingly dive into their deeper selves.Tune into your inner feelings as a pathway to truth, rather than getting entangled in mental narratives. Engross yourself as we learn about the importance of becoming familiar with the different layers of our consciousness and how it can unlock a more serene and flow-filled life experience. Tune in to unearth the secret to breaking free from rigid structures and allowing a deeper awareness to steer your life's course. This is not just another chat about mental health – it's an invitation to step beyond the constraints of the conscious mind and embark on a journey of self-discovery, inner peace, and transformation.
Is it your money beliefs, or is it your financial intelligence? This is the provocative question we explore with my dear friend and financial education advocate, Juliana Yuto. Our enlightening conversation spans an array of engaging topics, from the intriguing duality of traditional investing and 'magic money' to the delicate balance between risk, fear, and entrepreneurship. We break down the concept of compounding interest as a potent tool for magnifying wealth, and how investing isn't just about the money—it’s about energetics, possibility, and potentiality. Juliana and I delve into the heart of entrepreneurship, discussing how our beliefs can serve as predictive models for our future, and the importance of self-reflection and discernment in wealth creation. We examine the power of letting go of beliefs that don't serve us, and how the energy and intention we put out can attract the abundance we want.We conclude our conversation by reflecting on the energetics of wealth and abundance, and how to tap into the potential within us to manifest wealth. Together, we underscore the importance of personal freedom and how investing in ourselves can produce a payoff that lasts a lifetime. This conversation is a trove of insights for anyone looking to understand the intersection of traditional finance, 'magic money', and the power of personal beliefs. Join us as we demystify the world of finance, money manifestation, and personal growth.
Of the many archetypes I see within people, none is more prevalent in my clients than "the Brilliant" this person lives a life focused on achievement and excellence, often confusing validation from accomplishment with love and deep connection. However these people are the legacy builders, the impact makers and the world changers. Helping them heal the "negative" aspects of themselves and truly step into their greatness from a place of wholeness is my life's work. This episode is a letter to you, the Brilliant. Have you ever considered the roles we adopt as safety measures when our childhood lacks a secure, nurturing relationship with a parent? A promise - this enlightening discussion is going to change your perspective on the Carer/Overgiver, the Sick/Victim, the Rebel, and the Brilliant/Hero/Hyper-Achiever, roles that are often seen in a negative light but are, in reality, our roads to purpose and validation. I will guide you with insights on how to harness these roles, not as shackles that bound us to our past, but as catalysts that propel us toward growth and self-mastery.We're going to delve deeper into understanding the immense potential that lies within these roles and how self-reflection and healing can aid us to recognize and utilize them to our advantage. This is not just a conversation about the self, it's about connection - to others and to the world around us. I invite you to join me on this journey of self-discovery, and remember, all of you is good, all of you is worthy. Let this be your compass navigating towards greatness, fulfilling your destiny, and changing the world.The Unlocking of Human PotentialThe Authentic Expression of SelfAnd the Cultivation of Personal FreedomConnect with me on Facebook: me on Instagram: out my content on Youtube: you are interested in working with me visit these links:Linktree:
Join me for the very first episode where I set the context for this space! Exploring what success, love, wisdom and growth have come to mean for myself and in my work!What does success mean to you? Is it an accumulation of wealth, a high-ranking job, or is it defined by societal standards? I'm Michael Edwards, your guide on this transformative journey, and I'm here to challenge these notions. Let's break free from the 'shoulds' of society and redefine success on our own terms. Drawing from my personal journey and experiences from my clients' breakthroughs, we'll explore what truly drives us, and celebrate our victories, big or small, to fuel our journey towards fulfillment.Continuing on this journey, we'll delve into the wisdom of Socrates, understanding the power of questioning, and embracing knowledge. How do we grow and respond better to life's challenges? It's a journey of mastery, of healing, and of personal development. This exploration leads us towards a state of peace, a mindset of mastery. With gratitude, I invite you to join me in this transformative journey towards self-knowledge. Let's create a life that's not just successful, but truly fulfilling.The Unlocking of Human PotentialThe Authentic Expression of SelfAnd the Cultivation of Personal FreedomConnect with me on Facebook: me on Instagram: out my content on Youtube: you are interested in working with me visit these links:Linktree:
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