DiscoverThe Michael Edwards Show01. The Manifestation Lifestyle: Love & Unity w/Jess Fenton
01. The Manifestation Lifestyle: Love & Unity w/Jess Fenton

01. The Manifestation Lifestyle: Love & Unity w/Jess Fenton

Update: 2023-11-04


"I feel like we are all soul family. And the people that might hurt us the most are probably the closest to us. And they take on that, I'll do this so that you can move through this exploration of what unconditional love feels like."
-Jess Fenton

This episode is filled with wisdom, insights, love, compassion and a kind of humanization of our experience on the planet. 

This is one of my favourite manifestation & spirituality conversations in a long time and I know you will love it too!!

00:00 Introduction and Guest Introduction

00:47 Understanding Manifestation and Oneness
Has manifestation become one of the forefronts of, what it is that you do and stand for?...

02:12 The Journey of Spiritual Awakening
So was this inner work and a healing journey, was that a big part of your journey to get here?...

03:39 The Power of Manifestation in Relationships and Business
And that's what I'm naturally good at doing is explaining the energetics of something, of how something should really feel in manifestation, whether it's in relationship or something to do with business....

09:49 The Role of Inner Work in Manifestation
There are these sort of....

13:22 Exploring Past Experiences and Their Impact on Spirituality
It's about your body and how Stable and centered....

14:22 The Evolution of Consciousness and Manifestation
I can't even keep track of all of the things because there's so many things that I. set the intention for, hold space for, and they just come flying in, there's a position that I wanted to fill in my business....

19:32 The Art of Listening and Its Role in Manifestation
And this conversation is so wild because I just taught a manifestation program and really, it was very much mine....

19:56 Understanding Relationship Dynamics and Attachment Styles
I was also exposed to spirituality when I was younger that I was just no, that's not for me or even, and I've become really interested in chakras and energy centers, but I resisted it for a long time because I was taught that, in this yogic way, that was just, it was just very resistant to it....

22:00 The Power of Synchronicity in Manifestation

25:05 Practical Application of Manifestation Principles
I can suddenly see where I'm much more in that human form of blaming someone or feeling, whatever I'm feeling....

27:42 The Role of Compassion in Relationships
Even though there was this other stuff going on....

30:11 Understanding the Energetics of Relationships
And of course, vulnerability is such a huge part of connection....

33:23 The Power of Attunement in Manifestation

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01. The Manifestation Lifestyle: Love & Unity w/Jess Fenton

01. The Manifestation Lifestyle: Love & Unity w/Jess Fenton

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