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Author: Anna Wheatley Scarbriel

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Conversations highlighting the power of the “nudge” to move us forward. In this podcast, Anna Wheatley Scarbriel PhD seeks to make mindset less ambiguous and more relatable. Through vulnerable discussions with a wide range of guests, this podcast may just be the nudge you need for your next level up!
11 Episodes
In this episode, I’m joined in conversation by Patria Alexander - aa self-taught award winning portrait photographer, based in St. Thomas US Virgin Islands. Her business, Patria Alexander Photography, specializes in Personal Branding and Visual Content Creation specifically for high level women entrepreneurs and thought leaders.Patria and I talk about how living through two back-to-back Category 5 hurricanes in 2017 spurred a major career shift for her - from Nursing to photography and personal branding, as well the fact that it took her two years to start owning the title of photographer. We also touch on influence of culture on how people show up and want to be seen (or not) and the link between boudoir photography and reclaiming our feminine power. One of the things you’ll hear us discuss is how Patria believes that having photos you are proud of can be a catalyst in your career & business, and can inspire you to create and put yourself out there more. Patria believes that everyone is born with an abundance of creativity and should tap into it.Mentioned in this Episode: Pussy: A Reclamation - Regena Thomashauer provides a pathway for women to step out of victimhood and into our inherent radiance.Unapologetically Ambitious - Shellye Archambeau recounts how she overcame the challenges she faced as a young black woman, wife, and mother, managing her personal and professional responsibilities while climbing the ranks at IBM and subsequently in her roles as CEO.Find Patria: Website:
My guest this episode is Jamarah Amani. Jamarah is a community midwife who believes in the power of birth and the right of every birthing person to the care and services they need. Jamarah’s lived mission is to do her part to build a movement for Birth Justice locally in South FL, nationally in the US, and globally. A community organizer from the age of sixteen, Jamarah has worked with several organizations across the United States, the Caribbean and in Africa on various public health issues, including HIV prevention, maternal and infant mortality, access to emergency contraception and access to midwifery care. She’s  currently the director of Southern Birth Justice Network, a non-profit organization working to demand dignity for pregnant and parenting people and to make midwifery and doula care accessible to marginalized communities. Jamarah is also the co-founder of National Black Midwives Alliance and was the 2019 recipient of the Trailblazer Award from the City of Miami.Our conversation centers around Birth justice, racial maternal disparities, the power of alignment, and doing life (and birth) on your own terms. Mentioned in this episode:Statistics on black maternal health Black women are three to four times more likely to experience a pregnancy-related death than white women.Black women are more likely to experience preventable maternal death compared with white women.Black women’s heightened risk of pregnancy-related death spans income and education levels.Kira Dixon Johnson, 4Kira4MomsBlack Mothers Keep Dying After Giving Birth. Shalon Irving's Story Explains WhySouthern Birth Justice NetworkDonate to Southern Birth Justice Network via PayPalBlack Midwives AllianceLegacy Power Voice: Movements in Black Midwifery (documentary film)How to Survive the End of the World podcast Emergent Strategy : Shaping Change, Changing Worlds by adrienne maree brownThe Body is Not an Apology by Sonya Renee TaylorParable of the Sower by Octavia ButlerTomi Adeyemi Crafts Fantastic Worlds with WordsYour Attention Please - A Hulu PodcastBlack Stories Presents: Your Attention Please
My guest this episode is Lauren Reid, PhD.  Dr. Reid is an Assistant Professor of Counseling and coordinates the multicultural curriculum for the Graduate Program in Counseling at Arcadia University in Pennsylvania. Her research uses a mixed methods design to explore the relationship between cultural factors and coping of Black and Brown folx. She also conducts research on multicultural training and counselors' development. Dr. Reid is a licensed psychologist; her private practice specializes in working with biracial/multiracial people and women of color.This conversation centered around her research and work with biracial clients but dovetailed into topics like decolonizing therapy, disrupting systems of oppression and white supremacy, motherhood, and even President Obama. Mentioned in this Episode:The Gifts of Imperfection, by Dr. Brene BrownDecolonizing Therapy, Dr. Jennifer MullanInclusive TherapistsTherapy for Black GirlsSonya Renee Taylor, The Body Is Not An Apology: The Power of Radical Self-LovePrentis Hemphill Podcast, Finding Our Way
My guest this episode is Lourdes Laguna, an educator and advocate for Type 1 Diabetes, which she was diagnosed with at age 18. In this episode, Lourdes and I discuss some of the ups and downs in her T1D journey. Connect with Lourdes on Instagram: i.can.t1dayLearn more about Type 1 Diabetes:
This episode, I’m joined in conversation by entrepreneur, certified coach, facilitator and trainer Tricia Homer.Tricia is on faculty at the Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland where she teaches Business Communication and Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship. She is co-founder of HGVenture, LLC - a consulting firm that supports the development of inclusive, cohesive organizations through workshops, facilitated strategic planning, and culture assessments. Tricia was recognized in 2016 by the Prince George's County’s Social Innovation Fund, as a Top Forty Under 40 Changemaker. Tricia and I talk about how she went from lamenting not having a professional speciality to embracing and thriving in being a multipotentialite. She also shares her hard-earned wisdom around networking, mentorship, and fear-fighting. TED Talk - Emilie Wapnick, Why some of us don’t have one true calling:
I'm joined in this episode by award-winning Social Impact Strategist Kirstyn Nimmo. Kirstyn is the architect behind the White House-recognized #IAmAMan campaign for criminal justice reform, the Purina partnership that opened NYC's first pet-friendly domestic violence shelters, and The Rockefeller Foundation’s maternal mortality #WithoutMom campaign endorsed by Hillary Clinton, Bill Gates, Planned Parenthood, Vox and more. She is committed to driving equity and opportunity among marginalized communities by custom building strategies rooted in authenticity, insight and culture. In this conversation, Kirstyn  reflects on her 12+ years experience building disruptive, culture-shifting campaigns and how that led her to found GOOD WORX - a Social Innovation Consultancy centered around shifting cultural conversation and driving real impact. We cover a variety of really timely topics including how she helps brands better understand their company history and establish or improve their brand purpose architecture, as well as what makes allyship authentic. Connect with Kirstyn: in this Episode: HBO's Lovecraft Country ACLU Podcast with Ben & Jerry's - Who We Are : A Chronicle of Racism in AmericaRenaissance Church NYC PodcastHow Long 'til Black Future Month, by N.K. JemisinThe Black Friend: On Being a Better White Person, by Frederick Joseph
In this episode, I'm joined in conversation by Catherine Farquharson, a mindset coach for Creative Thinkers and Entrepreneurs who are committing to living a life and building a career they LOVE. Catherine helps impact-driven women to override limiting beliefs and habits to expand their thoughts about themselves and what they can accomplish. Catherine and I discuss some of the most important and significant concepts in mindset, including the knowing-doing gap (or why the things we "should" do often don't get done) and self-image (or why everything we believe about ourselves is true). Connect with Catherine!Website: Community: Blondin meditations on Insight Timer:
My guest this episode is Morgan Wider - a fellow Georgetown alumna, Wardrobe Stylist, and Founder of Wider Style. Morgan’s resume boasts a decade of leadership experience at major retail giants, but she really stepped into her purpose when she turned her love of clothes and hard-earned life lessons into a wardrobe-styling consulting firm. Morgan transforms lives through closet revamps and shopping trips, and also facilitates insightful and inspiring Executive Style workshops around the country.In this episode, Morgan and I dig into mindset, confidence, and worthiness, centered around her newly released book, The Worthy Wardrobe. Morgan talks candidly about how a physiological nudge pushed her down a path of getting visible and being her own brand. While this conversation is centered around style and clothing, you’ll quickly see the role that early experiences and the subconscious mind play in our perceptions and beliefs about our beauty and our sense of self-worth.---- Connect with Morgan!Website: community:
In this episode, I'm joined by Dr. Guerda Nicolas for a conversation centered around staying true to yourself, and the challenges that can face underrepresented groups in the field of academia. Dr. Nicolas shares the importance of learning into your unique gifts and talents, while recounting her own experiences as a Haitian psychologist with a 30-year career in the field. She also provides exciting updates about the organization she co-founded to advance Haitian-led investment in the country and its people. To learn more about Ayiti Community Trust, visit their website: can access the 10/17/20 Nou La Pi Rèd Soirée virtual event streaming live on ACT's Facebook, YouTube, or Instagram pages. The books Dr. Nicolas recommended are: Meditations Across the King’s River: African-Inspired Wisdom for Life’s Journey, by James WeeksWith my mind on freedom: an autobiography, by Angela DavisFollow us on Instagram: @the_nudge_podcast
On this episode, I’m joined in conversation by my friend Harrison Beacher, a Managing Partner of the Coalition Properties group - a residential sales team, based in Washington DC, serving the metro area.Harrison and I talk about important nudges instilled by his late step-father, as well as how his business partner pushed him out of his comfort zone to shift gears from a solo real estate career to serving as a mentor and leader in the industry.  You’ll hear me reference Harrison’s good energy often, and you’ll definitely understand why after you listen!Coalition Properties Group
Welcome to The Nudge, hosted by Anna Wheatley - nonprofit executive by day, and aspiring life coach by night. Each episode, she'll be bringing you conversations highlighting the power of the nudge to move us forward. Nudges are those moments in life that prompt us in some way … whether to look at something differently, or tweak our behavior, or simply to self-reflect. They may feel like lightbulb  moments, or they may plant a seed that doesn’t sprout until much later. Either way, they’re are all around us, and I hope that these conversations may serve as a nudge to you in some way. 
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