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The Occurrence in River Oaks

Author: Nikki Durbin

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The Occurrence in River Oaks is an all new, entirely voice acted sci-fi horror audio drama from writer/director Nikki Durbin and Rogue Luna Entertainment. Take an original, terrifying journey through one very long day in the titular small town, as heard through the viewpoint of the local law enforcement personnel; specifically, Olivia, the woman running the dispatch radio at the Sheriff’s office, as she tries to hold everything together when her entire world is falling apart. As the several officers under her command come face to face with a very unexpected threat, and as Olivia tries to navigate a dangerous and otherworldly creature’s arrival, everything slowly begins to fall apart over the course of 8 grueling episodes. No one is safe, and as the world becomes very small and extremely dangerous for the characters, they must do everything in their power to protect not only the citizens of River Oaks, but the entire world.
8 Episodes
Almost at their breaking point and still reeling from a startling revelation, the last remaining members of the group band together and start to take control of the situation. Putting their knowledge together and finding a new way to fight back, it's time to prepare for the last stand.
Devising a plan between the remaining members of the group to get in touch with someone beyond the boundaries of town, what seems to be going well quickly turns into another glimpse of despair, and soon the entire town is involved in the uproar.
Struggling with a terrible loss, the group's dynamic shifts as fights start to break out and sheer anxiety overtakes everyone's personalities. People start cracking under pressure, and it's all compounded when Alan and Olivia overhear a troubling radio transmission.
With a clearer perspective on the creature they're currently facing, the group takes a moment to rejoice at a small win, but it's shortlived, as Maria delivers some shocking news and discovers yet another disturbing ability in the creatures’ arsenal, one that will shake all of the officers to the very core.
Cut off from the outside world and with no means of calling for help, the group works on the fly to stabilize Ms. McKay and come up with some sort of plan to warn the town of the threat descending upon them, unprepared for just how bad things are going to get.
With Ms. McKay missing and her house overturned, Paul takes it upon himself to track her down. But panic slowly begins to settle in amongst the group as they discover that Ms. McKay may not have been so crazy after all.
Episode One: Initiation

Episode One: Initiation


It's just another boring day in River Oaks when Olivia arrives at the Sheriff's office and dials into her police dispatch radio. But what starts as a normal run of the mill routine day begins to devolve as the local crazy lady, Ms. McKay, calls in to report a strange creature sighting. As she dispatches officers to investigate, they discover more than they could ever anticipate waiting for them.
The official teaser trailer for the all new sci-fi horror audio drama, The Occurrence in River Oaks!
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Oh the acting….if u can call it that. PLEASE get that dispatcher to use some emotion w/ her lines. It’s brutally obvious she’s just reading straight from the page into the mic. Hard to listen to, couldn’t get through half the episode due to her.

Mar 6th


Dude, the acting on this show is awful. Especially the dispatcher. Dripping w/ affectation.

Feb 22nd