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Author: Kirk Du Plessis

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At Option Alpha we are devoted to empowering traders with simple, powerful tools supported by world-class research and education. For far too long the options industry has been fragmented, lagging, and unnecessarily complex. By developing industry-first automation technology, enhancing data and information accessibility, and nurturing our thriving community at every level, Option Alpha is changing the way people trade options forever. We’re more than just a software company; we’re leading a movement of traders at every level who are unlocking more freedom through improved and expanded options.
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Show notes:'s a lot of research to support the usage of trend indicators as simple risk reduction elements that can be layered onto an existing strategy. The trouble, however, was that in the past investors had to monitor the trend and execute the appropriate trade reversals when the trend changed. With automation, we can now offload this simple portfolio strategy to bots - and cleverly defined multiple possible trend exits all from one simple automation. This week's podcast walks through the two Macro Trend bots we built to show you how you can start leveraging the new automation tools at Option Alpha to trade either stocks or options in a trend.
Show notes: short naked puts (i.e. put selling or put writing) can be an effective and profitable options trading strategy. Often the attraction to naked put selling is the ability to collect premium with a margin for error if the stock drops, and have the ability to purchase stock at a discount to the current market price. The trouble comes however when the stock moves lower and challenges the naked put position and today's show is dedicated to helping you understand all the ways you can hedge short naked puts.
Show notes:'s well documented that not only do investors classically chase performance, ultimately yielding sub-par performance in pursuit but that they also do not have enough patience to stick with strategies long enough. My hope is that it ends today and you can elevate yourself above all this and objectively look at strategies for what their expected outcome range is, not what it's done in the last couple of months or a handful of trades.
Show notes: week I'm thrilled to welcome back on a very popular guest, Cameron Skinner, to the Option Alpha podcast. Way back on Show 61, Cameron and I talked at length about his consistent and religious process for trading options even though his "day job" as a real estate investor takes the majority of this focus and attention. Well, Cameron is back for another interview, and this time we dove even deeper into his strategies and how he thinks about risk and the markets. Please enjoy our follow up conversation with Cameron Skinner.
Show notes: of the beautiful things about shifting to fully automated trading on the new Option Alpha platform is the ability to finally be able to clone and replicate entire trading strategies using bot templates. Bot templates allow anyone to build a trading strategy and seamlessly share the structure and details of that strategy with one-click. Today, I want to walk through just one type of strategy that I think is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to situational trading and hedging bots. I have no doubt that this discussion will spark some creative ideas, allow you to dream of what's possible, and show you that the future of trading is incredibly bright once you adopt autotrading.
Show notes: on Show 187 we tackled the top 15 questions we consistently get around options expiration. Today, we're taking a slightly different approach and addressing head-on the 18 biggest questions and concerns traders have around options assignment and exercising, whether on or before expiration itself. Regardless of your trading experience level, seasoned investor, or complete options newbie, I promise you that today's episode will help you more clearly understand and navigate any future options assignment or option exercise situation you might find yourself in. After all, this is part of the business and if you trade long enough you'll have to manage through this, dozens of times.
Show notes:'re all subject to investment biases, often multiple biases working together at the same time trying subconsciously to derail us. And whether we offload the actual order execution and management to an autotrading platform or not, the human element or side of investing still impacts the decisions we make and the strategies we choose to execute or not. Until we take the time to label and recognize these major investor biases, we cannot overcome or manage them in the future. Therefore, today's podcast is geared specifically at exposing these classic and detrimental investor biases that ruin your performance. You're either going to learn how to manage and deal with them or be unknowingly controlled by them for the rest of your life.
Show notes: of the most impactful things you can do for your portfolio is add money or capital to it. A consistent and persistent schedule of funding your account, even with small amounts, gives you the added boost that compounds over time. But we all know this already don't we? So why don't we do it, or at least at a higher level than we do now? On today's show, I'm going to help you break down the zillion ways you can save money to invest into core concepts that I have used in my own life to save money at an incredible pace. I'm a firm believer that these "big ideas" around saving money will help free up some cash for you.
NEW Beta Site is Live: https://beta.optionalpha.comToday’s show is a massive announcement – we are officially announcing that we have our launch dates set for our new auto-trading platform. Today on the show, we’re going to answer some common questions that we've been getting around the new platform and we're also going to start going through some of the features that you are going to love about it.We have all the information you need right now about the platform and how to use its new features on
Show notes:, taxes, a dreaded but necessary part of investing and trading. And although you might be inclined to skip this week's show, I'd encourage you to dive in because, even for me personally, this discussion helped clarify and re-solidify concepts that were mildly opaque. After all, tax concepts and terminology can get complicated fast and our goal is to help educate and explain things so that it's useful to you moving forward. Plus, I brought in a special guest to help chat through the different sections and I know you're going to love this week's episode on taxes for options trading.
Show notes: get a lot of questions around options expiration - hundreds and hundreds each week. Yet, the same vital few seem to float to the top consistently so we're pulling these 15 questions into this week's podcast episode to help you understand and effectively navigate options expiration. And in the off chance, we didn't answer your question during the show, you can always reach out to us anytime for help and support. If you're going to trade options, you can't avoid going through expiration. So, if you're going to trade options, you can't miss this week's podcast.
Show notes: vacations are in full swing and as everyone rushes to their favorite social distancing hot spot, traders are often left wondering what to do with their positions and trades while away. And since we cannot build automated and trigger-based strategies yet, though it's coming soon from Option Alpha, we wanted to help with a simple but effective checklist you can use to square up your account before going off the grid. Make no mistake though, this checklist isn't just for when you go on vacation, it's also a great workflow to help you before a long business trip or busy week at home when you have limited time to manage your account.
Show notes: option trades can often feel like pulling teeth. While some trades and orders get through easily and without issue, others are incredibly stubborn and hard to get filled. To add to your frustration, the entire order execution process appears to be just another confusing black box. There's seemingly no rhyme or reason why this trade got filled but that one didn't? So this week's show is dedicated to shining a light on order filling for option trades and helping to demystify what is otherwise a simple market process.
Show notes: trades that move against you can be hard enough. Choosing how to adjust and when to pull the trigger complicates what otherwise was a simple trade to start with. Now, throw in an early assignment to the mix and you've got quite the convoluted option trade on your hands. Sounds daunting already doesn't it? But fear not. Complicated and complex trades like the one that happened to us in FXI the other month give you a great opportunity to learn and grow as a trader. On today's show, we'll walk through the entire FXI position from start to finish, including all the profit and loss calculations including adjustments and an early assignment. Lean into this show and don't skip it - your future self with thank you for taking the time now so that you don't have to freak out later when it happens to you.
Show notes: fearful when others are greedy, and greedy when others are fearful. This classic Buffett quote had echoed though the ranks of investors for decades. But does that data support the methodology? Does investor sentiment, which for many investors is widely considered a contrarian indicator, have enough predictive power to warrant our time and attention? In today's show, we'll explore investor sentiment from all angles and help discover which readings, if any, give predictive power to future stock market returns or trends.
Show notes:, fear, FOMO, anxiety, panic, over-confident, stubbornness, impatience. These are just a few of the frequent emotional and mental states that traders find themselves in. And while we cannot avoid these emotions and thought processes, we can learn to manage them through emotional intelligence. This week's podcast was curated to help you learn how to more effectively recognize and manage the dozens of emotional and cognitive responses you'll come across in your trading career.
Show notes:'s an old saying in investing that a "rising tide lifts all boats." And while that might be true, when the tide goes out, all the boats sink and fall just as fast as they rose together. Still, you'll hear the pounding of drums in the name of classic diversification as the portfolio savior during these downturns. Our research suggests, however, that even a well-diversified portfolio can still completely blow up just when you need it to protect you most.
Show notes:'ve got your prized covered call setup and it's working in your account - now what? How do you manage or adjust the position in different market scenarios? Lucky for you, we are going to review the best-covered call management techniques on today's podcast. And if you think this show is just for stock traders, you'd be wrong, because proper covered call management could be a lifesaver for options traders who get assigned and are forced to deal with stock.
Show notes:'ve got your prized covered call setup and it's working in your account - now what? How do you manage or adjust the position in different market scenarios? Lucky for you, we are going to review the best-covered call management techniques on today's podcast. And if you think this show is just for stock traders, you'd be wrong, because proper covered call management could be a lifesaver for options traders who get assigned and are forced to deal with stock.
Show notes: spreads and arbitrage strategies are often synonymous with one another and referenced interchangeably in the options trading community. And after all, who doesn't want a risk-free way to earn money right? But like all things that seem too good to be true, box spreads carry some serious risks if you're not careful in how you set them up. Today's show then focuses exclusively on box spread basics for options traders.
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Hi Kirk, Can you please mention what was the time period that you backtested those strategies over? You mention those 500-670% returns but the period of time you testes is not mentioned in the podcast. Many thanks in advance. Best, Ola

Jun 9th

fresh mannn

speaking of the scarcity mindset, be sure to look into Andrew Yang and his book “The War on Normal People”. Great ep Kirk

Nov 4th
Reply (1)

Ian Buell

Great episode!

Oct 22nd
Reply (1)

Jerrod Zertuche

loved this episode! always learn something with these. thank you Kirk!

May 15th

Steven Ellenbogen

in my opinion the Option Alpha podcast is the best of breed. you owe it to yourself to take advantage of this free quality education

May 1st

Robert Wollenberg

Before listening to this podcast I understood buying and selling options. Just the basics. I'm up to episode 68 or so right now and I understand so much more. Some episodes I listen to repeatedly for days to make sure I'm absorbing the bulk of the message. I take notes as well when I can. I would highly recommend this podcast to anybody interested in options. I look forward to the rest of the podcasts and hopefully joining the site soon as well. Thank you Kirk for all you do.

Apr 24th

Jake Luttrell

Thanks for everything you do, Kirk. This podcast is great just like the rest of your content.

Oct 28th

Krishna Bhat

Great Podcast Kirk. I started from episode 1 and am on Episode 35. Very methodical in your approach and I have found every episode insightful. Keep up the good work.

Mar 25th

Matt snow

Kirk I have been listening to you for about a month and recently became a member of your service. Your teaching and explanations have helped me demystify options and gave permitted me to correct some errors I was making. Thanks so much. Great service folks!

Feb 25th

Sharla Grossie

I'm so glad I found your podcast! I listen to them all the time and take notes. I am also a student of your online courses. You give sound advice in this episode by telling us to teach someone who isn't involved with options. I find this method of learning very helpful! Thanks for all you do! Keep up the good work!

Feb 22nd

Jas Bhatiwal

Hi Kirk, this is a great Podcast that I have begun listening too, information and explanation is invaluable. thanks Jas

Nov 8th
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