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Carolina Moore is an award-winning quilt maker and pattern designer who has created a really great business, a blog, YouTube channel and website with loads of educational content. One thing that really stands out is that she writes her patterns fully illustrated to support different learning modalities.I love that. And many of the tools used in her patterns have full instructional videos on her YouTube channel. She is the full meal deal when it comes to bringing value to her community.Podcast giveaway HERE: Carolina Moore on Youtube HERE: her BLOG Always Expect Moore HERE: the podcast today:HomeMade with Jennifer Tryon: Yourself Thin with Dara Tomasson:
Join me as I interview Lorinda Davis, Owner of the Quilter's Planner, helping quilters organize their days and get their projects done one beautiful page at a time.She inspires quilters worldwide to achieve their goals and to  plan sketch, dream, and be inspired with the Quilter's Planner. But she also reminds us to pauses for rest and reflection throughout the year. Be sure to listen in to this great episode of the Quilter on Fire Podcast! Podcast giveaway HERE: the HomeMade Virtual Quilting Retreat  with Jennifer Tryon HERE: up for the Aurifil latest news HERE: your Quilter's Planner HERE:
Join me as I interview Maggie Vanderweit, an award-winning fibre artist with a free flowing, intuitive design style that makes you want to look deep into the fabric and stitch and never  walk away. Maggie has a happy demeanour and straight talk way of thinking. She is a true leader in Canadian textile art pushing forward the conversation about fibre art as a fine art through her volunteer work as an international member of the SAQA board. PODCAST LINKS:Maggie on Quilt Stories with Lisa Walton: Hags Colour Vie paints - Maggie will put music on and paint all day.Maggie really admires Sandra Meech's sketchbooksNancy Crow Timber Frame Barn RetreatsEnter the podcast giveaway:'s website:
Join me as I roll out a full RECAP of my tour of England & Wales and of course the Festival of Quilts Birmingham with Opulent Quilt Journeys. I give a full review of the trip with interviews of my favourite vendors, influencers, show winners and more...Visit Opulent Quilt Journeys to see upcoming tours: out our generous prize sponsors right here:Free Spirit Fabrics - Home - Thread - this week's MASSIVE PRIZE GIVEAWAY:
He's the man of colour that you don't really have to introduce because he's known worldwide and his vibrant designs are a staple in quilt shops with the vendors at quilt shows everywhere. Kaffe Fassett has spent five decades of his life, sharing his passion for colour through knitting needlepoint, and patchwork. He creates original works of art and inspires others to create their own. He has over 60 book titles to his name and tours internationally giving workshops, lectures, and museum exhibitions. Listen in as he shares his story. Join the Kaffe Fassett Collective Facebook Group here: out the Free Spirit Fabrics Website here: those amazing Kaffe inspired BERNINA machines here: out Oliso irons we mention here: the contest giveaway here:
Today I'm talking to Brandon Mably of the Kaffe Fassett Collective. After a chance meeting with Kaffe Fassett in the late eighties, Brandon made a radical career change from cooking to knitting and began a mentorship under Kaffe that led him to running the Kaffe Fassett Studio and carving out his own creative career that has lasted decades. We'll chat about his story and what continues to inspire his work.Join the Kaffe Fassett Collective Facebook Group here: out the Free Spirit Fabrics Website here: those amazing Kaffe inspired BERNINA machines here: the contest giveaway here:
Philip has been an artist and fabric designer for over four decades since he graduated from the Hornsby college of art and design with a degree in textiles and fashion. Over his incredible career, he has designed fabric and wallpaper for the world's great fabric houses.Join the Kaffe Fassett Collective Facebook Group here: out the Free Spirit Fabrics Website here: those amazing Kaffe inspired BERNINA machines here: the contest giveaway here:
Join me as I interview Liza Prior Lucy of the Kaffe Fassett Collective to find out how she came to be friends with Kaffe as we dive into best bits of her story.Liza Prior Lucy is a traditional quilt maker with a contemporary sense of colour and design. She is known worldwide for her work in collaboration with Kaffe Fassett in dozens of quilting and patchwork books since 1993.Join the Kaffe Fassett Collective Facebook Group here: out the Free Spirit Fabrics Website here: those amazing Kaffe inspired BERNINA machines here: the contest giveaway here:
Join me as I interview Vanessa Genier the founder of Quilts for Survivors, a simple project to make 18 quilts that blossomed into a non-profit organization.The survivors are profoundly affected by these quilts. Vanessa mentions in the podcast how one survivor who received a quilt said, "To be honoured and respected for something I've been ashamed of my whole life means a lot."Go to the Quilts for Survivors website at the weekly podcast giveaway at Quilting Barn (sponsor) website (sponsor) website
Jacquelynne Steves is an artist and illustrator who designs quilting and sewing patterns. She writes and illustrates books, featuring creative ideas, like quilt patterns, craft projects, and recipes. She has a popular club called Art of Home and is just an all around lover and designer of handmade things.Check out her website HERE: the weekly prize giveaway here:
Kestrel Michaud is a classically trained and award-winning fine artist. She's a graphic designer and illustrator with a passion for creating imaginative realism, art quilts.From winning her first art show as a nine year old through discovering fabric in high school rediscovering fabric in college, and finally transitioning to fine art quilting. Today's guest might just leave you inspired to try some sketch to fiber art, creative play. Welcome to the quilter on fire podcast.Enter the Podcast Giveaway HEREGo to Kestrel's website HERE
Brandon Wolf is a commercial quilter who works with interior designers and decorators to create unique pieces for gorgeously designed homes and he happens to be autistic. Join me as I interview this great Canadian quiltmaker, researcher and  advocate for people with autism.Link to Brandon's websiteLink to the podcast giveaway
Have you ever been to quilt Canada? Well, I just attended this Canadian quilt show last week. And I've got a recap episode in store for you today. I'm Brandy. Maslowski also known as the quilter on fire today. I'll share some stories of my trip to Vancouver for quilt Canada, 2022. I had so much fun from staying with friends on a boat and taking in the show to meeting past podcast guests for the first time and about to share it all with you.Enter the weekly podcast prize giveawayCheck out all of the winners of Quilt Canada 2022Sign up for the Quilter on Fire Email List
There is so much to learn about quilt history, curation of shows, care of quilts and preservation. And I love the topics and guests that the six know-it-alls have on their show.These talks just work because these six knowledgeable women come at the topics from all different angles. It is important to them to bring the viewer along to learn quilt history. They want to bring about an understanding. They want to let quilt makers know how much value they can get by looking at older quilts.Link to the Weekly GiveawayLink to the Six Know-It-Alls Facebook PageLink to the Quilt District Website
This week's guest is the owner and founder of Luana Rubin. She has been a designer in the quilt, textile and garment industries since 1980. She's a BERNINA Ambassador,  and a Chair Holder in the Color Marketing Group and International Color Forecasting Association. She is a Textile Design Consultant and has designed for Robert Kaufman, Timeless Treasures, and many other quilt fabric companies for well over two decades in the quilting industry, and has their own exclusive line of digital printed fabrics. Luana is an  industry expert on digital textile design. She has her finger on the pulse of the quilting world from quilt travel and quilt activism to the latest trends. She has a strong voice for our earth and on this episode we're going to dive right into her story.Enter the weekly podcast giveawayCheck out Luana's website
Today's guest is Abby Glassenberg president and co-founder of the Craft Industry Alliance. I started following Abby's blog While She Naps well over a decade ago while I was fumbling away in my tiny studio in Manitoba.And I was dreaming of doing my passion full-time she has since co-founded Craft Industry Alliance, and now serves as the President, she's a sewing pattern designer, teacher and journalist. She's dedicated to creating an outstanding trade association for the crafts industry. And I'm so happy to share her story with you.JOIN the Craft Industry Alliance right here: weekly podcast giveaway:'s Etsy Shop:
Christa Watson is award-winning quilt maker, pattern and fabric designer, teacher and speaker who has created a really great business and website with loads of educational content.Christa will fill your toolbox with an abundance of great new quilting skills. She has an ask me anything approach, which really tackles current problems where quilters are stuck and helps her students and followers grow. Be sure to join her on Facebook, YouTube and check out her website at the weekly giveaway here: out Christa's website here:
My special guest is Alex Anderson! Laughter is plentiful in this in-depth interview with the one and only Sweetheart of Quilting.OK yes, there are many sweethearts in the quilting world, but Alex has risen to the top for decades with her caring, happy demeanour and this interview "simply" makes my heart sing. That's an old school pun on her first show.Enter the contest giveaway for a chance to win $100 in store Visit Alex Anderson's websiteGo to the Quilt Show with Ricky Tims and Alex Anderson Check out the Facebook LIVES by Alex here 
This week's guest is Mary Fons, famous for learning to quilt from scratch on a public stage, bringing new quilters into their comfort zone, and pushing the boundaries of how quilting is taught with her engaging, delightful personality. Her quirky demeanour takes a front stage in her content again and again. She has been a TV host, a writer, magazine editor, a lecturer, and has a passion for quilt history research.She creates original, raw engaging content across all media, which is astonishing because social media changes every single day and on the podcast I share the best bits of her story with you.Link to the Prize Giveaway: to Mary's website: to Quiltfold Magazine:
Deborah Fisher is the docent and ringmaster of a crazy mixed up cabinet of curiosities, the circus juggler and the museum curator. And it's the perfect description of herself. Actually, her lines of fabric, quilt patterns and handcrafted items create the perfect menagerie of joy that just makes you want to collect it all.Link to the Prize Giveaway: to the Fish Museum and Circus website:
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