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The Realistic Nutrition Podcast with Randa Derkson
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The Realistic Nutrition Podcast with Randa Derkson

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The Realistic Nutrition Podcast is hosted by Randa Derkson, a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Natural Nutrition Clinical Practioner, and Certified Sports Nutrition Consultant. Randa talks about realistic nutrition, which means no diets and no deprivation (pizza, tacos, and chocolate are always welcome). Together we dispel myths, talk about food strategies, and interview guests and get educated.Formally The Healthy Mama's Podcast (and keeping those episodes for the first 22). You can find Randa Derkson at for more health tips and tasty recipes.
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Halloween is just around the corner, and today I'm sharing how to navigate Halloween to still enjoy those Reese peanut butter cups! I'm now accepting clients for my 1 on 1 personalized nutrition program. You can find out more here: Days to Get Your Nutrition Back on Track ChallengeDon't forget to shoot me a DM on IG and tell me your favorite candy!
In today's episode, we're chatting all about habits. Jessica Levy, the founder of The Habit Foundation, is teaching you the starter steps to building actionable habits so you will reach your health goals.Learn more about The Habit Foundation here (affiliate)Find Jessica on IG here...Randa Nutrition WebsiteRandaNutrition on IG
I'm super excited to be talking with Toni Marinucci from Tips with Toni today.Full show notes will be posted when the blog post is up. Show notes links:Tips with Toni Podcast@Tips_with_Toni IGToni's Website -- find what Disney princess you eat like.Toni's Ted TalkOnce Upon a Diet book (affiliate link)-----Randa Nutrition site23 Meal Prep Overnight Oats Recipes (free cookbook)
I'm so excited to get into today's podcast. Today we're chatting with Rachel Tiemeyer from Thriving Home and we're talking about her and Polly's bread and butter - freezer cooking.We're chatting why freezer cooking, how long it actually takes, and how incorporating just 1 a week can save you THOUSANDS of dollars a year.If you liked this episode, please give us a review on where you listen to podcasts. This helps me book great guests like Rachel.Show note links:Thriving Home WebsiteThriving Home Store1Hour Freezer PrepThriving Home InstagramThriving Home FacebookThriving Home also has 7 Healthy Freezer Friendly Marinades for you to download here: Nutrition Recipes33 Pressure Cooker Recipes free eBook
Do you compare yourself to others? To your old self? This is the podcast for you.Today on the podcast, I did a little something different. I started recording on my walk (sorry for the audio guys) and it ALL came out. This podcast gets personal, but it's out there.Shoot me a message on Instagram and let's chat about comparisons. ---Get Your Nutrition Back on Track in this 3 Day Workshop.
The show notes contain affiliate links, Get the full  truLOCAL review on the Randa Nutrition blog.I'm so excited to talk to you about truLOCAL today. We have Greg from truLOCAL on the podcast chatting about the benefits of buying local and how the trulocal program works. Get my curated boxes here (BC residents only) can also get 10% off any box you build by using code RANDA.Here's a link to the best ever Instant Pot Meatballs with Marinara recipe. You're going to love it.Follow truLOCAL on Instagram.
Today on the podcast I'm sharing how to build a better bowl (salad bowl that is) and how if you follow my formula you'll have sustained energy throughout the door and feel FULLER LONGER.Get the Build a Better Bowl Cheat Sheet here.Full show notes and blog post coming soon.Recipes mentioned in the podcast:Romesco Sauce RecipeProtein-Packed Tzatziki-----Follow Randa on Instagram here.
Welcome back to the Realistic Nutrition Podcast! Today we're chatting about fiber. Why it's important and how you can up your intake (because you're probably not getting enough). It's easy to up your dietary fiber, here are some easy ways how to do just that!Full show notes here on the Randa Nutrition blog: How to eat more fiber and up your fiber intake.Build a Better Bowl Cheat SheetNutrition LibraryRecipes mentioned:Mediterranean Quinoa SaladBlueberry Baked OatmealLemon Chia Seed Pudding (exclusive in the Real Food Real Life Nutrition Guide).---Follow Randa on InstagramRanda Nutrition Blog
Today we're chatting with Grace Lewis, a graduate of the first round of Eat Move and Meditate program. We cover the following:What was it that kept her committed to completing the program ?What were the struggles you faced ?What did she learn about yourself?Her favorite workout of the fitness part of the program.Was there an AHA moment? If so what was it and how did it impact her ?Why would she recommend this program?Registration is open August 30 until September 17 for the fall program of Eat Move and Meditate. Click here to register!----Follow Randa on InstagramLearn how to meal plan with the meal planning workshop.
Today on the podcast, I have Dee Hiemstra and Emily Lewis, my partners in crime with the Eat Move Meditate program.We're chatting about the program, what's included and how mindfulness, nutrition, and fitness go together as the 3 pillars of health. The Eat Move Meditate registration opens on August 30 and the program starts September 20.Submit an application for Eat Move Meditate here.---Mindfulness with Emily IGRanda Nutrition IGDee Hiemstra IGEdgewater.Fitness IGEat Move and Meditate on IG
Today we're talking about why rest is not a reward and all about burnout with Dr.Ashley Margeson.Full show notes coming soon on the Randa Nutrition website. Harness your hormones hormone optimization guide Follow Ashley on Instagram---Follow Randa on InstagramVisit Randa Nutrition
Today I'm going over the top 4 nutrition tracker apps on the market, the pros, the cons and what one is my personal favorite.Trackers Mentioned:Lose It (affiliate link)MacroStaxMy Macros +MyFitness Pal Build a Better Bowl Free CheatSheet: 
Today we're chatting to Kristy from Klean Eating with Kristy about how tracking your food can help you reach your goals, but not necessarily in the ways you think.We also chat about budget friendly food options too.Follow Kristy on InstagramKristy's siteHealthy Eating Made Easy Facebook Group
On today's episode,  we’re here with Salma Dinani a personal trainer who helps moms feel energized healthy, and strong.We're chatting about body respect and the difference between body positivity and loving your body plus all the reasons why you should work out (that's not changing your body).Workout With Salma websiteBody Positivity Blog post and what it really meansFollow her on InstagramWorkout with Salma Facebook Group
Eating Healthy at Disneyland Guide that I mentioned at the beginning of the podcast.Today we're chatting going dairy free at Disneyland. Get the full show notes on Disneyland's Dairy Free Options.Disneyland Allergy information.Sign up for the meal plan class and let me know what you think. I am always looking for feedback on what I offer and would consider it a favour if you helped me out with this:
If you're new to health and nutrition and don't know where to start, this podcast about nutrition basics with Zsa White is for you. Throw out everything you know about nutrition and listen to this episode. Let's keep it simple, shall we?Zsa's Instagram: Zsa's Facebook Group:'t forget to leave a review for the podcast!
Ordering at Starbucks doesn’t have to be detrimental to your health. Here are some healthier options.Full blog post: Healthy Starbucks Drinks.Feeling lost with your nutrition? I have a free Get Your Nutrition Back in 3 Days challenge! coaching plans:
Welcome to episode 28 - 7 Healthy Ways to Deal with Stress. Meal Planning Class: 7 - Suzi Fevens episode on stress resiliency: post for more resources and further show notes:
On this episode, we have Lindsey House of Health Accountability Coach.For most of us accountability is hard, and Lindsey dives into why that is and tips to be more accountable to yourself and your goals.About LindseyAfter leaving a background of outpatient weight management counseling and personal training clients, Lindsey started her own company in 2017 where she sees most clients virtually. The virtual world provides the opportunity to meet face-to-face while omitting annoying scheduling conflicts or logistic barriers. Lindsey says her clients always say “I know what to do and just need to do it”. Listening to their needs, Lindsey took on the role of  “Accountability Coach” and provides accountability and coaching through group and individual consults.Lindsey decided to take the accountability piece one step further and open a membership for her followers called “Power House”. This is a virtual community of like-minded individuals that all want to keep their goals at the top of their priority list. Goals range from nutrition, fitness, organization, family flow and so much more. The Power House Membership Community all believes that accountability is the underpinning of everything that we do and we are working together to thrive, not just survive! Lindsey can be found at: www.healthaccountabilitycoach.comFB: @houselifestylesIG: @houselifestylesLinkedIn: Lindsey HousePodcast: Direction Not PerfectionBook: Direction Not Perfection (affiliate link) – accountability and coaching from your wine-loving dietitianTo Join Power House Community: Resources:
Today on the Realistic Nutrition Podcast we're chatting with Ashlee Fiander from Ashlee Nadine Photography (located in Smithers BC). Ashlee is a real life client of mine and today I'm interviewing her to get her thoughts on the personalized nutrition program that I offer to my clients. So the pressure is on (just kidding). Learn more about Ashlee here: out more about the Nutrition Program here: with me on Instagram: @RandaNutrition
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