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Skift sits down with creatives, executives, and entrepreneurs from across travel to discuss their insights and perspectives on the hows and whys of travelers’ habits, industry patterns, and the seismic changes happening across the industry.

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Seth is joined by senior research analyst Pranavi Agarwal and travel technology reporter Justin Dawes to discuss the current state of venture capital investment in the business of travel. Read the full research report "Venture Investment Trends in Travel 2024": Read more travel news at
Presented by Brand USA In this episode of the Skift Travel podcast our hosts are joined by Jamie Lane, Chief Economist at AirDNA, to discuss the short-term rental industry’s outlook for Independence Day weekend. Lane notes that this year’s long weekend has boosted travel compared to last year, with bookings up 15% year-over-year due to last-minute planning. The discussion reveals that popular destinations include coastal and lake areas such as Orlando, Myrtle Beach, and the Outer Banks, with a notable absence of urban locations. Lane explains that traditional vacation spots are performing well, while cities like New York have seen declines due to regulatory changes and reduced international travel, particularly from Asia. He also highlights the rise of mid-sized cities like Chattanooga and Lubbock as emerging markets for short-term rentals. They also look at the impact of interest rates and hotel development in these growing areas, with Lane suggesting that high interest rates and cautious lenders have shifted demand towards short-term rentals. The hosts discuss the growth and professionalization of the short-term rental market, noting that large management companies are expanding, though individual hosts still dominate in guest satisfaction. Follow all Skift coverage of short-term rentals at Follow all Skift coverage of tourism at Presented by Brand USA
Presented by Brand USA Wealthy travelers aren’t just looking to lie on a beach during their vacations. The super rich are increasingly eager to shell out big bucks for experiences that may shock themselves — and leave others envious. Editor-in-Chief Sarah Kopit and Head of Research Seth Borko discussed the latest trends with Colin Nagy, a marketing strategist who writes a regular column for Skift. Read more travel news at
Presented by Brand USA A growing number of women have led major corporations in recent years — even in historically male-dominated industries. However, the aviation industry has struggled to close its gender gap in leadership roles. Airlines Reporter Meghna Maharishi recently examined the issue in depth, and she discussed her findings and more in this episode of the Skift Travel Podcast with Editor-in-Chief Sarah Kopit and Head of Research Seth Borko.  Submit your questions for Seth and Sarah to Read more travel news at
Seth and Sarah are joined by Skift Research Analyst Robin Gilbert-Jones to discuss what regenerative tourism is and how it differs from sustainable tourism, if at all. Read Skift Research's report on regenerative tourism at Read more travel news at Presented by Brand USA
Can property managers successfully build national brands? Have short-term rental businesses tilted too heavily toward travelers instead of homeowners? What has been the impact of New York’s Local Law 18, which amounted to a defacto ban of most Airbnbs, on individual homeowners? Skift recently hosted its Short-Term Rental Summit, which featured several executives addressing several these topics and more. Editor-in-Chief Sarah Kopit and Head of Research Seth Borko discuss their main takeaways from the Short-Term Rental Summit in this episode of the Skift Travel Podcast. Read more travel news at Presented by Brand USA
A few months back Skift editor-in-chief Sarah Kopit wrote an article for Skift with the headline "Ozempic Made Obesity Optional. The Travel Industry Isn’t Ready". On today's episode Seth and Sarah check in on this story and the revolutionary ways in which Ozempic, and other highly effective GLP-1 weight loss medications, are changing how people travel, including which businesses might be potential winners and losers as food and beverage consumption drops and physical experiences become more attainable for more people. Submit your written or video questions to for a chance to have them aired and answered on a future episode. Presented by Brand USA Read more travel news at
Google Hotels is the largest and most comprehensive metasearch engine in travel. It is a core part of the online travel ecosystem but remains a black box. So Skift Research did an analysis of thousands of hotel listings on Google to learn which online travel agencies (OTAs) and direct sites are bidding for bookings – and at what prices. Seth and Sarah discuss our exclusive findings with the report's lead author, Skift Senior Research Analyst Pranavi Agarwal. Read part 1 of our deep dive into Google Travel here: Presented by BrandUSA
The recent earnings seasons provided a glimpse into how the largest publicly traded travel companies are faring in one of the more "normal" quarters in a number of years. So what are the main takeaways from earnings season? And which companies emerged as big winners? Senior Hospitality Editor Sean O’Neill and Airlines Reporter Meghna Maharishi joined Editor-in-Chief Sarah Kopit and Head of Research Seth Borko to discuss the results of earnings in this week’s Skift Travel Podcast. Read more about earnings this season at Skift.
In this special bonus episode, Skift Meetings Executive Editor Andrea Doyle speaks with Skift CEO Rafat Ali and Skift Head of Events Programming Brian Quinn about the "State of Conferences".
Last week Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky announced the company's renewed focus on Experiences with its “Icons” product launch. Skift Editor-in-Chief Sarah Kopit was in Los Angeles for the event and got to speak one-on-one with Chesky on a host of topics (including that pay question we promised you). In this episode we also dig into why Airbnb backed off of experiences after the pandemic, a potential Airbnb loyalty program and how Icons fits into Airbnb’s broader marketing strategy.
Catch up on the importance of sleep tourism as Seth and Sarah discuss its emergence and growing importance in the travel industry. Building off of Sarah’s recent article in Skift, "The Science of Sleep: How the Travel Industry is Cashing on Tourism’s Latest Obsession,” they go into the growing fascination with sleep among Gen Z, the challenges of getting good sleep during travel, and the economics of sleep tourism.
Fresh off the heels of the release of annual financial reports, Seth and Sarah discuss everyone's favorite topic: executive compensation.  They examine how those reported compensation numbers relate to the performance of the companies in question, including Airbnb CEO and Co-founder Brian Chesky's potential $1 billion plus pay package, which leads them to the question: should billionaires exist?
Our new co-hosts, Editor-in-Chief Sarah Kopit and Head of Research Seth Borko, introduce themselves and talk about what Skift is, how it's quite literally defining the business of travel, and preview some of the exciting stories and research on deck for Skift and the podcast.
As we look forward to the return of the Skift Short-Term Rental Summit on June 5 in New York, today we feature a conversation with Homes and Villas by Marriott International Vice President, Jennifer Hsieh, and Skift Senior Hospitality Editor, Sean O'Neill, that took place onstage at last year's summit. To join her and many other vacation rental executives and investors at this year’s Short-Term Rental Summit, visit for tickets and details.
Vikram Oberoi, The Oberoi Group CEO and Managing Director, speaks with Skift Senior Hospitality Editor Sean O'Neill. This discussion took place on stage at the inaugural Skift India Summit this month in New Delhi, India. on stage at Skift India Summit in New Delhi, India on March 20, 2024. To join the travel industry's best events in person, visit
Today we feature a discussion that took place on stage at the inaugural Skift India Summit this month in New Delhi, India. In this conversation Eric Garcetti, United States Ambassador to the Republic of India, speaks with Rafat Ali, Founder & CEO of Skift, about "Bridging the U.S. and India in the Decade Ahead". For more like this, visit to learn how you can attend our next industry defining live event.
Today we feature a discussion that took place on stage at the inaugural Skift India Summit this week in New Delhi, India. In this conversation Air India CEO and Managing Director Campbell Wilson speaks with Skift Asia editor Peden Bhutia about "Connecting India to the World". For more like this, visit to learn how you can attend our next industry defining live event.
Last week, as the world came together to celebrate International Women's Day, news that a Brazilian tourist had accused seven men of gang rape in a remote region of India, prompted Skift Asia Editor Peden Bhutia to ask in her headline reporting on the story: “Is India Safe for Female Travelers?” In this episode, Peden and Skift Research Analyst Saniya Zanpure, both based in India, join Skift Editor-in-Chief Sarah Kopit to discuss the case, its effects, their experiences as women in India, and why, ultimately, the answer to Peden’s question is: yes, everyone should visit India. Visit for continuing coverage of this story and all the latest travel news and research.
In our fifth and final episode covering Skift’s Megatrends for 2024, Editor-in-chief Sarah Kopit is joined by Skift Founder and CEO Rafat Ali to discuss two megatrends centered around technology, demographics, and the future of the human condition. You can see all of Skift’s Megatrends for 2024 right now at