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Author: Chris Carlton

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Where should you go? For how long? How can you afford it.....?

These are just a few of the questions we discuss on The Study Abroadcast. If you're thinking about studying abroad this is a perfect podcast for you to listen to in order to motivate, and inspire your inner Indiana Jones or Carmen Sandiego.

Get ideas from others. Make plans for your own. And for Pete's sake, study abroad...smarter.
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“I got lost, I did not cry, it was honestly just like running a mile, I was just happy I made it back.” — Cierra PowellOur first Gilman Scholarship award winner is on the show today, so yeah; kind of a big deal, and Cierra took advantage of it, in a big way. I haven't interviewed anyone yet, who innovated her study abroad experience the way she did.Her passion lies in studying the inefficiencies of foreign aid to 3rd world countries. She's a true scientist, and a small country located on the Northeast side of South America by the name of Ecuador turned out to be her laboratory.Listen to this interview if you want to receive a Gilman Scholarship.I repeat...Listen to this interview if you want to receive a Gilman Scholarship.She was able to go because she received a Gilman Scholarship which we learn in the interview is more than mere funding given for education. It goes beyond the trip, and lasts a lifetime.“One day you will be called upon to break a big law in the name of justice and rationality.” - James C. Scott --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast.
"It definitely opened my eyes to how spoiled we are in the U.S" — Che MoyaIf you're thinking about living abroad, or teaching abroad, then this post is definitely for you.Che Moya lived in Asia for 7 years and met his wife in Thailand. Che does a great job of articulating his journeys and you will get juiced if you're thinking about living, abroad.--- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast.
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"Once you're out in the real world, and working, you might have more money, but you won't have more time " —  Kim Diehl de YanesKim did great in this episode, and made me feel like I was still in school, contemplating whether or not to study abroad in her office. Her story is unique, too, as she ended up living in Honduras for three years because of who she married. I'll let Kim explain...SHOW NOTES Getting her first international experience in high school through Michigan 4-H [1:19]  Going to Guayaquil, Ecuador Living in Honduras for three years Advice to students who are thinking about studying abroad [3:40]  FOMO (Fear Of Mission Out)Xavier's  study abroad programs   Semester program options  Regular Xavier tuition bill - costs dependent on the cost of living Xavier specific study abroad programs [5:50]Spending her entire summer savings in five days [8:00]Homemade flour tortillas [8:55]  Tamales in banana leavesWhy Xavier? [9:56]  Great proximity Free sports ticketsA student learning Russian [12:04]Moon Handbooks [12:39]  Frommer'sGuidebook that tells you which side of the bus you should sit onFigure out the apps that are best where you're going   WhatsAppSite Visits [15:30]Advice for students thinking about studying abroad [17:33]--- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast.
In this interview, IES's Keith Dipple teaches us what faculty led programming is. --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast.
"Learning how to understand and be comfortable in uncomfortable situations helped me, and I learned from them" — Kirsten QueoffIn this interview we hear about Kirsten's "GLOBAL HEALTH AND HUMAN RIGHTS TRAINING IN SPAIN AND MOROCCO TO COMBAT SEX-TRAFFICKING" faculty led program.The interview is different from any other interview I've conducted on The Study Abroadcast because of the subject matter. Kirsten does a great job of explaining her time, and what the program consisted of while she was moving between the two countries. --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast.
"Who Am I, what does it mean to be from where I'm from, and how do I explain that to people who are not from the U.S.?" — Kirsten KohlerI think it's safe to say that Kirsten Kohler enjoys Germany, and learning German. You'd have to, to spend 11 months there. Kirsten lived in the town of Freiburg where she was able to take day trips to France, and Switzerland. She taught, she interned, she learned, and she walks us through every step of the way in this detailed tale of a year in Freiburg, Germany...PROST! --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast.
"We're really fortunate to live in a time where it's so easy to keep in contact with everyone. I feel like 20 years ago none of that would have been possible." — John David (@johndavidmullins)John David, a pre-med student, was the first person I've had on the show that studied abroad in Vigo, Spain. In this interview he  introduces us to a language that most people don't know about called Galician.Galician is an Indo-European language of the Western Ibero-Romance branch, according to Wikipedia. What that means is that it is a mix of Portuguese and Spanish according to John.This interview is packed with stories, recommendations, and information. If you're thinking about Spain, living with a host family, or learning Spanish, this interview is definitely for you.--- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast.
"It was what I needed to keep propelling me forward in the degree that I was pursuing"  — Tara Efobi (@taraefobi)Tara Efobi studied abroad and the process worked for her. She was studying fashion and now works, in, you guessed it; fashion.The destination for the interview was Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, which is part of Scandinavia. Tara, however, (like most students) did her fair share of traveling during her time there.This is the first time I've interviewed someone where something didn't go wrong, so it was a 'running on all cylinders, full speed ahead' journey. Tara was also the first student on the show that rented a bicycle during her time abroad, which I think is a terrific idea. Did I mention she's got a decent Instagram and Youtube following?Fashion ✅ Influencing ✅ Time of your life...✅ I genuinely had a lot of fun on this interview, and I think you will, too.--- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast.
The reason he went to Kenya  is actually because of a class project. With out giving away too much detail; the project dealt with water supply trying and how to improve the current process that takes place. You'll have to listen to figure out the how and why.There are also two firsts in this episode:First: The first time I've interviewed someone who studied abroad in Kenya and...Second: The first time studying abroad affected the trajectory of someone's majorHenry laid it all out like a blueprint, and if you listen, you can probably get a few pointers so you can make your study abroad experience stick out from all the others. SHOW NOTESHenry's logical explanation for choosing to study abroad in Kenya [1:39]The philanthropic outcome of the water vests [4:07]The intricacy of Henry's project and study abroad [5:21]Getting a grant to help with the costs of the project [8:25]The exact length of Henry's project [9:23]Getting to know the ins & outs of Kenya [10:00]Mixing and mingling on the project [12:01]Ok, so on every episode I ask for an interesting story or something that went wrong. Henry; as luck would have it; kept a journal of his daily activities, so we got a great recollection of stories from this gnarly trip to Kenya [12:36]A) Did they all speak english and B) Were they all black? [18:08]"The Kenyan food was incredible" [20:28]Drinking the tea in Kenya [23:32]Why Henry changed his major because of study abroad [24:29]Why Henry chose Wisconsin [27:17]Recommendations [32:32] The Other Wes MooreFailing Upwords--- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast.
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