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The Successful Micropreneur

Author: Mary McCarthy

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This is a weekly podcast run by Mary McCarthy that shows small business how to run successfully. Mary shows owners how to get funding, handle taxes, market themselves and also find out what is going on in congress to support your business.
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Sales is one of the most daunting aspects of entrepreneurship. It’s also one of the most important for your business. Host Mary McCarthy talks to guest Amy Franko about how to overcome the fear of selling. Amy Franko is a speaker, corporate trainer, and the author of The Modern Seller: Sell More And Increase Your […]
Conflict at work may be unavoidable, but a leader can change the way he or she resolves the situation. In this 15-minute episode, Co-Host Sharon DeLay of GO-HR takes the mic to lead the discussion about productive conflict in the workplace. She’s joined by Host Mary McCarthy of YMT Consultants. Sharon and Mary talk about conflicts early on […]
How much sleep do you get at night? Have you noticed how it affects you in your business? Small business owners literally can’t afford to have an “off” day. If you are in a larger corporation and there are days where you don’t sleep as well, other people can pick up the slack. But what […]
Are you incredible? If you are good at what you do, why don’t you tell people about it? “We have this bias that we shouldn’t: A) Be proud of ourselves and B) We shouldn’t talk about it. So, it makes me very sad.” ~ Peggy Klaus Host Mary McCarthy talks to best-selling author, communication and […]
Imagine eating at a quick-service restaurant chain that treats its chefs like entrepreneurs: Giving each chef control of the restaurant menu, operations, and culture. That’s what you’ll find at Tender Greens, a restaurant chain that is disrupting the food industry, not only with the way it does business, but also the upscale food that it […]
It’s hard to admit that you don’t always have the answers. But should you really know everything in your business? This week, Host and Microbusiness Consultant Mary McCarthy and Co-Host Sharon DeLay discuss how entrepreneurs can benefit from finding and opening up to a good mentor.  ‘Shouldn’t I be an expert and have everything figured […]
How often do you step out of the day-to-day of your small business and take a deeper look at the challenges you are facing? Join us as host Mary McCarthy talks to Christian Billman, Senior Incubation Manager for Business Strategy with Alliance Data about Innovation and how Alliance Data takes the concept for a new […]
Chances are, you’ve noticed that higher education isn’t as “simple” as it used to be. Tuition costs have skyrocketed, and it’s no longer a “guarantee” that students will graduate in four years, or that they’ll actually get a job with the degree they chose. This week, Host Mary McCarthy talks to Beth Probst, an entrepreneur […]
Purchasing A Franchise

Purchasing A Franchise


Are you working in a corporate career, but dreaming about owning your own business? Purchasing a franchise may be the right option for you. This week, Host Mary McCarthy talks to Leslie Kuban, an Atlanta-area franchise consultant with FranNet. Leslie describes FranNet as a franchise matchmaker that helps people make the jump from employee to first-time business […]
Are these dirty words holding you back in your business? This week, Host and Microbusiness Consultant Mary McCarthy and Co-Host Sharon DeLay of GO-HR talk about the Top 5 Dirty Words for Microbusiness Owners: Profit Sales Brag Credit Debt The word Mary thinks is the worst is “brag.” Sharon chose “sales” as the word she […]
Sam’s Tailor is a small, family-owned tailoring business in Hong Kong that has built itself into a global brand known for the amazing quality of its 24-hour bespoke suits.  Sam’s Tailor has created suits for royalty, celebrities, world politicians like Presidents Bill Clinton and George Bush, and fashion designers like Tory Burch. This week, Host […]
How much would your small business grow if you could better understand what your customers wanted from you? What if you could read their emotions through something that everyone does, and never realize they are doing? “And that’s exactly the information you want as a business owner. You want to understand what happened. Why are […]
Have you thought about what a big government contract could do for your microbusiness? The benefits are HUGE. The federal government spends more than $450 billion in business opportunities a year. But it can be difficult to understand a way through the challenges that come with these hefty contracts: The requirements can be confusing The […]
Have you wondered if you are pricing the right amount for what you offer in your business? Are you letting fear of what competitors are doing, or what customers might say if you raised your prices, stop you from charging what you should? Chances are, you should be pricing higher and charging more for your […]
When you are tens of thousands of dollars in debt you can give up, or choose to do what this entrepreneur did to turn his business around. Host Mary McCarthy talks to Tommy Mello, an entrepreneur who went from $50,000 in debt seven years ago, on course to hit $39 million dollars in revenue this […]
Are you so busy that you’re just checking things off your list, instead of planning and achieving the vision for your business? It’s easy to lose sight of what you’re really trying to accomplish, when you are stuck in the day-to-day. That’s why having a strategy, a plan of action that helps you achieve a […]
Just because you can cook, doesn’t mean you can run a food business! They are some of the hardest small businesses to launch and run successfully, so you are going to need to master a lot of skills to make it work. Host Mary McCarthy talks to Dr. Iris Cooper, Co-Founder of Glory Foods and […]
Your goal is probably pretty simple: You want to drive traffic to your website, find new customers, and get new business. But where do you start? Kim McCumber is the Founder and CEO of Floodlight Training & Consulting in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Floodlight Training & Consulting assists small businesses through training, consultation and direct management. […]
It’s no secret that there’s an overwhelming feeling of negativity in just about everything right now. But that doesn’t mean we should choose to join in. This week, host Mary McCarthy and co-host Sharon DeLay are talking about the benefits of positive leadership, and the steps we can take to become positive leaders in life […]
Marketing doesn’t have to feel overwhelming. That’s the message from Shanna Chamberlain, the Founder and Creative Director of HinterBrands, a digital marketing and advertising agency. Shanna spoke with host Mary McCarthy of YMT Consultants, an entrepreneurial consulting and training firm, about how to take the fear out of marketing and make it something you do […]
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