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Author: Amanda Worthington

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This is a show about crafting a badass UX career and refining your UX process to become better at what you do. We'll also talk about applying UX to your life to get more done—with less stress. Support this podcast:
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UX Portfolio PowerPlay™, the 6 week group coaching program taking your portfolio from cookie-cutter to uniquely you, is now open until November 13: In this episode Amanda shares her 3 ways to show a growth mindset in your UX case study and why it's important for your job search. Follow Amanda on Instagram: and --- Support this podcast:
Jeff helps organizations build better products and executives build the cultures that build better products. He is the co-author of the award-winning book Lean UX and the Harvard Business Review Press book Sense & Respond. Starting off as a software designer, Jeff now works as a coach, consultant and keynote speaker helping companies bridge the gaps between business agility, digital transformation, product management and human-centred design. Most recently Jeff co-founded Sense & Respond Press, a publishing house for practical business books for busy executives. His most recent book, Forever Employable, was published in June 2020. --- Support this podcast:
In this episode, Amanda and Rob talk about how to develop trust on teams, what to do when you feel like you're not sure what's happening within a company, and setting expectations with clients. As Vice President of Sparkbox Rob is responsible for the operations and financials of the company. With a background in software development, Rob is always ready to challenge the development process. On any given day Rob meets with prospective clients, works with employees, and continues to evolve the business of Sparkbox. Links: Visit Sparkbox's website: Visit Rob's website: Listen to the Overly Human Podcast: Say hello to Rob on social media: @robertharr --- Support this podcast:
In this episode, Vincent and Amanda talk about what it means to be a design leader. Vincent shares what he's noticed in helping hundreds of designers successfully break into the UX industry. Vincent Brathwaite is a Caribbean American multi-disciplinary design leader, educator, speaker, and husband to Magalie Lachoua. He’s a visionary with a keen ability for assessing an idea’s potential and bringing its possibilities to life. His passion is to build bridges between cultures and unite people by their common thread. For the past two decades, he has worked to transform communities through disruptive design methodologies. A process he learned by studying Industrial Design at Rhode Island School of Design, Product Design at Strate School of Design (Paris), Product Development at MIT, and Project Management and Data Analytics at General Assembly. He successfully executed projects for Red Bull, IBM, Caruso Affiliated, Tides Foundation, Diaspora Vibe Cultural Arts Incubator, Morehouse College, the US Dept. of Energy Georgia, and various companies in the social impact space. He’s taught over 250 individuals UX Design as an adjunct professor at Rhode Island School of Design and lead instructor at General Assembly combined. He's written articles of advanced UX topics for the Adobe XD blog “XD Ideas”. As a speaker, Vincent has inspired thousands of designers and entrepreneurs at virtual and in person conferences. Some of them include the UX India Conference, UX Strat Online Conference, DesignOps Summit, Dribble: Hangtime Conference, National Urban League Conference, and TEDx Crenshaw. In all that he does, Vincent is led by the following core principles; integrity, empathy, kindness, courage, and resilience. Links: Visit Vincent's website: Say hello to Vincent on social media: @vjbrathwaite Ready to Marie Kondo your UX Portfolio? UX Portfolio PowerPlay™ is now on pre-sale until October 15th at midnight!: Sign up here: --- Support this podcast:
In this episode, Amanda and Jasmine talk about Jasmine's experience in grad school — why she took that route, how she's using what she's learning at work, and how she's juggling school, work, and life. Jasmine shares how embracing our humanity helps us be better designers, colleagues, and friends. She drops some truth bombs that Amanda honestly needed to hear amidst UX Hustle Summit. And while this episode is being published post-UX Hustle Summit, it was recorded just prior. Jasmine is a UX Lead based in Atlanta, GA with a passion for design, diversity, and creating experiences that are pleasant for all people. She currently works at Ernst & Young on their XD Practice team. She is also a student, working on receiving her Masters degree in Human Computer Interaction from DePaul University. In her free time, Jasmine enjoys traveling the world (pre-COVID), rock climbing, reading, video games, spending time with her dog Mugen and obsessing over K-Pop sensation, BTS. Links Go say hi to Jasmine on Twitter: @jasmineinux If you want the recording from the UX Hustle career path panel that Jasmine was on email --- Support this podcast:
In this episode, Amanda talks about the 3 ways you'll future-proof your design career at the 2021 UX Hustle Summit. She's also offering a discount for listeners! LISTENER DISCOUNT: Come to the UX Hustle Summit - September 24 & 25: --- Support this podcast:
In this episode, Amanda and Joe talk about FEAR. Fear of speaking up, fear of looking dumb, and the fear of failure. Joe shares his experience working with hundreds of thousands of UX students and in a number of UX organizations -- showing you how to overcome fear so that you can make a real impact not only as a UX designer but as a person in your own life. This episode isn't just for those of you breaking into UX, but it really speaks to the real life experience and challenges of being a UXer at an organization. So whether you're just starting out, a manager or consultant, or out looking for a new position on the job market, this episode is for you. Joe Natoli is a UX consultant, author and speaker. Everything he does is born from three decades of consulting with and training the product development teams of some of the world’s largest organizations. He has taught over 200,000 students through his online courses and is a regular keynote speaker and lecturer at events across the globe. Including! The UX Hustle Summit, Sept 24 & 25, where Joe will be moderating our career path panel! His courses, books, articles and free UX resources are available at, and his new online school, the UX 365 Academy publishes new training courses, videos, ebooks and more every month; check it out at Links Go say hi to Joe on Twitter: @joenatoli Sign up for Joe's free e-book, "THE WAY IT IS: 10 Powerful UX Career Tips": Check out all of Joe's resources at Sign up for the UX 365 Academy before prices go up in 2022: Come to the UX Hustle Summit - September 24 & 25: --- Support this podcast:
In this episode, Amanda and Alex talk about the power and importance of your story. Alex walks through his process of the Transformation Story Arc so that you can show up more authentically inside and outside your career -- and even use those stories to land that next role if you're feeling like there's more for you out there. Stay tuned for singing, laughing, and lots of story-telling. Alex believes when you tell your story you change the world. As an actor, youth pastor, and public speaker for more than 20 years, he knows firsthand how powerful storytelling is when it comes to personal development, business strategy, and cultivating empathy in our world. Now, with his Transformation Story Arc, Alex helps entrepreneurs create a clear message that connects with their audience and changes the world. Alex has coached TEDx Speakers, bestselling authors, and 7-figure coaches to find the WHY rooted in their signature story. He has a Masters in Theological Studies, is a husband of 16 years, and dad to three Gen Z kids in Toronto, Ontario. Go says hi to Alex on Instagram: @streetsays Sign up for a free preview of Alex's Make Speaking Magical video course: Come to the UX Hustle Summit - September 24 & 25: Free challenge Aug 30 - Sept 3: Career Force One: --- Support this podcast:
In this episode, Amanda and Charli talk about Charli's experience as a Creative Director and hiring manager at ConvertKit. Charli shares tips on how to stand out when job hunting, how she manages her design team, and how she's used her content creation to future-proof her career. Charli will be returning to the UX Hustle Summit stage on our Career Path panel so if you loved this episode make sure you grab your ticket at Charli was a keynote speaker at the 2020 UX Hustle Summit and will be on our Career Path panel this year. Charli is a web designer based in Valencia, Spain who is passionate about side projects and helping creatives improve their craft and process. By day Charli works as the Creative Director at ConvertKit, and in every other moment she’s creating weekly content on her YouTube channel, CharliMarieTV, and podcast, Design Life, sharing insights into life as a professional designer alongside tutorials and advice on design tools and concepts. And these days, Charli's working on her new book. Go follow Charli's Youtube Channel: Sign up for Charli's newsletter to learn more about her book and other endeavors: Come to the UX Hustle Summit - September 24 & 25: Free challenge Aug 30 - Sept 3: Career Force One: --- Support this podcast:
In this episode Amanda and Chad talk about what Chad's learned from his own experience of breaking into UX design and helping students at General Assembly. They discuss the power of mentorship, networking, and interview tips -- and ways to be more successful in a job hunt and find your way in this expansive industry. Chad grew up believing in the inherent worth of human life. Regardless of a person's skill level, ability or contribution to the world, they have value. People matter, and the creation of products and services should reflect that. This drives much of how he interacts with people in his life and his work, with varying degrees of success. For the standard background: He holds a BFA in Media Arts & Animation, Boasts 10+ years of Customer Service experience, has both received and imparted UX education, and is currently working for Cisco as a Sr UXer. He is a runner without the runner's body, cat owner, giraffe lover and spends a lot of time in his kitchen cooking things he tries to share instead of eat all himself, also with varying success. Go follow Chad on Twitter: @mynameis_chad Send a connection invite via LinkedIn: Come to the UX Hustle Summit - September 24 & 25: Free challenge Aug 23 -27: Career Force One: --- Support this podcast:
In this episode, we welcome back Sophia Prater to the UX Hustle Podcast. Sophia and Amanda geek out about all things object-oriented UX (OOUX), talk about entrepreneurship -- shifting from consulting to facilitating to her own certification course, and what it takes to commit to your vision for your business and career. Sophia also gives us a sneak peak at the talk she'll be giving at the UX Hustle Summit all about using OOUX to future-proof your career. Sophia Prater is founder and lead UX designer at Rewired and the chief evangelist of object-oriented UX. Sophia teaches her OOUX methodologies at conferences, within companies, and through her OOUX Certification Program. She is the host of the OOUX Happy Hour meetup and the OOUX Podcast. Sophia has brought the complexity-untangling magic of OOUX to companies such as Facebook, Mastercard, Macy’s, Credit Karma, Hubspot, Intercom, Delta Airlines, CNN, and many more. Sophia lives outside of Atlanta in the beautiful North Georgia mountains, the wine country of the Southeast United States, with her husband and business partner, Luke. Enjoy! Free online training on 4 massive UX mistakes that OOUX can help you prevent: Sophia's Certification Course: Go follow Sophia on Twitter: @sophiavux Come to the UX Hustle Summit - September 24 & 25 - Early Bird on Sale now until August 13th: --- Support this podcast:
In this Episode, Amanda and Cassie talk about designing your career and reputation through all the twists and turns that life, tech, and design bring you. We talk about the privileges allotted to working in tech and the responsibilities that brings. And how to make an impact by using your design skills for good. Cassie is a design leader at Webflow, working to build an ambitious, creatively-empowering web authoring tool. In the past she has served as Design Directors at Glitch and the Mozilla Foundation and has worked in healthcare, run her own design studio, and given talks in many corners of the tech industry. She founded Women && Tech, brought Creative Mornings and Hacking Health to Toronto, founded an event and workshop series called Paris Lectures, and now admins the Orlando Designers Slack. Though she lived in Canada for ten years she was raised in Central Florida and is happy to be back home where she lives with her husband, two daughters, and cheeky cat, Earley. Enjoy the show! Links: Go follow Cassie McDaniel on Twitter: @cassiemc Snag a Webflow account & show our latest UX Hustle Summit sponsor some love: Enneagram Personality Test (discussed in the episode): Come to the UX Hustle Summit - September 24 & 25 - Early Bird on Sale now until August 13th: --- Support this podcast:
In this episode, Jessie and Amanda openly discuss the ups and downs of associating UX to your personal identity and an all-in mindset. After burning out in a past tech career and diving into UX head first, Jessie and Amanda talk about the challenges of giving our career more meaning and the pressure we put on ourselves. As Jessie's dove into her love for poetry, she talks about what she's learned through the creative process and how it relates to her UX career. Jessie is an experience designer by day and a poet by night (or early morning). She loves the process of making meaning out of chaos, whether it be with digital products or with our wild emotions. She's also an enthusiast for dancing, making silly songs, and cloud catching. Since the recording of this episode, Jessie performed at the Worldwide Vigil for the Victims of the Atlanta Shooting in March (you can watch it here: AND Jessie will be performing a piece of spoken word at this year's UX Hustle Summit -- talking about her UX career journey. Enjoy the episode! Links: Go follow Jessie Lian: @yessietojessie Join Jessie's poetry community: Come to the UX Hustle Summit - September 24 & 25 - to see Jessie perform live: --- Support this podcast:
In this episode, Amanda talks about what to do when you're feeling overwhelmed, overworked, or just in a messy place. After coming back from a holiday weekend, it can feel like you need another vacation right away. Amanda shares what she's doing to combat this feeling and ultimately design a sustainable way of working for the long term. Links: Come to the UX Hustle Summit - September 24 & 25 - Early Bird on Sale now until July 24th: --- Support this podcast:
In this Episode, Amanda and Varun discuss how to implement Research in a way that is sustainable, valuable, and ethical. We talk about ways to research with cross-functional partners, the power of saying "I don't know" and acknowledging the implicit bias and challenges that come with research, annnnd Amanda talks about her UX wrestling persona. Varun is cofounder and Head of Research at Apple & Banana where he believes that everyone can do fruitful research. Varun has spent his career immersed in psychology, technology and design at organizations like Facebook, Unitedhealth Group and Best Buy, along with rising startups across the country. When he’s not sharing perspectives, collaborations and applications of fruitful research, he can be seen teaching his dog how to roll over, going for bike rides and playing Last of Us 2. Enjoy the show! Links: Get the first 25 pages of Varun's upcoming book + 25% off once it launches: Go follow Apple & Banana on Twitter: @applebananaux Come to the UX Hustle Summit - September 24 & 25 - Early Bird on Sale now until July 24th: --- Support this podcast:
Denise Nicole Francis is an Atlanta based Sr. Product Designer at a well-known Customer Relationship Management corporation with a focus in User Experience Design. Formerly a designer at The Weather Channel | An IBM Business, and a Visual and Creative Designer with Grammy award winning singer/songwriter India.Arie (who she still moonlights with as a designer) she still believes that her past ventures as an Architect with various Atlanta-based Architecture firms, shaped who she is today. In this episode, Amanda and Denise talk about work/life integration, maintaining passion for the arts through creative outlets outside of work, and the benefits of community groups within larger corporations. Enjoy! LINKS: Follow Denise on Twitter & Instagram: @denisu81 Learn more about the UX Hustle Summit: Get on the UX Hustle Summit waitlist to receive a 20% off discount: --- Support this podcast:
Amanda Worthington is a UX Researcher and Designer with a background in civil engineering. She is organizing the third annual UX Hustle Summit, the world's only virtual UX career conference, and she has signed-on to become the next host of the UX Hustle Podcast. In this episode of the podcast, Sophia's final episode as host, Sophia and Amanda discuss the importance of daily affirmations, how the lines between work/life balance have become blurred over the past year, the overwhelm of opportunity in the UX field, and the importance of sanitizing your conference ball pit in a post Covid world. Enjoy! LINKS: Follow Amanda on Twitter: @amaeworthington Connect with Amanda on LinkedIn: Keep up with Amanda on her website: Earl Nightingale, "The Strangest Secret," mentioned in the episode: Subscribe to The Object-Oriented UX Podcast: Join the Rewired UX Newsletter: Learn more about the UX Hustle Summit: Get your UX Hustle Summit tickets here with a massive 40% off discount: --- Support this podcast:
Tara Codrington is a Web Project Specialist with the Government of Alberta, Canada. She began her career in television, but followed her knack for breaking down complex problems into the online world, where she discovered a passion for accessible design and inclusive writing. In this episode, Sophia and Tara discuss defining who your project really serves, guerrilla user testing, and advocating for those who can't advocate for themselves.  LINKS: Connect with Tara on LinkedIn: Follow Tara on Twitter: Become a Certified OOUX Strategist: --- Support this podcast:
This episode is a little different! Sophia will take you through the basics of OOUX and the ORCA process. Then, together, we will take an example project through the first round of ORCA, the Discovery Round. Grab a pen and paper and get a hand-on lesson in this awesome way of kicking off your UX design efforts. GET YOUR DISCOUNTED SPOT FOR THE OOUX WORKSHOP: LEARN MORE ABOUT GETTING OOUX-CERTIFIED: OOUXy Psychology Articles: Don’t Dead Him: Why Verbs are Hard and What it Means for our UX Process: The Object-Oriented User: PRINT ME! Noun Foraging Document: --- Support this podcast:
Kamilah Benjamin is a creative director and UX designer at Statefarm Insurance, a freelance brand design consultant, a leader and mentor in debt management, healthy living, and decluttering. And if that wasn't enough, she spends her free time practicing photography, designing typography and doing floral arrangement. In this episode of the podcast, Sophia and Kamilah discuss how to navigate corporate acronym overload, the importance of mindset while living amid the sometimes abrupt changes of the post-Covid world, and how to keep all the details in high complexity UX projects from falling through the cracks.  LINKS: Follow Kamilah on Twitter: Connect with Kamilah on LinkedIn: Keep up with Kamilah on her website: Sign up to attend the Object Oriented UX Happy Hour: Join OOUX Summer School: Become a Certified OOUX Strategist: --- Support this podcast:
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