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In this episode, Pete and Jeff dive into how you can better utilize some built-in but overlooked WordPress features to improve SEO on your site.Key Takeaways on Post Types, Categories, and Archive Templates:Post Types - The Highest Level of OrganizationPost types are the highest level for categorizing different content across your site, like pages and posts.Avoid going overboard and creating a lot of custom post types. Keep it simple.The Power of Categories and TaxonomiesUse categories (which are a default taxonomy) to group related content within post types. This allows better content targeting.For example, an ecommerce site could have categories for different product types under the default WooCommerce products post type.Take Advantage of Archive TemplatesThe archive template controls the display of taxonomy and date-based archive pages.You can add unique, relevant content to archive templates to make these pages more useful, like FAQs, videos, etc related to the category topic.This helps demonstrate your authority for those category-related keywords.Plan Site Structure and Metadata EarlyIdeally, post types, taxonomies and site structure get planned early on along with actual content and keywords being targeted.Don't let developers make these organizational decisions solo without client input. Logic doesn't always translate for real visitors.Should You Have Author Archives?Author archive pages usually only make sense on content-heavy sites like newspapers where the actual author is important.For small business sites, you likely want to disable these from being indexed to avoiding duplicate content issues.The Goal: Leverage What You HaveThe goal with post types, taxonomies and archive templates is ultimately to better leverage your existing on-site content for improved SEO targeting - not complex tricks.Take what WordPress offers out-of-the-box and customize it to your advantage.
In this episode, Pete and Jeff muse about the trials and tribulations of WordPress Core Updates and how the latest release – WordPress 6.4 – went, as it wasn't as smooth as others have been. They cover: What core updates are and why they're importantBest practices when performing WordPress updatesWhat to do to ensure nothing goes wrong
We come into contact with a LOT of websites – we audit them, we optimise them and we work hard to get them ranking in the SERPs. In this episode, Pete and Jeff take a look through the top 10 most common SEO mistakes they come across in dealing with client websites. ** SPOILER ALERT – here's the list ** Unchecking "Disallow the search engines from indexing this site"Not undertaking keyword researchOverusing target keywords Leaving development URLs in place when a site gets pushed live Not optimising Images properlyIgnoring technical SEO features (particularly in the build) – See Ep 8 - The Importance of Technical SEO Not running your SEO Plugin through it's Optimisation Process Having a flat URL structureNot reviewing performance once built and populated Not building internal links to key target pages
In a change from the usual schedule, now we're 10 shows in we thought it was prudent to introduce us and our company, SEOHive, a little more. In this episode, we chat through exactly how Pete and Jeff met, how SEOHive was started and what it is that we offer today. If you would like to discuss how SEOHive can help you, schedule a 20 minute intro call today! 
AI is the fastest growing phenomenon since the invention of the internet itself, and as with any leap forward in technology there are pro's, con's and unknowns... In this episode, Pete and Jeff chat through the benefits and pitfalls of current SEO AI tools, and how they use them. They also touch on some of the moral dilemmas when it comes to using AI and how far you should reasonably let it go in your processes right now. 
Technical SEO isn't the sexy side of SEO, but it is vital to ensure it's correct as it holds the keys to unlock the power in ALL other SEO practices.In this episode, Pete & Jeff chat through the importance of Technical (on-page) SEO, why it's vital that those building websites understand the basics (with some tips on what you can do), and what your first steps should be on any SEO Program. We also mention Website Ipsum – a really handy tool from Kyle Van Deusen and The Admin Bar. 
In this episode, Pete and Jeff talk through how keywords are used in content. This includes: A basic outline of what a keyword isWhy it important to understand the keywords your customers use to search for your products and servicesA top level SEO strategy that any website can use for freeHow to incorporate keywords into content
In this episode, Pete and Jeff chat around the lifecycle of SEO Algorithm updates and the themes that have come to pass over the last 10 years or so. The pair also consider what to do when algorithm (or "algo") updates happen, so you can ride them out as well as possible.
In the episode, Pete and Jeff chat through the things you need to think about in your agency as you start delivering monthly recurring revenue services. The topics they chat through include: Selling MRR Services – what to watch out for and how to do itServicing MRR clients amongst project workThe benefits of MRR services for agencies, their owners and their clientsHow MRR helps you to grow your business responsiblyRelated Episodes: 003 – How to Price Monthly SEO Services
In this episode, Pete and Jeff consider the elements you need to consider when preparing a website for launch.Pre-requisitesWe're assuming you already have:Built the site properlyBrowser-checked it the responsive layoutsPopulated it fullyFigured out your caching Pre-LiveUnblock Search EnginesSEO Plugins & Basic Set UpBusiness Details in Schema / SEO Plugin301 Redirects of old URLs to new URLsSite Title / Tagline (remove "Just another WordPress Website", etc)Are Web and Home URLs updated to live siteRemove standard posts / hello world contentMake sure GA4 is installedMake sure tracking codes are copied over from the previous siteEnsure all plugins / themes / wordpress updates are complete (even if they're not on a maintenance plan, you should hand the site over with 0 updates required).Run an SEO Health AuditMake sure there is only 1 H1 tag per pageRun a full check for any placeholder textMake sure forms submitTake payment gateway of of Test / Dev Mode (if applicable)Check load times on all page templates are less than 3 seconds (absolute maximum)Check Social Media links are correctConfirm 404 page is set correctlyEnsure Cookies and Privacy Policies are correct / up-to-dateInstall security plugin (like Wordfence of iThemes)Check all contact forms go to the clients email address Post-LiveSubmit to Google Search Console (this might involved submitting a new (different) sitemap.xml URLMake sure SSL Certificate is installedSet up Instant Indexing for Bing and GoogleSet up maintenance plan (if the client has signed up)Send Website Owners Manual (with agreement for maintenance plan if they're not signed up already)Ensure all licensed plugins have the new (live) domain authenticated on them
In this episode, Pete and Jeff consider the elements you need to consider when pricing recurring services (such as SEO). They talk through the subjects of: DeliverablesExpensesTimeProfitTax... and provide a trusted formula for ensuring you are profitable with every service you offer. A hugh Shoutout goes to Mike Michalowicz, author of Profit First and Fix This Next (among other titles). 
In the second part of the mini series, Pete and Jeff cover the themes and Plugins they recommend in their 2023 set WordPress set ups. These include: Beaver Builder & ThemerKadence SEMRush / MangoolsGTMetrixInlinksIf you haven't listened to part 1 (all about plugins) check it out here.
In the first episode of a two-part mini series, Pete and Jeff start by chatting through their preferred WordPress SEO plugins for 2023.These include:SEOPress ProWP RocketEWWW / ShortpixelInternal Link JuicerOnce you're done, listen to part 2 about themes and software...
Main talking points include: In the first ever episode of The WP SEO Show, Pete and Jeff introduce themselves and the concept behind the show. Giving a brief account of where the inspiration for the podcast came from, Pete and Jeff outline some of what they plan to include in the show as time goes by.
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