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The Woke Wave | Astrology • Spirituality  • Entrepreneurship  • Self Development   • Wellness • Travel
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The Woke Wave | Astrology • Spirituality • Entrepreneurship • Self Development • Wellness • Travel

Author: Julia Kelley

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Deep Diving into the Human Experience through Conscious Conversation & Exploration
18 Episodes
New Beginnings: Following your dreams, Transitioning into a new job, Moving to LA
Beyond Music: Building a life and career in music, gaining confidence on stage, and making connections in musicPermalink
Welcome to Spring: Side Hustles, Aries Season, New Beginnings,  and the Libra Full Moon.This week’s podcast is all about the new beginnings that comes with Aries Season. Today, on March 20th, we have a Supermoon in Libra which welcomes us into Aries season. On this episode I talk about how this is a great time to start new projects, and I talk about the projects and side hustles that I have and what I have learned from them.Highlights in this episode: * Ending Pisces Season * Making it through Retrograde * Aries Season and what that means * Libra Full moon * Cardinal Signs in the Zodiac * Side Hustles and Starting Projects * My Advice on staying consistent with what you want * Making Sacrifices for your projects * Balancing a full-time job with side hustlesTune in every TUESDAY!Connect on Instagram at please rate, review, & subscribe! Let me know if you are listening <3
Real Girls F.A.R.T: Navigating Mental Health, Spirituality, and Motherhood while Blazing a Trail for Change:  Authentic Conversations, Fearless Empowerment, and Safe Spaces for WomenWith Entrepreneur, Advocate for Women’s Empowerment, and Master StoryTeller Achea ReddThis Week’s Episode is with the Incredible Entrepreneur, Mother, Advocate for Women, and Master Story Teller Achea Redd. Achea changed my life within the first 5 minutes of talking with her. This conversation is long, raw, and REAL. She Opens up about her own mental health & spiritual journey and how it has paved her path toward empowering others and building the community, movement, and safe space for women: Real Girls F.A.R.T. Find You can find Achea at the links below!We cover everything below:What Real Girls F.A.R.T means and how it startedHow Achea brought own experience into the public. Turning pain into purpose & going after a true calling despite resistance and fear.The Great Un-Doing: Separating self from your religious upbringing, in order to connect deeper to spirit and God. Being a mom, wife, entrepreneur, and advocateDealing with Suicidal Thoughts and Breaking through the Darkness of disbelief People & Books that changed her lifeMental Health and Motherhood: Raising Mentally Healthy KidsFinding the Balance of Motherhood through energy managementSaying No to the wrong things in order to say Yes to the right thingsAdvice for Women who deal with Mental HealthBreaking through silence Achea’s upcoming book launchLearn more & subscribe to her newsletter at Real Girls Fart WebsiteConnect on socials at: IG FBRate, Review, & Subscribe <3
Happy Retrograde! It’s okay, we will survive! In this episode I go over:- What Mercury Retrograde is (astronomy vs astrology)- Pisces Mercury Retrograde and how we can heal- What this means for our communication, technology, travel, and relationships- What not to do + What to do- Chiron Conjunction- Uranus in Taurus- Why you should tune into the good energy this retrogradeENJOY!You can purchase my guide here for 0.99& follow the woke wave on Instagram!Follow my astrology account here
This week I am feeling ANXIOUS & OVERWHELMED. That’s why I wanted to share this raw & real episode on the methods, tools, and tactics that I have found and used to deal with overwhelm, anxiety, and stress.I cover everything from:- Meditation and how I discovered it- Why meditation isn’t a one size fits all- The different brainwaves and how they effect our mental state- Binaural Beats as a tool for meditation, sleep, and focus- Isolation tank therapy, float tank therapy and it’s benefits-Mental Health Therapy as a solution- Essential oils and their use- Oregano vs antibiotics- Depression and the brain- Serotonin production and it’s relation to gut health- Alternatives to traditional medicine- Mind-body connection- CBD oil
This week’s episode is all about astrology!I have received several questions about astrology so I decided to start a short series of episodes on it.Today we cover the basics of it, including:- understanding astrology’s application- Why most horoscopes are bullshit- The planet meanings- The sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto- Saturn Returns- Neptune in Pisces meaning- Pluto in Capricorn meaningFollow my astrology account for more on Instagram: follow the woke wave on Insta:
This is a special feature episode on Valentine’s Day.Please enjoy this free flow on love and relationships,Where I cover:- the 7 types of love- toxic relationships x toxic isolation- co-dependency- healthy relationships & the pendulum of love- “Aum” in Yoga and the cycles of life- Creating Space for all types of love- Valentine’s Day FOMO
Leading yourself to lead others // Designing your Own Inspiration, Starting a Business, and Staying Consistent on your Path with Personal Trainer and Fitness Entrepreneur Josh Fardy
The Woke Wave is a weekly podcast hosted by Julia Kelley. Each week is a deep dive into the human experience through conversation & exploration with conscious creatives.THIS WEEK’S EPISODE is all about FEAR.This episode is a Solo-Sode and a short inspirational / motivational episode on my own experience and understanding with Fear and how I have learned to transform fear through.Fear is often seen as mental, but the truth is that it manifests in us physically too. Through my own observation, I have learned to acknowledge fear when it shows up and communicate with it in order to eradicate it from preventing my progress.
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