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Author: Michelle Cunningham

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Toasted Earth is a show about founders, visionaries and environmentalists pursuing novel ideas in sustainability. Our guests are on a mission to save the earth, tune in to hear their unique stories and how they, and you, can make a difference.
32 Episodes
Enduring Planet provides hassle-free growth capital to climate entrepreneurs. They help entrepreneurs working on the reduction of carbon emissions, removal of carbon from the atmosphere or resilience to climate change access non-dilutive capital quickly.Michelle and Dimitry discuss what the current funding landscape is like for climate entrepreneurs today, what entrepreneurs should consider when deciding what types of funding to seek and how Enduring Planet can help close the gap on the multi-trillion dollars of funding needed to achieve the world's climate goals.Relevant links:https://enduringplanet.comSupport the show
Breakthrough Energy was started by Bill Gates in 2015 to support innovations that will lead the world to net-zero emissions. It encompasses a variety of initiatives from investment funds to philanthropic programs. Jay joins us from Breakthrough Energy Catalyst, a first-of-its kind program to demonstrate how we can finance, produce and buy the new solutions that will underpin a low-carbon economy.Relevant links: the show
Remark: Jess Lybeck

Remark: Jess Lybeck


Remark helps you turn your climate angst into action. Their iOS and Android app makes it easy to send your sustainability feedback to CEOs and business owners and they’ve recently launched a browser plugin that helps you take immediate, one-minute climate actions whenever you read depressing climate news. Remark enables individuals to ask for better from the people who pull the strings and force the system to change.Michelle and Jess discuss how humor can lift us out of despair and into action, feedback from one person can make businesses change and how Remark helps anyone easily fit climate action into their lives.Relevant links: the show
HOPE Hydration creates tech-enabled water refill stations to be placed in the biggest cities around the world offering free water and reducing plastic use. For every station installed they also finance a water project to help close the global water access gap. Michelle speaks with Founder & CEO, Jorge Richardson, to discuss the intersection of technology and doing good, the state of water access today and how HOPE Hydration aims to make free, quality water no more than 5-minute walk away.Relevant Links:hopehydrate.comSupport the show
Rebellyous Foods is a food production technology company working to make plant-based meat delicious, widely available and price-competitive with traditional chicken products.Michelle and Christie discuss the current plant-based meat market, why it can't keep up with the demand for plant-based meat and how Rebellyous Foods will fix that with their new food production equipment.Relevant links: the show
EcoSystems is a full-service water and energy conservation company whose in-house team designs and implements solutions for properties to save on their water and energy usage, thereby helping the environment and cutting costs. They are centered around the mission to prove that conservation is good for business.Michelle and Richard discuss how Richard and his brother bootstrapped their way to a nationwide business upgrading apartment complexes and hotels at scale, how the affects of climate change on the Miami area inspired him and why it IS possible to go green and save money doing it.Relevant links:https://ecosystems.comSupport the show
Briiv is the most sustainable air filter. It uses 90% natural and renewable materials, creating safe, clean homes through the power of plants.James, Sean and Michelle discuss the wastefulness of conventional air filters, the challenges of building compostable consumer electronics and how the Briiv air filter provides an eco-friendly and visually appealing alternative.Relevant links: the show
Carbon Collective helps investors invest in companies building climate solutions and divest from companies reliant on fossil fuels, while still helping them be broadly diversified. They do all this for the same price as a generic online investment advisor.Zach and Michelle discuss the current sustainable funds on the market today, how even a small group of investors can build a coalition to force positive change in large companies and how Carbon Collective provides an easy and reliable way to promote sustainability in your investments while getting a good return.Relevant links:https://carboncollective.coSupport the show
Eden Green Technology

Eden Green Technology


This episode features Eddy Badrina, CEO of Eden Green Technology.Eden Green creates turnkey greenhouse systems and vertical farming technology for growing and harvesting large amounts of local produce safely, efficiently and scalably. They do all of this while using less land, energy and water than traditional farming or other indoor solutions. Eddy and Michelle discuss how Covid 19 created an opportunity Eddy and his team to fine tune their technology, why local produce and vertical farming are beneficial for the environment, how hydroponics works and more!Relevant links:https://edengreen.comSupport the show
This episode features Philip Ehrhorn, Co-Founder and CTO of The Great Bubble Barrier.The Great Bubble Barrier uses bubbles to catch plastic over the full width and depth of rivers, preventing plastic from ending up in the ocean. Their system creates a bubble curtain diagonally across the river, pushing plastic to the surface and directing it into a catchment system. Great Bubble Barriers do not interfere with regular river activities, are safe for fish and other marine life and operate continuously. Philip and Michelle discuss why plastic pollution in our waterways is problematic, how Philip and his Co-Founders discovered that bubbles could help catch the plastic and the challenges of installing their technology on rivers around the world.Relevant links: the show
This episode features Brandon Boynton, Co-Founder and CEO of Undo Air.Undo Air is empowering individuals to fight climate change by capturing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere through their consumer-sized CO2 scrubber. This solar-powered household device uses replaceable, recyclable cartridges to filter the air and separate out CO2.Brandon and Michelle discuss carbon capture technology, the challenges of building a physical product with minimal carbon emissions and how individuals can make a measurable dent in the carbon we've already emitted with the soon-to-launch Undo Air device.Relevant links:https://undoair.comSupport the show
This episode features Angelita De la Luz, the Director of Applied Research and Operations at BeeFlow.BeeFlow provides professional pollination services to farmers. They apply scientific knowledge and technology during crop pollination to increase crop yields and improve food quality.Angelita and Michelle discuss the science behind pollination, the importance of educating farmers about better pollination practices and sustainability and how Beeflow trains their bees to pollinate specific crops resulting in a 20-90% higher crop yield.Relevant links:https://beeflow.comSupport the show
Chippin: Haley Russell

Chippin: Haley Russell


This episode features Haley Russell, Co-Founder and CEO of Chippin.Chippin is the world’s most sustainable pet food. They make their dog food and treats from earth-friendly proteins like cricket, spirulina and silver carp using 80% fewer resources than traditional dog foods.Haley and Michelle discuss the impact that using animal protein for pet foods has on the environment, alternative protein options and why they're better and how Chippin is providing quality pet food products that are better for the planet.Relevant links: the show
This episode features Kristen Tapping, the Founder and CEO of GoRolloe.GoRolloe is focused on merging clean air technology with the transportation sector. They are currently developing a device that attaches to bike wheels to filter air pollution simply using the rider’s motion and energy. Kristen and Michelle discuss the process of developing a new invention and the challenges of doing it in the most sustainable way, the problems arising from air pollution in our cities and how GoRolloe will have a major impact in bike-friendly cities.Relevant links: the show
This episode features Simon Schillebeeckx, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Handprint.Handprint aims to integrate positive impact into every business transaction. Their team has built a platform that connects companies with curated environmental causes and integrates these causes into the company’s e-commerce website or other digital presence. They make it easy to automate, report and visualize each company’s positive impact actions.Michelle and Simon discuss why having a net-positive impact is a necessity beyond offsetting footprints, why regenerative solutions are the answer and how Handprint enables businesses to go net positive easily. Relevant links:https://handprint.techSupport the show
This is a special episode focused on the future generations that will inherit the earth. In it Michelle speaks with a member of Gen Z, Aneesh Mather the Founder of Locally Universal, about his views on the environment, how he's learning about it and how he hopes to make a difference.Locally Universal is a group of students based in Northern Virginia that is dedicated to spreading awareness and taking action on environmental and animal rights issues. He and the Locally Universal members host events to clean up their community and recycle. Michelle and Aneesh discuss why he feels the need to get involved with helping our environment, what changes he'd like to see from adults to feel confident that these problems will be solved and how anyone can jump in and take small actions toward a better planet.Instagram: @locallyuniversalorgSupport the show
This episode features Paul Shapiro, the Co-Founder and CEO of The Better Meat Company. The Better Meat Co. offers cost-effective plant protein and mycoprotein formulations to seamlessly enhance or even replace meat production while improving nutrition, flavor and yield. Their clean, allergen-free protein ingredients blend effortlessly into ground beef, chicken, pork, turkey, fish and crab, reducing the amount of animal protein needed to produce them and creating a more sustainable product.Paul is the author of the national bestseller, Clean Meat: How Growing Meat Without Animals Will Revolutionize Dinner and the World and has published more than a hundred articles on food sustainability. He’s now on a journey to help flexitarians adopt more plant-based proteins with The Better Meat Company.Michelle and Paul discuss how growing animals for food hugely contributes to climate change, why it's important to have meat alternatives and how The Better Meat Co. will reduce the amount of meat we consume in a way that's appealing to plant and meat lovers alike.Relevant links:https://www.bettermeat.coSupport the show
This episode features Tim Davenport, one of the early team members and a Solutions Architect at Digital Humani. Digital Humani is a non-profit organization that provides a simple and easy to use API to help connect websites and mobile apps to trusted reforestation organizations to have trees planted.Tim was looking for a way to use his skills to help the environment when he came across the organization and joined founder Jonathan Villiard during the early days. Since then their distributed team has grown into the double digits, spanning several countries and has enabled the planting of over 50 thousand trees with Digital Humani.Michelle and Tim discuss why trees are important for the planet and how e-commerce and other companies can use the Digital Humani API to make it easy to plant trees when their customers take an action online.Relevant links:https://www.digitalhumani.com the show
This episode features Rachel Kois, the Founder and CEO of Simple Switch. Simple Switch is an online marketplace for ethical and impactful shopping. Every one of the 3,000+ products sold on Simple Switch has a positive social or environmental impact and they aim to shift some of the hundreds of billions of dollars spent online this year to products that support orphan care, planting trees, combating climate change and more.Rachel believes deeply in the power of entrepreneurship to solve some of our most serious global problems and started Simple Switch to bring ease and convenience to ethical and impactful online shopping.Michelle and Rachel discuss how her internship in South Africa sparked her desire to support entrepreneurs doing good, why it's difficult for the everyday consumer to discover and purchase from these ethical businesses and how Simple Switch will make it easy.Discounts:Use the coupon code "TOASTEDEARTH" for 20% off your first purchase.Relevant links: info:hello@simpleswitch.orgSupport the show
This episode features Kate and Nataly Trusova, the founders of Kiwi Eco Box. Kiwi Eco Box is a monthly eco-friendly subscription box that helps you integrate zero-waste concepts into your lifestyle easily and build a plastic-free routine. Every month Kiwi Eco Box subscribers get from 5 to 7 different products, that are shipped in 100% plastic-free packaging with paper wrapping, labels, and tape — all of which are recyclable and compostable.Kate and Nataly realized that when going zero-waste, knowing what to buy, where to buy it, and if the products are good enough is both challenging and confusing. They thought it would be great if there was a service that delivered everything they needed on a regular basis, so they decided to start Kiwi Eco Box.Michelle, Kate and Nataly discuss how their grandma's lifestyle in a village in Ukraine introduced them to low-waste living, how COVID-19 resulted in them having the time to pursue the Kiwi Eco Box idea and how living zero-waste doesn't have to be hard or expensive.Relevant links: the show
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