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Author: Beth Baker

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Welcome to Why We Run! My name is Beth Baker, and I am a running coach and owner of Running Evolution in Seattle. I coach new runners, but what I really do is chat them up to distract them from well…running. Before I was a running coach, I was an audio engineer. This has been a dream of mine for years, and I have loved the whole process and learned a lot. I love talking about music, art and what it means to be a human while running, and this podcast is dedicated to that, while people are actually running. Its steeped in heavy breathing and the footsteps set the rhythm to the conversations. My goal is to get a van and talk and run with runners from across the country, across the political landscapes and across the spectrum to see what makes them tick.
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On a cold early Seattle morning, I interview Megan Hanna. Megan has this great podcast called My 10 Songs. She interviews everyday people to astronauts about the 10 songs that changed their life. She does such a great job holding the space for the music and for the guests to share their beloved treasures. I got to be on there last year and had a great time.Since this was our music month, I wanted to take her out for a spin and talk about the power of music and how it is the glue to people that we need right now.
One of my favorite things is listening to music when I am running. There is something so primal about beating my feat on the pavement in time with rhythm of a song.  I also just love talking about music, so I wanted to talk to someone who speaks that language fluently, so I talked to Lucinda. She is a music educator, conductor, musician, singer and a runner. She speaks so deeply and beautifully about music that I could just listen and run with her all day. It's truly her first language.  Please rate, review and share these episode. 
This is part 2 of our October breast cancer month series. Today I talk to Kelli who is a mom of 2, wife, professor, lawyer, fellow southern Californian and a new breast cancer survivor.   We have known each other since we both had babies in strollers (about 10 years) and she has always been such a supporter of my business and so generous with her brain and heart.  We set off on a trail today where Kelli had run before that is close to her house. There, she shares:All of the hard decisions that had to made while having cancerHow she didn't like running, and thought running marathon would solve that. That there should be an honest passage in the owner manuals for having kids. The hardest part of having cancer.This is a great episode, and I so appreciate Kelli's continues generosity of herself so that it will hopefully help others. This episode is sponsored by Coach Running Evolution. If you are interested in coaching new runners and changing lives, check out CRE online course and make new runners. 
UPDATE! We are changing things up this round and are releasing one interview at a time, as opposed to multiple interviews in one episode. This month we have 2 interviews. This episode is part 1, and next week is part 2. (duh)October is breast cancer awareness month, and I wanted to share a couple of stories from some of the women in my group who got the diagnosis and how they managed it.   I first talk to Karen who just completed her second marathon a few months ago. She's also an amazing mom, great friend, wife, sister, pastor, and a breast cancer survivor. She shares her story about growing up as a world-class couch potato and when middle-age knocked on her door, she found running. She got diagnosed with breast cancer after a year-long back and forth diagnosis. She described going through hell as she went through chemo on top of being a mom, wife, pastor, and trying to find peace through running. This is a beautiful story from an amazing soul. Here are some topics that really made my heart swell:  *How cancer affected her running. *The first half marathon post-cancer. *ALL of the hard decisions that she and her family had to make. *Her new body. *How boobs sell everything. *How she is being brave for her daughter and letting her know that her value is not determinate on what you look like or how many boobs you have.This episode is sponsored by Coach Running Evolution. If you are looking to start coaching new runners, you can get certified to be a coach. All online and right at your house. 
 Let's face it, running isn't always the best. Sometimes you get injured, and you can't run, and when you look at everyone else running with all your friends, you are like, "Hey! I thought we were together!" This episode is about that spot. Injuries, being in your head and trying to find the loving mojo.  The first interview is Brenda who is definitely on the struggle bus. She is started off loving running and then they had a falling out, and now they are trying to get it back on.   Second, up is our Running Evolution coach Pamela who has a marathon in a few weeks in Berlin, and she hasn't been training for yet. She is very open about why she started running and what she likes about coaching. Spoiler alert, it's the people.    Last up is Greg who coaches for Rain Bear running up in Port Angeles with his lovely wife Carman (who was one of my first runners when I started coaching). He spins about how he started running and how he and his wife made some huge life changes and running was one of them.   **This episode is sponsored by Coach Running Evolution. If you are a runner and want to start coaching people to start running, check out Coach Running Evolution. Online classes start at the end of the week. 
I am so excited to share these 3 stories of the woman who started a little later their life and are doing amazing things. I call them the Late Bloomer Running Club. First up is Deb, who started to run at the age of 59, after she lost 90 pounds. She got hooked and has done 204 races from everywhere between a 1k to a 100 miler. She talks about the things she has learned along the way, and she isn't even close to slowing down. She race card is booked into 2020. Next up is Tonia, who JUST started running in February at the age of 53 because of a new years resolution where she wanted to say yes to anything that would lower her stress level. It turns out, Tonia is a total speed demon and did an 8-minute mile on her 5k!The last interview is Beth Whitman who started questioning the stories she was telling herself in her 50's and led her to question if she could really run a marathon, and then another, and then an ultra and so on. She is on fire with her goal motivation and has paired her new running passion with her travel background/career. This year she is doing 5 ultras on 5 different Hawaiin islands, and next year, she is running races in the big 4 deserts around the world. Whoa. She also has a great podcast called She's Bold! 
We all need people who support us. But when we are running, we REALLY need them when we are shooting for big goals. I talk to 2 people who show up in a big way for others.  First up, Larissa! She herself is an amazing athlete who is testing her running muscle in a big way this year. But she also is the biggest fan to all others who are putting themselves out there. She cheers on the sidelines, paces and yells the hardest, in her sweet voice, when another runner takes on a new challenge.  Next up is Bob Lesko, who is part of the Oiselle team. He is always in the stands, bandana on the head, hooting and hollering for the athlete in the arena. He's also grew up in the sport and very much appreciates the time and effort the sport demands. 
Happy Mothers Day! I talked to 2 moms, Paige and Sara!Paige is a mom of 2 girls, a cancer survivor, and a runner. She shares her story about adoption and battling cancer at the same time. She's a total badass. Sara Dean has been my buddy for a while now. She's a total hoot, a wonderful friend and a mom of one little Vinnie. She tells it like it is, and we run-walk and look for a bathroom. Cause, motherhood. She is also the host of an amazing podcast called The Shameless Mom Acadamy. Run, don't walk to check it out!
Kelly Herron was attacked 2 years ago in a bathroom when she was training for her first marathon. She fought him off from a class she learned from a self-defense class she had taken 3 weeks before. That event transformed her life and is now helping people start running as a Running Evolution coach and is hosting clinics with her self defense instructor from Fighting Chance. Details here. Jonathon Lieberman has done 5 Ironmans and is just about to run the Boston marathon. His story on how he got to this moment is amazing. He also gave me an insight into why guys are so into their cars.    
Episode 3. The Runners

Episode 3. The Runners


I interviewed 3 people who have totally emersed themselves into running. Ty is the manager of the best running shoe store in the planet (in my opinion) Super Jock and Jill and is working on a running streak. Elizabeth is a coach, runner and a writer who pens about running. And Jess is an ultramarathoner, coach and a dietitian for runners. They all have wonderful insights, stories and love of running. 
In honor of International Women's Day, I wanted to tap into my tribe of badass women to see what inspires them to run and be in our community. "It's hard to cry and run at the same time.""The most loving thing you can do for yourself is run""Knowing there is a community that's available for "those moments" that I can show up, and don't have to tell the whole story, I can just show up and run.""Its seems like it's always about boys!!""It's really amazing the power of a group of women doing this together."
Episode 2. Creatives

Episode 2. Creatives


I talk to 3 creative types. A graphic designer, a musician and a animator about being creative, the role running plays into it, and smoking. 
A stay at home mom, a teacher and a retired special agent go for a run and talk about the ins and outs of starting to run, what a runner means, and getting back into it after a long hiatus.  This is our first episode and we run around the beautiful Seattle areas, and talk while we are running.  First up is Kelly, a teacher, single mom and a good friend of mine. Second is Karen who is a stay at home mom who has been a treadmill runner for many years and recently started taking her running out of doors. Last is Jerry, a 74 year old retired special agent and a long time runner. He's also my dad. Enjoy!
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