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Wisdom Talk Radio brings you insight, illumination and inspiration in service to the world. We are a collaborative community of explorers in Conscious Living, Conscious Business, Conscious Relationships, Conscious Community and Conscious Evolution.

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The upheaval that people are experiencing around the world points to a potential for change in ways that our collective imagination may be only beginning to recognize. We need more than traditional views of, well, of everything, to be able to meet the challenges before us. Join us for renowned biologist Rupert Sheldrake who, throughout his career, has brought us to new realms of possibility within us. Dr. Rupert Sheldrake is a biologist and the author of more than ninety technical papers and fourteen books, including Science Set Free and The Physics of Angels. After studying at Cambridge and Harvard Universities, he worked in Hyderabad, India, as principal plant physiologist and lived for two years in the Benedictine ashram of Father Bede Griffiths. He was director of the Perrott-Warrick Project for the study of unexplained human and animal abilities, funded by Trinity College, Cambridge. Dr. Sheldrake is currently a Fellow of the Institute of Noetic Sciences in California and of Schumacher College the UK. He lives in London with his wife Jill Purce, with whom he has two sons. Check out Monkfish Publishing ( ) for Rupert's books: Ways to Go Beyond and Why They Work, The Physics of Angels and others. ( ) Support this podcast at —
How are YOU doing in these remarkable times? Is there something you want to take action on, but it feels like there is too much in the way? What if you could tap into your inner fire to clear the way and move forward? If your answer to any of these is YES, stay tuned to meet my guest today, Heather Hansen O’Neill. Ignite your own wisdom, and, if you have one, ignite your team! Heather Hansen O’Neill is an international speaker, author, and adventurer using her action-packed experiences to Fire Up audiences. She stimulates vibrant energy, focus, and action for those who want to collaborate effectively, lead change, and achieve massive results. Find Heather Hansen o'Neill at: Visit here to learn more about The Phoenix: Find Laurie Seymour at: *Discover your* Creative Innovator Style! Why would you want to know that? Because trying to innovate in ways that fight your natural way of creating, could be what’s standing in the way of turning your ideas into reality. Click here to take the quiz now: Creative Innovator Quiz ( ) Upcoming virtual intensive with Laurie, August 15-16: Inspiration into Action: Turaya Meditation Intensive ( ) Support this podcast at —
How are you bringing your unique creative genius into the world? What do you wish you knew so that you could bring about change in the world with your own voice? Kami Guildner believes women’s voices matter. Kami’s entrepreneurial journey was sparked by the breath of a horse over a decade ago. This magical epiphany moment led Kami to discover her purpose of leading change-maker women to give voice to their most important messages and create a ripple effect of worldly impact. Kami’s soulful spirit leads her clients to unleash their magical manifestation powers and live out loud fueled with vitality and courage. She is the founder of Extraordinary Women Radio™ – a podcast featuring wildly successful women making an impact on the world. Kami is the author of Firedancer: Your Spiral Journey to a Life of Passion and Purpose. Find Kami at or on Facebook at Extraordinary Women Connect ( ) Find Laurie Seymour at *Discover your* Creative Innovator Style! Why would you want to know that? Because trying to innovate in ways that fight your natural way of creating, could be what’s standing in the way of turning your ideas into reality. Click here to take the quiz now: Creative Innovator Quiz ( ) Support this podcast at —
To live a Passionate life. With vitality. With joy. Aren’t these things that each of us want? Well, maybe you have felt that the fallout from COVID-19 has interrupted your living a passionate life. So, how can you reconnect with that? How can you claim joy and vitality in THIS moment? Tune-in for our special guest today, Dr. Mara Karpel, and learn from someone who has traveled this journey. Dr. Mara Karpel is a Psychologist, Author of the International Best-Seller, The Passionate Life: Creating Vitality & Joy at Any Age, Host of the radio show, Dr. Mara Karpel & Your Golden Years, Passionate Living Motivator for Compassionate Austin, and contributor to Thrive Global , Huffington Post and Sivana East. She works with adults of all ages and specializes with seniors, caregivers, and veterans. Dr. Mara has now launched tele-health consulting to help those looking to reconnect with their passion and purpose during these uncertain times. Find Dr. Mara Karpel at ( ) Find Laurie Seymour at *Discover your* Creative Innovator Style! Why would you want to know that? Because trying to innovate in ways that fight your natural way of creating, could be what’s standing in the way of turning your ideas into reality. Click here to take the quiz now: Creative Innovator Quiz ( ) Support this podcast at —
No matter how you want to describe it, we are in a crucible of great change. How can we accelerate the creation and implementation of sustainable ideas and practices? I wanted to talk with someone who knows that we don’t have to do where we have always done. * How this is a moment of chaos or "phase transition" * Getting caught in the "against" * Shifting our focus away from fear so that we can see the opportunities and solutions * How courage is stepping back into the heart * Co-creating opposites that support each other * Love in Business: creating paradigms that support everyone Chad Warren has a unique distinction as the world’s youngest teacher of Transcendental Meditation at age 14 and spent quite a bit of his teen years in Europe studying with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the Founder of the TM Movement. Chad’s global perspectives on life and spirituality led him to study directly with legendary Buckminster Fuller, 20th century inventor and visionary back in 1980. It was during these formative years that Chad realized the deep connection we all share with the planet and to each other and how impacted we are by whatever messages we are exposed to. He also learned of the impact that media has on our thoughts, our physiologies, our emotions and our consciousness. Founder and CEO of ZenMoose Capital, Chad has 40 years of experience in business development; project financing, business consulting, real estate, real estate development and sales and marketing. He has worked extensively with bringing developing businesses and investors together for maximum mutual benefit. Chad can be found at: ( ) ( ) Laurie can be found at: , where you can discover your ** Creative Innovator Style! Why would you want to know that? Because trying to innovate in ways that fight your natural way of creating, could be what’s standing in the way of turning your ideas into reality. Click here to take the quiz now: Creative Innovator Quiz ( ) Support this podcast at —
When you are introduced to Shamanism at sixteen, how does that impact your life? Listen in today to hear the surprising turns that Angela Rose Fields has taken in her life from this early immersion into the mysteries. * the meaning of "woo" * the importance of merging modern knowledge with ancient practices. * the Expansion Collective * gut microbiome health: what it is and why it is important * energetic issues that are present when people are coping in non-productive ways. * Why “showing up” is necessary for innovators and creatives, now more than ever Angela Rose Fields is a Holistic Health Coach who is certified in Integrative Nutrition and has helped hundreds of people in her practice. She was initiated into the world of Shamanism down in the Amazon at the young age of sixteen. After experiencing several traumatic spiritual awakenings and running away from the “woo” for years, she finally embraced it again in her mid-twenties. These life experiences lead her to dive more deeply into the realms of energetic healing and mental health. Now known as an Esoteric Biohacking Coach, she helps empathic Creative Pros who are struggling with gut issues to simultaneously heal and maximize their time, energy, cognitive and intuitive ability. Find Angela Rose at ( ) & ( ) Find Laurie Seymour at *Discover your Creative Innovator Style.* Why would you want to know that? Because trying to innovate in ways that fight your natural way of creating, could be what’s standing in the way of turning your ideas into reality. Click here to take the quiz now: Creative Innovator Quiz ( ) Support this podcast at —
There has been so much written about both the real and the symbolic Mary Magdalene. What might those stories have to teach us today? Where does the old and the new intersect? I’ll be diving deeply into that with my guest today, author Elizabeth Cunningham. Stay tuned for something very special. * The power of "going into the dark" * The bridge between the stories of the Bible and the stories of other cultures * Why her character, Maeve, has taken on a life of her own and how she is relevant today * Encountering the Divine as female * How we ARE the Earth * Developing an eye and an ear and a heart for beauty. Elizabeth Cunningham is the descendant of nine generations of Episcopal priests. She grew up hearing rich (sometimes terrifying) liturgical and biblical language. When she was not in church or school, she read fairy tales and fantasy novels or wandered in the enchanted wood of an overgrown, abandoned estate next door to the rectory. Her religious background, the magic of fairy tales, and the numinous experience of nature continue to inform her work. Elizabeth is best known for The Maeve Chronicles , a series of award-winning novels featuring a feisty Celtic Magdalene. An ordained interfaith minister, she is in private practice as a counselor. She is the mother of grown children and lives with her husband in New York State’s Hudson Valley. Find Elizabeth's books at Monkfish Publishing Company ( ). and her website: Elizabeth Cunningham ( ) Find Laurie and take the Creative Innovator Quiz at The Baca Institute ( ) *Discover your Creative Innovator Style.* Why would you want to know that? Because trying to innovate in ways that fight your natural way of creating, could be what’s standing in the way of turning your ideas into reality. Click here to take the quiz now: Creative Innovator Quiz ( ) Support this podcast at —
And now for something completely different! Trey Kauffman and Ernie Welsh are hosts of The Mosaic Life podcast. The three of us decided to record a conversation that would go live on both Wisdom Talk Radio and The Mosaic Life. I think a bit of magic happened. * What we can do to maintain levelheadedness in this time * How to work from home with fluidity * Practices to connect with yourself * Breaking open the pattern of how we've always done things * Finding and maintaining serenity *Trey Kauffman* is an entrepreneur based out of Columbus, Ohio, whose podcasting career began with the cult comedy podcast, Hashtag Questions with the B&T Boys. In 2019, Trey approached Ernie with the concept of building a platform to bridge the gap between those struggling to overcome obstacles, and those who have successfully surmounted them. With a focus on mindfulness, The Mosaic Life Podcast was born. Trey's company, 2237 Designs ( ) , is focused solely on helping business owners navigate the waters of having an online presence. From website design to maintenance, website hosting and domain name management, to helping you manage your business' reputation on the internet, 2237 Designs makes you and your business look good. Passion is what drives Trey's ambitions, which gives him the opportunity to pursue his love of running, rock climbing, and mountain biking. *Ernie Welsh* coaches overworked, restless and spiritually malnourished men and women. Bridging the gap between mind and body, the work will break you free from old patterns and beliefs. As a husband and parent himself, he also brings insight into how we can more consciously connect with our partners and children through connecting deeper with ourselves. To learn more about how working with Ernie can transform your life, please email your information to Find *The Mosaic Life Podcast* at Website ( ) , Instagram ( ) Find Laurie Seymour and the *Creative Innovator Quiz* at The Baca Institute ( ) Support this podcast at —
If you discovered how to bring a higher-level of what you desire to your personal AND professional life, would you feel like you had found a magic elixir? Well, my guest today brings you powerful tools to do just that. Join us today for someone who brings an intimate look at going from driven and frustrated to successful and joyful. * the 5 pillars of High Performance that bring heightened levels of success in every area of our lives * Why we are feeling exhaustion and overwhelm in our daily lives What we can do to bring more energy * Generous listening * Creating connection in your life Eva Medilek is a Certified High Performance Coach and a Relationship Success Coach. She has coached both men and women in the areas of personal development, leadership and relationship transformation. She specializes in helping executives, entrepreneurs, influencers and business leaders create sustained, heightened levels of success in business and personal life by developing relationships and influence, taking radical responsibility, and implementing habits for success. Eva knows, first hand, how a driven personality type can leave you feeling disappointed, frustrated and resentful in your personal relationships, which impacts your ability to achieve success professionally. She uses her personal experiences along with her leadership, transformational and certified high performance training to teach you the pillars of high performance as well as showing you how to communicate in a way that fosters intimacy and connection in your personal life. Get Eva's free eBook, *Powerful Ways of Being* , at ( ) BONUS! Tune in to Eva's *Next Level Success Online Series* ( ) *,* beginning March 30th! Sign up now and be part of this dynamic roster of speakers, including me! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Support this podcast at —
I asked my friend Mitchell Levy to be a guest on Wisdom Talk Radio because he has a unique lens on the world. And if you are a creator with a message to get out into the world, he knows the way. Stay tuned for Mitchell’s blend of humor and pragmatism on sharing wisdom in today’s world. * How credibility impacts one’s ability to effect change in the world * Why it is that important * the connection between innovation and credibility * the 5 top thought leadership best practices today Global Credibility Expert Mitchell Levy is a TEDx speaker and international bestselling author of over 60 books. As The AHA Guy at AHAthat (, he helps to extract the genius from your head in a three-hour interview so that his team can ghostwrite your book, publish it, distribute it, and make you an Amazon bestselling author in four months. He is an accomplished Entrepreneur who has created twenty businesses in Silicon Valley including four publishing companies that have published over 850 books. Find Mitchell at: Find Laurie at Support this podcast at —
In 1987, when I was completing my training in the Bonny Method of Guided Imagery and Music, I wrote a paper about the power of relationships for personal transformation. My life has been devoted to the personal and the collective power of transformation. So, when in a chance conversation with Patricia Albere, we began to talk about what is possible for humanity, I immediately invited her have a conversation on Wisdom Talk Radio. 1.  the longing that was first ignited in your heart 2.  the connection between the intimacy of the relationship between Self and Presence, and the intimacy between people 3.  the Mutual Awakening Process and awakening our potential 4.  the experience of an Evolutionary Relationship *Patricia Albere* is at ground zero of an evolutionary stream of spiritual awakening where we learn to go beyond individual psychology and transformation into a new space of mutual, intersubjective awakening. She is the founder of the Evolutionary Collective, originator of the Mutual Awakening Practice, an internationally known contemporary spiritual teacher, and bestselling author of Evolutionary Relationships: Unleashing the Transformative Power of Mutual Awakening. Her unique discovery of the essential components that create an awakened ‘we space’ is transforming our understanding of what is possible in the space between us. Find Patricia at: Find Laurie and the Creative Innovator Quiz at: Support this podcast at —
A lot of people speak about Mindfulness. It’s a catch word of the day. Tina Thrussell actually lives it, bringing a beautiful engaging energy, a joyful spirit and a loving heart to her transformational teaching. You are in for a special experience. * What is the Shin Dao (the Way of the Heart)? * Living from the Heart vs Living from the Head * What is inner peace and how do you experience it? * The power of the phrase “Be Here Now” * The importance of being a vigilant gardener of your mind Tina Thrussell is the co-founder of Best U Can B and a messenger of the Shin Dao, the Way of the Heart. Her Medicine Name, Woman Who Dances with Light, perfectly describes this well-loved teacher and intuitive spiritual healer who has been bringing light into people’s lives for more than two decades through her inspirational articles, and through a broad range of experiences that include workshops, seminars, group coaching, Nia classes, Galya Movement Journeys, women’s circles, and retreat experiences. Find Tina at: Find Laurie at: The Baca Institute ( ) Take the Creative Innovator Quiz now! Discover your creative advantage. Support this podcast at —
My guest today likes to ask, “What if we could all stop “adulting” and live life with the curiosity of a child at play?” Well, Nanette Saylor believes we can and we must. * Your creative super-powers and why you need them * What becomes possible when you give yourself permission to play . Why it is so hard for some of us to give ourselves that permission * How play activates our creative super-powers * How making time for creative activities inspire & inform our Inner Wisdom * Activating your creative super-powers in just minutes a day Previously an award-winning Hotel Manager, Nanette Saylor traded in her life-draining career to find the joy she lost climbing the corporate ladder. Drawn to her childhood love of the Arts she found comfort in creative activities, and a spiritual lifeline in volunteering. Playing in this new way, her profound transformation began. Inspired to support other women like her, she certified as a Creativity Coach who supports visionary creators to find the clarity, creativity and confidence they need to build extraordinary lives and the freedom they desire. Nanette is the Founder of Wise Well Women and the host of the Create. Play. Live Podcast. Find Nanette at: ( ) ( ) Find Laurie at: Support this podcast at —
My guest today, Ken Honda, is joining us from Tokyo, Japan. I love Japan, having spent time years ago in the holy city of Koyasan. It was a transformative time for me. Ken asks quite a provocative question: Is your money smiling? If you want to know what he means by that, and meet one of the foremost experts on the relationship between wisdom, happiness and money, listen in! * The difference between Happy Money and Unhappy Money. * W hen we earn and spend money, we do so with either love or fear. * What it means to have a loving, abundant relationship with money * How we relate to money is how we relate to life. * What parents must teach their children about money Money and happiness expert, Ken Honda, is a best-selling self-development author in Japan, with book sales surpassing seven million copies since 2001. His latest book is called “Happy Money: The Japanese Art of Making Peace with Your Money”. Ken’s financial expertise comes from owning and managing several businesses, including an accounting company, a management consulting firm, and a venture capital corporation. His writings bridge the topics of finance and self-help, focusing on creating and generating personal wealth and happiness through deeper self-honesty. Find Ken at Ken Honda ( ) Find Laurie at The Baca Journey ( ) Support this podcast at —
In your heart of hearts, in your deepest self, when you hit a point in your life that feels like you couldn’t get any lower, what do you do? Listen to this revealing conversation with my guest today, Robert Clancy, for a beautiful experience of love and divinity. * Not running on empty * Soul Hitches * Why it was time to share this divine experience * Keeping perspective on life * The value of volunteerism * Love, love, love Robert Clancy is a creative visionary, #1 international bestselling author, spiritual teacher, Christian minister and co-founder of Spiral Design. At age nineteen, Robert had a divine spiritual experience with one of God’s angels that altered his life in profound ways—something he kept a close secret for nearly thirty years of his life. In 2012, he created the Robert Clancy – Guide to the Soul Facebook fan page, where he shares his divinely inspired thoughts, now followed by nearly one million people worldwide. He is a sought-after speaker, presenter, and guest. Robert is a regular contributor and weekly guest on Los Angeles KABC Radio’s syndicated Late Night Health Radio Show. He’s co-host and producer of The Mindset Reset Show , which has hosted notable guests such as the star of the hit film, The Secret , Dr. Joe Vitale, actor Kevin Sorbo, actress Dee Wallace, among others. Robert is a husband, father and 6th degree master black belt martial arts instructor. He is a dedicated volunteer who completely embodies the spirit of service—a selfless commitment to helping others make a positive difference in the world. Find Robert's book and free gifts at: Find Robert at Find Laurie at: Support this podcast at —
I met my guest today at an event called Sum and Substance. Sum and Substance is  where people tell their story about pursuing work that they deeply care about. One of the speakers caught my attention even before he spoke a single word: his title: Chief Wisdom Officer for the DaVita Enterprise. It was when I heard his story, full of passion, integrity and genuine kindness, that I knew I wanted to share him with you. Listen in… 1.   How the Chief Wisdom Officer position came to be. 2.  The mission to raise the collective wisdom and consciousness of the DaVita community. 3.   How it looks to focus on both personal and professional development for their employees. 4.   DaVita Leadership Insights 5.   How other companies can bring this kind of conscious awareness into their culture. What is necessary to do this. *Dave Hoerman* is the Chief Wisdom Officer for the DaVita Enterprise. For those of you who don’t know, DaVita is a health care company, particularly focused on kidney care. In this role Dave oversees the Wisdom team which is responsible for all cultural elements as well as organizational and leadership development. Dave has been expanding his capabilities in leadership positions in the realm of human performance development, personal, professional and career coaching, as well as organizational development for over 25 years. Dave is known for and has won several awards for his work in design, development, delivery, and evaluation of performance improvement strategies for Fortune 500 companies, and has a proven track record in leadership development, mentoring, coaching, and speaking to leaders and teams. Support this podcast at —
I’ve been talking about co-creation…a lot. It’s foundational to my work, and especially prominent in the new things that I’ve been bringing into being. So, I am particularly delighted that Bob Jayco, is joining us from Australia for this episode. We talk about all thing’s consciousness, creation and love. * Who or what is SOL? * Why is SOL here at this time? * What do you mean by co-creation? Why does co-creation exist in a duality reality? * What the difference between creation and co-creation? * Everything is really frequency, but what does that mean? What do we mean by consciousness? * The present path for humanity Bob Jayco is Editor in Chief of Co-Creation Magazine and Founder of Co-Creation Global, an emerging enterprise dedicated to changing global consciousness. He is a channel for 60 years for Source Consciousness, called Signals Of Love (SOL), transmitting Wisdom and Understanding about Co-Creation and Unity Consciousness. He has over 45 years’ experience in the field of Energy Medicine, teaching and coaching in business, medical and generic intuition and creativity. Bob can be found at: Laurie can be found at ( ) Support this podcast at —
Most of us have experienced something in our lifetime that we would call a “miracle.” Some of us have had encounters with what we would call, angels. My guest today, Corin Grillo, has been directly inspired in her work to teach us that we are not alone, and that we can manifest more love, wealth and healing. Corin Grillo is a licensed psychotherapist, author, speaker, healer, teacher, and founder of the Angel Alchemy Academy. A mind-blowing miracle from the angels saved her life, cured her of life-long depression, and awakened her spiritual gifts.  She now teaches others all over the world how to awaken their spiritual gifts, heal their lives, and discover their true purpose by working with angels and the Divine. Corin teaches by bridging others with direct mystical experiences, excessive amounts of laughter, down to earth spiritual wisdom, ritual, and powerful energy medicine that awakens the heart, mind, and soul. Corin’s new book is The Angel Experiment. Miracles are real.  You are not alone. There is no such thing as coincidence. * How we are not alone * Her first encounter with the reality of the existence of angels * What moved her to write The Angel Experiment * The importance of acting like a scientist beginning a potentially groundbreaking laboratory experiment * How you can work with your expectations Corin can be found at Laurie can be found at Support this podcast at —
You know your inner superstar? Is she (or he) waiting for an invitation to show itself? Consider this episode of Wisdom Talk Radio to be your personal open door to show up in life as who you really are. My guest today is a superstar in her own right, and is also one who is a generator of stars! * The importance of shining your light * Women's empowerment and leadership: from a feminine energetic * How to align what you do with who you really are Michelle Villalobos is a Personal Brand Strategist, Bilingual Speaker & Founder/CEO of The Superstar Activator, a company dedicated to helping Superstars uplift humanity. Michelle – who speaks and presents in both English and Spanish –hosts the Awaken Your Inner Superstar Podcast and is an advocate for small business as a vehicle to change the world. In 2013, Michelle won the Miami Herald Business Plan Challenge for her personal branding program “Make Them BEG” and she and her team regularly deliver The Superstar Business Breakthrough Retreat, to help small business owners restructure their businesses to be more sustainable, scalable, lifestyle-friendly and impactful. In her own life, Michelle is an adventurous traveler, digital nomad and seeker of extraordinary experiences and relationships. Find Michelle at: The Superstar Activator ( ) Find Laurie at The Baca Journey ( ) Wisdom Talk Radio ( ) Support this podcast at —
Money. Love. One gets elevated, while the other is both sought after and judged. My teacher used to say that in the metaphysical level that Love is the highest vibration…and that Money is the highest vibration in the physical. My guest today, Dame Maria Simone knows a thing or two about this! Get cozy and join us for some deep inspiration about how the right use of money brings transformation to the planet! * Profit or Impact: can't you do both? * When should you think about funding your business? * Options to launch and grow a business * Top things conscious investors look for * Creating maximum value with the groups you want to impact Dame Maria Simone is a “Soul, Impact and Profit Catalyst” who has worked with thousands of entrepreneurs over the years to help them create meaningful and prosperous businesses— especially in helping them access financing and other resources necessary for growth. Maria is the Co-Founder and President of ZenMoose Capital ( ) , a “Social Impact Fund” that creates and invests in transformational media and technology. She is a Founding Member of the Association of Transformational Leaders and was Knighted Dame by the Knights of the Orthodox Order of St. John. To Maria, MONEY is a spiritual energy that is most abundantly experienced when it is in circulation for the highest and best good for ourselves, our community and planet. Entrepreneurs who realize that, have a tendency to create the greatest and most sustainable success. Find Maria at Find Laurie at Support this podcast at —
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