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You spend a quarter of your life at work. You should enjoy it! Organizational psychologist Adam Grant takes you inside the minds of some of the world’s most unusual professionals to discover the keys to a better work life. From learning how to love your rivals to harnessing the power of frustration, one thing’s for sure: You’ll never see your job the same way again. Produced in partnership with Transmitter Media.
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Sir Richard Branson has spent his lifetime taking dreams and making them reality. As the founder of the Virgin Group, he's built more than 400 businesses spanning from retail to music to transport. In his spare time, he’s advocated for human rights and sustainability — and set world records for hot air ballooning and kitesurfing. Richard talks with Adam about what he’s learned about courage and risk-taking in more than half a century of entrepreneurship, unveils his distinctive view of competition, and shares what he thinks great leaders have in common. Richard’s new audiobook, "Losing and Finding My Virginity: The Full Story," is out now.Transcripts for ReThinking are available at
Justin Trudeau has served as the Prime Minister of Canada since 2015. And there’s a lot to dig into from his years in office — and from his life before, as well. Adam sits down with him to discuss lessons learned about leadership. The Prime Minister opens up for the first time about his early struggles with impostor syndrome and how he maintains his motivation in the face of disapproval and criticism today. He also shares how he encourages people to speak truth to power, where his team is challenging him to improve right now, why he considered quitting, and what keeps him awake at night.Transcripts for ReThinking are available at
American writer Rebecca Solnit thinks deeply and writes evocatively about our world. Her must-read essays and award-winning books span hope, history, art, leadership, and sustainability. Adam and Rebecca reflect on what we lose when public discourse is diluted to fit into social media, debate how to bring back good conversations online, and share why being able to recalibrate our opinions is crucial in our increasingly digital world.Transcripts for ReThinking are available at
Do you pay attention to your attention? John Green is the beloved author of The Fault In Our Stars, and when he started tracking his attention, he realized he was obsessed with evaluating human progress. He decided to start rating everything — from the capacity for human wonder to Canadian geese — on a five-point scale. In this deeply thoughtful conversation with Adam, John shares what he learned from his series of Yelp-style reviews, the gift of a great book, and the unexpected life lessons found in the last lap of Mario Kart. Read the full text transcript at episode previously aired June 22, 2021.
Brian Chesky, the CEO and cofounder of Airbnb, is firmly in the trust business. His focus isn't only on building a trusted platform for people to rent their homes to strangers — it's on earning the trust of his employees. Adam and Brian discuss how to lead with care in tough times, why it's better to overcommunicate than undercommunicate, what to expect for the future of work, and why a company should be treated as a community rather than a family. Transcripts for ReThinking are available at
Years ago, Aza Raskin invented the infinite scroll – and yes, he regrets it. Today, Aza is the co-founder of the Center For Humane Technology and the Earth Species Project. Aza’s work focuses on creating and advocating for ethical technology that benefits collective well-being. For his latest project, he’s looking beyond humanity, using artificial intelligence to decode whale communication and see what lessons we might learn from the animal world. In this expansive conversation, Adam and Aza discuss ways to improve social media, how communicating with other species could change our world, and why everyone – including our governments – needs to upgrade our thinking about an AI world. Transcripts for ReThinking are available at
David Duchovny knows a lot about success — he’s a Golden Globe-winning actor who has had iconic roles from The X-Files to Californication. But as a literature PhD dropout turned director turned songwriter and novelist, David is more interested in failure and what it can teach us. Adam and David discuss the value of falling short of our goals, the perils of success, and whether nice people really finish last. David’s new podcast Fail Better is out now. Transcripts for ReThinking are available at
Mae Martin is a comedian, improviser, screenwriter, and podcast host. Their work on Netflix includes the stand-up special Sap and the aptly named TV series Feel Good. Adam and Mae chat about the value of vulnerability in connection, snapping out of procrastination, shame spirals, and life lessons from the art of improvisation. Transcripts for ReThinking are available at
Kara Swisher made her name by being disarmingly direct with the who’s who of tech – from Steve Jobs to Bill Gates to Elon Musk. So why doesn’t she like the phrase “speak truth to power?” The journalist, author, and host of the popular podcasts Pivot and On joins Adam to discuss her history of assertiveness and her strategies for challenging authority. Then, they dive into Silicon Valley’s favorite status symbols, the difference between being demanding and being demeaning, and the future of technology and accountability. Kara’s latest book, Burn Book: A Tech Love Story, is out now. Transcripts for ReThinking are available at
Anne Lamott may be your favorite writer’s favorite writer. The author of many beloved books, including the modern classic Bird by Bird, Anne’s writing is singularly insightful, moving, and oftentimes funny. Adam and Anne chat about the art of great writing, the challenges of being kinder to others and ourselves, and the lessons to be learned from a life examined. Then, Anne helps with a special request. Anne’s latest book, Somehow: Thoughts on Love, is out now. Transcripts for ReThinking are available at
How important are your twenties — and how bad are they? Meg Jay is a clinical psychologist who specializes in young adult development in twenty year-olds. She and Adam review the science of what makes this developmental period important, discuss the common mistakes that we make, and share tips for twentysomethings (and parents) navigating this tumultuous decade. Meg’s latest book, The Twentysomething Treatment, is out now.
Yuval Noah Harari is a historian best known for his book Sapiens, which has sold more than 25 million copies and been translated into 65 languages. Adam and Yuval examine the power of stories in shaping humanity’s success, discuss the tension between justice and peace, and reconsider the true purpose of studying history. Yuval’s latest book, Unstoppable Us, Volume 2: Why The World Isn’t Fair, is for young readers and it’s out now. Transcripts for ReThinking are available at
Charan Ranganath is a psychologist and neuroscientist who has spent his career studying memory. His new book, Why We Remember, surveys the latest science on the subject and digs into the links between memory and identity. Charan and Adam discuss surprising evidence on why we remember, what we forget, and how learning new ideas happens.
As a political scientist and founder of Eurasia Group, Ian Bremmer helps business leaders, policymakers and the general public make sense of the world. He gives a stirring analysis of the current state of global affairs and explains what makes 2024 so complex. Ian and Adam discuss the cyclical nature of geopolitics, what’s different about today’s crisis of democracy, and what we can do as individuals to cope with it. Transcripts for ReThinking are available at
You may know as the seven-time Grammy Award-winning singer, songwriter, producer, and frontman of The Black Eyed Peas. But his interests beyond music have also taken him down a surprising and creative path — from serving as the director of creative innovation at Intel, to becoming the first artist to stream a song from the surface of Mars, to hosting the first radio show with an AI co-host. Adam asks about’s creative process and digs into how he turns his expansive ideas into reality. also shares his hopes and fears about the future of technology and entertainment, and the two debate what AI can and can’t do for human creativity. Transcripts for ReThinking are available at
Cal Newport knows a thing or two about productivity: when he’s not teaching computer science at Georgetown, he’s writing for The New Yorker, hosting a podcast, or authoring New York Times bestsellers like Deep Work and Digital Minimalism. In his new book, Slow Productivity: The Lost Art of Accomplishment Without Burnout, Cal proposes that we trade current standards of rapid output for slower, higher-quality, and sustainable ways of working. Adam and Cal dig into the data on productivity, debate the benefits and drawbacks of doing fewer things (and spending less time on email and social media), and discuss individual habits and organizational practices for preventing burnout and promoting worthwhile work. Transcripts for ReThinking are available at
Sarah Edmondson escaped and blew the whistle against NXIVM, the cult masquerading as a “personal and professional development company.” With clarity and a surprising and wry sense of humor, Sarah shares her lessons about the dark sides of charisma. She and Adam discuss what makes groups a little (or a lot) culty, the telltale signs of manipulation, and why our highest loyalty belongs to principles — not people. Transcripts for ReThinking are available at
Robin Arzón is the head instructor at Peloton and an ultramarathon runner, but she didn’t plan to make her career based on her athletic prowess. In this conversation with Adam, she talks about how she fell in love with running in adulthood and her radical career pivot from lawyer to renowned exercise instructor. They discuss what hustle culture gets wrong, why motivation may be less important than momentum, and how to create a consistent practice in the gym — and beyond it. Transcripts for ReThinking are available at
Denise Hamilton is an inclusion strategist who works with organizations ranging from the UN to the WNBA. She is also the author of Indivisible: How to Forge our Differences into a Stronger Future. Denise and Adam discuss the pain of abandoning old stories, the value of revising long-held beliefs, and how to respond to the backlash against diversity and inclusion. Indivisible is out now. Transcripts for ReThinking are available at
Jared Cohen is a history buff with a career that boasts its own remarkable story. From the State Department to founding Jigsaw at Google to leading global affairs and innovation at Goldman Sachs, Jared has worked with the world’s top leaders to tackle humanity’s biggest problems. His work in international problem-solving also translates into a passion for U.S. history. His new book, Life After Power, is a fascinating exploration about what seven American presidents did after leaving the most influential job in the world. Adam and Jared discuss the psychology of the founding fathers, debate the pros and cons of pursuing a legacy, and share what these historic figures can teach us all about pursuing and finding purpose. Life After Power is out February 13, 2024. Transcripts for ReThinking are available at
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Vishaal Bhatnagar

Tyranny of #positivity in the nuanced, research-backed language of Dr. Susan David, Ph.D. in conversation with Adam Grant Great new description I learnt from the episode: I am a "non-pessimist", to better describe myself. Loved it! #difficultconversations #realism #emotionalresilience #pessimism #healthandwellness #optimism #guilt #empathy #compassion #values #psychologicalwellbeing

Mar 1st

Vishaal Bhatnagar

Great episode

Mar 1st

Mr kibria


Jan 27th


is it possible to write the note of you're podcast

Jan 19th

Mustafa Thunder

Instead of increasing people's happiness, policies should be geared toward reducing their misery. You cannot accurately define happiness for everyone because it means different things to different people. But you can do this for misery and sadness. Poverty, hunger, illness, and lack of security make everyone miserable whereas a new gym might make some happy but not all.

Dec 28th

Mustafa Thunder

Sharpen your decision-making by asking yourself twice. Opinions shift with mood, energy, and life's currents. This double-check samples your inner compass, leading to steadier choices. So ditch the knee-jerk reaction and sleep on it – your future self will thank you.

Dec 28th

Hooryar Mehrabi

love everyone of episodes. Thank you dear Adam!

Nov 21st

Mustafa Thunder

it doesn't happen that I decide to listen to a podcast more than once but this one hit home so deeply that I have to.

Nov 10th


agree to some big degree life

Nov 7th

Shaaheen Shahi

Would you please make a podcast and talk about reducing working hours because I think things are gettng done so faster these days beacause of the tehnologies which is being used at office. computers, emails, productivity tools, and many more things we use, caused to get things done faster. So there is no need to work for 8 frustrating hours. I think 4 to 6 hours a day is more than enough. It increases the efficiency of people and people will have more time for their own life.

Oct 8th
Reply (1)

Aakash Amanat

I absolutely love "WorkLife with Adam Grant"! The insights and discussions brought to light in each episode are not only thought-provoking but also incredibly relevant to our ever-evolving work landscape. Adam Grant's ability to blend research, personal anecdotes, and practical advice creates a unique listening experience. The episodes on topics like leadership, productivity, and work culture have genuinely reshaped the way I approach my own career. It's refreshing to hear from experts and real-life professionals who have successfully navigated the challenges that many of us face in our professional lives.

Aug 21st

Phillip Gold

It's actually sometimes very difficult to call out of work without a good reason. My advice - if you have a real reason, give it and then you won't have to blush in front of your boss if your deception is discovered. But there is also a second effective way (in fact, there are several). You can find these ways on this page . As someone who has employees of my own, I can tell you that this would work for me. Maybe some of my employees have already used these tips and I didn't get anything about it :D

Jul 25th

Mike Horan

Do you have any tips on how to take a day off work? I only need advice that will actually help me get off work from my strict boss.

Jul 25th

Sage Birchwood

Lmao, ethical capitalism? Says the former CEO of a company that uses prison labor.

Jun 6th

Amirali Sedaghatyar

Thanks a bunch. hilarious and life_changing at the same time.

May 5th

Osprey 225

from a woman who created a toxic work environment at Barnard College......

May 2nd

Manan Jariwala

Wonderful episode. Thanks.

Apr 13th

Pooja Vaid

This episode was fantastic! Thank you!

Mar 28th

Ali Hajizade

worst episode ever. i fall sleep during the episode. and i was changing the volume constantly, adam speaks loud and yo-yo speaks as low as possible. i couldn't focus on the content because of yo-yo's voice

Mar 2nd
Reply (1)

Tnz. Rj

great 👍🏻

Jan 23rd