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The meaning of life, the art of everything and sometimes hings about crisps. A mixture of interviews, rants and skits squished together with music. From the deep talk to the daft chat featuring artists and personalities from Glasgow and beyond.
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We speak to one of my all time favourite rappers / writers/ streamers B Dolan of the good ole U.S of A on the 50th birthday of Hip Hop . We discuss his influences, life on the road and his recent spinal surgery alongside rap beefs, the post-lockdown music business and American politics plus much, much more. Please consider supporting this content by going to one of the links below: Patreon: Ko-Fi : Paypal: Youtube : or use superchats   The B Dolan interview was mixed by your friendly, neighbourhood ninja Maco who you can find at  We start today's show with a This is the News segment to find out if dinner with Jay Z is really worth more than $500,000.  
I think my first memory of Rosie was her having my 'My oath is to the people' written on her hand as she made her first appearance in parliament. She also made headlines by going to Cornton Vale prison for refusing to pay a fine she received for her anti-nuclear protest outside parliament. Other controversies included protesting G8 on the floors of parliament, Going to Cuba and nearly getting a winch of Fidel Castro, Being a member of the Pollok Free State and the infamous Tommy Sheridan- News of the World scandal but these days she performs a dramatic and funny one woman show mixing comedy and storytelling called 'A Work in Protest' Ticket`s for You Call That Radio's GRATITUDE & ATTITUDE show here: Please consider supporting this independent channel by going to one of the links below: Patreon:   / youcallthatradio   Ko-Fi : Paypal:
From poverty and heroin addiction in the schemes of Edinburgh to becoming an assistant director of Trainspotting 2. This is the incredible story of writer, film-maker and rapper Garry Fraser as he rolls out his new series Supply & Demand. Episode 1 out now to watch for free on youtube. It is a masterclass of writing , acting and production. All the more incredible as it is completely independent with zero financial backing. The show also begins with an anouncement that I am leaving Scotland for a while. The podcast will remain unaffected but find more regular content on  You Call That Radio has no sponsors, no adverts and no funding. We are powered purely by our patreons at   / youcallthatradio   Please help us make more content like this and also get yourself some freebies, discounts and bonus material. # Check all our social media links here: watch Supply & Demand here: Todays' show was mixed by your friendly, neighbourhood audio ninja Maco who you can find on twitter for all your audio podcasting needs here:
We go live to Oakland, California to chat with Hip Hop legend Mystic aka Du Goddess of Digital Underground fame. We discuss politics, Kanye West, Mos Def, the writing process, living in Oxford, cyphers that turn to battle raps , California storms, Empress, manifesting and positive energy for the future. Thank you to all the patrons who have made all these shows possible. You can help us build over at... Patreon : Ko-Fi : Youtube:  add  @thatgirlmystic on social media and thanks to Maco for mixing and mastering the interview  The show begins with a rant at the current state of 2023's festival season and before that a wee clip of the brand new single from The Girobabies called 'It Felt Like The End' which you can stream on Spotify here: or support on Bandcamp which features 6 exclusive remixes here: There is a video version of this interview available on our youtube channel here: Let`s stay positive and have a nice summer at Solfest , LIndisfarne and Edinburgh Fringe 
today we interview a true hip hop legend , Slug of Atmosphere fame as they prepare to promote their incredible new album 'So Many Realities Exist Simutaneously' on Rymesayers Entertainment with a European tour. Slug is one of my favourite writers and performers in rap music so it meant a lot for him to stop by. He has created classics and collaborated with everyone from Aesop Rock, KRS One, Brother Ali, Eyedea, MF Doom, Sage Francis to namedrop just a few. While we speak with music royality I give a brief insight into my opinion in Prince Charles coronation as well. This show has no adverts, no sponsors and no funding but we don't need them be4cause we are powered purely by our patreons at and .  We are also available on youtube at and check out our website at  Thanks to Maco for mixing and mastering today's interview . Please check out some of our previous shows. 
Recorded in the summer of 2022 but previously only available on youtube.  I thought it was time for our audio podcast listeners to hear this online Q and A from orwell prize winning author , cultural commentator and veteran Scottish rapper Darren McGarvey aka Loki. He was about to release his 2nd book 'The Social Distance Between Us' and his 'Darren McGarvey's Addictions' TV show which both went onto win awards and seen him go onto his current sold out UK tour plus be interviewed by the likes of Frankie Boyle & The Blindboy Podcast. Darren has also started his own podcast/ youtube show called 'Darren McGarvey's Common People' so I thought I would let you podcast people know all about it as I think if you like and liosten to YCTR this is a thing you will also enjoy. Thanks to Morphamish for mixing and mastering the audio. The show begins with an apology ahead of You Call That Radio's 4th birthday party featuring Gasp, Doghouse, Doss & The Twistettes. More info & tickets available here:  Big shout outs to our patreons who make the show possible at  (sign up for only £3 per month for freebies, discounts and bonus material)  Watch the video version of this interview here on our youtube chanel : Check out more about what we do on our website  Photograph used by Stephen Dewar 
We have a chat with John Robb as he celebrates the launch of his new book 'The Art of Darkness: A History of Goth' . Buy the book here:   Check out his speaking tour here:  April 12 Glasgow @ Mono Cafe Bar (with Stuart Braithwaite from Mogwai) 13 Liverpool @ Museum Of Music 14 London @ Rough Trade East (with Youth) 15 Bristol @ Rough Trade 16 Nottingham @ Rough Trade 19 Northampton @ Black Prince 20 Bedford @ Esquires 27 Glossop @ The Commercial InnApril 28 Newcastle @ The Cumberland Arms 
Novelist, playwright and actor Alan Bissett stops by for a chat about his career to promote his Moira monologues that takes place April 2nd in Oran Mor . We also discuss who 'persuaded Suede' to play Stereo, My confession to Alan that my alarm clock on my phone disrupted his Edinurgh fringe show, The recent Roger Waters and Pink Floyd controversey , Being a lockdown DJ, How he went from working class teacher to Falkirk's hardest woman in a series of plays , The pros and cons of being a working class writer and how he remembers all his words onstage plus loads more. Before the interview I have a quick chat about my experiences with tribute acts namely Scottish Pink Floyd. You Call That Radio has no adverts, no sponsors and no funding but you can support it below if you enjoyed the show:  Patreon: Youtube: Ko-Fi: Paypal : You Call That Radio is a podcast, a youtube channel and an events organizer. Find out more about what we do on our website 
Today we call Australia to speak to the voice of a generation Mary Kiani who is a 90s dance music ICON with her solo records and her work with The Time Frequency. One of the best conversations we have ever had on this show for sure and to balance things out we also cover an Australian band in Glasgow in the shape of Amyl & the Sniffers. I give my review of that and explain how I ended up locked out my house in a pair of jammies and slippers with two pizza boxes. You Call That Radio is an audio podcast, a youtube channel, an events organiser and a website platform rolled into one and the content only exists as a result of our listeners choosing to support is over at and  . Please support the show for bonus material and free stuff. Also you can watch the video of this interview on our youtube channel  direct link to the video here: This video was recorded during lockdown last year so apologies if any current affairs chat is somewhat out of date. But you cannae even take a WEEK off without them changing the prime minister so really wanted to share this wonderful chat with our podcast listeners. 00:00:00 Intro and How I got locked out my House Last Night  00:17:00 My Review of Amyl & The Sniffers at Glasgow Barrowlands 00:00:34 The Maryn Kiani Interview 
We start today's show with a quick review of 'Spaceships Over Glasgow' by Stuart Braithwaite, 'Almost Home' by Mima Merrow and the 'This England' TV show. 2/3 of these helped me recover from a serious case of man-flu this week and helped ease me into sober october. This week's main event is a conversation from July 2022 with synth-pop punk icon Manda Rin of bis who were the first unsigned band to play Top of the Pops and are celebrating their latest album with a UK tour in October (dates below) .  They made some epic hits including 'Kandypop' and 'Eurodisco' which saw them sell over 100,000 albums in their first week in Japan alone.  This show has no adverts, funding or sponsors and is powered purely by our patreons at  and our youtube members at  and our donators at .  Thank you to everyone who supports by sharing, listening and subscribing on any of our platforms.  For more content like this please follow us on all our socials over here: or check out our website at   for more about bis check out their website at  They play London, Manchester and Nottingham at the end of October and Glasgow's Classic Grand on December 10th.   You can also watch this full interview on our youtube channel here:
We start things off with a quick look at our new prime minister Liz Truss and ask 'Has she ruined the national mourning for everyone?' then we have a conversation with Author/ DJ/ TV host Dominik Diamond who calls that radio all the way from Canada. This show has no adverts, funding or sponsors and is powered purely by our patreons at  our youtube members at  and our donators at .  Thank you to everyone who supports at any of the above or who supports by sharing, listening and subscribing on any of our platforms.  For more content like this please follow us on all our socials over here: or check out our website at   Dominik Diamond started as an overnight success on the iconic 90s TV videogame show Gamesmaster. He carved a path in mouthy sports broadcasting through Sportscall on BBC Radio 5 Live and Live and Dangerous on Channel 5 and helped launch a generation of exceptional Scottish music as host of the award winning XFM Scotland breakfast show in the 2000s and wrote assorted things for Smash Hits, FHM, 90 Minutes and The Daily Star throughout. He emigrated to Canada with his wife and 3 kids in 2009 where he hosted breakfast shows on Canadian radio coast to coast before giving that up to write books and stuff when he isn’t watching Celtic FC. 
John Higgs is a writer who specialises in finding previously unsuspected narratives, hidden in obscure corners of our history and culture, which can change the way we see the world. His work has been described as “Absolutely wonderful” by Terry Gilliam and “breathtakingly lucid” by Alan Moore. According to The Times, “Higgs’s prose has a diamond-hard quality. He knows how to make us relate.” His books include The KLF, Stranger Than We Can Imagine, Watling Street and William Blake Vs The World. His next book, Love And Let Die: Bond, the Beatles and the British Psyche, will be published in September 2022. Support this show by becoming a patreon at or donating at  for Moire info on John's work check out his website at  You can watch this interview as a video on our youtube channel over at: Please remember to subscribe to our youtube channel and click the notification bell for updates when new shows land. You can also support the work we do there by using the Thanks and JOIN buttons on there to receive bonus content. 
Since Christmas time can be a tough time at the best of times , I thought I would share a positive and uplifting conversation I had earlier this year with Danny 'The Mad Chef' McLaren where we discuss the great outdoors, meditation, breathing, psychedelics and much, much more. Danny runs a project called 'The Inner Rebellion' which does various things like meditation at sunrise in pollok park , weekends away to Arran and online get-togethers. Danny became famous as the mad chef in Bloc where has Buckfast ice cream became a viral sensation as part of a Vice documentary. He is also a content creator, producer, DJ, chef, and most recently started a BBC pilot show called 'The Scran Van' . He is someone who has completely turned his life around and now by sharing his wisdom is now helping others. I hope this chat can give you a sprinkle of good vibes this Christmas especially all the patreons who have supported us in 2021 at 'The Inner Rebellion' song you hear on this episode features on the new Jackal Trades album 'At This Point' out now on Spotify over at: and available on CD/ Digital from Bandcamp here: Check out our website at and please become a subscriber on youtube where over 350 podcasts and 60 live music sessions exist  This episode was mixed and mastered by Morphamish at Sound Sound.  watch this interview in full on youtube here:
Having been a fan since I saw him promote his 'Enjoy the Melodic Sunshine' album at T in the Park in another lieftime it was a pleasure to finally meet up in real life and get a chat about his career in the Cosmic Rough Riders and as an esteemed and well respected solo artist. Some excellent chat about the writing process, why he doesn't gig anymore and a few jaw dropping namedrops for good measure. Thanks to Ashtronomik and Praize for letting us record in the studio, Morhamish for mastering the audio and Jon the Hat for filming for the interview which should appear on our youtube channel one day soon over at . That is also the place to go for much more content than our podcast platforms as we are about to celebrate 350 live streams since lcokdown began in march 2020.  More info about what we do at and you cna join our patreon from only £3 per month at  Check out Daniel's recent album 'Atmos & Energy' on vinyl over at:  
To celebrate the Spare Ribs UK tour that is taking place this week , we thought we would premiere an interview with Sleaford Mods frontman Jason Williamson. It took place earlier this year and was initially streamed live on the You Call That Radio youtube channel at .  Shout outs to Morphamish for mixing and mastering the audio, Martin Windebank for the artwork and Jennifer McGinlay for helping set up this conversation.  YCTR is powered by our patreons at  you can also donate over at  More about what we do at   Intro song was 'On It Again' by Jackal Trades & Morphamish  Song at the end 'Planet Fort Knox' by Girobabies 
On the week that Alabama 3's stunning new album 'Step 13' is released we thought we would treat you to a chat we had with A3 legend Harpo Strangelove aka Nick Reynolds earlier this year. He talks about his new film 'Rolling Stone: Life and Death of Brian Jones' , his father Bruce (The Great Train Robbery) , His art that includes death mask sculptures, The Sopranos soundtrack and the time Reverend D Wayne Love bammed up Chopper. We also have a secret bonus surprise at the very end for any Alabama 3 fans out there as Jackal Trades & Jo D'arc take inspiration from one of A3's biggest hits. This show was mixed and mastered by Morphamish of Sound Sound. 'Step 13' is out now on all platforms but sounds best on vinyl from here: You Call That Radio is powered by our patreons so if you enjoy today's show then please consider throwing us a pint or a coffee over here:  The song at the end is by Jackal Trades over at:  You can watch the video of this chat with Nick over here:  and you can find out more about YCTR on our website at and see ALL our shows on our youtube channel here:     
It is an honour to welcome one of the most important vocalists of all time onto You Call That Radio . Rowetta of Happy Mondays fame discusses her career , her various projects, gives advice for up and coming singers and how her and Bez got chucked off Bargain Hunt for cheating. A true pleasure to speak with her and make sure you add Rowetta on all social media platforms to stay up to date with the brilliant projects and upcoming gigs she has in the pipeline. Thank you to Morphamish of Sound Sound for mixing and mastering the interview and big ups to all the patreons at who make this show possible. You are appreciated. For more podcasts, live streams and blogs please check out our website at and our youtube channel at 
Ahead of her Fringe by the Sea show we welcome national treasure Gail Porter onto the YCTR audio podcast. She recently won a BAFTA for her incredible 'Being Gail Porter' documentary and I have been a massive fan of hers since the 90's. She has so many stories to share from Top of the Pops to mental health and it was lovely to get the craic with her. Tv Presenter, personality, model and all round sound lass who does endless and inspiring work for charities. This was recorded earlier in the year so some chat might be a little bit out of date but it is a must listen and one of my favourite conversations I have had since the podcast began. Get info on her Fringe by the Sea show here: Support You Call That Radio for the price of a coffee over here: The interview has been mixed and mastered by Morphamish. It can also be viewed on our youtube channel here:  
Was amazing to welcome Gail onto the show to chat about her projects including Muddy Summers & The Dirty Field Whores to running Something-Else events and doing a fanzine , making art and taking photos plus we discuss her viral sucess of 'Cameron/ Boris, I Would Call You a C***', the irony of being called sexist for doing an all female festival and loads of other stuff including photography, art, narcissists, conspiracies, songwriting in lockdown and video editing. This show was recorded late June 2021 and was recently mastered and mixed by Morphamish at Sound Sound for your audio podcast ears.  Support YCTR from £3 at: Support Muddy Summers at: Buy a ticket for Something Else by the Sea at You can watch this interview on youtube at :
From Chewin the Fat to The Karen Dunbar show, it is an honour to welcome a true national treasure onto the show. We chatted about her career from Bonkers karaoke to theatre to her recent move into the world of Hip Hop workshops over lockdown and how much she is looking forward to playing a live DJ set once this pandemic blows over. This show was mastered and edited by Morphamish at Sound Sound. You Call That Radio has no adverts, no funding and no sponsors. We are powered purely by our patreons over at  Check out more Karen Dunbar over at her website This episode is also available to watch on our youtube channel over at : More info abiout YCTR on our website 
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