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Author: Bob Heilig

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Welcome to the Your Virtual Upline podcast hosted by Bob Heilig. This weekly podcast will give you the mindset, strategies, and skills you need to build the network marketing business and life of your dreams.

Each week Bob takes a deep dive into topics like leadership, social media, prospecting, recruiting, and so much more! Bob is the founder of ‘The Legacy Leader Movement’, a totally new approach to building a network marketing business. The core values that guide his work, and the messages on this podcast are - faith, love, service, and growth.

Join us each week and discover how to tap into the power of this purpose-driven approach to building your business!
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Join me in a talk with Amy Triplett, who went from feeling stuck and hitting rock bottom to adding 297 new team members in a single month! Amy’s passion for systems led her to earn 6-figures, but moving to the next level seemed a struggle, and Amy found herself stuck in the same rank for 4.5 years. She implemented more systems, thinking that ‘more’ of what had worked for her already was the key; however, she did not see the results she craved so much. She was at her lowest ebb, feeling like a fake, totally unworthy – and heartbroken at having failed her whole team. She was almost ready to quit. At that point she came to me, and I could see that it wasn’t WHAT she was doing that was the problem – it was her thoughts and BELIEFS about herself. If you’ve ever felt stuck like Amy, and you feel like you’re still doing EVERYTHING you should be doing, I want you to know this…. It’s not your actions you need to work on – it’s your BELIEFS. Amy is one of the best students in our Legacy Leadership Academy and recently graduated to our Next Level Leadership Program. She and I worked together over the next 90 days using the Formula for Transformation that I teach as part of our Legacy Leadership philosophy. She worked SO incredibly hard to master her thoughts and mindset. And her progress was truly ASTONISHING. In June, she added 297 new members on her team, and FINALLY reached her next rank – the second highest in her company. Plus, her team had 32 other rank-ups, across many different legs.  It was Amy’s best-ever month – and she’s still going from strength to strength. Amy joins me today to share her story, why mindset is the key to getting unstuck, and how implementing The Formula for Transformation led her to success. Have you taken our leadership assessment yet? Take your business to the next level by joining NEXT LEVEL LEADERSHIP. Special 14 Day free trial offer.
Are you considering or currently attempting to build downlines in 2 different network marketing companies at the same time? In today’s Biz Tip Friday, I’m going to make the argument why I believe that’s not a good idea.  In fact, I believe it’s almost IMPOSSIBLE. Here’s WHY - It’s not EASY to build one ultra-successful business!!! It takes an incredible amount of FOCUS, DISCIPLINE, and CONSISTENCY to build one successful network marketing business. When you try to build multiple businesses, you are dividing the amount of time and focus you have to dedicate to their growth.  In today’s podcast, I share why building 2 NM businesses is a formula for disaster, how to overcome the ‘grass will be greener’ trap, and why taking responsibility and commitment is your key to success. Have you taken our leadership assessment yet? Take your business to the next level by joining NEXT LEVEL LEADERSHIP. Special 14 Day free trial offer.
Is PLACEMENT a good idea to ‘build or create leaders’ to help you hit your rank advancement goals? In case you’re not familiar with the term, “placement” is when you strategically enroll someone YOU’VE recruited under another person on your team. So, you can place your recruits to help your leaders grow their teams fast ... which means they hit their goals sooner…AND you hit yours. Sounds great right? BUT… I’m telling you, if you use it the WRONG way, this strategy can DESTROY the culture of your team. When you start manufacturing leaders “in name only” like this, without them having to go through the hard work and personal growth to reach their new rank organically ... …you can be building a ‘house of cards’ that can come tumbling down at any moment. And YOU’RE the only one busting your butt every month to keep it all from collapsing.    Believe me, I’ve been there – and it’s a miserable existence. Placement if used the right way - with boundaries and clear expectations - it can be a great strategy. And in this week’s podcast, I talk about the RIGHT and WRONG approach to placement, the key factors to consider when placing people, and how to use this strategy to grow and develop the leaders in your team. Take your business to the next level by joining NEXT LEVEL LEADERSHIP. Special 14 Day free trial offer.
Getting on the phone with a prospect dramatically increases your chances of success in recruiting someone. In fact, this is one of tactics that I used to build my own successful network marketing team! My goal was to get someone on the phone either BEFORE or during the follow-up after a 3rd party tool. But the big question I’m always asked is: What do I actually say on the call?!!! In this week’s Biz Tip Friday, I share with you my 3 guidelines of what to say and what to NOT say on the phone with a prospect, what your goal should be for the call, and why you shouldn’t be the EXPERT and instead be the SOLUTION. Have you taken our leadership assessment yet? Take your business to the next level by joining NEXT LEVEL LEADERSHIP. Special 14 Day free trial offer.
How can YOU, as a leader, motivate ‘the hobbyists’ on your team so that they begin seeing themselves as real business owners, and start building their impact and results? Here’s the reality when it comes to leading a team: You're going to have different people with different levels of motivation and commitment. The vast majority of your people struggle with fear and overwhelm. They keep busy with passive activities that don’t get results, and when they do take action it’s haphazard and inconsistent. They’re not committed or motivated to grow. Frankly, they’re not treating this as a business at all – they’re struggling hobbyists. So how can YOU, as a leader, motivate these people to see themselves as real business owners, and start building their impact and results? On this week’s podcast episode, I’m going to share with you a fail-proof method that I used in my business and that I now teach to my students ...  … that not only motivates and encourages even the least serious to commit to their own growth, feel great about their accomplishments and build their personal integrity so they learn to trust in their own success … … it also makes EVERY team member feel welcome, valued and able to WIN, no matter what their level of commitment – which is KEY for retention and your team’s long-term growth! I promise you, when you implement this method, your whole team is going to  be crushing it in no time! Have you taken our leadership assessment yet? Take your business to the next level by joining NEXT LEVEL LEADERSHIP. Special 14 Day free trial offer.
Here’s the truth about rank advancement: The people on your team that got you to where you are today are most likely NOT going to be the ones who get you to where you want to go. Many leaders fall in what I call the ‘Management Mode’ trap. They start to build a team, see a level of success, and then they HIT A WALL. Once they reach a level of success, they shift almost all their time and efforts on helping the people on their team become successful and they stop doing the things that got their team in the first place - prospecting, sponsoring, and training new people. In today’s Biz Tip Friday, I share with you a simple, but very important business building concept - how to break free from management mode, and why recruiting and developing is the lifeblood of your business. Have you taken our new leadership assessment yet? SPECIAL OFFER!!! Join Legacy Leadership Academy for FREE for 14 days -
Do you struggle with inconsistency in your business? Do you ever hear “I’m not good enough” running through your head? A belief is something you know with absolute certainty. It’s a thought that you’ve decided, consciously or unconsciously, is the truth. Your beliefs are the force that underpins every single action that you take in your business and in your life. And, if you believe deep down that “I’m not good enough,” all your experiences will be tinted with that belief – which means everything you see, hear and feel will support and CONFIRM that you’re not good enough. And because the story of our beliefs drives the behaviors that create our results … Every ACTION you take will help recreate that limited and limiting reality. Simply put, our beliefs become the lens from which we see and experience the world. The problem is all of us have LIMITING beliefs, and limiting beliefs guarantee limited results. If you struggle with inconsistency in your business, without a doubt, it’s a belief issue. The big question is - How do we change these limiting beliefs? Join me in this episode as I break down the types of beliefs and the actual steps you can take to shift these beliefs and begin creating a level of success and fulfillment in your life you’ve never experienced before. SPECIAL OFFER!!! Join Legacy Leadership Academy for FREE for 14 days -
One of the biggest challenges so many of the members of my leadership development group take on is falling into the trap of taking credit for the failures of their team. I see it happen time and again – we, as leaders, grow our team, and then we get discouraged when our team members are not seeing success. We begin to doubt ourselves and thinking that we are not good leaders. If you take the credit for the FAILURES of your team, then my question is, did you also take credit for their SUCCESSES? I want you to know that if you have everything in place and you support your team, and if somebody fails, it is NOT your fault. In this week’s Biz Tip Friday, I’ll share with you exactly how to change your thought process in this area and build your confidence as a leader. SPECIAL OFFER!!! Join Legacy Leadership Academy for FREE for 14 days -
You CAN still reach your goals for 2020 (even if it’s not going great so far!) The first half of this year was a little bit crazy, and you might just be questioning if you can even achieve your goals you set for this year…. Well, I’m here to tell you that YOU CAN. Today, I’m giving you my 3-step mid-year goal achievement plan that is going to help you regain focus and achieve your goals.    And in this week’s pivotal podcast episode, I’m going to show you exactly HOW. See, the reality is, when most people set out to achieve a goal, their mind right away starts asking “What do I need to DO to get there?” But this is the WRONG question – because it gets you stuck in play-it-small activities and tactics based on what you know has worked in the past. Instead, I truly believe the secret to ACHIEVING your goals (not just setting them!) is to let go of “doing” and ask yourself this. “Who do I need to BE in order to reach this goal?” Success is a matter of BEING, not doing.  That’s why, in the podcast this week, I want to take you through my simple and incredibly powerful 3-Step Plan to help YOU start creating from your future, successful identity – and achieve things in the second half of 2020 you never thought possible! SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube channel – Your Virtual Upline Click here to download the list of values
In this week’s Biz Tip Friday, I want to give you my #1 tip for handling OBJECTIONS from prospects. It is human nature for people to question things and have objections. However, when your prospects have them, it means that at some level there is interest….but there is also concern. I want you to shift your mindset from feeling like objections are bad to knowing that, in all actuality, objections are GOOD! The reason why most people struggle with objections is because they immediately REACT instead of intentionally RESPOND. Our first instinct is to automatically get defensive when a prospect gives objections. The key here is to approach objections with the mindset of a CONSULTANT. You must learn to ask clarifying questions and dig deeper into the actual reasons for their objections. This should be your first response! Asking questions to learn more. Not getting defensive. When you do this, you’ll be surprised how many people will give you the real reason why they are voicing concerns and objections. Have you taken our new leadership assessment yet? SPECIAL OFFER!!! Join Legacy Leadership Academy for FREE for 14 days -
As leader, there are 2 key principles you must remember when implementing a new system on your team.  You’ve done all of the hard work of creating a system, one that hopefully duplicated successfully throughout your team. But, the REAL work begins once you’ve created the system. Humans are creatures of habit and new systems can be ignored or challenged. To successfully implement a new system – especially an onboarding system – as a leader, you must follow these two principles: - You must fight for SIMPLICITY - Leadership is REPETITION. When you do these two things and teach them to your people, your business is about to become a rocket ship. Get ready to experience massive momentum and exponential growth by listening to this week’s podcast! Episode 113: Have you taken our new leadership assessment yet?
Do you struggle getting people to show up to your events? Would you like to double or even triple the amount of people attending, not matter if the event is virtual or in person? First and foremost, you need to understand that people don’t attend events for two reasons: The person hosting the event doesn’t invite enough people, or… You and your team have weak invitations Most meetings, virtual and live, fail because the host doesn’t put in enough work. You need to put in the time and effort of inviting people and getting their commitment. As the leader running the event, it is your job to set expectations upfront and to hold everybody accountable. In this week’s Biz Tip Friday, I’m going to share my secret strategy to double or triple the number of people attending your events…regardless if they’re virtual or in person!  Have you taken our new leadership assessment yet?
Welcome to another episode of #AskBob! Today, we are going to answer the question which every single network marketer wants to know: “How do I find rock stars for my team?” Well, here is the secret about leaders – You don’t need a rock star. We all have this false belief that leaders are found. That they’re just out there, already a perfectly developed and talented leader, just waiting to be discovered. However, in reality, you do not find leaders in network marketing.  You create them.  You have to take personal responsibility in the area of leadership development of some of your team members.  You must influence and guide the ones who do want to build a successful team and are willing to take action.    Tune in to today’s podcast as I share this mindset shift on leadership development and how Legacy Leaders develop leaders on their team! Have you taken our new leadership assessment yet?
What is the fastest way for me to start developing strong leaders on my team? Having strong leaders on your team is the key for you to have a successful business that provides the time freedom that you crave in life.  However, it is rare that team members will develop into the leaders you need on their own.  Therefore, identifying team members with potential and developing them to be leaders on your team must be an important part of your job. However, most leaders, such as yourself, are biased towards actions. We think it’s easier and faster for us to just do a task or manage a project by ourselves.  Plus, we then have control. But here’s the thing, the more that you are concerned with control, the more that you’re killing your leadership potential.  Instead of having that “Go, go, go! I'll get it done faster’ mindset, you need to learn how to SLOW DOWN and intentionally include others so that you can eventually SPEED UP. In this week’s Biz Tip Friday, I’ll share with you my #1 strategy that I've ever used in my business and I've taught to our students to help them in developing leaders. Have you taken our new leadership assessment yet?
This episode is part 2 of our discussion around racism, discrimination, and understanding our role as leaders in the middle of all that’s happening.  For this discussion I welcome 2 of our community members, and african american female leaders - Felicia Yvette and Robin Sullivan.  I’m also joined by a good friend of mine, Dr. Sundiata Soon-jahta… an anti-oppression activist, authentic dialogue facilitator.  During the episode we have a very open and honest discussion around the topics of racism, discrimination, the role that systems play in creating these issues, and specific advice for white women and men looking to do a better job of leading teams with people of color.  Regardless of what side of this issue you fall on, I think you’ll find this discussion incredibly enlightening and impactful.  If you are someone that is truly looking for some clarity and action steps you can take to become a part of the solution to all of this, this is a can’t miss episode for you. 
Are you struggling with knowing exactly how you should be showing up right now in your business and on social media? Should it be business as usual? Would it be best for you to just stay silent and say and do nothing? What if you decide to speak up and share your thoughts and beliefs around what’s happening today and you say the wrong thing? The last thing you probably want to do is say something that makes someone angry. In your heart, you believe what’s happening today is wrong, and I know most of you want to do SOMETHING to be a part of the solution… But you feel completely frozen, unsure if anything you could say or do would even matter. I’m here to tell you that IT DOES. In my latest podcast episode, I give you advice in this important area.  I answer the very important question… ‘As a LEADER, how should I be showing up right now in the world?’ And that’s exactly what we discuss on this week’s podcast. Have you taken our new leadership assessment yet?
Does your spouse NOT support your business?  Join us for a LIVE coaching session with one of my Legacy Leadership Academy members as we chat about a non-supporting husband in their network marketing business.  In Marty’s business, her husband was not supporting her business.  Every time she talks about her business, he sees it as the typical ‘pyramid scheme.’ However, as we proceed through the coaching session, we find out that the real question is this: Is it the unsupportive husband that’s the problem or is it Marty’s thoughts about that specific circumstance?  Going deeper into the conversation, Marty recognized that it was her expectations and negative thoughts that’s actually giving her pain. Tune in as I break down the advice that I gave to Marty. Learn how to deal with your thoughts and feelings, how to love without expectations, and how to heal those broken relationships with unsupportive people. For anybody listening, it does not have to be your spouse.  Perhaps it’s a friend or even someone on your team. This conversation with Marty that I’m sharing will surely help you work through some of these challenging relationships. This is going to be a major breakthrough for many of you. Have you taken our new leadership assessment yet?
Today’s episode is a Case Study of one of our students Kristy Wharton that increased her total team sales from $8,000 in 2018 to over $125,000 in 2019!  When Kristy first joined the Legacy Leadership Academy in July of 2019 she was really struggling creating any kind of duplication on her team.  She had done a great job personally making sales and getting new recruits, but that success wasn’t translating to her team. This caused her to really struggle with her own confidence and belief as a leader.  She knew she needed help, she just wasn’t sure exactly what to do.  After joining LLA she immediately knew what her biggest problem was - ONBOARDING. She did not have a simple system in place for onboarding her new team members.  She took the exact system that we teach inside of LLA, implemented it into her team in October, and couldn’t believe what she saw happen.  Here team did over 80,000 in total team sales in just the last 3 months of the year!  This brought her total team sales for 2019 to right around $114,000.  That’s a 1,325% increase!! In this episode I talk with Kristy and she explains EXACTLY what she did to help her create those kinds of results.  If you are someone that’s struggling with building your team, and creating other independent leaders, this is a MUST LISTEN episode! If you want to register for our free training next week on Onboarding - make sure you click here: 
When it comes to Facebook strategy, one of the most frequent questions I get is: Should I be focusing on using a Business Page or my own Personal Profile? In 2018, Facebook made a major change in terms of building Page audience that changed everything. They severely started limiting the organic reach of Business Pages. As of right now, the only way to build your Facebook business page today is through paid advertising. However, running ads for NM opportunities and products does NOT  work. It’s a total waste of time and money. That’s why I recommend you focus on building your personal brand on your Personal Profile and start selling YOU. Lead with LOVE and SERVICE on your social media posts, not selling and promoting. If you start selling and promoting LESS and start focusing on adding value to people with your content, I guarantee that you’ll start getting more engagement over time. Text me at (215) 608-1454 and let me know your questions or topics you want me to cover here on future episodes. Have you taken our new leadership assessment yet?
Do you ever find yourself stuck and not wanting to move forward?  Or maybe you are just not taking enough action because you’re obsessed over making sure everything looks perfect? If you answered YES to either of those questions, then you’re trapped in the Perfectionism-Procrastination loop. I’ve worked with thousands of network marketing leaders, and I now know that the THE biggest enemies on our journey to success are PERFECTIONISM and PROCRASTINATION. Perfectionists think anything short of perfection is unacceptable.  Perfectionists spin this need as a ‘good thing.’  But, in reality, perfectionism is just a delay tactic….one that’s seen as ‘acceptable’ by society.  But, it’s also one that won’t grow your business.  If you are a perfectionist, I want you to know this -- perfectionism isn’t just about having high standards. It’s defining your success in such a narrow way of thinking and then punishing yourself for any type failure. Perfectionism, if left unchecked, can kill both your personal and business growth long-term. And procrastination is actually a BYPRODUCT of perfectionism. WHY? Because perfectionists fear being unable to complete a task perfectly, they put it off as long as possible. The higher the fear of failure and ridicule, the more perfectionists procrastinate, and this is where the Perfectionism-Procrastination Loop begins. So, how do you break the Perfectionism-Procrastination Loop? Well, I cover that and more in today’s podcast episode!  Listen now! Have you taken our new leadership assessment yet?
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stacey lubowa

greta episode. I love how you simplify the issue and get the client and or future partner talking more.

Jul 7th

stacey lubowa

I am a new listener thank you for your service. you are absolutely right about the claims they are absolutely annoying. looking forward to listening and learning from you.

Apr 29th

Yessenia Pagán

this has actually helped me realize that ice been going about my business all wrong

Feb 5th

Jelena Predmerski

my upline shared this podcast with me to get me to overcome my fear of getting into NWM full dive in. this is pure gold!!! thanks Bob!

Jan 9th

Sarah Keyes

This is the best podcast yet!

Sep 20th

Christy Trattner Luke

Yes! This was helpful and I’d love to hear more.

Sep 5th

Michael Phillips

I'm a month late but wow did this ever hit home for me! This was one of those times where you know it your brain says yeah you know this but damn to be able to remember and put it into practice every day thank you so much for this podcast this one was a gem! 😎👍

Aug 31st

Sarah Keyes

This is the best! Loved this so much!!

Aug 26th
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Shaunna Cleveland

needed to hear this 💯💯💯 wow! thank you

Jan 31st

Kimberly Ann

This podcast is so informative, inspiring and definitely has helped me in my home business. Anything I am going struggling with in my business, I come directly to "Your Virtual Upline" and can find the answer. I love it.

Dec 10th

Debbie Wund Murphy

I have been listening to these podcasts for the past three weeks and I cannot believe how much I have already learned. Plus to see some result after putting the lessons to use is amazing. I can’t wait to see where I am a year from now. Thanks Bob!

Oct 19th

Jocelyn Amy Phillips

I’ve been in network marketing for YEARS. I’ve read a lot, been told a lot and I don’t feel like anything has been as helpful to me as Bob Heilig’s virtual upline podcasts. They are such a gold mine of information and are teaching me things I wish I had known years ago!! Thank you Bob!!

Aug 3rd

Nicole Nottingham

keeping it real! thanks for this advice!

Aug 1st

Megan Joy Garcia

BOB!!! You know I LOVE YOUR SHOW!!! We have connected a few times on FB too 😉This EPISODE IS BLOWING MY MIND🤯🤯🤯🤯 Thank you ❤ #dothehardthings

Aug 1st

Megan Joy Garcia

This was very eye opening for me Bob! Thanks for delivering the message I needed to hear.

Jun 20th

Megan Joy Garcia


May 25th

Ketty-ann Vienneau

I appreciate every episode. This one was one really interesting. I think I've always seen it the same, but I never really create a schedule for anything, really. So this was an eye opening.

Apr 17th

Toni Losada

love your podcasts!!

Apr 12th

Emily Parker

so good! I have no desire to be wealthy for the sake of being wealthy and having stuff. I have the desire to do my part to make an impact that will bring goodness and hope for generations to come. The things of my past most certainly did happen for me because my God is for me, and He is giving me the ability to impact lives by using what I've learned through those years of suffering and loss. This was the perfect message for me because it totally identified my heart for what I do and my vision for what I desire for my business and life. Thanks Bob!

Mar 16th

Chelsea Huckeba

This was my favorite podcast so far!!!

Feb 28th
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