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Welcome to the Your Virtual Upline podcast hosted by Bob Heilig. This weekly podcast will give you the mindset, strategies, and skills you need to build the network marketing business and life of your dreams.

Each week Bob takes a deep dive into topics like leadership, social media, prospecting, recruiting, and so much more! Bob is the founder of ‘The Legacy Leader Movement’, a totally new approach to building a network marketing business. The core values that guide his work, and the messages on this podcast are - faith, love, service, and growth.

Join us each week and discover how to tap into the power of this purpose-driven approach to building your business!
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Is Clubhouse the PERFECT biz-building tool for you?  Here’s how to get started! I have a confession for ya. I’m a little bit obsessed with Clubhouse! (Want these top 5 tips in a free PDF guide? Download it here!) You’re probably rolling your eyes right now, and thinking “What’s so special about Clubhouse? I’m hearing about it everywhere – but it’s just another social media platform, right?” That’s true – but Clubhouse is different. And I believe it could be a PERFECT platform to help you build your business.  So, why is it perfect for you?  Well, if you’ve listened to any of my podcasts, you know that I am all about being a servant leader first and foremost in your business.  And one of the ways we do this is by sharing value in any way we can…no matter if we are getting something in return.  And that is exactly what Clubhouse is all about. Most of us are focused on consuming rather than creating content that gives value to people. The true opportunity right now on Clubhouse is to build awareness for who you are by creating content and serving your audience in a new and fun way. In this week’s episode, I’ll share with you my top 5 tips for getting started on Clubhouse. But, whether or not you’re using Clubhouse, the foundational LOVE, SERVE, GROW principles I share with you are valuable no matter what social media platform you’re on. Head to to download your free guide on 5 tips for getting started on Clubhouse!
One of the most important leadership lessons you need to learn is TIME is your most precious asset. As a leader, it's really important that you invest your time into the right people. Unfortunately, there’s a trap that most leaders fall into --- --- We spend tons of time motivating the unmotivated and getting the uncommitted to commit, thinking that is our job as a leader. And what winds up happening is our business starts to slow, we get frustrated, and we become resentful.  In this Biz Tip Friday, I’ll teach you know who to decide who you should be spending the most time with on your team. 
One of the biggest myths that gets thrown around in network marketing is this →  “The only way succeed is to take MASSIVE ACTION!” If you think success means sacrificing family life, THIS podcast is exactly what you need to hear!   This idea of putting in 100% total INTENSITY of effort while trading off every other area of your life has become the common narrative when it comes to creating success. It’s the ‘all or nothing’ mentality that creates such a problem for most people, and in the process, makes them think that success in their business must come at the expense of their life. But I’m here to tell you, that’s a great big LIE. Not just because pushing at maximum intensity all the time burns you out really quick, and sets back your success for a long time … but also because this limiting belief actually STOPS most network marketers from even showing up!  So many network marketers don’t even make the effort, because they’ve been sold this idea of ‘what it takes’ to create true success in their business and they are not willing to pay that high of a price.  I’m not saying that ‘hard work’ or periods of more intense effort aren’t beneficial and necessary from time to time. But if those things are the norm for you in your business… that’s a problem. In this episode, I want to present a new definition of ‘massive action’ for you to follow in your business... and it’s based on a simple idea.
I’ve been getting one question a LOT lately…. When do you know it's the right time to change companies? I know this can be a very difficult and often delicate topic. So much of the time, when we're leaving companies, it becomes a very personal thing, and we discover people want to attack us. First of all, please know that it is OK if you want to work with a different company, especially when you decide there’s a product or business model more aligned with your passion or mission. What is important is that when you do make the decision to move to a different company, you do so with integrity and dignity In this Biz Tip Friday, I’ll shed light on the things that you need to consider most when you’re considering leaving for a new company.      Episode Quotes "It's not a bad thing if someday you'll decide to change the course of your career." "It's not about making the right decision. It's making a decision and then committing to make that decision right." "Don't doubt yourself because that is the killer of success." Listen to Learn 01:28 - Why it's OK to leave and join another company 04:21 - Ask Yourself: "Why are you considering leaving?" 05:46 - Decide... and stop straddling the fence 08:52 - How to build a staying power in a company
If you’re still struggling to see the results you want in your business … …there’s a good chance it’s how you think about success that’s holding you back. You see, most people see “success” as an outcome, an achievement, or a result.  So if they hit a big goal, or reach some arbitrary metric in their business, they think that’s success – and they feel validated and worthy when they achieve it. But here’s what I want you to realize. Any definition of success that’s so narrow it’s tied to a specific result is going to prevent you from fully showing up in your business the way you need to ... …because it’s rooted in scarcity and fear.  The moment your definition of success is rooted in SCARCITY and FEAR it holds you back from creating the results that you want. The purpose of your goal is NOT to hit the goal.  The true purpose of a goal is to stretch you – to help you become MORE in pursuit of that goal. Join me in this episode as I share the true purpose of having a big goal and what SUCCESS truly means.  
In today’s episode I share with you the greatest team building strategy that I’ve ever learned in my career.  It’s called TAPROOTING.  If you want to learn how to build new teams faster, create more duplication, and develop more leaders - this is the answer!  It’s a very different mindset when it comes to the topics of leadership and working with your team.  It’s based on this simple idea that the key to building teams is learning how to work THROUGH people, in-depth in your organization.  Doing this creates something called a ‘fear of loss’ motivation.  It’s WAY more powerful that the kind of motivation that most leaders use with their team.  There are few things in my business that had a bigger impact on me helping people become successful, and finding new leaders.  I can’t wait to share it with you in this episode!
Today’s #AskBob episode is inspired from one of our listeners on the new Clubhouse social media platform. I was asked the other day, “Bob, when do red light stories stop? This listener was doing ‘all the things’…including intentionally working on his mindset. But, red light stories keep popping into his thoughts. My answer: Red light stories NEVER stop. They will always be there waiting for you. But, the real problem is when we accept them as true. When we don’t challenge them at all. It’s when we believe the red light stories that we become stuck in our life and business. The goal, therefore, is not getting rid of them. It’s to stop believing in them. Join me in this episode, as I talk about why having red light stories is normal, and how to get unstuck by shifting your mindset, building your belief, and focusing on the positives. To register for my free live training on 'The Formula for Transformation' on Thursday February 11th click this link!
Take a moment and ask yourself…   Are you showing up as a leader for your team members? Or as a friend? Many of us, out of FEAR, do not confront team members because we want to protect our friendships, and we crave to be accepted by people.   However, valuing FRIENDSHIP over LEADERSHIP is one of the greatest challenges that’s keeping you stuck in your business. Don’t get me wrong, relationships are the foundation for leadership – they are important. But you can’t allow them to get in the way of you actually leading your team. If you truly care about the people on your team, you are willing to trade off your own comfort and security for the untapped potential that lies inside of them. It’s time that you LEAD with LOVE. In this episode, I’ll teach how to overcome the relational roadblock so you can be the leader that people WANT to follow and that your team NEEDS you to be. Want to learn more about how to be a Love Serve Grow leader?  Join my Legacy Leadership Academy today!!! –  
Are you thinking to yourself, ‘“What the heck is Clubhouse??!” If the answer is ‘yes!’ -- don’t worry – you’re not the only one!! Clubhouse is the newest social media platform that is getting a TON of buzz.  But, it’s also only available to a small group of people right now, those that are Apple device users and who have also been invited by another Clubhouse member to join. On today’s Biz Tip Friday, I am giving you a sneak peek into my own personal Clubhouse experience over the last week and how I’m utilizing it for my business! My team has seen some crazy results already, so much so that I felt the need to share it with you. Clubhouse is providing a huge opportunity for YOU right now. At the moment, there is an overflow of listeners and a small amount of creators, making it the perfect time for you to get on there and start connecting with people. Click Here to Download ios app! Once you’re on the app, let’s connect! Search for @bobheilig and hit “follow” and then the little bell icon. Then hit “always notify” so you get a notification every time I start or schedule a broadcast! So, is Clubhouse the next big thing?! While I can’t tell you if it’s the next big thing, I can tell you it is the thing right now. It’s a HUGE opportunity for you to grow and connect with people you never would have been able to, in a way you never would have been able to.
Do you want a business that gives youTotal Freedom?  You need these 4 keys to get there. If you’re somebody who struggles to create duplication in your team (which means YOU recruit prettily easily, but your new team members just can’t seem to do the same) it’s most likely because you have a problem with your onboarding system. And of all the systems you need, ONBOARDING is the most important. Here’s why… A properly designed onboarding system gives you the leverage when it comes to… Creating duplication in your team Developing strong, independent leaders The problem though is that most people EITHER do not have an existing onboarding system at all… OR they have an existing system but there’s WAY too much information…which overwhelms new people. Either way, you’ll find that duplication will break down, and you’ll never unlock the greatest gift of Network Marketing →  Residual income. Check out this week’s podcast episode now to discover the 4 essential keys to a super-effective onboarding system – and how you measure up against them! NEED HELP with systems?
Are you getting the results you want in your business right now? Because if you’re not, I can almost guarantee you it’s for one reason only.  You’re operating from a Red Light “Core Story.” Your Core Story is the story you tell yourself, about YOURSELF. And it’s one of THE MOST IMPORTANT concepts we teach people under the new Legacy Leadership Academy program. A ‘Red Light’ Core Story is one that is based in FEAR and scarcity. One where you feel like you’re “not enough.”  You’re comparing yourself constantly to others ... and basing your belief in your future on your LACK of results so far. Are you operating your business from a place of fear and scarcity?  From your own personal ‘red light core story?’ If you want TOTAL FREEDOM in your life and business, this has to change… In our new program, I’ll teach you how you can rewrite Your Core Story and how to stop letting your story define you. Remember - Your future is NOT determined by your past.  So, maybe it’s time that you finally define your story. Enrollment for the new LLA is now open!!! –
Do you want to see major progress in your business and make 2021 your breakthrough year?    YES!  You do! And the first step in making that happen is shifting your focus from TRANSACTIONS to TRANSFORMATIONS.   One mistake ‘Hobbyists’ do is spend so much time on the front-end activities of their business doing attraction marketing, creating content for social media, and personally selling and recruiting. This TRANSACTIONAL approach, focusing almost solely on front-end CONVERSIONS, can make you money. BUT… it will never grow you a real business and give you total freedom. The only way you will achieve that goal is when you focus on RELATIONSHIPS and TRANSFORMATION. In this Biz Tip Friday, I’ll share with you my #1 business growth strategy for 2021 and the top 3 things that will help you create an environment for your customers and team members that is SO GOOD that they can’t help but get results! The brand new Legacy Leadership Academy is opening next week!!! Go to and join the waitlist to be the first to know when the doors open.
Today is a special BEST OF edition of the podcast, where we share with you one of our most popular episodes of all time - Episode 96: God Doesn’t Create Junk.  I couldn’t think of a better message to share with you as you look forward to 2021 and set your big goals for your business and your life.  This episode was so popular because it reminded us of something so important - that we ALREADY have what we need inside of ourselves to create the business and life of our dreams.  There is untapped potential inside of you right now, waiting to get out, if you can just start showing up as the person that God created you to be. Let this special episode serve as an important reminder of that fact. If you truly want to make 2021 the best year ever in your business MAKE SURE you get yourself registered for my upcoming  LOVE SERVE GROW CHALLENGE starting on Tuesday January 5th!  Here’s the link to get registered - make sure you share with your teams!
Today’s episode is sparked by an official post made by Tik Tok, and I quote... “Do not post upload or share content that promotes ponzi, multi-level marketing, or pyramid schemes.” Does that sound like a platform that’s in favor of our profession? NOPE! Tik Tok apparently hates network marketing, and that might be true with other social media platforms. But, we keep hearing, “TikTok is where it’s at! You HAVE to be on TikTok to grow your business!” Hey listen – I’m not knocking TikTok. In fact, TikTok could be a super-powerful tool to help you build an engaged following and create awareness around your products and business. However, the mistake I want YOU to avoid is to focus too much on social media and end up neglecting the key areas that’s actually grow your business and give total freedom. Again, social media isn’t a business. It’s a marketing tool. It’s just one piece of the puzzle. And if you want to build a REAL BUSINESS that someday gives you financial freedom, you MUST shift your focus to the other key puzzle pieces, too. If you have questions, text me at (215) 608-1454, and let me know what do you need help with, what issues are your struggling, and what topics you want me to cover in future episodes. Join Legacy Leadership Academy! Enrollment is now open for new members -
Do you need to shift your personal perspective?  So that you are FREE to build your business in love and abundance? I see network marketer’s make this mistake all of the time – they attach their own self-worth and value to the success or failure of people on their team. So if a team member doesn’t reach their goals, or loses rank and falls behind, they BLAME themselves. Today’s episode is a live coaching session with Joanie, one of our LLA students, who experienced that exact mindset. Joanie had seen success in her business. However, over the last 12 months she’s been having issues in recruiting new people in her team - being able to personally sponsor just 3 people. She realized it wasn’t just a byproduct of lack of effort, but more of the red light stories about herself and her own leadership capabilities, including if she could even grow her team while caring for her family as well.  Join us in this live coaching session as we tackle the limiting beliefs around leadership, why identifying the core story is key to transformation, the power of practicing faith and taking courageous actions, and what “LOVE YOURSELF” truly means. Join Legacy Leadership Academy! Enrolment is now open for new members - If you have questions, text me at (215) 608-1454, and let me know what do you need help with, what issues are your struggling, and what topics you want me to cover in future episodes.
As we’re wrapping up 2020, I know you just might be thinking -- “What can I do different or better in 2021 to create the results that I want?” In this Biz Tip Friday, I share with you a really powerful analogy of what it takes to build a successful network marketing business, including the 3 areas you need to focus on to create a strong foundation in your business, crush your big goals, and make 2021 your breakthrough year. Join Legacy Leadership Academy! Enrollment is now open for new members - If you have questions, text me at (215) 608-1454, and let me know what do you need help with, what issues are your struggling, and what topics you want me to cover in future episodes.
Did you know that by February 1st next year, 92% of people will already have given up on the goals they set for 2021? Pretty shocking right? And chances are, those people did exactly the same thing in 2020, and 2019, and 2018… Hey look, no judgement, right?! I know I was in that place – for a LONG time! I genuinely wanted change and growth in my business, and year after year I’d set myself big goals – but after only a matter of weeks, I’d find myself stuck, yet again.  Until I figured out where I was going wrong. There are 2 HUGE mistakes that hold people back when it comes to achieving their goals and what you need to be doing to avoid these 2 mistakes. And that’s exactly what we’re talking about in this week’s podcast. SPECIAL FREE TRAINING ON GOAL ACHIEVEMENT!!! Get yourself registered - If you have questions, text me at (215) 608-1454, and let me know what do you need help with, what issues are your struggling, and what topics you want me to cover in future episodes. Join Legacy Leadership Academy and become a Certified Legacy Leader™ -
Today is a HUGE milestone for me!  Today is my 200th podcast episode! As a SPECIAL THANK YOU to all of you who’s been supporting the show, I’m giving you our first ever “Best Of” episode. As my team and I have looked through all 199 of my previous episodes, the ones that you’ve loved the best and that have been listened to the most fell under the topics of CONFIDENCE and BELIEF. I touch on topics such as how to adopt a healthy attitude towards failure, overcoming negative thinking, how to reposition your thoughts for success, the power of belief, how to shift your beliefs to create success, and key things to becoming a more confident leader. So, today, in celebration of my 200th episode, I hope you’ll listen to this mash-up of my most popular episodes! There are SO many golden nuggets in this episode! This is going to be life-changing! SPECIAL FREE TRAINING ON GOAL ACHIEVEMENT!!! Get yourself registered - If you have questions, text me at (215) 608-1454, and let me know what do you need help with, what issues are your struggling, and what topics you want me to cover in future episodes. Join Legacy Leadership Academy and become a Certified Legacy Leader™ -
Do you have a passion for learning and growth?  Or do you have a hunger for approval? How you answer this question reveals exactly why you have the results that you do in your business. Your answer determines whether you have a Fixed or a Growth Mindset, according to Carol Dwek.  Here’s one simple difference between the two... People having a Fixed Mindset believe their talents and abilities are essentially set in stone – ‘You either have it or you don’t.’ On the other hand, people with a Growth Mindset believe that they CAN become better – that they’re a work in progress and can become more talented, intelligent, and skilled through time and effort. An even bigger differentiation between the two mindsets (and the major reason you’re holding yourself back!) is the way they view FAILURE. In this episode, I’m going to explore these two different mindsets and explain why your answer could reveal the reason why you haven’t built the business that you dream of.   Episode Quotes "People that possess a Fixed Mindset believe when they fail, they think it means THEY are a failure." "People with a Growth Mindset embrace failure knowing it's the key to success without attaching their sense of self-worth to that result."  "We are not human beings - we are human BECOMINGS."   Listen to Learn 01:58 - Review of the Week 03:04 - Episode 200 Announcement!!! Special FREE TRAINING!!! 07:55 - Fixed vs. Growth Mindset 13:55 - A powerful example of a growth mindset 16:28 - Two Mindset Comparison Chart 25:44 - We are human BECOMINGS   SPECIAL FREE TRAINING ON GOAL ACHIEVEMENT!!! Get yourself registered - If you have questions, text me at (215) 608-1454, and let me know what do you need help with, what issues are your struggling, and what topics you want me to cover in future episodes. Join Legacy Leadership Academy and become a Certified Legacy Leader™ -
Hey everyone! I know everybody is so excited with all kinds of promotions this Black Friday. But I bet a lot of you are already starting to slip into that SEFL-DOUBT and FEAR. Well, there is only one thing that will determine whether you win or lose this weekend - It’s the STORY that you tell yourself. It’s either you come out with the RED LIGHT STORY thinking – “It’s insensitive to sell products when everybody is affected by the pandemic.” OR... you can choose the GREEN LIGHT STORY knowing that – “People can’t leave home so they’re going to buy and spend more money.” Which path are you going to choose? I’m hoping you choose the GREEN LIGHT STORY. Go out there from a space of LOVE and SERVICE, and be proud of what you do.  If you have questions, text me at (215) 608-1454, and let me know what do you need help with, what issues are your struggling, and what topics you want me to cover in future episodes. Join Legacy Leadership Academy and become a Certified Legacy Leader™ -
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