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Author: Fiona Wattam

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A weekly talk-through of IELTS topics to help you learn about the issues, vocabulary, tips and strategies you need to know for the test. Follow me on and get all the downloads, tests, advice and tips on my website Join the Members Academy for step-by-step online courses and support to get you a Band 7+ in the #ielts test.
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This episode focuses on the grammar of Modals of Deduction in IELTS Listening. Find a full explanation with practice on my website. Send in a voice message:
Check out my website for all of the 28 tips with links Get the full vocabulary course in the Members Academy Send in a voice message:
A recent #ielts process (see diagram on my social media accounts or check the website where I found it ( Send in a voice message:
A very difficult Passage 3 where a Degree in Zoology might help. Here is the text on the website Send in a voice message:
How to use YouTube clips to help you describe processes and cycles in #ielts Academic Writing Task 1. Send in a voice message:
Academic Passage 3 Book 11 Test 1 - a really useful text for vocabulary. Also good practice for completing a table and matching researchers. 👩🏻‍🔬👨🏽‍🔬 Send in a voice message:
A fantastic reading for vocab. Matching information and T/F/NG questions. Send in a voice message:
Speed-reading strategies for texts with 3 or more sets of questions. Book 9 Test 2 Passage 1. Send in a voice message:
A VERY difficult Academic Reading Part 3 (sorry!). Book 11 Test 4. See also 'How did writing begin?' on my website. Send in a voice message:
This is a REALLY interesting Passage 1 Academic (good for GT too). Great for vocab topics (Water and Buildings) and speed-reading practice (just find the dates and names - ignore the rest). Please check on my website soon for the full text. Send in a voice message:
Comments (7)

Ali Almaliky

Thanks for your efforts. A great podcast I have found so far.

Nov 13th

farnaz Gbd

I just wanted to thank you for this amazing thing you are doing.I Specially totally appreciate the episodes on writing task 2. Wish you could cover speaking too, but this is already a 5stars pidcast❤️

Sep 3rd

Lovely Girl

I donvt have a blog. Do you have any idea to create my own blog? And what i shoud i write about?

Aug 21st

Preslava Petrova

Hi. I really like the idea of the Discussion Clock. Do you have a blog post about it?

Aug 8th

Guramritpal Singh

awesome podcasts. thank you

Jun 23rd

Fiona Wattam

Guramritpal Singh Thank you Guramritpal! Sorry I've only just seen this!

Jun 29th

Noor Musa

Great podcast! Big thanks

Jun 1st
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