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Author: Real, Meaningful Conversations From The Real World

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Deep conversations with people who are making a difference in the world. Opportunities to hear their stories, life journeys, lessons learned along the way, and their visions for the future. Real conversations and real stories. Inspiring. Uplifting. Enlightening. No script. No limits.

372 Episodes
To connect with Akasha, visit
To connect with Jolie, visithttps://www.jolienan.com JolieWhen I was 49 years old, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Within the same year I lost my dad to cancer, became an empty nester, and felt completely lost on how to move forward. After fighting anxiety for most of my adult life, this perfect storm sent me steeply over the edge. The unbearable stress forced me to look beyond my typical coping mechanisms, invest in help, and try to...
Lifelong friend to the late great Glen “BUB” Doherty and the BUBS Naturals frontline in forging Glen’s legacy. Merging his career experience as a professional athlete, director of global marketing, and entrepreneur, Sean has personally curated the product, communal spirit, and charitable mission that defines the BUBS Naturals brand.
ARTISTS STATEMENT As a child, I reveled in the exploration of pencils, pastels, charcoal and paper. As an adult, I became an intuitive abstract painter using free flowing brushstrokes to share my heart and soul through the paint, tools and canvas. I begin the journey with a color palette in mind and let my hand guide the brush to explore as it wishes. My hope is that every viewer feels excitement or comfort when experiencing my work. BIOI studied drawing and sketc...
To connect with Da'juan, visithttps://inthelifeofdupri.com Yahudi-American Actor, Artist/Songwriter, & Community Leader based out of East Tulsa, Ok.Da'juan Dupri has taken Tulsa by storm with his unmatched charisma and gripping subject matter; Dupri has made a name for himself being a highly anticipated act demonstrating a deep mental capacity with his electrifying freestyles.There's a rare passion and dedication felt in his awe inspiring live perf...
To connect with Michelle and Raw Artists Canadarawartists.comIG: rawartistscanadaFB: rawartistscanada
To connect with Christine Marie, Marie is a Ceremonial Medicine Woman who specializes in holding safe and sacred spaces for healing and transformation through plant spirit facilitation, shamanic reiki healing, and spoken-word sound journeying. Additionally, she has a Bachelors in Nursing (BSN) and is a published author who has years of experience in helping men and women heal from C-PTSD, physical ailments, toxic r...
To connect with Marswa, visit books are available on Amazon:
To connect with Rosemary, Behind the scenes at her studio new website to find out more about her method, teachings, and coaching.
To connect with Kai Shanti, visit @angeloflightmeditation
To connect with Sara, visitwww.dearjoylove.comInstagram: @dearjoylove
To connect with Sarah, visit Andreas, residing in the scenic heart of Ohio, holds more than just an affinity for colors and textures. With a Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership, she has delved deep into the realms of individual experiences, particularly how one develops leadership skills encompassing the mind, body, and soul. Her academic pursuits kindled a passion for understanding ...
*photo credit Gerado Gonzalez, @boardsofvermillion on IG
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