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Shift your mindset; Become your very best version.
•Empower Through Knowledge • Performance and Lifestyle Tactics • Creativity • Optimism. | Level Up Your HumanAbility
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Love You, Ma 💜

Love You, Ma 💜


Thank you for being a beacon of hope for all of us. Your resiliency and will to live are ingrained in all of us. We are all more courageous because you showed us how to defeat fear. We love you Ma, and we miss you. Until we meet again. 💜
Great catching up with good friend Daniel Ciampini, or Champ as he’s known. Great to hear his perspectives on so many things with respect to how to be committed to what you love to do, because being diligent and working hard are the little things that can make the biggest differences. It’s all about understanding the economics; supply & demand! Oh, and he’s a National Champion.... and has his MBA. And keeps up with the Kardash... ok, Pop Culture. Great episode today! Have a listen!
A quick $0.02 edition ~ Staying out of your own way is 🔑 ! | (P.s - can you tell it was recorded at 1am after a game!?)
Hey guys! Guess what? We are back and definitely on the path towards bringing a ton more value! First up: Kyle Reidhead from Health Simple. Simply put, this episode is nutritious! Packed full of high quality info, we dive right into trying to dispel some common myths around athletes and nutrition / lifestyle choices, and do our best to give some actionable details for you to try. At the end of the day, it’s about trying it for yourself. Forget blindly listening to what we say, try it out for yourself and see if you can experience a lot of the benefits that we have learned along the way. One thing is for sure: we wish we would have had this info readily available when we were young(er)! Either way, we are making it work for us now, so have a listen and see if you can give yourself a head start!
It’s been a minute since our last episode, so we thought we would give a little recap on what we’ve been up to! *HINT - actually doing something* | It’s great to be back in the mix though!
At the intersection of athletics and personal branding, we meet .... a stand up comic with a bunch of Gold Medals🥇 that likes combat sports? 🥊 Possibly in the future! Either way, it was great to have Zach on the show to discuss what he has been up to! Zach has had some amazing achievements thus far in his hockey career, winning gold at most levels of International representation for Canada🍁. As well, he has built himself a nice community on social media that he keeps engaged by constantly showing small bits of who he is. The key is authenticity and communicating a positive message! Zach is a recent signing with the Vegas Golden Knights, and he is looking for a fresh start in a place that has captured the attention of all hockey fans! It’s no coincidence that Zach would be on their radar! We also get some insights as to how goalies view training camp (hint: you vs the puck!). Merci Zach d'être sur le podcast! Et bonne chance cette saison!
In this episode, Daniel dives into some pressing issues with college teammate and goaltender Gordy Defiel. Topics such as the mental fortitude required to defy odds and acquire a Division 1 scholarship as a late bloomer. Also as many players struggle with the idea of retirement and life after playing and competing which is all they've known for a lifetime. Some hard hitting components to this episode make it a great listen for those dealing with similar issues, and having a hard time finding their warrior mindset in order to combat performance anxiety and self doubt.
If you want to be inspired, have a listen to this episode💥 Mason’s story is very unconventional to playing pro hockey, but what’s more of an anomaly is his absolute inability to make any kind of excuse. This is the kind of thing that makes or breaks success. Quite simply: if you’re looking for a story to inspire you, listen in to hear Mason talk and hear his perspective, it’s definitely worth the time. ⏱
Dennis Lindsay joins us with his wealth of knowledge, expertise and implementation strategies for athletic development and evaluation. Join us for a fantastic, informative episode about off ice and on ice testing parameters, why they are important, how to test them and why we even bother testing certain aspects of athleticism.🏃🏻‍♀️🤸🏼‍♂️🤾🏻‍♂️#RunJumpThrow
I’m just going to be completely honest, there are a lot of tips and actionable details in this episode about skills associated with mental resiliency and preparation. We talk about emotional resiliency and why that matters, and how you can improve it. 📈 Guys, we aren’t doing the episode justice, you just need to listen. Be ready to take some notes! 📝
Have you ever wondered what analytics are useful vs which are relevant? In this episode we take a look at how context makes all the difference when you're talking about understanding nuances of tracking stats and putting them to good use. Mike has a great take on this approach, and a lot of experience to draw from in his time doing analytical reporting for TSN & The NHL Network. He also talks about his newest role working at Sportlogiq and what he has learned there that is helping him tell new stories at "The Point". Great episode to learn more about stats & hockey analytics! 📊📈
What's the ROI of an upside down 🥅? It doesn't really matter, but you should tune into the Ultimate Hockey Fan Cave to see why that is relevant to them! Really enjoyed this chat with Jordie from over at the Cave. They really have a unique thing going on there, and it's very engaging and very much about promoting fanship around hockey. What is very apparent from the first moment you see their content is that their personalities stand out; they are just some nice people who love hockey and like to talk about it!🚨 In our world of player development, you might be wondering why this is relevant. Well, there are a few ways, which we discuss on the show, but mostly it's about getting more people to love hockey! In our opinion, things like the Cave need to exist going forward in the new age of technology, helping more people to love hockey, to help make our jobs easier eventually when they want to translate that "love of the game" into full-on development! 💥Have a listen! 🎧
THIS EPISODE IS STRAIGHT FIRE 🔥. You really want to grab a notepad and take some notes from our inaugural professorship with one of my oldest friends! Who just happens to know a thing or several in the area of neuroscience. And more specifically, performing under pressure. Listen guys, if I’ve ever brought you some value, this episode trumps that. Not only do we tackle some pretty cool stuff, but we also translate it to practical actions, and we go deep on a few personal issues that I think might resonate with you. Either way, Dr. P is well spoken and has a lot of knowledge to share, so please please have a listen, it’s one of my own personal favourites to date! Enjoy! 💥
On this episode we take a look into what makes an off season program work, and how it can be applied. You must work smart and hard in this time and realize that although rest is a weapon, work is a must as well. Enjoying the process and understanding how powerful this time can be as you recharge are both essential elements to a great off season. Periodization in terms of strength and conditioning are very important features of our off season lifestyle, planning the work and working the plan.
Ever wondered why less North Americans NHLers will represent their country at the World Championships than their European counterparts? Well, have a listen to hear our take as to why this is. From experience, we have seen both sides of the equation. We explain what’s at stake and what can be useful to the Euro’s vs what North Americans don’t know about playing in front of European fans! 🏟🏒🥅
#ShiftdTactics 📒 • dictate (stick positioning) • gap (stay close) • watch for exposed puck • attack assertively • stick on puck • eliminate wrists
Hey guys, this is just a very very important but often overlooked part of building your brand. People live on social media now, and it's super important to understand why that is, and why it's important. This is some quick advice as to why it's important and a few key points on how to start to understand how to use each platform to build your profile. Remember* that your Personal Brand = Your Reputation. People that you expect to be employed by are going to do their due diligence (if they're smart) and being able to portray your AUTHENTIC self is of great importance! Hit us up with questions if you need more info! 📲
In the age of parity in hockey, there are so few things left that are relatively untapped to use as a differentiator. Enter: intuition. Having Sport Specific IQ is just another way of saying you are coachable. You can be put in any scenario and have a firm grasp of what to do. Having that knowledge helps you make decisions quicker because you know what your opponent is thinking before they even think it! That’s great intuition. That’s also a great advantage! Hope you like this episode, it’s something I’m super passionate about, because it’s the thing that has allowed me to play professionally for as long as I have. The great differentiator!
Learning about what sugar is and how it affects our bodies is really a big step towards unlocking a potential you didn’t know you had. To help you perform better. Have a listen today if you’d like to begin the process of understanding what it is. Hopefully, it can spark your interest to continue to learn more. ❤️
To all of the people and families affected, we express our sincere condolences, and we pray for God to grant you strength in this moment. To all of those who have left us, we pray for you. And to the entire hockey community, we pray for you as well. Sending love to all members of the hockey community, we all need it in this moment.
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