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Author: Adam Brown

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Strategies, tactics and insights for the Inner Sircle at Sircle Media
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On this episode, I talk about supporting your Retailers with blocking and tackling social media work. Content posting and Ads are obvious ones but less obvious, is comments, DMs and engagement with posts or tagged photos. As well as sending influencers physically into a store to support the relationship.  Lean in! 
On this episode, I talk about: A New Study Examines How Brand Engagement on Social Influences Purchase Behavior.1. Use Social Media to Connect with Consumers and Other Businesses2. Interact With People on Social Media to Establish Rapport3. Know That Men and Women May Be Drawn to Different Platforms, but Don’t Base Your Whole Strategy on Generalization4. Know What Ages Your Social Media Advertisements Will Influence the Most5. Choose Your Social Media Platforms Carefully6. Embrace Social Media as a Tool for Two-Way Communication7. People Want to Buy from Brands that they Follow on Social Media
On this episode, I answer that question. Here is an article that I reference. 
On this episode, I talk about Facebook adding badges for users/followers to pages that should help boost engagement and foster community. You can read more about it here.
On this episode, I talk about Twitter and some new and noteworthy updates that are on the horizon. I reference this article and specifically:1. Topic Lists2. Subscribing to Conversations3. Re-Order Attached Images4. Support for Live Photos5. DM Search
On this episode, I talk about IGTV Tips Based on the Success of Thrillist. You can learn more about this here.
On this episode, I talk about TikTok and Kroger partnering with their new E-commerce feature. More on it here!
On this episode, I talk about being more thoughtful about your Instagram Hashtag Strategy. Here is a good reference on the topic that was put out on the blog.
On this episode, I talk about the TikTok and GIPHY integrating so you can use GIFs on the platform. I also encourage brands to consider creating their own account and custom GIFs so they can create, deploy and track analytics.  Let us know if we can create some for you!
On this episode, I talk about Barney's filing for bankruptcy and closing some stores. 
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