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Author: Bryan Collins

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Welcome to Become a Writer Today hosted by Bryan Collins from Ireland. Get practical advice about creativity, productivity, writing and lots more.

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53 Episodes
In 2011, Garrain Jones was 40 pounds overweight and living out of his car in California. Today, he runs a seven-figure coaching business, has spoken in 32 countries and is about to release his new book *Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life*.Jones's journey from the backseat of his car to the stage started with studying how successful entrepreneurs spend their day. He was surprised to find they often rise between 04.30 and 06.30.In this interview, Jones explains:How to Create Your Panda Power HourWhat he learnt after studying how successful entrepreneurs operateHis process for writing his book Change Your Mindset, Change Your LifeAnd lots more.I started by asking Jones to tell me about how he got from living out of his car to running a seven figure coaching and speaking business.Attention writers:Would you like a discount for grammar checker? If so, check out my ProWritingAid review. 
Have you ever faced an insurmountable barrier?If so, a Finnish idea may help you solve that problem. Sisu is a concept that means strength of will, determination, perseverance. It’s kind of like stoicism.Finnish author Joanna Nylund delves into this concept in her book Sisu: The Finish Art of Courage, which was published in 2018.I recently had the chance to catch up with Joanna and in this interview, she explains:What exactly Sisu is and why it's so usefulHow this Finish concept can help become a better entrepreneur, writer or authorHer process for writing the book Sisu: The Finnish Art of CourageWhy she uses so many visual elements in her bookHow photography informs her writing and creative workI started by asking Joanna how she went about explaining a finish concept outside of her native country.ResourcesSisuAttention writers:Would you like a discount for grammar checker? If so, check out my ProWritingAid review. 
Ryan Moran is the founder of Capitalism, Freedom Fast Lane and the author of an upcoming book called 12 Months to One Million.He has also helped over 300 entrepreneurs launch and grow seven figure businesses on places like Amazon by encouraging them to ask and answer three simple questions that guides them through these stages.In this interview, Moran explains:The three questions every entrepreneur (and author) should ask themselves before launching a product or selling bookWhy he wrote a book even though it's not necessarily the fastest way to build a businessWhat his writing process looks likeWhy he teaches his ideas in different media, from books to podcasts to videosHow he manages his time as an author, entrepreneur and coachAnd lots more.I started by asking Ryan about the background behind his business and why he decided to write a book in the first place. 
Have you ever looked at the blank page and found yourself out of ideas?Or perhaps you’re wondering, "Do I have writer’s block?"Don’t worry.Almost every writer has asked themselves how they’ll produce something from nothing.Even famous writers are vulnerable to the paralyzing effects of writer’s block.In this episode, I explain what writer's block is and how you can conquer it once and for all.Resources:How to Beat Writer’s Block: 36 Surefire Strategies for 2019 (A Definitive Guide)Yes You Can Write! 101 Proven Writing Prompts that Will Help You Find Creative Ideas Faster for Your Journal, Blogging, Writing Your Book and More Discover How To Conquer Writer's Block For Good In Just 7 DaysAttention writers:Would you like a discount for a grammar checker? If so, check out my ProWritingAid review.
Professor Michael A. Roberto teaches leadership, business strategy and managerial decision-making at Bryant University in Rhode Island as well as for the Great Courses.He's also the author of several best-selling books.In his latest work, Unlocking Creativity, this New York Times best-selling proposes six mindsets that can help entrepreneurs and business leaders unlock creative thinking.Michael and I talk about:How he tests his ideas for articles and books like Unlocking CreativityWhy he's a morning person... and how this helps his writing routineHow he balances lecturing with writing nonfiction articles and booksWhat students want from courses based on booksAnd lots more.Attention writers:Would you like a discount for a grammar checker? If so, check out my ProWritingAid review.
Would you like to write nonfiction articles that get thousands if not millions of views?If so, meet Jeff Hayden.He's a nonfiction writer and author I've admired for some time.Jeff has written thousands of popular articles for over the years. He also recently published The Motivation Myth: How High Achievers Really Set Themselves Up to WinIn this interview with Jeff, we talk about:Why goals don't always work (and what you should do instead)What his research process for articles and books looks likeHow he writes viral articles on Inc.comHis method for handling articles that get lots of views... and ones that don'tAnd lots moreResourcesJeff Haden on IncThe Motivation Myth by Jeff HadenAttention writers:Would you like a discount for a grammar checker? If so, check out my ProWritingAid review.
Do sometimes find you don't have enough time to write because you're spending hours on other parts of your business? Or perhaps you're earning a side-income from writing but you can't seem to take a profit, after expenses?I struggled with both of these problems. So I spoke to Mike Michalowicz, author of Profit First: Transform Your Business from a Cash-Eating Monster to a Money-Making Machine,  and Clockwork: Design Your Business to Run Itself. In this interview, he explains:* How he puts paying himself first as a successful nonfiction author* Why business owners (including writers and authors) must master effective delegation* What his early morning writing routine looks like* Why writing for Mike doesn't always mean sitting at a desk and typing And lots more Finally, here's my take on the best grammar checker for 2019. 
A few people online have helped me with my creative career either directly or indirectly.Joanna Penn is one of those people.I first started listening to the Creative Penn podcast by Joanna Penn in 2014 just before I started Become a Writer Today.Since I started listening five years ago, Joanna’s show and books have taught me valuable lessons about creativity, self-publishing and writing books that sell.I’ve admired Joanna’s work for years and I was finally able to interview Joanna for this Become a Writer Today podcast episode.  In this interview, Joanna explains:* How she approaches writing a nonfiction book* Why some entrepreneurs rely on ghostwriters for writing a book* What her creative process for fiction and nonfiction looks like (and why they differ)* The question every aspiring author should ask before they write their bookAnd lots moreConnect with Joanna at out her book How to Write Non-Fiction: Turn Your Knowledge Into Words
Are you considering quitting your job to work in your business full-time?You may not have to burn the boats or go beyond the point of no return, just yet. Ajit Nawalkha is the author Live Big: The Entrepreneur's Guide to Passion, Practicality and Purpose. From Jaipur, he's also the CEO and co-founder of online education platform Mindvalley. As a business coach, Nawalkha also helps new entrepreneurs turn their fledgeling business idea into something they can work on full-time. In this podcast episode, he explains:Why you shouldn't quit your job, at least not yetHis process for creating memorable business booksWhat the creative process looks like for non-fiction writer and entrepreneursAnd lots moreFinally, here's my take on the best grammar checker for 2019.
Daniel Pink is the New York Times best-selling author of books like When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing and Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us. His new book When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing was one of my favourites of 2018 and it informs how I now structure my day.In this podcast episode, Pink explains:● His research process for writing best-selling non-fiction books like When, Drive and To Sell is Human● The ideal time for writing, researching, attending to admin and more ● How he approaches his workday and keeps to a writing routine● The differences between early risers and night owlsAnd lots more.Finally, here's my take on the best grammar checker for 2019.
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