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Bryan Collins, host of the Become a Writer Today show, reveals how to start and build a profitable writer career. In interviews with New York Times best-selling authors and entrepreneurs, he reveals book marketing strategies, writing tips, self-publishing advice and more. He also unpicks the creative process behind top authors, writers and books. This popular writing podcast mixes up interviews and solo episodes packed full of practical advice for freelance writers, bloggers, indie authors and non-fiction writing. Living an hour outside Dublin in Ireland, Bryan worked for a few years as a technology journalist before work dried up during the recession. When that career didn't work out, Bryan found himself out of work. After trying a few careers that didn't work out, he became a copywriter and on the side studied literary non-fiction writing. In 2014, he started Become a Writer Today. He's also the author of several non-fiction books including The Art of Writing a Non-Fiction Book.Through his podcast on writing, you can learn about building authority, creativity, productivity and find reviews of the best writing apps software.If you need help writing, visit and claim a free book of popular writing prompts. If you'd like to support the show and receive free bonus content, visit that's Bryan at the Tate Museum in London trying to get his creative mojo back in front of a Mark Rothko painting)
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Have you ever considered entering a writing award?I used to enter writing competitions to deal with procrastination and writer's block. And although I didn't win anything, it forced me to finish off pieces of writing, and I also benefitted from the feedback I got from the judges.My guest on this episode knows all about writing awards. Paula Sheridan is an award-winning historical fiction novelist and founder of the Page Turner Awards. The awards are now in their second year and include categories for fiction, non-fiction, screenwriting and other categories that we discuss in the interview. I wanted to know why she launched the awards in the first place, and can an award change a writers life?The awards are open for submission now at The Page Turner Awards.In this episode we discuss:Why Paula founded the Page Turner AwardsWhat makes a good submission for an awardDo awards sell books?Paula's advice for entering The Page Turner AwardResources:The Page Turner AwardsCampfireProWriting AidScrivenerBecome a Patreon, support the show and get exclusive content: Patreon - Become A Writer TodaySupport the show (
In the episode, I have an interesting catch up with Christina Kaye of Write Your Best Book. I was a guest on Christina's podcast last year, so it was good to switch roles and ask her the questions. Christina has self-published and traditionally published a number of books, most of which fall into the suspense genre. She also coaches new authors about how to overcome some common mistakes that new authors and writers make so that they can publish their best book.In this episode we discuss:How and why Christina set up Write Your Best BookHow Christina came close to giving up writing altogetherWhy you should write what you love to readHow Christina uses advertising on Google and FacebookThe mistakes that new authors makeHow to use TikTok to promote yourself as a writerAn authors mindsetResources:Write Your Best BookScrivenerReedsyTips on Becoming an AuthorBryan Collins on Write Your Best Book PodcastSupport the show (
Brett Godfrey is a multitalented author of the thriller Black Sunrise. He's worked as a lawyer, an engineer, and a pilot, which has given him some hair raising experiences.In this episode, we discuss those experiences and how Brett draws on them to help write his thriller books. He also talks about his writing process and how he spent many years developing the premise for Black Sunrise until he was happy to publish it, and he also touches upon his approach to self-censorship. In this episode we discuss:Why you should hire both a developmental editor and a copy editorGoing back through your manuscript to hone and refine the story Drawing on your own personal experiencesReferring to old diaries and journals for inspirationUsing vivid language to express emotionsStaying faithful to a characterLearning to turn off your inner censor and let the writing flowResources:brettgodfrey.comBlack SunriseSupport the show (
Goodbye, 2020. Like many, I felt a sense of relief saying those words on New Year's Day.I put off recording  this review for a week or two. The days of 2020 bled into each other, with nothing notable to punctuate the weeks and months, beyond grim news about the virus or elections.But here we are, with a vaccine in sight. When we’ll get it and if life will return to normality in 2021, is a bigger question.So in this annual review, I'll cover what did and didn't go well during 2020 and what's in store for 2021.ResourcesRead my Annual Review (plus check out my Substack newsletter)How to Build a Niche Website That Earns Six Figures A Year with Jon DykstraThe Zettelkasten Method with Sascha FastThe Best Journals to Buy In 2021Masterclass ReviewSupport the show (
Almost all writers need to jump-start their writing occasionally and using prompts on a daily basis can really help with that.  Personally, I think that daily writing prompts are so useful I wrote a book full of them. If you'd like to try using prompts, and like the idea of them popping up on your phone, there is a fantastic prompt app available called Daily Prompt, and I recently had the chance to catch up with its co-creator Ryan Lindsey. I wanted to understand how he came up with idea for creating such an app in the first place and how writers are using prompts to drive their writing habits. In this interview we discuss: The idea behind The Daily PromptHow they come up with ideas for promptsThe community of writers that's developed within the appGamification within the app to encourage daily writingThe introduction of competitions in the appKeeping all the writing that's done in the app safe and secureResources:The Daily PromptDeviant Art Day One the show (
This episode is a little bit different in that I'm not interviewing anybody. Instead, I'm going to give you some insights which will help you with your creative writing projects.Experience shows that it's important to write. But why? It's a question that I answer in this week's podcast episode and, I'm not going to give you just one reason, I'm giving you seven.Resources:The Savvy Writer's Guide to ProductivitySupport the show (
Medium is the number one platform for non-fiction writers who want to find readers, share their message and earn a little for doing it. Members of the partner program regularly earn four and five figures a month.But what if you’re just starting out and don’t have and subscribers, much less a portfolio? Is it too late to start writing on Medium?Adrian Drew is the editor and owner of one of Medium’s top publications Mind Cafe. His publication focuses on personal development and receives over 200 submissions a week. In this interview, Adrian explains:How to get started writing and earning on Medium, even if you have no followersWhat editors of top Medium publications usually look forHow much you can expect to earn as member of the Medium partner programWhat types of images and tags to useHow to drive traffic to and attract readers of your articlesLike the show? Please, leave a short review or rating wherever you're listening to it.Attention Writers!What's the best grammar checker of 2020? Find out in this review and claim a discount.Support the show (
Earlier this year, I came across a strategy that dramatically changed how I research and write articles and books. It’s called the Zettelkasten or Slipbox. This form of research and note-taking was popularised, at least in Germany, by sociologist and author Niklas Lumen.(Fun fact: Lumen used the Slipbox or Zettelkasten method of research to write and publish over 70 books).Basically, it involves writing a web of thought around your ideas, research, and readings. I write five to ten entries a day in my personal Slipbox, which is a little like journaling. Fear not: creating a Slipbox is relatively easy providing you follow a few simple rules.Create a single entry per ideaLink your entries to each otherUse descriptive headings Categorize your entriesThere’s a little bit more to it than that. So, in this week’s interview, Sascha Fast explains:What a Slipbox is and how to use one for writingHow to get started creating your SlipboxWhy a Slipbox is ideal for non-fiction writers How he’s using a Slipbox to research 70-YES 70!- booksThe tools you need to create oneResourcesEvernoteDay One UlyssesArchiveLike the show? Please, leave a short review or rating wherever you're listening to it.Attention Writers!What's the best grammar checker of 2020? Find out in this review and claim a discount.Support the show (
You may already know that there are dozens of different writing apps which you can choose for your writing projects, but which one is the best?That's a question  I answer in this week's podcast episode where I discuss 10 of the best writing apps that I use, and take a look at the pros and cons of each. This should help you find the right one for your freelance writing projects, stories, or book.In this episode I talk about: The 10 writing apps that I like to useThe pros and cons of eachThe benefits of using a writing appWhich writing app suits which writing projectAnd much more.Resources: iA WriterScrivenerLivingWriterGoogle DocsDay OneDragon DictateRevEvernoteGrammarlyProWriting AidSupport the show (
Around eight or nine years ago that I first came across the Pomodora Technique and it changed the way that I write.Francesco Cirillo developed the technique help businesses and individuals improve and increase their productivity in a simple, fast and gentle way.Before you listen to the podcast, take some time to think about how you structure your day. In this episode we talk about:The difference between the Pomodoro core process and the Pomodoro techniqueSeeing time as a predator and using it to your advantage The importance of taking regular breaks Mistakes to watch out for when you start to use the techniqueAnd much more.ResourcesPomodoroLike the show? Please, leave a short review or rating wherever you're listening to it.Support the show (
Productivity is something that's fascinated me over the years in fact, it's how I started Become a Writer Today.It also led me to stay in touch with my guest Arthur Worsley, who I first met at a mastermind a couple of years ago.He's an expert when it comes to productivity. His blog, Faster to Master (now called The Art of Living), was created to show people how easy it is to stop working harder and accomplish more.One of the big arguments against productivity is, you never get to the bottom of your to-do list, and this is one of the questions I put to Arthur. You'll find his reply insightful, whatever stage you're at with your writing or creative work.In this episode I talk to Arthur about:What causes procrastination and how to overcome itArthur's writing process for turning ideas into articlesTools and resources that he uses to structure his dayHis morning routine and how he prepares to write each dayThe importance of putting life, not work, first ResourcesThe Art of Living Stop Working HarderSupport the show (
You may have heard the cliché about the penniless starving artist.That is true to some degree however, it's easier than ever before to earn a living as a writer or creative, thanks to the tools and software currently available.But where and how do you turn your passion for writing into profit?Michelle Vandepas is the co-owner and co-founder of GracePoint publishing, and not only is she an expert in self-publishing, but she also helps many authors turn their books into published works.In this episode, I talk to Michelle about:Why you need to market your book, not just write it and hope it sellsIs writing a book the right thing for you to do to achieve your business goals?Using your book as a business cardHow to decide whether to self-publish or go to a publisherDo you need an ISBN number?And much more.ResourcesGrace Point PublishingLike the show? Please, leave a short review or rating wherever you're listening to it.Support the show (
Have you got a burning desire to become a freelance writer? Or are you already are a freelance writer and you want to take your career to the next level?Whichever it is, this podcast is for you.Jessica Lawlor is the editor of The Write Life, and on Monday 14th September they launched their writers bundle. It's a package of courses designed to accelerate your freelance career. From how much to charge, how to find clients and so much more.If you want to take advantage of it, it's available for 3 days.I got to together with Jessica to not only discuss the bundle, which I've also contributed to, but how she manages a busy website like The Write Life.In this episode I talk to Jessica about:The Write Life bundleOpportunities for freelance writersHow she manages the workflow for a busy websiteHow she creates traffic to her siteThe type of content she enjoys writing Resourcesthewritersbundle2020The Write LifeJessica Lawlor NewsletterSupport the show (
Would you like to write narrative non-fiction? It's a challenging genre that fascinates me.Jeremy Dronfield is the author of the Sunday Times best-seller The Boy Who Followed His Father Into Auschwitz.In this interview, he explains:What looking at the past teaches us about todayThe process of writing narrative non-fiction  and how to find your subjectHow to write a great pitch letter that publishers noticeHis research processDealing with dark subject matterAnd lots more!Attention writers!Would you like to learn from top authors like Malcom Gladwell and James Patterson? Check out my Masterclass review.Support the show (
Personal development is a huge topic online today, particularly on platforms like Medium. Although it’s a topic most people have an opinion about, it’s quite hard to stand out.Unless your name is Darius Foroux.Living in the Netherlands, he’s one of Medium’s top writers covering topics like wealth, buildings, habits and decision-making. He’s also an author and instructor, selling popular online courses about writing, careers and more via his website.In this interview, Darius explains:How he managed to write 7 books in six yearsWhy he focuses on one project at a timeHow he grew his blog into one of top personal development websites onlineHis process for researching, writing and publishing non-fiction articlesWhat he does when readers suggest editorial changes (including trolls)And lots moreIf you enjoyed this podcast episode, please leave a rating on the iTunes Store.ResourcesUlysses Like the show? Please, leave a short review or rating wherever you're listening to it.Attention Writers!What's the best grammar checker of 2020? Find out in this review and claim a discount.Support the show (
Living Writer is a new writing app for authors and novelists. It contains a number of templates and other tools that will help you plot and write a book faster. I'm currently testing it for a new book of nonfiction I'm working on. It's also free to try for a month. I recently caught up with the founders Dominic Chase and Casey Kerbs and asked them how it can help writers become authors.ResourcesThe Best Writing Apps of 2020Like the show? Leave a short review or rating wherever you're listening to it.Attention Writers!What's the best grammar checker of 2020? Find out in this review and claim a discount.Support the show (
Welcome to Hell World is one of the most popular newsletters on Substack today. It's run by journalist, author and poet Luke O'Neil. His newsletter combines a commentary a US current affairs with poetry and insights from Luke's life. Luke's writings aren't for everyone and he's not afraid to say it. A blurb on his new book reads: "The Left’s new low." —Tucker CarlsonCheck out this week's interview.ResourcesWelcome to Hell WorldLike the show? Leave a short review or rating wherever you're listening to it.Attention writers!Grammarly is one of my favourite proofreading tools. Now, claim a 20% discount with this Grammarly coupon.Support the show (
Writing words that sell. That's your primary job as a copywriter. But, there's a bit more to it than that. Jack Stafford set up his copywriting agency The Copywriter Collective back in 2002.His copywriting agency employs copywriters and works with clients around the world. In this week's interview, he explains what a copywriter does, how to find a job as a copywriter and how to get paid.Like the show? Leave a short review or rating wherever you're listening to it.Attention Writers!What's the best grammar checker of 2020? Find out in this review and claim a discount.Support the show (
When I started my new newsletter 100% Unfinished, I studied how the experts do it. One person who knows a lot about profitable newsletters is Terry Godier of Indie Mailer, a membership community for newsletter owners.He also runs the popular newsletter for digital marketers this episode, we cover:Why every nonfiction writer should start a newsletterHow can writers earn a live from a newsletterWhat newsletters are so popular this yearWhat makes a good newsletterWhat newsletter promotion strategies he recommends And lots moreLike the show? Leave a short review or rating wherever you're listening to it.Attention writers!Grammarly is one of my favourite proofreading tools. Now, claim a 20% discount with this Grammarly coupon.Support the show (
Writing a book isn't often enough to earn a full-time living. Many successful non-fiction authors earn a living through public speaking and coaching. A book acts as a calling or business card. Christopher Connors is the author of Emotional Intelligence for the Modern Leader. He earns an income through writing and also coaching and public speaking. In this interview, he explains:What it means to be emotionally intelligentWhat to do when your motivation flagsHis ideal early morning writing routineWhy he writes leadership books… and how they help him grow his speaking businessAnd lots moreResourcesHow the Hell Has Danielle Steel Managed to Write 179 Books?Emotional Intelligence for the Modern Leader: A Guide to Cultivating Effective Leadership and OrganizationsAttention Writers!What's the best grammar checker of 2020. Find out in this review and claim a discount.Support the show (
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