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Value through Vulnerability

Author: Garry Turner

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This is Value through Vulnerability, a human-centered podcast from The Listening Organisation, dedicated to helping put the human back into humanity.

We share ideas, opinion & challenges around courage, self-awareness, vulnerability, inclusivity, listening, trust, values, mindset & more.

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Today was another wonderfully engaging, varied and inspiring conversation, this time with Steve Keith, founder of The Branding Man.We discussed inclusion, culture, vulnerability and young people at depth, whilst also meandering into mental health, listening, curiosity and so much more.Steve can be contacted via the following means:Web - - - it comes to supporting young people in their transition from education into the world work we are failing to use inclusive strategies which help them to better understand their future career options. I work with student employers to create inclusive brand campaigns and experiences that help young people to access the world of work, using the power of storytelling. I am also the host of the My Career Story podcast, a weekly insight into the many career stories that have shaped the people behind them. Find out more at or search for @thebrandingman across all social media channels.--- Send in a voice message:
Value through Vulnerability

Value through Vulnerability


A deeply human podcast that gets ‘below the surface’ of our humanity. Topics such as vulnerability, mindset, trust, courage, inclusion, listening, purpose, values, wellbeing, mental health and more are discussed in free flowing, organic conversations.--- Send in a voice message:
I absolutely LOVED this conversation with John who has such a diverse background in distressed debt and finance, but now mentors tens of new startups.We cover a range of topics, directly and indirectly, including leadership, innovation, mindset, community, mission, inclusion, diversity, awareness, mentoring and lots more.The charity that John supports via his crazy marathon's and Ultras includes -> can be contacted via the following means:LinkedIn - - Board Member, Mentor and Advisor with a demonstrated history of working in the internet industry. Skilled in Leveraged Finance, Distressed Debt, Healthcare, Structured Finance, Investment Management, and Hedge Funds. Strong business development professional with a Bachelor of Arts (BA) focused in Economics and Organizational Behavioral Management from Brown University.--- Send in a voice message:
I really loved this conversation with Joey who is one of the most matter of fact, inspiring and congruent people I know in the HR leadership space.We discuss current and future challenges & opportunities of HR leveraging their unique position, whilst meandering into Joey's early life influences,  leadership, vulnerability, empathy, trust, mindset and lots more.The event that Joey will be speaking at this week can be found here include Joey's podcast with Cecile of Ultimate Software that he referenced: can be contacted via the following means:Website - - - Price is an award-winning Human Resources executive, business coach, thought leader, and professor. He is the founder of Jumpstart:HR, LLC, an HR Consulting Practice specifically for small businesses and startups, and host of Business, Life, and Coffee, a weekly personal and professional development podcast. As the CEO of Jumpstart:HR, LLC, Joey innovates by creating HR solutions for small business owners and start-up founders who want to build better, more competitive businesses. As a podcaster on the Business, Life, and Coffee show, Joey shares carefully curated conversations on personal finance, psychology, professional development, and business for emerging professionals and business owners alike. BLC is a podcast focused on enhancing the quality of your business and life through relevant content that endures over time. Joey is a recent HR Executive Magazine Top 100 HR Tech Influencer, SHRM Top 30 Under 30 award winner, one of Forbes Magazine's Kevin Kruse's Top 100 Employee Engagement Experts in the World, and frequently cited HR and Startup Thought Leader in publications such as Forbes, HR Magazine, Inc., Businessweek, AMEX Open Forum, Money Magazine, and more.--- Send in a voice message:
I absolutely loved this conversation with Olga who blends a wonderful mix of deep experience in neuroscience and a deep passion for developing love-based cultures.Olga offers a wonderful description of vulnerability, we go deep into emotion, fear, self-awareness, mindset, loyalty, purpose and just so much more.  I learned so much from Olga during this discussion and I am confident you will also.Olga can be contacted via the following means:LinkedIn - - - LOVE people. I believe we are walking miracles and as such we all possess our own special gifts. I also believe that it is our responsibility, to share those gifts with the world. That is how we repay to the universe the investment it made in our creation. It’s the Law of Economics at its core as Napoleon Hill stresses in his book Think and Grow Rich written in 1937 - “you don’t get something for nothing.”I believe that an organization is a group of people that come together bringing their unique gifts to solve a job to be done with the world. Only when everyone in the organization can bring his/her unique gifts to the table in a wholeheartedly way, while allowing others to do the same, will that organization solve that job to be done as a synchronized symphony - creating its own unique melody for others to receive. Because the universe provides us with the perfect vessels that carry those unique gifts, we owe it, to create this melody as MUCH as possible and share it with as MANY others as we can in the BEST way we know possible. That is our responsibility as an organization and since we cannot get something for nothing, if we do NOT comply, the universe will come back to collect in the form of dissatisfied customers, poor service reviews, profit losses, inability to remain competitive, poor employee morale and eventually the end of its relevance and existence.--- Send in a voice message:
I really enjoyed learning about Nuria's unique gifts of blending her engineering expertise and a deep passion around rehumanising work.Nuria covered so much ground in a super accessible way including hitting all the key elements of this podcast such as vulnerability, leadership, mindset, inclusion, courage, and awareness whilst speaking to leadership, culture, systemic shifts, #HumansFirst, personalisation of work and service and so much more - just a fantastic conversation.Nuria's Hacking HR event in Zurich takes place on Oct 24th with tickets available here -> Ignite Conference that she kindly connected myself and others to is taking place across 23-24th Oct in St Gallen with tickets available here -> can be contacted via the following means:LinkedIn - - am helping companies to transform to healthy, high-performance and sustainable cultures and organizations, where everything and everyone counts and influences each other, where purpose, transparency and trust has an impact, where people are motivated to learn, to grow, to make the best out of themselves, where technology is helping to thrive, where leaders are serving and caring for their teams, so that companies can give their best to customers, to steak holders and to society.I am passionate about technology, about the future of work and about how to transform workplaces where people find a meaning in what they do and can successfully evolve and adapt to the new needs of the fast-changing world. Because when people in the organization win, customers win and the company wins.--- Send in a voice message:
I really enjoyed going deep into a conversation around values with Christine today.Christine truly has a wonderful grace and presence and was an absolute joy to talk to.  We had a diverse conversation touching on core values, leadership, culture, self-talk, bring good enough and she offered some great ideas and insights to live a more values-aligned life.Christine can be contacted via the following means:Twitter - - -'s book Values-Based can be found here -> Locher is a coach, author and leadership consultant, working with individuals and organizations to bring about positive change by helping them tap into their values and then making real changes based on this. Basically, a way to go deep that is workable in a business setting without scaring people off, and then making it practical so things start moving in the right direction. She is a London-based cosmopolitan, Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and the Learning and Performance Institute, experience on the corporate side and with startups. Avid reader, craft beer fan, traveler and crazy curious. Lots of work in tech, and unapologetically #TeamHuman--- Send in a voice message:
I was grateful and inspired to spend 40 minutes with Neil Mullarkey during this podcast.I have watched Neil in action in the past, however back then 5-6 years ago, I was not myself 'awake' to the importance of our deepest, innate humanity.  Neil uses his expertise in Improv to help organisations step back into their innate creative and innovative selves, whilst having some fun along the way.We discussed a range of topics including vulnerability, leadership, listening, body language, presence, thinking, learning and so much more.Neil can be contacted via the following means:Website - - - Steps Book - keynote speaker, coach and author. Creativity, Collaboration, Communication.--- Send in a voice message:
I just loved this conversation with Oleg who has dealt with his own range of challenges as he grew up to become the motivator and agent for positive change that he now is via his work and live events.We had a wonderfully rich and deep conversation around beliefs, vulnerability, awareness, mindset, belonging, courage, curiosity and so much more.Oleg's upcoming events include 'The Courage to be You' which is just one of the best names of an event I have heard and I would ask that you check this and his other events out. can be contacted via the following means:Website -  - - - connect@overcomingodds.todayBio:His start in life was inauspicious. At 9 years old, he relinquished his parents' rights and entered the Russian orphanage. At 12 years old, he decided to be adopted into a new family, in a new country, halfway across the world, to start a new life. At 24 years old, he began his journey of helping others live the life they have always dreamed of, despite their hardships and misfortunes by allowing them to recognize the uniqueness and worth within their own story.--- Send in a voice message:
I really enjoyed this deeply insightful and diverse conversation with Eleanor Snare who has the wonderfully affectionate title of Business Witch who focuses on Getting Artists and Writers Organised with mindset coaching, operations advice + marketing expertise.Eleanor's insight, however, crosses every profession and every human being for me.  She shares what vulnerability means to her;  we discuss the power of intuition, non-violent communication, awareness, courage, emotions, leadership and so much more.Eleanor can be contacted via the following means:Email - hello@eleanorsnare.comWebsite - - - described what I do as 'art counselling'. Someone else said it's 'sparkly PRINCE 2'.It's a mixture of coaching, mentoring, consultancy and educational techniques. It's bringing you ideas from years of marketing and communication experience. It's having someone who gives a shit about you, your work and believes creativity is going to be what saves our world.My goal is to help you feel confident and organised so that you can get on with developing and sharing your creative gifts.What holds creative people back is not a lack of Instagram skills, networking nerves, procrastination over blog posts or any of that fiddling nonsense.It's their level of self-belief.We've been encouraged to think creativity isn't 'useful' to the world.Bullshit. It's crucial. It's essential. It's what this is all FOR.So I tend to work with the people I think are going to change the world: artists, writers, makers and creative folk who feel frustrated, unhappy, confused and want someone to support them in making their dreams a reality.I generally work with them one-to-one for about six to twelve weeks, as this gives them the accountability they need as well as ensuring they see the big changes they really want to see.(Although they tend to see changes immediately after the first session, and I do one-off sessions too).Creativity is why we are here. It's what brings vibrancy to life. Otherwise, it's all bank balances and salad.I want to help more creative people get more of their gifts out into the world so we can change it for the better.--- Send in a voice message:
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Jennifer Cawthorne

I highly reccomend this podcast for anyone interested in leadership, coaching, human resources, or any other topics related to a human-focused approach to work and life. Garry is an engaging host, providing a platform for open and honest discussion with insightful and passionate guests. Thought-provoking and authentic!

Nov 12th
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