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Value through Vulnerability

Author: Garry Turner

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This is Value through Vulnerability, a human-centered podcast dedicated to helping put the human back into humanity.

We share ideas, opinion & challenges around courage, self-awareness, vulnerability, inclusivity, listening, trust, values, mindset & more.

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I really enjoyed this deeply insightful and diverse conversation with Eleanor Snare who has the wonderfully affectionate title of Business Witch who focuses on Getting Artists and Writers Organised with mindset coaching, operations advice + marketing expertise.Eleanor's insight, however, crosses every profession and every human being for me.  She shares what vulnerability means to her;  we discuss the power of intuition, non-violent communication, awareness, courage, emotions, leadership and so much more.Eleanor can be contacted via the following means:Email - hello@eleanorsnare.comWebsite - - - described what I do as 'art counselling'. Someone else said it's 'sparkly PRINCE 2'.It's a mixture of coaching, mentoring, consultancy and educational techniques. It's bringing you ideas from years of marketing and communication experience. It's having someone who gives a shit about you, your work and believes creativity is going to be what saves our world.My goal is to help you feel confident and organised so that you can get on with developing and sharing your creative gifts.What holds creative people back is not a lack of Instagram skills, networking nerves, procrastination over blog posts or any of that fiddling nonsense.It's their level of self-belief.We've been encouraged to think creativity isn't 'useful' to the world.Bullshit. It's crucial. It's essential. It's what this is all FOR.So I tend to work with the people I think are going to change the world: artists, writers, makers and creative folk who feel frustrated, unhappy, confused and want someone to support them in making their dreams a reality.I generally work with them one-to-one for about six to twelve weeks, as this gives them the accountability they need as well as ensuring they see the big changes they really want to see.(Although they tend to see changes immediately after the first session, and I do one-off sessions too).Creativity is why we are here. It's what brings vibrancy to life. Otherwise, it's all bank balances and salad.I want to help more creative people get more of their gifts out into the world so we can change it for the better.
This was a wonderful conversation with Gethin, the 2nd time he has joined the podcast after being part of the #selfcareweek 10 x 15 mins podcast series back in Nov 2018 - a summary an be found here ->   Gethin and I had a great discussion around leadership, wellbeing, vulnerability, love and lots more. Gethin can be contacted via the following means: Twitter - -  Website -'s book -  A psych grad and guest lecturer who has worked in HR Tech for almost 20 years. I'm a frequent speaker and writer on the subjects of global employee engagement, HR, the employee experience, employee benefits and financial well-being.  As well as the most well known HR and People Management magazines, I have been published in The Financial Times, The Huffington Post and The Guardian. I’m also the author of the 5 star rated, award-winning and Amazon bestselling book ‘A World of Good: Lessons From Around the World in Improving the Employee Experience’.  *Listed as an EEA 101 Global Employee Engagement Influencer* *Listed as a Global Employee Experience expert by Bonfyre*  *Listed on 'The Human Impact’ Global Employee Engagement Power list*  *Founder member of the Engage for Success Wellbeing Thought Action Group*  *Winner of Lotus Award for Culture* *Investor in Age Wage* Working across 3 FTSE 250 companies and a few tech startups, I have experience in developing and bringing new EX and Wellbeing tech products to market and a strong track record in b2b partnerships. I have generated growth through partners including Barclays, Lockton, EY, PwC and SAP. I have assisted many organisations with their employee engagement, experience, wellbeing and benefit strategies including ASOS, Bamk of America, Coca Cola, BT, MITIE, Bank of England, John Lewis, British American Tobacco, Orange, M&S, EasyJet, Nestle, Tesco, the NHS and O2.  
I absolutely loved this conversation with freelance social change maker Mary Freer.We discussed at depth vulnerability, courage, awareness, compassion, leadership and lots more.Her live event, Compassion Revolution Conference, takes place across 10th and 11th Sept 2019 - You can still gets tickets here -> can be contacted via the following means:Twitter - -'m activating a Compassion Revolution in health and aged care - join me http://compassionrevolution.careIn 2016 Mary launched Compassion Lab, a space where leaders can practice together to uncover compassion in their organisations, their teams, and themselves. The link between innovation, creativity, workplace safety and compassion is now well researched - Mary's work unpacks what this means for individuals.Mary is a Westpac Bicentennial Social Change Fellow, a Member of the Australian Compassion Council, a TEDx speaker and a Coach at Seth Godin’s AltMBA. Mary is regularly sought after as a keynote speaker, executive coach and advisor on cultural change and compassionate leadership.
I really enjoyed this conversation with leadership consultant and middle manager advocate Renata Porter.I had the pleasure of meeting Renata via the #HumansFirst movement a few months ago and since then have really enjoyed her open, direct and thoughtful contributions to improving leadership impact.During this conversation we go deep into leadership, vulnerability, accountability, courage, awareness, mindset and much more.Renata can be contacted via any of the following means:LinkedIn - - - rp@renataporter.comBio:WHAT I DO: I work with managers, small business owners and companies who want to go to the next level in Leadership. Where they build fully engaged teams that enjoy their place of work, know the value they bring and have the desire to exceed all expectations. I help them connect by being inclusive, transparent, inspiring and most of all, Lead through Action.WHY IT WORKS: Quite honestly, I stay out of theory and get into action. I've spent the last 10 years in Leadership roles. I've worked in both the Public and Private sectors as well as with Non-Profits. I've gained a wealth of knowledge when it comes to leading teams and I know how to build empowered teams that WANT to outperform and overdeliver. While my roles have been varied, the common denominator is how I connect with people. The ability to truly connect with my staff, peers, and superiors is what sets me apart. My approach is to deliver real and actionable programs that managers can make their own and start building on their successes quickly.HOW IT WORKS: I have two avenues, consulting or training. For consulting, the first step is to begin your transformation is to schedule a complimentary 30-minute strategy session. From there we decide on what direction works best for you. These strategies can be delivered through workshops, courses, personal coaching or a combination of the three. With regards to training, I provide a variety of options. Those are online self-study, face to face workshops, webinar workshops (great for busy or remote teams) and face to face or remote coaching.
I really enjoyed speaking with Lee who has a varied and interesting background with a fascinating toolkit to help serve clients out of their own way by uncovering their blind spots. I loved the range of topics that Lee and I covered including vulnerability, leadership, self-awareness, inclusion, energy, fear, startups and so much more. Lee's FREE Blindspot check can be found here -> Lee can be contacted via the following means:   Website - -   Twitter -  Bio: I UNCOVER YOUR STARTUP'S OPERATIONAL AND STRATEGIC BLINDSPOTS. I'm a business consultant with over 14 years of coaching know-how and over 23 years of corporate knowledge, particularly in financial services. I deliberately look for those areas that could be stifling or stopping your ability to perform to your potential. And you may not even realise they are there - until it is too late. These are your blindspots. I work with all sizes of business, from startups up to large organisations. I also take on a limited amount of individual clients for one to one work. 
I really enjoyed talking to Jo Menon who delivers large scale, global technology projects with a grace and presence that is honestly, incredible.Jo talks candidly about some scary personal life situations that were the catalyst for her shifting her approach to work and life.  We discuss mental health, vulnerability, courage, leadership, horses, mind, boundaries and so much more.Jo can be contacted via the following means:Website - - - Change management, Global systems (HRIS) implementation, Global Talent acquisition, Executive/ High Potential Talent assessment, Recruitment & HR Process Outsourcing, Coaching teams & individuals, Equine Facilitated Learning
This was a sensational conversation with Minda Harts who is an author, speaker and adjunct professor, helping women of colour secure and own their seat at the table.We had a wonderful, meandering conversation that touched on inclusion, leadership, vulnerability, courage, volunteering, legacy, mindset and so much more.He book The Memo comes out on August 20th and can be pre-ordered here -> Minda can be contacted via the following means:Twitter - LinkedIn - Web - Podcast - Bio: A well-connected, sought after speaker and thought-leader, frequently speaking on topics of Advancing Women of Color, Leadership, Equity, and Entrepreneurship. In 2018, Minda was named as one of 25 Emerging Innovators by American Express. Minda is an assistant professor of public service of NYU’s Robert F. Wagner Graduate School of Public Service and the founder of The Memo LLC, a career development company for women of color. Secure The Seat is her weekly career podcast for women of color. Minda has been a featured speaker at Bloomberg, Google, SXSW, Universities, and Colleges, and various Corporations. Minda has a book coming out 8/20 with Hachette Book Group; Seal Press (Available on Pre-order). Minda is accepting speaking engagements for the fall. 
Cornell is an International speaker, multiple title author, social entrepreneur, corporate trainer, mindset coach, former basketball coach, player, and trainer.  He also runs an Executive Coaching Program for CEO’s that focuses on EQ, team building, and culture. This was one of the most impactful conversations, not only of this podcast, but my life.Cornell shares openly and vulnerably his personal journey as we meander though resilience, growth, vulnerability, mindset, family, inclusion, spirituality and so much more.  This truly was one of those WOW conversations.Conrell's positivity summit can be found here -> Cornell can be contacted via the following means:Website - LinkedIn - Twitter - 
What an awesome conversation this was.For the first time on this podcast, I had a conversation with a serial entrepreneur in Anil Dharni, who has set up multiple tech startups including his latest Sense.  Our conversation covered a range of topics including teamwork, leadership, culture, values, awareness, courage, purpose and much more.  I was particularly impressed, and inspired, by the fact that Sense's purpose is to help humanise the contingent labour market, thus tech enabling humans rather than what tends to happen, especially in big corporate, where tech and process rules humans.Anil can be contacted via the following means:Website - Twitter - Email -   Anil@sensehq.comBio: Anil Dharni is the co-founder and CEO of Sense. He founded Sense to help fix temporary employment for the 42 percent of the U.S. workforce that are contingent workers. Before founding Sense, Anil received his MBA from MIT and was co-founder and COO at Funzio, which was acquired by GREE in 2012, where Anil continued his work as COO. Anil led Funzio’s seed round, raised $20 million in Series A funding, and arranged the sale to GREE. 
I absolutely loved this deeply inspiring conversation with Katrina Collier.We went deep on vulnerability, courage, recruitment, volunteering, HR, talent and so much more including Katrina bravely sharing her personal journey and the influence that has had on her drive and passion for inclusion, voice and community.  Bio: Katrina Collier shows companies how to solve the problem of candidate engagement; HR, talent acquisition and hiring leaders don’t have an issue finding people, they have an issue evoking a response and keeping people in the recruitment process. She is the author of The Robot-Proof Recruiter and uses her extensive industry experience to deliver keynotes and facilitate offsites globally, which inspire all those involved in the recruitment lifecycle to use a human-first mindset.She is also the founder of 5 DisruptHR UK events, an Ambassador for Hope for Justice, and co-host of The #SocialRecruiting Show podcast. You’ll find her championing the #BeHuman cause on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @KatrinaMCollier.
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