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Author: Cody Burch

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The Cody Builds a Business Podcast is your front row seat (with backstage passes) to watching Cody Burch build a business from scratch (no followers, no subscribers, no shine, no list...).

Will he succeed or will he fail? Stay tuned to find out for yourself.

...Hey my name is Cody Burch and in February 2017 I left my corporate job of 11 years and set sail to start my own marketing agency. In the Summer of 2017 I had the idea to create an online product to serve more people. Trouble is, I only have a handful of customers and no list...Thanks for joining me on my journey...
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What I learned from going from 6 clients to 65 clients.
A month ago we were rear-ended (nobody hurt thankfully) and have been sharing a car since the insurance company decided to total our minivan. Well, we finally found something we liked and went through the entire car-buying process at Carmax.They are different... basically they take everything people hate about car shopping and do the opposite. You can sit in any car, test drive any car, the prices are set ahead of time, and the sales people are not pushy at all.Today we unpack 3 lessons I learned from my experience and how you can incorporate them into your business so you can grow and scale more smoothly! ~ Cody
Where were you a year ago? Imagine where you will be a year from now. On this episode, Cody reflects on my 2019 was an incredible year and Y 2020 will be the best year yet. Then - go to to snap up your tickets 🎫
Don't focus on next month, week or day. Put out today's best work.
When thinking through who your product, service, idea or message is FOR - it's useful to think through the opposite (and why).Who is it NOT for (and why)?
Ever feel like a fraud? Where you actions don't map with your skill sets?I have. Full story today on the show.Links:
"Document your journey" they say... Why though?Today I give you 2 great reasons to document your journey of growing your business.Email me at with what you're gonna do to take a step to documenting your journey.And to get your tickets to the event go to
What do you do when you're staring down the gap between where you are and where you want to be? You need a plan! Here's how to get oneThen, go to and make a plan to come to the event so WE can make a plan for your 2020 marketing!
Ever feel like you don't have a safe place for stupid questions? Today on the episode I reveal HOW to get them answered.Then, go to to get your ticket and ask me in person. 
If you wanna train for the olympics, but have never swam before, do NOT worry about shaving your arms (yet).Focus on what matters.And then: go to to secure your seats at the best last event of the year.
Today we break down 2 unusual funnels for you - The Flying Funnel and The Medieval Funnel.I'm always looking for more ways to serve my customers and get better results (for them and for me). And these 2 off-the-wall examples will inspire you to take action in your own promotions.Then - go to and get your ticket secured so you can master funnels and ads in your business.
Ever find yourself completely paralyzed and not sure what to do next? Listen here.Then, go to to secure your ticket to the BEST LAST event on 2019.
We mess up. Life isn't fair. The greatest product doesn't always win. So what are we going to do about it? We're going to focus on the fix... not the fairness.Grab your ticket for One Hour Funnel Live here:
Today we go behind the scenes of my SECOND 2-day implementation workshop to analyze what worked, what I’d do different and how to pull off a 2-day workshop of your own.
Your ideas are worthless.They are valueless.You have to actually implement them!If you have an idea you've been kicking around you owe it to yourself to join me at One Hour Funnel Live in December in Denver. Go here to register your seat:
Welcome to November! Today I wanted to bring you up to speed on the journey so far. As I say in intro - this is your front row seat to watching me build a 7-figure business from scratch or die trying.And... we're nearing the first milestone (cumulative 7-figures). Then it's 1 million in a year, then 1 million profit...But, hey, we're on the way.Meet up with me in person here:
In June 2019 Sarah just had an idea - she wanted to help baby's sleep through the night and help tired parents have a better life.But she wasn't sure how to bring that idea to the world. She joined my coaching program, The Crew, so she could go faster.And, boy, what a ride it's been. ====Download your FREE copy of the Baby Sleep Cheatsheet Website - https://throughthenightmethod.comPinterest - - - book your ticket to my live event here:
Link to Tim Ferriss blog;
On today’s episode, we learn how I used a success path to more than double the enrollment in my private membership community. Learn what a success path is, how to use it in your business, and how I leveraged it to have an awesome enrollment. See you there.
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