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Author: Cody Burch

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The Cody Builds a Business Podcast is your front row seat (with backstage passes) to watching Cody Burch build a business from scratch (no followers, no subscribers, no shine, no list...).

Will he succeed or will he fail? Stay tuned to find out for yourself.

...Hey my name is Cody Burch and in February 2017 I left my corporate job of 11 years and set sail to start my own marketing agency. In the Summer of 2017 I had the idea to create an online product to serve more people. Trouble is, I only have a handful of customers and no list...Thanks for joining me on my journey...
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Today we talk with Molly Galbraith - Co-Founder of Girls Gone Strong about her new book, "Strong Women Lift Each Other Up".  I've known Molly and the team at GGS since 2017 and am super excited for her book. There are so many great ideas in the book that we unpack including:  How curiosity is the antidote to the tiny voices holding you back from taking action A simple (and surprising) exercise to Google that will really open your eyes The Ripple Effect The Comparison Trap 8 Small (but mighty) ways you can lift women up And more Links in the episode:
Donna and one of her clients had a crazy idea - a 24-hour online paint party. Pretty remarkable, right?  Well, the market decided it was VERY remarkable and over 5,000 people showed up. A few months later she did a similar strategy and got another 3,500 people to register.  About Donna: Donna Clark is a former award winning television producer turned entrepreneur, visionary, non profit founder, author, and ONLINE producer extraordinaire. She helps creative online entrepreneurs gain momentum in their online businesses by taking away the stress of the online set up, tech, and marketing they can stay in their own zone of genius and make a bigger impact in the world. Links:
Today we talk with Jill Angie from Not Your Average Runner on how she used ambassadors to get more sales in her program. About Jill: Jill Angie is a certified running and mindset coach who helps women who have never felt athletic start running so they can feel confident in their body. She started the Not Your Average Runner movement in 2013 to show that runners come in all shapes, sizes, and speeds. Links: @notyouraveragerunner 
Today we talk with Ben Dziwulski from the YouTube channel WODPrep.  He shares how he uses his YouTube channel to send traffic to his offers. We even brainstorm a new "evil scheme" on a unique direction I could go to grow my baby YouTube channel. Links:  His YT Channel WODPrep Here 
Today we talk with Hope Zvara about her company Mother Trucker Yoga. She shares the incredible (true) story of how she married her passion for yoga and movement with a very needy industry... trucking. That's right - she helps long haul truckers learn how to move more and live healthier lives. It's an amazing story of her ingenuity, grit, and determination to absolutely dominate a "blue ocean".  Links: @mothertruckeryoga on FB and IG
Today we sit down with Akilah to learn how to (actually) use Clubhouse to grow our business. You're gonna love this one. Lots of chatter out there on how to use Clubhouse ... and I think most people are looking at it wrong (including me). Links:
Learn the "scrappy" way Mariangelica launched her membership (without paying for ads). She is super good at IG - and used her talents there to enroll people in a presale experience through IG stories. Links:
Cole rapidly scaled the online photography education company Cole's Classroom to 10,000 members & multiple 7 figures before the company was acquired by ShootProof in 2019.  Now Cole is focused on helping other online course creators, coaches & experts build businesses that can rapidly grow past 7 figures with sustainable & predictable profits on auto-pilot so they can have both a great business without sacrificing a great lifestyle.  Learn more about working with Cole to grow your business at ====
Wanna grow your business without using FB Ads? Today we talk with Marta Spirk of the Empowered Woman podcast on how she uses FB Groups to grow her business. Super smart strategy.  You're gonna love it. Links:
Stepping outside of FB ads to get eyeballs on your business? Linked In is an incredibly powerful tool to connect with your customers, affiliates, and influencers. And today, Karen Yankovich takes us on a journey to better understand the platform! Links:
Another year in the books!  On 2/1/17 I left the safety and security of a 9-5 job in pursuit of entrepreneurial legacy.  Today we celebrate freedom. Freedom of time, money and location.  And wherever you are on your journey - I'm rooting for you, too! 
Ep. 320 - Safety Third

Ep. 320 - Safety Third


If we optimized for safety we'd be driving rubber cars at 5 miles per hour. If we optimized for safety in our business we'd never post anything, do a live training, or write a blog... So we're not going to optimize safety FIRST. We're going to believe in ourselves first. We're going to help people with our ideas. .... And if you want to learn the laid back way to launch your next course, program or idea join me here:
Worried about if Zuckerburg and Tim Cook will ever get along?  Lots of "sabre-rattling" about privacy and folks opting out of Facebook Tracking. Not to worry... Introducing a new podcast series that will teach you how to drive qualified traffic to your funnels WITHOUT the use of Facebook Ads. I'm talking Linked In, JV, Affiliates, Pinterest, CLUBHOUSE, YouTube.... Make sure you subscribe now so you never miss an episode! 
Part 3/3 of The Evergreen Sales System! Today we talk about how to utilize an Urgency Building Deadline to create custom 1-person launch experiences in your business. Go back and listen to Ep 317 and Ep 318 for the 1st 2 parts of this strategy. Today brings it all home.  And if you wanna try out my not-so-secret launch strategy check it out here:
Now that we have our Can't Miss Offer, it' time to create an Evergreen Lead Magnet. They go hand in hand.  The Lead Magnet solves a problem which builds momentum and trust... Which sets up our Can't Miss Offer. In the next episode we'll bring it home with the Urgency Building Deadline. Mini Course Example: Mini Workshop Example:
Wanna grow your business between launches? Launches are cool and all - but they can be really exhausting. Welcome to the "Evergreen Sales System" - a 3 part mini-series on how to grow your business between launches.  Part 1: The Can't Miss Offer. How do we craft an irresistible offer and present it to our target audience? Make sure you're subscribed so you catch Part 2 - The Evergreen Lead Magnet and Part 3 - The Urgency Building Deadline.
Was 2020 awesome for you? Horrible?  The truth is - there are always 2 narratives warring for attention in our minds. And it's up to us to decide which narrative we'll follow and what we'll do about it. If this podcast means anything to you: - share it with a friend - email me at to discuss. To a better 2021.
How to do effective annual planning in about 10 minutes...
Today is part 4 of the "Next Million" series on the show.  We talk about turning a VERY uncomfortable situation into something that is now a core feature of my business. And in the 2nd segment you'll learn why you need 5 seconds of courage to get through the day.
Let's talk about Money!  Part 1 - how to price yourself clearly Part 2 - MRR
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