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Author: Cody Burch

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The Cody Builds a Business Podcast is your front row seat (with backstage passes) to watching Cody Burch build a business from scratch (no followers, no subscribers, no shine, no list...).

Will he succeed or will he fail? Stay tuned to find out for yourself.

...Hey my name is Cody Burch and in February 2017 I left my corporate job of 11 years and set sail to start my own marketing agency. In the Summer of 2017 I had the idea to create an online product to serve more people. Trouble is, I only have a handful of customers and no list...Thanks for joining me on my journey...
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What if you ignored your fitness ALL YEAR then, on that 365th day you had the craziest workout you've ever had!?! Would that one intense workout make up for all the lost time all year? Of course not. Could you ignore your spouse all year then on February 14th try to romance her? Nice try... Consistency is way better than intensity. No Hail Mary's. We're going to play better the whole game instead of making up for it at the end.
Ep. 270 - Survivable Risks

Ep. 270 - Survivable Risks


Don't be afraid of getting totally wiped out if your next project fails. Today we talk about fool-proof methods so you can take "survivable risks" in your business, demystify the strategies that are holding you back, recover if they fail... and move forward either way.
When it comes to social media, ideas, and content...  Are you a creator or consumer?
Have you ever wanted to use speaking to grow your business? Today on the podcast I have a great conversation with my friend Grant Baldwin who has a brand-new book you can go get TODAY. Here's the link: If you've ever wanted to leverage speaking to grow your business, get paid, and build your platform... this is the definitive blueprint.
Ep. 268 - Optimize for Joy

Ep. 268 - Optimize for Joy


There are lots of things you could optimize for in your life... money, free time, the beach...but what if you optimized for Joy?
"You can't buy a win... but you can hire the guy that's gonna give you a chance!" I love this quote from Ford V. Ferrari (though I probably butchered it.. hey you're not supposed to have your phones out in the theater. Super important announcement this week:  The FAM is officially open (till Thursday 2/13/2020 at Midnight). To register go to
Top takeaways from Funnel Hacking Live 2020: Tom Bilyeu Frank Kern Julius Dein Steve Larsen Russell Brunson Prince EA Garrett J White
My top takeaways from: Ryan Holiday Jermaine Griggs Kathryn Jones Russell Brunson Gabe Schillinger Dan Henry
3 years ago I stepped out on my own after 11 years working a 9-5 job. On Feb 1st, 2017 I woke up and rubbed my eyes with nowhere to be. No commute. No office. No co-workers. I didn’t know what to do… So I took the kids to school… Went to the gym… Wrote a blog post… Updated social profiles… Then I got to work. (The entire journey is documented on this very podcast) In the last 6 months I have created courses, challenges, summits, hosted 2 live events, started a private membership (The FAM) and an app-only coaching program (The Crew)... And today I reveal my #1 lesson over the last 3 years...
Today we go behind the scenes of my new free course, "How to Actually Set Up Your FB Ad Account." Basically, I set up a new ad account from scratch and recorded the whole thing. To access to course, go here: Once inside you'll learn: ⚙️ How to setup Business Manager correctly and why it’s better than a personal account 🚀 Why boosting posts can feel like a waste of money (and what to do instead) 🖥️ How to configure your Ad Pixel and use it to your advantage 🏛️ How to structure Campaigns for maximum impact 🚨 Common mistakes people make when running online marketing campaigns (and how to avoid them) Enjoy!
Ep. 262 - The Thief of Joy

Ep. 262 - The Thief of Joy


Whenever you have a major achievement in life or business, do you find yourself comparing yourself to others?  Are you caught in the comparison trap? On this episode we talk about the #1 Thief of Joy in life and what to do to combat it. Links:
Ever watch a rap battle and think, "I could do that."? Well, when I saw the movie 8 Mile in 2002 (starring rap phenom Eminem) that was exactly what went through my head. So I began organizing rap battles in college. And today I share what I learned about objection-handling from Eminem.  Prefer to read the full article?
[Actionable Advice]  Want to learn how to revive dead leads? Let’s say you’re in real estate and you bump into someone at Starbucks. While casually chatting they inform you they are considering selling their home in the next 6 months or so. You make small talk about the market, new businesses moving into the area, the economy and how it may affect future home values. Your coffee orders arrive and the agreement is made to stay in touch. About 6 weeks later, at the exact same Starbucks, you run into them again. How would that conversation go? Would you jam 13 flyers in their face about homes in the area? Would you hand them a listing contract and a pen and demand their signature? Of course not… This episode will show you HOW to revive dead leads in your list and start the conversation. All credit for this strategy goes to Dean Jackson and his incredible podcast, More Cheese Less Whiskers which you can listen to here.
“Cody! OHMYGOSH! I did what you said to do!” “Really?” I slowly replied, scanning my recent memory of what she may be referring to. “What did you do?” I asked? “I joined a Facebook group with my exact target market in it… then I waited.” I smiled for the next few minutes as she excitedly recapped a strategy we hatched to help her build authority, affinity, and organically add people to her email list. She’s in my Crew coaching program, and today on the show I reveal the exact strategy we used. P.S. Each year I work closely with a handful of business owners to personally help them grow their online business over a period of 6 months. I have 2 spots left. Interested? Email me at with the word “CREW” in the subject line and I’ll shoot you the details.
In January 2019 I set an arbitrary goal: bench press 250 pounds. This represented a gain of about 30 pounds over what I thought I could bench press. Within a few weeks (February 5th to be exact) I hit my goal of 250 pounds on a barbell bench press. Impressive? Hardly. It was a dumb goal. Here’s why: For starters, it was an arbitrary number. Why not 255? 245? 275? I just plucked 250 pounds out of the air. Worse, it was finite. Meaning, when I hit my goal - what next? Do I stop going to the gym? Do I pick a new goal? Do I go take up yoga instead? Numerical goals are for amateurs. Run a 10K, lose 10 pounds, eat 5 vegetables. Goals are for losers. Winners create systems. Get the James Clear book here: 
I’m declaring bankruptcy. Throughout the year I hoard emails I wanna read (I have a folder titled “Good copywriting” that is FULL of launch emails, great stories, and 9-word emails). I have saved folders in Instagram and Facebook. One is titled “Ads I like”; the other “Trainings I need to watch”. As I peruse social media I’ll snag a great ad, article or video and catalog it as something that future Cody has to worry about. I do the same with podcasts… I’ll find some obscure marketing or economics topic and download it for later. Same with … journals with the first 4 pages filled out from a conference in 2019 … sticky notes that look like I’m trying to solve some horrible crime (I’m just missing the red yarn) … cards, flyers, mailers, magazines … notes app is full of random ideas and musings … Trello is overflowing with evil schemes and ideas … my calendar is full of recurring appointments On and on it goes. By the time December rolls around I’m afraid to look in my mail sorter on the corner of my desk. Digitally and physically there are half-built bridges, clutter and debris everywhere. The answer? Declare bankruptcy on your calendar, desk, phone and commitments. Just delete everything. It sounds scary but it is incredibly exhilarating once you get started. And if you’re like me - once you start decluttering it’s hard to stop. Last week we filled our entire sidewalk with donations to be picked up by the Veteran’s org in town. Our trash and recycling bins were overflowing with what we heartlessly discarded. My podcast app is clear; those social folders empty. I even Windexed my dry-erase board in my office (I know what you’re thinking - why did you use Windex if it’s dry erase? GREAT QUESTION - well, you see, I had things on that board for so long that the dry erase marker turns more permanent…) So this episode is your permission slip to do the same. Ruthlessly assess if those appointments on your calendar are necessary. Will you ever read those magazines and emails? Will those podcasts and audiobooks ever make it to your ear canal? Do those auto-shipments from Amazon REALLY need to keep arriving as often as they do? Trust me… it feels so good! Start the new year off right. Declutter. Reorganize. Reprioritize. Then go crush it in 2020. ~ Cody “Clean Slate” Burch P.S. I’m hosting a live in-person workshop next month in Colorado. It’s small (less than 10 people) and we’re going to actually get your promotions (funnels and ads) done and live. Would you like to join us? Email me ( with “workshop” as the subject line and I’ll get you the details.
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