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Author: Cody Burch

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The Cody Builds a Business Podcast is your front row seat (with backstage passes) to watching Cody Burch build a business from scratch (no followers, no subscribers, no shine, no list...).

Will he succeed or will he fail? Stay tuned to find out for yourself.

...Hey my name is Cody Burch and in February 2017 I left my corporate job of 11 years and set sail to start my own marketing agency. In the Summer of 2017 I had the idea to create an online product to serve more people. Trouble is, I only have a handful of customers and no list...Thanks for joining me on my journey...
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Ep. 187 - Spring Cleaning

Ep. 187 - Spring Cleaning


We did a bit of spring (well, I guess Summer) cleaning around the house this weekend...And it got me thinking - what else do we have to clean up around here?Are there business relationships we need to say "good-bye" to?Personal relationships?Deliverables in our business? Possibly a client we need to fire?Use these long summer days as a chance to check in and see if there's anything you can say "good-bye" to and either delegate or delete.Thanks for listening!
As business owners, sometimes we think the value is in the volume. That’s not true. In fact, it’s exactly the opposite. The more that we can curate our subject matter and distill it down into the basic components, the more value we add to our audience. As you go into this weekend, think about how you can curate everything you know about your area of expertise so you can serve your clients better.
8 months into my entrepreneurial journey we took a family trip to Disney World. In the weeks leading up to the trip I was FREAKING out b/c I knew it wouldn't function as smoothly without me at the helm. Ever feel that way?You (or a loved one) gets ill, or you go on that hard earned vacation only to find that things suffer while you're gone.Enter Diane Mayor! She is a business strategize and helps people just like us "lifeproof" their business.Enjoy this chat with Diane (all the way from Dublin), and when you're done, check her out here:IG: diane_mayor and website:
Stop wishing things would happen to you and go make them happen.
In a world that is growing increasingly loud, impatient, and accessible... what if we slowed down?Today's episode is a quick tip from Mr. Rogers.
Today we chat with my friend Matthew Patti ( This podcast just went intercontinental (he hails from Australia) and we talked about what his life and career is like as a "Scale and Consciousness Coach." I loved this conversation - enjoy listening to me try to piece together these new, big ideas that I haven't talked about before. I'm like a baby giraffe learning how to walk! ~ Cody
Instead of trying to be better than the competition, what if you were just different?
The best way to write great copy is to write bad copy and then make it better.
Today we sit down with CEO and Co-Founder of the Growth Institute Daniel Marcos (website)Daniel is a serial entrepreneur and works with Verne Harnish (Scaling Up, The Rockefeller Habits) in the areas executive coaching and leadership.He's also a master storyteller and had me captivated at every moment.Top takeaways from our discussion:Leaders are Readers"Who" not "How"Meeting rhythyms and how to make it all go fasterThe #1 problem of people that growAt the end, he also shares his reading list for us crazy entrepreneurs.Enjoy!-Cody 
When I was planning my live experience, I didn’t compromise. I got the team that I wanted, the venue that I wanted, and the experience that I wanted. In your business, how can you apply this same powerful principle to move you closer to your goals?
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