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Ep. 11 - Yo! Eleven, Yo!

Ep. 11 - Yo! Eleven, Yo!


On Episode 11, Greg Poverelli and Steve Bowden ( cover many topics in the game, hobby, sport, and world of pinball... Just in time for Pinburgh.What are we having?Pinburgh - The Super Bowl of PinballPinballSpinner.comPick your favorite Pinburgh bankPinburgh Sign-up Frenzy Drama (AKA: Pinburgh Round ZERO)Can Pinburgh do more than 1000?Tournament directors playing in tournamentsSurviving The SanctumMyBookie and prop betsPinburgh Fantasy LeaguePintasticVegas Stakes and Pop-O-Matic CrapsThe WPPRelli Tournament ForecastThe Intergalactic LineupAlways be getting pointsDream bankCircuit schedule planning* A very special announcement *Greg at EPCLocal Texas scene / New York sceneThe Open at INDISCLong Island Pinball Expo (and Open)The OCHO? No.Greg behaving himself?The WPPRelli report and pinball newsStar Wars Home EditionJurassic ParkBlack Knight code updateGame of Thrones huge code update and analysisUse your validationOther #SPORTS!The HatShameless PlugsMusic: Dilemmachine - Fred DilemmachineSoundCloud:
 This is the third and final part of the It Never Drains in Southern California edition of The Meltdown Pinball Podcast with Imoto Harney, Antoinette Johnson, and Michael Gottlieb.--Also joining us will be 2019 INDISC Grand Champion Colin Urban, Tournament Director Jim Belsito and Daniel Spolar of Project Pinball. The conversation gets a little more tournament focused as we talk about the strategy aspects of card-based or set-based qualifying, also known as the former PAPA style. And we watch as the competition is winding down, until a time when we decide to relocate.--Intro and Outro Music: FunHouse Multiball (Matt Dibrindisi Mix)--Other topics:When you show something, be able to ship somethingSelling, production and distributionThe Card System and Pinball ChessLeet StratsAlternate ROMsLevi's Iron ManMaking a game tournament worthyColin WINS!We relocate!Interview with a championTournament comments from Jim BelsitoWrap up with Daniel Spolar
Special guests Antoinette Johnson (from Marco Specialties), Imoto Harney (from Imoto Arcade) and Michael Gottlieb join me in the arcade/food/drink area at the Museum of Pinball in Banning, California.This is Part 2 of the INDISC episode and it's still happening while the It Never Drains in Southern California tournament was deep into the Final Round.We pick up right where we left off talking about Haunted House vs. Black Hole, other games and stories.Other topics ..."Surprise and Delight""Planned Obsolescence" Gottlieb's Texas Ranger Prototype Mini Playfield is not ACDC Certain layouts work Jetsons KEELER! Elwin! Keeping the Monster fed Different art packages Christopher Franchi is hitting HOME RUNS! Creators vs. Consumers Stern, please continue to do well No preorders! Antoinette working for Marco Specialties full time and game design Shout outs to Jon NorrisColin Urban, Jim Belsito and Daniel Spolar will appear on Episode 10 coming very soon.Intro and Outro Music: FunHouse Multiball (Matt Dibrindisi Mix)
Special guests Antoinette Johnson (from Marco Specialties), Imoto Harney (from Imoto Arcade) and another secret special guest join me in the arcade, food and drink area at the Museum of Pinball in Banning, California.This is Part 1 and it's happening while the It Never Drains in Southern California tournament was heading to the Semi-Finals. Head Teacher Antoinette has some pinball acquisition stories to tell us.Imoto remains vigilant monitoring the tournament before introducing our secret guest who joins us about three-quarters of the way through this episode. I tried to kayfabe as much as possible.The INDISC episode will continue next time right where we left off as we were talking about buttons and Munsters and more pinball stuff. So subscribe and check your feed for the next episode which will be coming up shortly.Intro and Outro Music: FunHouse Multiball (Matt Dibrindisi Mix)
 It's the Christmas gift that no one expected ... or the Holiday curse that no one wanted! It's the seventh episode of The Meltdown Pinball Podcast! International Pinball Sensation, Krystle Gemnich of the Rip Tide Pinball Podcast joins The Meltdown as we sit in the audience during the Oktoberfest game reveal seminar at Chicago Pinball Expo.--After the introductions and a (very edited) seminar period where we talk under our breaths, at about 18:30 into this attempt at recording a podcast, we get the opportunity to step up to play American Pinball's newest offering. We don't go up there immediately of course. It's better to wait for the crowd rushing the game to drain away a bit first. This is followed by fly-on-the-wall coverage of whatever we talked about as we got our first flips on the new game. It's a good thing to listen to in the background while you do whatever and stuff--Also, guest starring International Internet Pinball Sensations Jack Danger of Dead Flip, Jeff Teolis of Pinball Profile, Ron Hallett, Jr. of Slam Tilt Podcast, Nitzan Gabai, Tommy Floyd, Koi Morris, Jason Rufer, and Al Cihak.--Intro and Outro Music: FunHouse Multiball (Matt Dibrindisi Mix)Santaur meme by: Joel Cohen
Nikki and Steve return, severely delayed but slightly more coherent. This was recorded moments after the STOMP tournament in Rochester, New York so it's a throwback to that time. A time right after my career and life started to change.This time, we talk about how Nikki enjoyed a 12-hour tournament and that sometimes, all you need is the meme. There's a meme for everything.Track: RetroVision - Campfire [NCS Release]Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds.Watch:
Ep. 5 - The Atlanta Shuffle

Ep. 5 - The Atlanta Shuffle


It's Nikki (@KikasaurusRex) and Steve (@FunWithBonus) at our most Meltdown-y! Reporting from the Southern Fried Gaming Expo near Atlanta, Georgia are two very tired pinballers. We tried to do all the things at SFGE, and attempted to do a podcast afterward.This is the episode where we discover the cell phone microphone picks up everything, so apologies for the shuffling sounds that happen during the conversation.We have learned the Pinvasion Tournament will not be happening next year at Southern Fried Gaming Expo. Thanks to Bryan Broyles and his crew for running the tournament. I'm sure that this part of the event will be missed by many.This was before a major life change started happening for Steve. That was part of the reason for the delay between episodes.Track: Inukshuk - Too Far Gone [NCS Release]Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds.Watch: Download / Stream:, #DeadFlipStream, #PAPAPinballFamily
Nikki DeLasagna (@kikasaurusrex) and I (@funwithbonus) talk about The Rock Fantasy Stern Pinball Launch Party and Match Play Tournaments, plus Pinburgh.Greg Poverelli and I discuss the IFPA World Pinball Championships.Find us at: / Email us at: meltdown [at] funwithbonus [dot] comHighlights:- Bride tattoo- Match play frustration- Doing other things- Breaking the rules- The state of the game- Screwing people less- Competition AnalysisMusic by Joakim Karud
Ep. 3 - SCP-1825 Revisited

Ep. 3 - SCP-1825 Revisited


In this episode, "Dr K.Rex" and "Dr. Bonus" discuss the confidential documents revealed during the last podcast.Also known as: "what the heck was that last podcast anyway?!" "What's this about torsos being removed from their bodies?!"Lightless Dawn Kevin MacLeod ( under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 Myst on the Moor Kevin MacLeod ( under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 Based on "SCP-1825": Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-SA 3.0)Sound effects obtained from
Episode Two - "SCP-1825 - The Wrecking Pinball"The roller-coaster ride, known as the Meltdown Pinball Podcast, takes a sudden left-hand turn right out of the gate!If you have proper security clearance, you may learn about this mysterious object currently under careful containment.What you are about to hear is confidential. Please only share with personnel who have high enough access privileges.Lightless Dawn Kevin MacLeod ( under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License on the Moor Kevin MacLeod ( under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License on "SCP-1825": 3.0 Unported (CC BY-SA 3.0)Sound effects obtained from
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