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MisUnderstanding Dementia Podcast

Author: Michael Chua

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Are you having a hard time taking care of your loved one that has Dementia?
Do you feel stuck on how and what to do with your loved one that has Dementia?
Are you ready to take care of yourself and your elderly loved one?
Ready to be the best caregiver for your loved one?
Then this podcast is for YOU!
137 Episodes
Notes on taking ACTION

Notes on taking ACTION


Notes on taking ACTION How do you WOW your patients? Dr. Mike talks about success in taking ACTION. For him, the bigger the challenge, the bigger the victory. In this episode: 01:05 – You have to differentiate yourself. You should have that WOW factor. 01:30 – WOW your patients by taking ACTION. 01:35 – Actively do it. 02:55 – Choose to do it. 03:25 – Team of people – an extraordinary team. 04:45 – I, me. Only you have the power to take action. 05:15 – Open your eyes to opportunities. 05:50 – No means not right now. Rejections pave the way to getting more “Yes.” 06:55 – Setbacks are created for your set ups.
Control the Controllables Take a Pause and Take the Power back. Control the controllables. You got this my friends! In this Podcast: 00:30 – Worrying is just like a rocking chair. 01:00 – Take a pause and take the power back. 01:40 – Always remember the word F-A-S-T!
How to start your own side hustle Today, I’ll share something about myself that I want you to know. Watch now! In this podcast: 01:10 - Learn how to differentiate yourself. 04:50 - Go out —> take action —> NETWORK. 06:05 - Your network is your NET WORTH. 07:15 - Remember the word FAST.
How to WIN in this current situation. Be VIRAL! Wondering how we can WIN in this current situation? Dr. Mike encourages us to be VIRAL to win over this virus. In this episode: 00:50 – We can (still) WIN in this situation (pandemic). 00:55 – How can we win? Be Viral! 01:00 – Start thinking like a VICTOR and stop thinking like a victim. 01:50 – INGENUITY – be a genius and find opportunities. 02:02 – REPEAT – repetition is the mother of learning. 02:35 – Learn to take ACTION. 02:50 – LEAD.
The Message of Easter

The Message of Easter


The Message of Easter Are you feeling down today? Dr. Mike encourages us to get back on our feet after failing. And always remember the word FAST! In this episode: 01:30 – Whatever you are going through right now – it will pass. 02:05 – Your resurrection Sunday is going to come. 02:10 – Remember F.A.S.T. 02:15 – Find friends that will push you to your next level. 02:45 – Learn how to take Action. 02:55 – Shoot for the moon. 03:05 – You are going to fail but that 3rd Sunday-Resurrection Sunday is going to come. 03:20 – Teach it! 03:35 – Don’t forget! Dr. Mike will be teaching the Alzheimer’s disease and Dementia Care Seminar by end of April.
Invest YOURSELF and Your ideas Today, I have an important lesson for you about INVESTING. Watch and listen! In this podcast: 01:25 – How do you invest in yourself? 02:25 – Only I, only me, only you can change my life. 03:00 – A NO for today, means a YES for tomorrow. 03:50 – Stop being a victim, and start being a victor. 04:25 – Empower and Encourage yourself. 04:55 – Self-care is not selfish. 05:30 – Find a team of Winners. 06:00 – I.N.V.E.S.T yourself!
How to Start Your LLC by using Legal Zoom or Direct Incorporation A quick tutorial for you to start your LLC using Direct Incorporation or Legal Zoom. In this podcast: 01:30 – Protect yourself through LLC. 02:50 – Direct Incorporation Package Deals. 05:40 – State fees to Incorporate. 06:30 – Make it formal. 09:20 – Remember the word F.A.S.T!
3 Things That Are True When Climbing Your Own Mountain Go through anything and be a victor! Watch and be one! In this podcast: 01:00 – Climb that mountain with somebody. 01:50 – Mountain Climbing = HARD WORK 02:35 – Intimidating yet doable. 03:30 – And again, don’t forget the word FAST!
How to Improve your Influence and Impact as a Certified Dementia Practitioner  Today’s video is about how to leverage yourself as a CDP.   In this podcast: 01:25 – Interviews/Talking to people increase the range of your field.   02:45 – Present yourself as a CDP in different events/conferences.   04:20 – Remember F.A.S.T.!  Links: – Courses. 
Dream another dream my friends. Today, we have an important lesson to get with Dr. Mike Chua. Come watch and reach for your dreams! In this podcast: 01:20 – How do you achieve that dream? 01:50 – DO IT! 02:00 – REPEAT it again and again. 02:30 – ENCOURAGE yourself and other people. 02:55 – You got to take ACTION. 03:20 – It is ME.
Notes on Social Distancing How important is social distancing nowadays? Dr. Mike reminds us on the importance of social distancing to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Also his acronym of CDC is one that you have to remind yourself always. In this episode: 00:20 – CDC recommends social distancing. 00:30 – An acronym for CDC. 00:35 – Choose your friends wisely. 00:55 – Distance yourself from negative people. 01:25 – Connect with right people.
Open Up Your Eyes and Stop Looking at the Limitations What can you do with your practice during this pandemic? Dr. Mikes talks about 3 things you can do right with your profession amidst this current situation. In this episode: 01:15 – Keep on serving. 01:30 – Write a book. 01:50 – Create your own course. 02:50 – Reach out to Dr. Mike if you want to create your own course. 03:50 – No need to complicate things to start your online course. 04:20 – Thinking about doing telehealth? 05:45 – Coaches inside the group that can help you start out.
An Arrow Can Only Be Shot by Pulling it Backward. So Just Focus, and Keep Aiming What is going on my Facebook friends this is Dr. Mike Chua physical therapist and certified dementia practitioner. Well, I just finished walking around our little neighborhood here. And I was just listening to some podcasts and some shows and he talked about the life is just like an arrow. We're in if you want to hit that arrow really well, you just have to pull that arrow really farther. And then once you aimed it, once you've aimed it and released it, boom, that arrow will just go forward real good. I just want to encourage you guys. If you are having a hard time in your life right now, if you're having difficulties, if you're having problems with your life, marriage life, financial life, and emotional life work-wise. Guess what? The farther the pull, the stronger you're going to go for there. That's my special encouragement for you today. Go out there, accept the pull, accept the challenge. And the bigger the challenge, the bigger the victory. And that's my special quick encouragement for you today guys. I wish you all the best. I'm going to go in, enjoy time with my family, watch some Showtime – it's in the Philippines. It's a show that me and my wife watch all the time. Shout out to Vice Ganda is the host of that show. Well anyway, I wish you all the best and always remember when you're feeling a pull in your life, whether it's your work, in your life, in your marriage life, in your financial life and everything, anything – the longer the pool, the further you're going to go. The bigger the challenge, the bigger the victory. Sometimes we will encounter some stumbling blocks but those stumbling blocks are created for your stepping stone. Those setbacks are actually made up for you're set up for your next success. I wish you all the best. And always remember the word fast – FAST. First is letter F, find friends that will push you to your next level. Remember those friends that pushes you, pulls you, boom when once it's released. They'll push you to your next level. Letter A. You got to learn how to take action. All this stuff that we're doing. I do live videos in my private group. I do live videos in some paid group but all these videos if you're not taking action, it's not going to do you good. Stop analyzing and start taking action. The next letter, letter S? You’ve got to learn how to shoot for the moon. Why? If you miss it, you're going to be eventually landing with the stars. Keep shooting, keep shooting. What's the last letter? Letter T. You got to learn how to teach it. Why? Because when you hear it you forget, when you see it you remember. But when you're actually teaching it, you're actually understanding it more. Speaking of teaching, we are teaching what we call a masterclass. Wherein we're teaching people how to be the best that they can be. It's a weekly class that we do. We call it Monday Masterclass Training (MMT.) If you're a therapist, you know what MMT means. It’s a masterclass training when I go live every Monday teaching you what I've been learning from all my coaches. I've paid thousands of dollars from my coaches, business coach, life coach, whatever coach that I have been paying. I paid them thousands of dollars just to learn from them about marketing, learning, from them about dementia learning, from them about how to start your own business and how to be influential in your area. That's what I've been doing and I'm going to teach you how to do that in our Monday Masterclass Training. Be Awesome. Be great. Be excellent. Always remember, the stronger the pull the farther you'll go. See you later. Bye-bye.
Learn How to Lead Your Career When is the best time to find an alternative career? Dr. Mike talks about the things that we can do amidst these lockdowns. That we can still earn online and all we have to do is just take the LEAD. In this episode: 00:50 – This is the best time to find that alternative career. 01:00 – Things you can do online to still continue earning despite the lockdown. 04:10 – LEAD. 04:35 – Identify where you are and your goals. 05:05 – Keep LOOKING. 05:30 – ENGAGE and ENCOURAGE. 06:15 – Take ACTION. 07:45 – Just DO it.
Do not be afraid to ask for what you want. Always remember the word A.S.K! In this podcast: 1:25 – Ask and you shall receive. 1:35 – Seek, keep looking for it. 2:45 – Knock, and it will open for you.
Are you bitter or better? Don’t be a bitter person, be a better person! In this podcast: 1:55 – How to move on with bitterness? 2:20 – You have to have big goals. 3:00 – Empower yourself to the next level. 3:40 – Join the Team of Winners. 4:30 – Take Action. 5:35 – Have some Energy! 6:20 – Repeat it again and again.
3 Things You Need to Do in this Time of Crisis. T. P. and A. How are you handling the Coronavirus scare? Dr. Mike shares some helpful tips on dealing with the current Coronavirus crisis the world is dealing with today. In this episode: 00:30 – Three things you need to do during a crisis. 00:35 – Think. 00:45 – Pray. 01:25 – Act on it. 02:20 – Time to change and be the best that you can be.
How to Make Money Online during this Social Distance Precaution. Be a Leader. Be a M. E. N. T. O. R. Learn the MENTOR method with Dr. Mike. This is very helpful especially during this social distancing heightened precaution. Earn while maintaining social distancing precaution. In this episode: 01:00 – What is a MENTOR method? 01:05 – Meet a need or niche. 01:30 – Educate them. 02:40 – Network with other people and groups. 03:40 – Team of winners. 04:50 – One on one. 05:15 – Repeat recurring revenue.
How to make an Extra $$$ as a Certified Dementia Practitioner. "Today, I have a message that I wanted to share with. Get along and watch!" In this podcast: 1:10 – If I can do it, you can do it too. 3:20 – Use what you have right now. 3:45 – Get a business license. 4:35 – Get a professional insurance. 6:15 – You need a Medicare. 7:55 – You have to get out of your comfort zone. 10:20 – All you need to do is take ACTION. 11:10 – Always remember the word FAST!
This too shall Pass my friends... And also wash your hands. 😃😃😃 So how do you Pass? It has been said, that you are either going into a crisis, getting into a crisis, or getting out of a crisis. This too shall Pass... And also wash your hands. So how do you Pass? In this Podcast: 00:29 – This too shall pass. 01:42 – Letter P is being POSITIVE. 02:41 – Letter A is to ACKNOWLEDGE. 03:57 – Letter S is to SHARE the Knowledge, NOT the Germs. 05:01 – Letter S is to SHOOT for the Moon, you will eventually land with the Stars. Don’t forget to subscribe - Misunderstanding Dementia Visit us at:
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