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Welcome to the Youth Ministry Booster podcast. The most honest podcast in student ministry. We are the biggest fans of youth ministry leaders. Hosted by Zac Workun, Chad Higgins, Kristen Lascola, and Will Cumby. Enjoy weekly episodes as the team asks the toughest questions related in student ministry, interviews thoughtful guests, and challenges the norms for youth pastor health, success, and expectations. We hope that this weekly dose of honesty and humor boosts youth workers and youth pastors. New episodes weekly. Find out more @
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In episode 199 of the Youth Ministry Booster Podcast Zac chats with church communications guru Seth Muse. We recorded this pre-COVID, but wow it feels almost prophetic. About the guest: Seth, "met Jesus while fighting with his cousin over a bike.We professed our passionate hatred for one another in an exchange that ended with a stunning comment that I’ll never forget. That cruel statement would later lead me to Christ." He was called to ministry in high school and have been chasing down God’s call on my life for the last seventeen years. Seth is a pastor, innovator, and coach for those looking to improve the most important weekly function of church leadership [communicate].Check out more from Seth Muse here. You can hear more from Seth and friends for free @ the InstaSummit! the show ( the show (
In episode 198 of the Youth Ministry Booster Podcast Zac sits down with new author and new mom Heather Quiroz to talk about her book "First-Century Youth Ministry: Exploring Our Jewish Roots to Reclaim Discipleship." About the guest: "Heather loves Jesus, youth ministry, laughing at silly things, and eating at Indian lunch buffets. She’s the wife of Rodrigo and is a gifted teacher and speaker with over fifteen years of youth ministry experience. She and her husband recently welcomed a baby girl to their family. Heather is learning to speak Spanish (hola) and is the student ministries pastor at Shelbyville Community Church in Shelbyville, IN. She also works as a staff consultant with Ministry Architects and holds a master’s degree in youth ministry leadership from Huntington University."Check out more from Heather here.Support the show (
In episode 197 of the Youth Ministry Booster Podcast Zac and Chad break it down as real, struggling, pastors, and humans. This is a difficult and unprecedented time. It requires muscles and leadership that we have never exercised so we lack the endurance.However, there is a hope, there is a faith stronger than ours. We turn to that in this time of increasing weakness to find promise beyond our current circumstances. Show Notes: This is a season to fix the deeper problem.Our pain is not a problem to be solved or program to be tweaked but an existential pain to experience, to walk through, and deepen our trust and faith in God. The real fix we need in this season is in our willingness to abide in him.Check the source of your strength and fortitude. We can no longer fake it. Stop pretending like this is happening to someone else. Don’t allow this challenge to become our character, but to change our character. Above all, your people need a pastor who will walk with them through this as it is happening, guide, care, and point them back to the Love that is with us through it all.Support the show (
Everybody answers to somebody. In the world of youth ministry this usually means your senior pastor, leader, or direct report. No matter what size church you serve there is someone senior to your youth ministry leadership and that person and your relationship with them is vital for your ministry and for you.It's true. Better working relationships with senior leadership is the number one improvement metric for most exiting youth ministers. In this episode co-host Kristen takes the driver seat to ask her senior leader Chris Brown about leadership and the importance of youth pastor and senior pastor relationships.Check the show notes and quotes for some goodies about humble leadership and teaming up for better ministry. Connect With Us:Instagram: Quotes Notes:"The bridge that truth travels over is relationship. Ministry is always incarnational.""There was not one moment of leaving, there was a constant feeling of those thoughts of leaving.""If there is anything else you would rather do, pursue that first. When it is absolutely clear that you cannot be satisfied doing anything else, then come back and do ministry.""Don’t commit to this for a job. Get another job and do this for volunteering.""The greater you can lead is directly parallel to the thickness of your skin."If you are not good with people being frustrated with you then do it a different way.If you don’t feel called then become the high powered volunteer who is praised."Leadership means living with low level of frustrations toward you"“Senior pastors remember back... Do you remember when you were an intern? Do you remember when you were in youth ministry? How important was the investment of the senior leader in your life?"My teaching gifts are not alone to draw and keep the crowds. Families will come to church if their kids are loving church. "Your senior pastor is probably feeling more insecure than you are feeling right now.""Your senior pastor is you, just 20 or 30 years older. None of us feel like when have what it takes.""Do the job your senior leader should be doing relational. Ask them out to lunch, coffee, or soft drinks.""Shared leadership is better than your leadership.Support the show (
It's alive! It's alive! Well Zac is at least back alive and healthy (after Flu B and some quasi-tragic recovery). In this holiday recorded episode Zac and Chad talk about the necessity of the practice of silence for the the lives of youth pastors and their youth ministry. Check the show notes and quotes for some goodies and let's have a conversation about the things we aren't saying. Hit us up on social! Connect With Us:Instagram: Quotes Notes: According to Chad you have gotta read the Starlight Archive by Brandon Sanderson "Only guy I know in Eddie Bauer button-down wearing Sunoco brand undershirts."Why do we fear the silence? 1. It exposes our worries or anxieties 2. We fear of what could happen in the unexpected 3. We worry that we didn't fill enough time"We are missing out on the neutral space of contemplation"Have you made space for silence in your ministry, in your life? The importance of Silence for:  Hearing from GodProcessing what was just saidDisruption: Pushing back on"Youth ministers love to subvert MTV and Disney culture. Silence is a way to do that.""Youth ministry is cultural when it emulates where it makes sense and subvert and push back where it is not right.""There is a truth in the silence that your sermon words will never convene.""Silence will free us from having to say everything all the time.""We speak and ask for response but we never allowed silence to speak in between." "Youth ministry is most formative when it helps students do things they can’t do themselves.""Your students are longing for peace."“The Presence Is More Important Than the Program” A.W. Tozer“If the Holy Spirit didn’t show up would we even notice?” A.W. TozerSupport the show (
What's up everybody! This episode is an important word of care for both your students and you the student minister. Hear the encouraging words of our new friend Dwight Johnson share about ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences) and how being more informed and trained about trauma will better serve you to serve your students. Connect With Us: Instagram: With DwightFacebookInstagramEmailShow Quotes: How well do you know the room?Walk the roster. Whose student’s story do you not know? Their formative experiences will shape how they hear from you, how they engage with your ministry. We need to listen and adapt so that we may help.We so often put ourselves on islands of serving others, but living alone.Too often, we place all the worry of what needs to happen on our shoulders. Our work is to put a team together around our students to walk through the trauma well. Doing ministry well comes through training. Vicarious Trauma. The painful resonance of working with people We need people to help us when we take the work home with us.  We are not exempt from facing our own trauma.Resting isn’t sleeping.Resting is your work ethic.Resting is worship.We need eyes in on our lives, for the purpose of being whole, aware, and healed.When the people of God learn how to rest, the Holy Spirit will give everything we truly need.Acknowledge your brokenness. God wants to heal your busy and broken body.There are valleys and mountains to this work and God is in both places.Support the show (
We made it y'all! 4 years of meeting, interviewing, and recording and we are here to high five and kick the tires for at least 4 more! Thanks for all the support, encouragement, listenership, subs, ratings, and reviews! They mean the world to us. Whether this is episode #1 for you or you have hit all #193. Thank you! Join up with collaborative and caring youth ministry leaders @ Youth Ministry BoosterSupport the show (
"I'll see you at the moo oovie movies" #FYPJust in case you haven't heard there is a brand new app that more than just the kids are in to nowadays. It's called TikTok and it's making us question everything we thought we knew about social (in a good way!).Whenever we want to talk about leading edge tech and social media we turn our eyes north to Brady Shearer and his team at Pro Church Tools. They have been creating great content and apps for churches of every size to rethink and level up their interactions online.Join up with collaborative and caring youth ministry leaders @ Youth Ministry BoosterPro Church Tools: Shearer on InstagramShow Quotes: "The exciting state of social media right now requires little to no gear.""Tik Tok is Adobe After Effects within in free application.""70% of TikTok is 18-24 year old young adults."TikTok is the the auto sound app.TikTok is creating a cultural moment of TikTok of famous. It is deeply concerned with Virality is not just possible it is probable.TikTok is not based on your friend and family network. It is purely algorithmic based. Where you are and what you It tunes itself to build a profile of what you like. GenZ was known for keeping things intimate and disappearingHowever, the also aspired the to be famous Youtubers.Tiktok is a performance app for dancers, creatives, and comedians. TikTok is social for the sake of being social. The biggest problem for most churches is that we are using social to promote and not connect or relate.We need to social as a ministry itself.If someone is already paying attention then go to where their attention is already gathered. Don’t reschedule when you already know you have their attention. Sunday morning is more of an experience than communal. The better metric than past attendance is measuring next steps. The tough truth is that most folks just don’t care about churchOur job is not to get mad but to respond to it. Finding the intersection between faith and culture. People are just as curious about faith as they have ever been before. TikTok is like a puppy.  It is trained to go wherever you train it to go.Support the show (
Chad is back and we are talking everything #NYWC19, YS In Tampa, and this month's theme for Youth Ministry Booster "Culture of Worry." Our students are more anxious and worried than ever, and we think that Student Pastors are too! Youth ministry leader you must address the balancing the emotional and relational load of ministry creates within you. The cup of stressors has to overflow eventually but where will you put the spill? Your family? A regrettable habit? An addiction to video games, Youtube, or Netflix?We all find ways to self-medicate through the strain that ministry creates. Where are you going to put all the stress, exhaustion, and desire to do good?Show Notes: "Social is the multiplier for our insecurities. We were always insecure but now we just reach our maximum capacity quicker and on an almost daily basis."We are just broken down faster and faster."Facebook comments can collapse around those who are really in need."“We are far too quick to offer answers instead of listening for wisdom.” “There is pain on my face that I can’t always speak with my typed words.” “I need to see your face to help you heal in your faith.” “Comments are not good for counsel and care.” “Care stems from relational investment.”“Face to face conversation holds us to a level of integrity “Anxiety often comes from feeling over-worked or under-worked. It is related to how we feel about what we have or have not accomplished. Better big picture plans usually facilities better day to day feelings of worry.” Support the show (
When is it time to "make a change?" What does it mean to "make change" in your youth ministry?If leadership for youth ministry is important then a measure of change is always necessary.Hear from Kristen Lascola and Zac Workun as the discuss what it means to navigate change as a process and lead through change as a leader!Live Episode 200 Party @ NYWC 2019. Join Party Join The FunFollow Youth Ministry Booster On InstagramShow Notes:“When is the change necessary?”“We need this move to be smooth.”At a leadership level change is happening all the time. It may not always be huge, but there is always something to be changing towards improvement.Some times the most important changes are not significant but subtle.Where are you putting your relational energy?Change Management is simply doing it what it takes, or making the changes to remove the friction to make ministry better. Who you are and is directly related to your characters and capacity to lead. You have to know what you are best at, we can’t mis-guess this quality. You know you need to recruit more help when you are utterly dependent on the wireless mic. The minute you can go wired on your Stop trying to be the Swiss army knife of your youth ministry. “We all have been there, stop trying to stay there.”“You could be all things to all people, but it doesn’t mean you should be all things to all people.” “If you have to be everything you are really a less version of who you are.”“There is a critical point in your leadership where I am I no longer the touch point for everything in the ministry.”’ “Your role, your position, give so much value and authority to what you say to the leaders who show up to help you.”“Your adult leaders are your small group to lead.” “The mark of the great is your ability to produce a great leader.”“We are emotionally attached to some of our ministry tasks.”“We are really protective of our titles.”“Leadership preys on your insecurity.”Inviting Folks Into The Process Helps To Make Leadership:Less ScaryMore FunStrengtheningSupport the show (
Hey-oh! It's time to talk about the important work of connecting with students just outside your door! At Youth Ministry Booster, we believe that there is really important student ministry work to be done just outside the walls of the church. Campus ministry in multiple forms is an invaluable asset to the ways in which students can become connected into the life of a church community. It will always look a little different everywhere, but one thing is always true, schools are full of students who need the gospel of Jesus! Learn more how you can connect and collaborate with youth ministers nationwide and in your neighborhood. We wanted to talk with someone who is leading out and has learned a lot about it.Meet Matthew Swifty PerryConnect With Swifty Matt on FacebookMatt On InstagramShow Notes: The Story behind “Swifty” He really likes Taylor Swift, like he is a “fearless” Taylor Swift fan!“You’ve known about God, but now know about me!” - Jesus“I knew that God had called to me to church plant one, so I knew I needed to leave home to go learn what I didn’t know.”“Sometimes you get interns because you go out and recruit them, other times you get them because they recruited themselves.”“Don’t wait around to get asked, go and invite yourself to see how you can help and learn.” "What did you learn in the first 6 years. Serving."Your chance to lead is when you pick a vacuum after the service. Learn how to serve without being asked. Leadership 101: taking the initiative to start serving. My job as a leader is to learn. I don’t want to be the smartest person in the room.“Everyone has something to teach us.”‘There is nothing I can plan that will have better production than what students can see on TV or game on their phone.” “My competition wasn’t another church but it was all of the activities of downtown San Diego: food, concerts, and bands.” “It has to be student-led.” “Campus ministry is encouraging and empowering students”“We have 15,000 students within a 15 mile radius of our church.” “I don’t want to reach 10% of my church, I want to reach 10% of my schools.” “I don’t want to just reach my church people, I want to reach the people of my city.” 3 Roadblocks To Developing On Campus Ministry: Roadblock 1: Staffing and Resources: Have a prayerful, written plan for your senior leaders.Communicating the Vision of Campus Ministry To Senior Leadership Finding fresh volunteers Recruiting moms, college students without Wednesday classes“School campus time of 30 minutes is the best way to connect with new students.” “We moved everything to Wednesdays. AM into PM, 8am-9pm on Wednesdays.” “When it comes to spending your time and their finances, have clear communication on the front end and not the back end.” Roadblock 2: Mobilizing The Students: What Comes Next? “How do you get the students excited?” “It was more important to have a club and a presence and be on campus “We have 7 churches that are ready to be a part of this thing together.” “Campus ministry can be good for the hype, how do we make it good for the church?” Roadblock 3: What Has This Done For The Student Ministry of Your Local Church?“Don’t be afraid to partner with what they are doing!” 4 Things We Want To Happen For Every StSupport the show (
A little less than four years ago Chad Higgins and Zac Workun started a podcast to help youth pastors. The last few weeks have pushed some really exciting developments! This October Lifeway Christian Resources (Nashville, TN) has acquired Youth Ministry Booster to become its primary training vehicle for coaching and equipping youth ministers nationwide.This move enables Youth Ministry Booster to become the premier live video environment for youth ministry training, resourcing, and coaching. We are so excited for this continuing collaboration as youth ministers are matched into cohorts of masterminds and sharpening their skills, and getting the support and encouragement of soul care that is so deeply needed! What Does This Mean?YMB membership means you now get a whole library more of content! There has never been a better time to join! New & Upcoming For Youth Ministry Booster in 2020: Community Based CoursesThe high quality on-demand videos of Lifeway Students + the live video environment of Youth Ministry Booster means we will now offer in-depth learning with live elements inside of our community! Every semester we are going to dive deep into the practical life and leadership lessons it takes to run a successful youth ministry. These new community-based interactive courses will rocket your growth as you learn from leading youth ministers, some of the very best of us!“Funny for how you do, or funny for how you did!”About the #NYWC19 Youth Ministry Booster BoothCrown The Funniest Youth Pastor @ YS YMB #Live200Post short Instagram Story VideosFriday night @ The Late Night Podcast 9:45pm-10:45pm the top 3 finalists (as determined by social media) will be given a 5 minute set to compete for the title of Funniest Youth Pastor! Follow the Facebook event to learn moreThanks again for your listenership and support! Support the show (
What is the future of youth ministry? What hopeful work should we as youth ministers engaged with today? YS NYWC19 In TampaWe are going to be there? Are you? The Youth Ministry Booster team is going to the biggest conference in youth ministry to hang out with all of our YM friends and we can't wait to see you there! Friday Night Late Night: YMB is the late-night podcast option for all NYWC goers so make your plans now to be a part of the special live recording of episode 200 as we play games, tell stories, interview friends, and give away prizes. We are also crowning a comedic champion of NYWC so you won't wanna miss that! About This Episode's GuestMark Matlock is one of the leading voices in youth ministry and has deep and storied experience serving youth ministry leaders globally. His most recent work Faith For Exiles co-authored with David Kinnaman is an important read for those reflecting critically on the important work of youth ministry. Faith For Exiles BookShow Notes: Mark The Magician (did everyone but me know this?)They gave me a shot to do this before I was probably ready. "I fell in love with working with youth and the church. The parachurch was serving the local church and it gave me opportunities to see ministry in a variety of places."14:00 Are You Helping Or Hurting Youth Pastors? If you see youth ministry as a game and easy creativity then you are unprepared for the hard work.14:48  The resource you provide could actually cause them to atrophy in the ways you are trying to free upPutting the program together has never been more convenient. 16:38 What We Lost In the 90s18:00 The Millennial Gap In Leadership"We stayed in our spots too long..." Jim Burns"Youth Ministry is a very small niche and there were just not enough spots to go around to span the generations"22:02 Youth Pastors are starting to get seats at the table. This is a good thing. "Begin to learn to leverage the cumulative wisdom of your life."26:04 Faith For Exiles Book DiscussionThe Way We Weren’t by Jill Talbot “It’s about bending and not breaking and in the bending, it’s about growing stronger” God has designed us to be resilient.We don’t need a robust faith, we need a resilient faith. We need assimilation of the right belief into the rest of our life. There is a danger that we are socializing people to Christianity rather than meeting Jesus. Their understanding of faith extends beyond just attending weekend church and into the work, they are about during the week. “Redefine Faith: live on earth as it is in heaven” Rethinking the word vocation for young people todayWe must rethink our work as a vocational coach. We should be about people development. What every Christian parent wants for their kids: 1. To have a relationship with Jesus.2. A healthy and loving family and kids.3. A sustainable career that they will enjoy.Vocational coaching would redefine not only our work at youth ministry but redefine Codename: Bowstring- the untitleSupport the show (
This is episode 186 and today we give away something really nice...This is the weekly bonus episode on Friday featuring the voices of members of Youth Ministry Booster's network featuring audio from the real-life coaching calls and discussions that real-life youth ministers are asking and sorting out in our weekly live video call environments.Learn how you can join Youth Ministry Booster and accelerate your leadership!NYWC Schedule! We have a booth and a podcast show slot! Don't miss out! Friday night late night has never felt so good! Giveaways, cookies, games, and a chance to be apart of our special episode 200!Stay boosted! -zw Big shoutouts to Kenan Klein and Jen Willard who won free tickets to NYWC19! Show Notes: How do we get students involved in the bigger picture of the church? Is it the lack of structure in our churchor Is it on us as youth ministry staff? Is it our fault?orIs it their fault? Does student ministry always have to be seen as a silo ministry?  We often forget to include youth as a part of the planning of our church-wide activities. The ministry of most churches is doing for students and not doing ministry with students.“I forget that it is my responsibility to invite students up” When was the last time you created a structured opportunity for students to connect with adults? Take the time to teach your congregation to ask students questions. Help them navigate the relationship cues. "Youth ministry has hurt the church in the ways in which it has not created good relational opportunities for adults and students to connect."Where are the entry points that adults can connect with the youth of their church?"Everything changes when you are invested in the life of a student."Support the show (
Episode 185 is here and it's clear that youth ministry fall season is in full swing! Kristen and Chad are back for a fun discussion about vegan food fairs and reaching students just outside your door! Learn how you can join Youth Ministry Booster and accelerate your leadership!We are going to be @NYWC 2019 this year in Tampa are you?NYWC Schedule! We have a booth and a podcast show slot! Don't miss out! Friday night late night has never felt so good! Support the show (
Today’s show is a quick and extra special one! This is episode 184 and it is something really really nice....We are celebrating 184 episodes and we are taking this opportunity to share that in a few weeks we will have important and exciting updates regarding Youth Ministry Booster, the podcast, and what is next! Before we make some big changes, we wanted to offer up some small and important tweaks. We are moving to 2 episodes a week.1. A weekly episode on Wednesday will be the hosts discussion and interviews of the show you have come to love over these last 4 years! and2. A weekly bonus episode on Friday or Monday featuring the voices of members episode of Youth Ministry Booster's network will feature the real-life coaching calls and discussions that real-life youth ministers are asking and sorting out in our weekly live video call environments. Learn how you can join Youth Ministry Booster and accelerate your leadership! NYWC19 Ticket Giveaway NYWC Schedule! We have a booth and a podcast show slot! Don't miss out! Friday night late night has never felt so good! Stay boosted! -zw Support the show (
WE ARE BACK! Episode 183 is a kick-off to a whole new year and season of Youth Ministry Booster (with some big prizes and announcements in the works!) After much-needed summer rest and reset the podcast is back in full force (weekly) with new content (more episodes and more media!) for you, the hard-working, fun-loving youth minister! So wherever you are while you are listening know that this team of fellow youth ministry leaders is praying for you and hoping that this little bit of humor and insight keep you boosted! Also this... Our friends at Youth Specialities gave us some tickets to give away!! Win A Free Ticket To NYWC2019! Want to go to #YouthMinistry Homecoming? Then enter for a chance to win a free ticket to #NYWC19Click here to enter! Key Quotes and Takeaways! “If you can gain their heart, you can get their hand.” Will Cumby “There is more at stake than just the program tweaks you made for the new school year.” Most neighborhoods are changing, the climate and cultures are shifting in new and different ways. “Let me serve you without the promise of a return.” Expand Your Vision“Learn who the gatekeepers are in your community and learn to meet them at the door.” “Who are the most influential people in the lives of your students?” Do you know them?”  Adjust the Depth Perception For Your Students” “Serving others in a new context removes the limitations of seeing the truth of your own community.” This is why your students need to see how God is working in other places!“The vision of the church needs to be expanded beyond the address of a student’s home church” “You are more than the show you put together or program you put on each week.” “We need to find ways to show up in places that students are daily.” Support the show (
Dr. Andy Root is back y'all! With a new book and summer session on the history, hope, and reimagination of what it means to be a pastoral figure in this new age we are living! Episode 182 is only the warm-up for the live session. Don't miss it! Learn more with and from Dr. Andrew Root @ our FREE LIVE Webinar June 12th 2:00pm CDT Show Notes & Quotes: For both the yellow book and blue book the key writings in the background are, A Secular Age by Charles Taylor. Andy declares that A Secular Age is, "the first book of the 21st Century that will be read in the 22nd CenturyYouthfulness and the importance of authenticity in this age. The hurt of pastoral identity in this secular age. “I know how to write a sermon and run a meeting, But when it comes to seeing God’s living presence in their lives I feel at a loss. ““Where is the place of the pastor in the world?”A Sketch Of HistoryWhat does it mean that in 1500 AD you can’t help but find Christians and evidence of Christianity? And now 500 years later it is harder and harder to find anyone that believes in God. That to do ministry is to have an encounter with the presence of the living God. This means working towards a deep connection with how God works in the world. The stakes are wrong. We misdiagnose what’s actually going on. It’s possible that Youth Ministers have been playing checkers in a chess world.The game or environment is more complicated than we had originally thought. There is a whole cultural imagination that makes it difficult to live in the presence of a living God. Key Historical Figures Sketched Out In The New BookSt. AugustineThomas BeckettJonathan Edwards Henry Ward BeecherHarry Emerson FosdickRick WarrenIn this new age, pastors are hurting and either they make the turn to self-blame or congregational blame. If Jesus is better than our church will be larger is the trap we have been lured into, so how do we talk about Growth as transcendence  Forming imaginations and proclaiming where God is active in the world. When non-traditional people became pastors? Ministry itself, the sharing of a life with another, is the call to pastor. A refreshed theological lens. God as a minister. God as pastor. “The only God we can known is the God who is made known inSupport the show (
Hey, student ministry leaders how hard is it to get the stuff done we know is important? It's a continuing part of monthly them on setting and getting our goals done! In this episode, Chad Higgins and Will Cumby give life and oxygen to an important conversation about goals, focus, and getting a better grip on getting the big stuff done in youth ministry. Even the most relational ministries need to set the work before them to get it done! Show Notes & Quotes: Goals oxygenate our hopes and dreamsGoals require focusFocus is the outflow of good habitsThe Habit Formulas requires: action, duration, and locationWhat are you doing, for how long, and where are you going to practice it. The bigger the goal the more singular focused we have to be on the weekly practices towardsBigger goals require more diligent calibration. Sometimes where we are is a reminder of where we are goingDon’t let comparison deter you from what you are called, set to doConsider the magnifying glass. It doesn’t generate power it redirects it by focusing it. “If you aim at nothing you will hit every time”  Zig Ziglar Are we modeling our expectations for our students? Is your lifestyle a model for your students to see what they hear from you? Goals are not just about getting things done but creating the space for enjoyment in our lives.Goal ManagementWhat do you want? Passion Management.How long is it going to take me? Time Management. Who can help me achieve it? Resource Management.Support the show (
This interview episode with Matt Overton is a jam! Engaging and energetic for those who are feeling a need for fresh wind in youth ministry (Matt would appreciate the boat joke).Grow volume 3 drops this month! Did you know that you can get a year of Youth Ministry Booster free? Just buy Grow volume 3 here and a year of YMB is free ($240 value!). About the Guest:Matt Overton is a Princeton educated Virginian doing youth ministry in the Pacific North West. Matt's thoughtful, savvy, innovative approach to remodeling youth ministry is an exciting beat for frustrated or tired youth ministers. Learn more about Matt's Team, Vision, And Mentorship Program The Columbia Future Forge Here.Get Matt's New Book Mentorship and The Marketplace here Get Grow+Booster for the price of Grow! Show Notes and Quotes: "No student is ever finished” Students are less ready to make commitments in lifeStudent’s developmental plans have slowed down in their lives. “One of the ways I have learned how to be a christian in public is work. My jobs revealed the values that I had learned in Christ.”The church is sometimes an environment of too “niceness” A social enterprise is a new kind of business: Double bottom line: profit and impact.What are the problem areas in youth ministry?What is the urgency for youth ministry? MowTown Teen Lawn Care what you are already good at... what are you good at? “It’s the passion that you desire for your students why would you not start with yourself.” Theological Movement: all of us are called to reflect on our internal and external livesYou have to start with missional theology.  Move it, settle in, pay attention, look for the gospel holes, and find ways to do the gospel work.Ministry is actually very patient work. Innovation usually comes about when someone takes something that they were already good at on the side and they invested in it in their primary day to day activity. Support the show (
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