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Author: John Fitch

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Rest is essential. Unplugging in today's busy world is both a skill and a competitive advantage. Is it possible to get more done by working less? On this podcast, we talk to those who successfully take time off through sabbaticals, active vacations, more play, fascinating hobbies, and other methods for becoming more interesting without burning out.
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In the age of automation and the knowledge economy, we believe the deliberate practice of time off will be one of the key skills and competitive advantages. In addition to our work ethic, we should seriously start thinking about our “rest ethic.” In this episode we read you one of our recent articles that explores the relationship between work and leisure.
Hear about our new action guide that inclused wisdom from successful people on how to achieve more by working less.We update you on the World Health Organization's recognition of "Burn-Out"' as a legitimate syndrome. We also look at a two successful restaurant companies that are providing more time off to their employees who are historically known for being overworked. 
 Yasmin Nguyen isn’t on your typical road trip. He is traveling around the world studying joy through his Joyful Living project. A theme of his work is taking the time to be grateful. Talking to Yasmin simply calms me down, and I hope our conversation does the same for you. We talk about how to practice retirement, your kick ass jar, kindness showers, the servant leadership of women, and Yasmin’s road trip to share and understand joy and kindness. 
Rhythm goes beyond instruments and music and can be applied to us making the most out of life. Bruce Miller is an author and pastor. He wrote a book called Your Life in Rhythm. In his book he helps us understand what it means to live life in sync with our surroundings and natural rhythms.We discuss how to realize our limits and create a realistic foundation for intentional living.If we are looking for balance in your life, you might be looking for the wrong thing. Trying to balance it all can be an endless burden that we aren’t capable of handling.Bruce’s concepts of rhythm give me hope for escaping the frenetic pace of modern life and help me fully engage in the variety of rhythmic moments that life sends my way.
The Moment app helps people disconnect from their phones and get back their time. The app is growing at an impressive rate. Everyday, all Moment users combined get back around 49 years of time to spend on what really matters to them — meaningful experiences with friends and family, exploring their passions, and living life in the moment. This episode is a wonderful conversation with the CEO of Moment.We discuss the origins of the Moment app, the analogous connection of a food diet with a social media diet, how the same algorithm tools that are grabbing our attention could be used to reverse the effects, and the awesome company culture that the Moment team is building.
In Sweden, people are expected to have a balance in their employment – not just in terms of balancing their personal lives, but also balancing other things that are of importance to them or create personal growth. Starting a new business is sometimes a part of that. Swedish businesses are giving their employees up to 6 months off to start a new business. If it doesn't work, they can have their job back.
Graduate Wisdom

Graduate Wisdom


I love watching commencement speeches. They are shortcuts for gaining the wisdom one can gain through a college experience. This episode highlights one of my favorite commencement speeches that is still relevant today. 
10 Actions From 2018

10 Actions From 2018


I learned a lot from the 2018 lineup of podcast guests. I benefitted most by putting some of their ideas into practice. Here are 10 actions I have been trying out that bring me more meaningful time off. There is also a gift at the end of the podcast episode. 
What if you had a bank account for your time? If we were more time aware, what would we do differently? Do you keep track of how you are spending time? Are you finding time for what matters or mainly focused on money? Cassie Holmes is the Associate Professor of Marketing and Behavioral Decision Making at UCLA’s Anderson School of Management. She studies happiness, highlighting the role of time. We discuss how choosing time over money will make you happier, why experiential gifts are important, and how this coming weekend can be treated like a vacation.
Max is a Quantum theorist turned AI researcher. We discuss how Max wrote his Ph.D. thesis while resting on a Greek island, how AI has the potential to be becoming our creative sidekick, and restful habits we can all implement starting tomorrow.
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