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Author: Shane LeMaster

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We discuss a variety of interesting topics with interesting people in an effort to engage our collective Mind, experiences, and knowledge to raise the consciousness within all humans. Support this podcast:
54 Episodes
We speak with Christopher Jimenez about his initial experiences in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and how he is already seeing profound shifts in his life for the better after only four months. We chat about his multicultural background and the cultural influences that still stick with him to this day as well as how he has shaped large aspects of his own path such as his spirituality through the Christian faith. We talk about humor, heaven, and his passion for gaming.Check out Chris's video game streaming and help support stroke victims at the link below!\ryuzakiL12Mind-Ops YouTube Support this podcast:
We chat with Ben Mangina about his adoption and practice of Native American Spiritualism and how it has changed how he thinks about reality and consciousness. He shares his experiences in Mastery around drumming, injury rehabilitation mindset, and seeking moderation. We touch on Collective Consciousness and Ben tells us about his website and mobile app building business 7xMoble. Mind-Ops YouTube Page. Support this podcast:
We talk with Jarl Endres today about a wide range of topics including: Neuroscientific Frontiers, Neuroprogramming, The Power of Belief, and Nordic Mythology. You won't want to miss this one!! AND Mind-Ops YouTube Page--- Support this podcast:
We speak with a long time friend and my tattoo artist since I was 18, owner and operator of Bombshell Bodyworks and Custom Tattoo in Greeley, Colorado, Mr. Ryan DeHart. We discuss a wide range of cosmic and mind-bending topics all while he drills into my skin millions of times over the course of 4 hours. Enjoy folks!!!--- Support this podcast:
We talk with my Cousin and life-long role-model, Coleman Manchester about his lifestyle as a professional dirt-bike athlete, a father, and as an all around good dude. We discuss how we both overcame traumatic injuries in our careers and how we've come out stronger from it. And we touch on how kindness and a little extra effort in chance encounters with strangers can lead to some of the most wonderful relationships and experiences.--- Support this podcast:
We chat with Reilly about his experiences as a drugs reporter for the Rooster Magazine as well as his experiences as an EMT, witnessing and confronting other peoples' crisis. He talks about his work, shapeshifting in and out of eclectic groups. And he speaks to his beliefs about Consciousness, reality, and life from a Stoicism point of on Twitterwww.Mind-Ops.comMind-Ops YouTube page--- Support this podcast:
We talk to this fighter couple about their own individual concepts around Consciousness and how they came to form their views and beliefs.  We discuss both of their interesting professions and how their training and experiences have colored their perceptions about reality.  Lastly, we discuss martial arts, philosophy, spirituality, and a number of other important and interesting topics!!! --- Support this podcast:
Today we talk with Matt Vogel, perhaps my best friend from college at the University of Colorado. We talk about memories of the past, life transitions, and married life. What a fun discussion on a variety of status-quo societal circumstances.--- Support this podcast:
We welcome The Bean Town Ghetto Shaman to the show and discuss Martial Arts Philosophy Differences Between the "Softer" and "Harder" Arts, Finding and Using the Flow of an Opponent's Energy, and Learning to See Your Opponent as Your Greatest Teacher.   Abdul shares his family history and his Journey to Becoming a Seeker of Spiritual Knowledge, Holistic and Natural Treatments, Reiki, and Urban Shamanism.  Tibetan Buddhism and Meditation are discussed and we talk about Actual Time Travel Achieved Through The Mind Space.  And we share a Spirited Conversation about Different Cultural Uses and Stigmas for Psychoactive Molecules, Use in Infants and Youth, and Psychedelically-Informed Parenting.  What a Life, what a Journey, Listen in and Learn from a Life Full of Experience. --- Support this podcast:
We speak with Patrick about the Geometric Nature of the Cosmos and Consciousness and the Possibility that Consciousness is the Transition Space Between Action Potentials in an Infinite Web of Holographic Possibility.  Patrick share his Accumulated Knowledge around Vibration, Frequency, and Sound Science and we get into the Healing Implications of Tapping Into These Spectrums of Energy.  And lastly, we delve a bit into Martial Arts Philosophy from a Metaphysics and Quantum Physics Perspective and Compare Mental Strategies Between Judo and Jiu-Jitsu. --- Support this podcast:
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