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Conversations With The Mind

Author: Shane LeMaster

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We discuss a variety of interesting topics with interesting people in an effort to engage our collective Mind, experiences, and knowledge to raise the consciousness within all humans. Support this podcast:
48 Episodes
We talk to this fighter couple about their own individual concepts around Consciousness and how they came to form their views and beliefs.  We discuss both of their interesting professions and how their training and experiences have colored their perceptions about reality.  Lastly, we discuss martial arts, philosophy, spirituality, and a number of other important and interesting topics!!! --- Support this podcast:
Today we talk with Matt Vogel, perhaps my best friend from college at the University of Colorado. We talk about memories of the past, life transitions, and married life. What a fun discussion on a variety of status-quo societal circumstances.--- Support this podcast:
We welcome The Bean Town Ghetto Shaman to the show and discuss Martial Arts Philosophy Differences Between the "Softer" and "Harder" Arts, Finding and Using the Flow of an Opponent's Energy, and Learning to See Your Opponent as Your Greatest Teacher.   Abdul shares his family history and his Journey to Becoming a Seeker of Spiritual Knowledge, Holistic and Natural Treatments, Reiki, and Urban Shamanism.  Tibetan Buddhism and Meditation are discussed and we talk about Actual Time Travel Achieved Through The Mind Space.  And we share a Spirited Conversation about Different Cultural Uses and Stigmas for Psychoactive Molecules, Use in Infants and Youth, and Psychedelically-Informed Parenting.  What a Life, what a Journey, Listen in and Learn from a Life Full of Experience. --- Support this podcast:
We speak with Patrick about the Geometric Nature of the Cosmos and Consciousness and the Possibility that Consciousness is the Transition Space Between Action Potentials in an Infinite Web of Holographic Possibility.  Patrick share his Accumulated Knowledge around Vibration, Frequency, and Sound Science and we get into the Healing Implications of Tapping Into These Spectrums of Energy.  And lastly, we delve a bit into Martial Arts Philosophy from a Metaphysics and Quantum Physics Perspective and Compare Mental Strategies Between Judo and Jiu-Jitsu. --- Support this podcast:
We talk to Joe Moore from Psychedelics Today about the Theory of Mind and particularly the Delineation of the Brain and Mind. We speak about the Recent HUGE Shifts in Colorado Drug Policy and What This Means for Our Future and His Role as an Educator to the Masses. Lastly, we discuss the Systems of Group-Mind and Collective-Mind and Share many Inspiring Pop Culture Influences on Our Individual Journies to Explore the Limitless Inner-Worlds.www.PsychedelicsToday.comwww.Mind-Ops.comMind-Ops YouTube page--- Support this podcast:
Today we speak with Dr. Christopher Bader and Share Stories on how we became interested in Exploring the Mind and Finding Deeper Meaning and Understanding Through a Performance-Oriented Lens.  We Share Ideas on Preventative Measures We Can Take and Teach to Improve Mental Wellness and Reduce Instances of Mental Disturbance or Disharmony.   Chris talks about his personal interest in The Relationships We Hold Dear and Improving How We Relate To Ourselves.  Existential Questions are Unpeeled Even More in this Episode and we attempt to tackle the Age Old Behavior/Mental Construct of Support this podcast:
Today we speak with Brad Smith about his Experiences and Insight around Losing One's Mind through a variety of means in order to Find a Deeper Connection and Relationship with our Heart Space.  He talks about his own Journey through his Exploration of Mind and how his Path has unfolded into his pursuits now as a Medicine Man and through Rites of Passage.  He speaks to how he has found that Seeking Extremes Pays Little in comparison to Finding Proper Balance Between Masculine and Feminine Energies and how we can all Seek to Find Harmony in our Relationship To Everything we come into contact Mind-Ops YouTube Page--- Support this podcast:
We welcome Cody Weese back to the show as we Unpack and Unravel Meanings Within Our Inner-Space. He and I discuss Differing Psychotherapeutic Theories and Approaches to The Psyche. Among many other topics discussed, Cody and I Explore Answers to Life's Deepest Existential Questions and The Importance of the Questions Themselves. --- Support this podcast:
We speak with Kevin Matthews, former Campaign Director for the Denver Psilocybin Initiative, about his Political and Personal Journey to Successfully Decriminalize Psilocybin Mushrooms in Denver after Decades of Unjust and Unwarranted Legal Persecution of Mushroom Users. He discusses his path Through and Beyond his Childhood Dreams of Military Service and how he Overcame his own Depression through Psychedelic-Guided Insight and Integration. We talk about Initiative 301 and what that means for the Future of Psychedelic Medicine, he shares about How To Overcome Barriers to Drug Policy Change, and speaks on Being Responsible with This Wonderful Opportunity We've All Fought So Hard For!!! Congrats Denver!! And Congrats Kevin!! www.decriminalizedenver.orgwww.Mind-Ops.comMind-Ops YouTube --- Support this podcast:
Today we explore Three Different Frameworks to Approach The Mind and Tom shares his insights through a Competitive Downhill Mountain Biking lens.  Tom and I attempt to define aspects of Maturity and share experiences around Redefining a New Normal for ourselves, avoiding Fear-Based Mindsets, and Orienting Towards the Silver Linings in Life.  We are all on this personal journey to discover, to awaken, to self-actualize and with every interaction and experience we gain one more piece to the puzzle.  --- Support this podcast:
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