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In RadioRotary’s weekly 30 minute interviews, two entertaining professional radio hosts, Sarah O’Connell and Jonah Triebwasser, chat with Rotarians and non-Rotarians, people who live by Rotary’s motto, “Service above Self.” Guests are humanitarians who work on many levels in programs that address such important issues as poverty, education, health, the environment, and employment and vocations. Each interview provides timely information that focuses on improving the quality of life for everyone, both here and abroad.
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Angels of Light for the Holidays  (Aired On December 1 & 2, 2018)
The guest on RadioRotary for this program is Lori Decker, who with her husband George formed Angels of Light of the Hudson Valley about 15 years ago when they learned of a family that was dealing with a young very ill daughter—and the busy holiday season was at hand. The Deckers took over providing presents and other help for the family, a practice that became the origin of a charity that does the same throughout the Hudson Valley for families who have a child with a life-threatening illness. Although Angels of Light is based in Millbrook, NY, many of the families are residents of Ronald MacDonald House in Valhalla, NY, or have children being treated at nearby Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital. Volunteers often donate presents for children or the charity provides them. Other volunteers wrap and deliver the gifts to the families. Many gifts are donated through “giving trees,” found in local businesses throughout the area. Funds for the 501(c)3 charity are also raised at events, such as a holiday brunch at Monte’s Local Kitchen in Amenia, NY. Learn more:Angels of Light of the Hudson Valley: Angles of Light: MacDonald House of the Greater Hudson Valley: Fareri Children’s Hospital:’s Local Kitchen and Tap Room: ValleySupport Groups
Vassar-Haiti Project (Aired on November 10 and 11, 2018)
For eighteen years, the Vassar-Haiti Project, started and still directed by Lila Meade and her husband Andrew, assistant dean of international students at Vassar College, has improved the lives of Haitians in the remote mountaintop village of Chermaitre and its surroundings. Vassar sophomore Mary McCarthy, publicity director of the project, and Lila Meade were the guests on RadioRotary for this show. Ms. McCarthy was inspired to work on the project by reading Mountains Beyond Mountains, a biography of Paul Farmer, founder of Partners in Health. As a result of the project, which raises funds primarily by selling Haitian paintings and crafts, Chermaitre and the surrounding area is served by a 250-student school, a clinic that treats 3,000 patients annually, and clean water, the last from a Rotary Global Grant sponsored by the Poughkeepsie-Arlington Rotary. Vassar now has a Rotaract Club, which is seeking grant money from Rotary to provide the clinic with electricity. It is inspiring work. Learn more:The Vassar Haiti Project: Rotary: Rotary Foundation Global Grants: Beyond Mountains: in Health: ProgramsRotary Club ProjectsRotary FoundationWater Projects
Hearts, Dreams, and Laughs (Aired On October 20 & 21, 2018)
Nick Constantino (Clarkstown Sunrise Rotary Club) and Alexandra Duenas, president of Clarkstown Sunrise, are two of the Rotarians working in partnership with the Neiva Noches Plateñas Rotary to help terminally ill children in and around Neiva, Colombia. The project is called “Hearts, Dreams and Laughs,” because it mostly consists of hiring professional clowns and other entertainers to bring some smiles to the nearly 200 children in hospitals in and around Nieva who will probably live the rest of their young lives in the hospitals. Clarkston Sunrise hopes to raise enough money to fund the project for a year. Both Nick and Alexandria are also suitcases filled with toys, including Beanie Babies supplied by Spring Valley Rotary, as they visit the hospitals. The project is Rotary all the way, since Clarkston Sunrise learned of it from Alexandra’s cousin, who is in president of Neiva Noches Plateñas Rotary—and you can learn more about it by listening to the interview with Past District Governor Nick Constantino on RadioRotary—and learn a little about Nick as well. Learn more:Neiva Noches Plateñas Rotary Club: Sunrise Rotary Club: Sunrise Rotary on Facebook: sunrise rotarySpring Valley Rotary Club: ServiceInternational ProgramsRotary Club Projects
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