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The One Percent Better Runner | DLake, Mike Trees & Friends

Author: Daren DLake

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Join thousands of other committed runners listening to the most exciting run and endurance sports content on the internet.

Hosted by Daren DLake (Creates) with sometimes co-host Mike Trees (aka Run.NRG on Instagram) and friends

We show smart runners how to perform 1% better daily in their training, racing, careers, and lives.

The truth is, most running info is repetitive. So to make your life easy, we've spent the last 52+ years reading, watching, studying, talking to experts and doing as much as I could so you don’t have to make the same mistakes as us and be as dope as you can be.

Daren is also a ten hour Ironman finishing triathlete and sub-3-hour marathon runner.

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Watch and read this hereIn this episode you’re going to find out what happens at the intersection where science meets the pavement – the quest for ultimate running performance. We’ll dissect the importance of power and speed in your resistance/weight training. I’ll answer the question for runners; where does power, speed, strength, muscle endurance, and hypertrophy fit in to an already crowded training plan? Especially for distance runners?! I’ll even tell my own story of how I switched gears in my training and embraced the fusion of lifting with speed and power. It wasn't just a change in routine – it was a transformation in philosophy.This episode isn't just about challenging how your muscles move; it's about challenging your mindset.By the end of this, you'll not only rethink your 1% better training habits approach but you’ll also… (yes get ready for the laundry list)Become more resilient so you have less niggling injuriesGenerally more bounceDevelop that extra gear in your runningBecome more efficient so your easy runs are close to the same speed as your more intense sessionsDevelop your secret weapon at the end of races — speed reserve (more on that later)And overall take your training to the next level.Yes, that’s a big promise so let’s see if I can deliver.Timestamps[00:01:15] - The Benefits of Resistance Training for Runners[00:03:13] - Speed Strength vs. Strength Speed Explained[00:04:16] - The Role of Power in Distance Running[00:04:47] - My Resistance Training Revelation[00:05:19] - Introducing the Experts at Axis Performance Labs[00:07:34] - What This Episode Is Not About[00:10:11] - Defining Power and Speed in Athletic Performance[00:11:03] - Why Speed Reserve is your secret weapon[00:11:36] - Differentiating Between Power, Speed, Strength, and Hypertrophy[00:12:29] - Why an Objective Sports Professional is Crucial[00:13:53] - My First Assessment and Baseline Testing[00:16:09] - The Training Plan in Action and Progression[00:17:01] - Reassessment and Results After 10 Weeks[00:18:31] - The Future of My Training and Its Impact on Running[00:22:49] - The 2 reasons why runners don’t like to do resistance training[00:26:33] - Why Axis does the type of testing for power, force and strength[00:30:21] - Why Axis choose this specific training plan for meLinks & LearningsThe difference between speed strength and strength speedTesting tools: GymAware & Vald Performance ForceDecksHuberman Labs Guest Series with Dr. Andy GalpinNCBI Study on strength training and runningAxis Performance Labs in SydneyDLake on Instagram Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
Watch and Read this hereThe More is More Paradox of Training and Life. If I told you that less is more, you would probably believe me, right? Unfortunately, most people’s brains think more is more. It just makes sense. The more you work the more returns you get out. The hedonic treadmill in its most purest form.As a runner or even in your career/school life you work hard you get the results.From understanding the law of diminishing returns to exploring historical perceptions of effort and reward, we're going on a journey that's part facts, part theories and 100% something you need. We'll debunk myths with a fun real-world example, balance the scales of risk versus reward, and argue why, sometimes, less really is best. Expect to learn about focusing on higher output, not just more input, and why this approach might just transform your training, and life, for the better.Stick around till the end, and I promise you, you'll leave with a fresh perspective on training and life that could change the way you run, work, and live. Let's find that sweet spot together – the one where less effort leads to more gains, and life feels just a bit lighter. Let’s Go…Timestamps of What You'll Learn- [00:00:21] Law of Diminishing Returns- [00:00:43] Debunking Myths in Training- [00:01:05] The Sweet Spot for Daily Running- [00:02:08] Risks of High-Mileage Running- [00:02:29] Non-Linear Outcomes in Training- [00:03:00] Training for a Marathon- [00:03:42] Risk vs. Reward in Running- [00:04:35] Optimal Training Frequency- [00:05:07] The Theory of Diminishing Returns- [00:06:00] Marginal Gains in Training- [00:07:03] The Evolution of Productivity- [00:08:49] Harnessing Energy Efficiently- [00:09:10] The Journey to Better Training- [00:13:23] Discussion on Training Load- [00:14:05] Finding the Optimal Training Amount- [00:16:15] Why Professional Runners Don't Overtrain- [00:18:02] The Importance of Smart Training- [00:19:10] The Best Training is Current Training- [00:20:10] The Optimal Amount of Stress on the Body- [00:23:20] The Debate on Less vs. More in Training- [00:24:26] Conclusion and ThanksLinks & LearningsEffects of Running-Specific Strength Training, Endurance Training...The most powerful way to think for endurance sport and distance runnersWhen I finally won my first 5k raceSweet Spot In LifeMark Manson on why Working Harder is Not the answerSponsorsMagic Mind - Get 20% off your first 3 months with code "DLake20" One Percent Better Newsletter Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
Watch or Read This HereKickstart your year (or running journey) with dope insights on how running can enhance not just your fitness but your entire life, making you healthy, wealthy, and wise. In this video podcasting, while running a conversation with my American Sydney-sider friend, Stacey Trock, a passionate runner, we delve into how consistent running practices, smart financial habits, and continuous learning can transform your life. Keep listening/reading/watching as we explore the synergy between running and overall life improvement, offering easy-to-action advice for runners at any level.Timestamps[00:01:16] - Running as a Daily Habit for Improvement[00:03:02] - New Year's Eve in Sydney and Consistency in Habits[00:04:36] - Stacey's Take on Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise[00:05:07] - Darren's Content Strategy and Long Game[00:06:45] - Consistency in Running and Other Aspects of Life[00:08:21] - The Importance of Staying Above the Productivity Line[00:09:39] - Darren's Content Creation and Repurposing Strategy[00:11:49] - Viewer Challenge: Tiny Consistent Steps Towards Goals[00:12:30] - Closing RemarksLinks & LearningsFollow Stacey on Instagram DLake Runs Instagram Listen to Podcast Audio Conversation On Your Next Workout Watch Video Conversation Where Healthy, Wealthy, Wise came from The one percent better each day rule explained by James Clear Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
Get 1% better everyday with deep dive tips and tricks from my FREE newsletter you want to save 25 years of embarrassing run failures and mistakes, please keep reading (or watch or listen to it here).I decided to return in time to one year ago and finally finish that list of those 40 things about running that I wish I had known 25 years back.In part one, some epic stuff was said, and even more epic failures were done. But with part two, I really wanted to dig deep into more of the mental stuff I’ve learned and the physical. I also got through those first 13 things and said to myself, “Sh*t, this is getting way too long; let me break this up into three parts before I bore these kind folks that took the precious time to read this thing.”So I present part two, 16 more things I wish I had known 25 years back to the world. (If you’re keeping score at home, that’s 29 things in total. Part three should wrap it all up, and I’ve learned a lot about this long listicle-formatted newsletter… never again… I think.) Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
Watch and Read this hereMost runners know the importance of shoes to run. If you don't know how important they are, try running really fast or long in non-running shoes, and you will quickly find out.But have you ever stopped to wonder the role that feet and in particular, what role shoes play in the quest to perform better as you age?Find out how critical feet and shoes really are and more in this episode of - DLake Deliberates.Timestamps of what useful things you'll learn[01:23] What this won’t be about[01:46] What this will be about[05:16] The story of the marathon[06:47] Feelings do and will always matter over everything[07:12] Why feet and shoe choice are so important as you age.[09:47] The importance of feet and running.[10:18] Heel Drop Explained[14:47] Using the right shoes for the right job - Mike Trees[15:59] The Great Orthotics Debate [17:36] Closing ThoughtsLinks & Learnings DLake Instagram DLake Youtube Balmain Sports Medicine JP Gloria on Youtube about Heel Drop Orthotics debate Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
Watch and read the whole episode hereMost people start running to lose body fat, right? All their running friends are skinny, so losing body fat is what happens, right? Scientists have been saying for a while now that you can't outrun a bad diet, and I mostly agree. It's like jumping off a cliff and building a plane on the way down. I'm not saying it's impossible. But it's pretty hard to do. Most people can't actually do it.But what if I were to tell you that there's actually a way that you can maintain and or lose body fat so you feel light, spry, loose, free? Well, I think I might have actually found that way. Listen on to find out how you can lose and maintain your body fat and more on this episode of DLake Deliberates.I do a deep dive around the idea that running alone may not be enough to lose body fat. While many people start running with the goal of shedding pounds, the truth is that diet plays a crucial role in achieving and maintaining a healthy weight. I know that while it is possible to outrun a bad diet, it is a challenging feat that most people struggle with.I present a potential solution for maintaining and losing body fat that I’ve figured out through a lot of trial and error.Through my own personal experiences as a runner and endurance athlete I offer insights on how to continuously improve run smarter and overall live better as a human.Major Disclaimer: While this was reviewed and approved by a certified dietician (Jordan Cain) since this is dealing with food and nutrition - this is just for informational and entertainment purposes only - please feel free to disagree with me. I am not your dietician/nutritionist so please consult with a certified one that understands your own personal goals, history and habits to make sure that you get the best outcome.What You’ll Learn Timestamps[03:14] Part 1 - What does running a lot look like? The problem[05:42] Part 2 - What Does Eating a Lot Look Like? The Problem[09:07] Part 3 - Here's what I did to solve the running too much problem[11:05] Part 4 - Here’s what I did to solve the eating too much problem[13:18] - What is a calorie?[15:09] Seasonal approach to eating.[16:46] - So can you really out run a bad diet?Links & LearningsWatch, read and listen to the whole episode hereJordan Cain Dietician - Gutful Nurtrition on InstagramRunner’s World take - Can you outrun a bad dietWhat is a calorie? VideoDLake Runs InstagramMike Trees InstagramSlow Carb Diet For Runners Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
Subscribe to free newsletter to get 1% better at and read it all here Max building and hill workouts is the main focus on this.I go deep and tell you why vo2max building workouts are effective, different types of workouts and what actually makes a vo2max building workout different than the othersThen I shift into a special hill sprint workout that I think is super valuable for you to have in your "workout toolbag" of sortsFollow on Instagram for more tips & tricks on Strava for daily updates Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
Sign up for the newsletter at and read this at advice to elevate your life: twice a monthWhat's upcoming:🧡 Threshold tests for different sports | Present Training Tip for you to try right now 📊Training Updates & Music hacks | Past things to learn from me 🌶 Spicy Slow Tempo Intervals | Future stuff for you to tryFollow me on Instagram - Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
⌚️ Body Battery & Smart Watches | Present things you can try right now!📊 Training Updates & What I’m digging | Past things to learn from me🎲 Group Dice Workouts & Dosages | Future stuff for you to tryWatch, read and sign up for the newsletter here.Welcome! Three Thing Thursday is dead. Long live One Percent Better! The internet’s best-running tips, wisdom and (bad) jokes newsletter.You'll be on your way to better performance in five minutes or less. I've spent the last 11 years experimenting with myself to figure out how to improve my performance as I age. Now, I want to share that knowledge with you.Each newsletter will feature a few ideas from the internet or from me that you can choose to implement.Heel lock lace and tie your racing shoes tight because we’re about to get loose on the track.What you’ll learn (time stamps)00:29 The power of tiny gains.03:45 Garmin’s Body battery06:40 Is your smartwatch lying to you?11:19 Group dice workouts and dosages.13:37 Dosage and satisfaction.LinksWatch and listen to this hereGarmin’s Body Battery ExplainedDaren DLake on Instagram Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
I talk about the benefits and downsides of running in the morning to experience one's own city and community. I reference the movie Vanilla Sky and compare waking up early to seeing a city in a new light. Listen on to find out why I'm arguing so damn hard.What you’ll learn (time stamps)01:07 Morning runs and city exploration.03:14 Benefits of early mornings.06:24 Experience the city at night.Counterarguments and acknowledges personal preferences and circumstancesAnd much moreLinksDLake on InstagramVanilla Sky Movie TrailerWhat's better: Training in the morning, afternoon or night?SponsorsDLake Creates Newsletter - Sign up for the "Three Thing Thursday" newsletter to receive regular motivation and tips for being a better human in endurance sport and wellness. Also, receive a quick guide on how to get healthy, stay fit, and create lasting habits with data. Click here to sign up now for free. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
Go here to watch and read the newsletter and get even deeper bombs of knowledge.My newsletter in an audio format because... why not!!! It's 2023 and content is everywhere. Let's see how far I can have it reach.TLDR about what’s coming up;🥵 Late night runs & 8 great recovery foods | Present things you can try right now!📊Training Updates & What I’m digging | Past things to learn from me🏃🏽‍♂️Tabata style intervals + Doing Real Work | Future stuff for you to trySponsor: MOS COACHINGIf you were in need of a coach, I’m finally offering limited coaching spaces. Go here or email me if interested – coach@dlakecreates.comAnnouncement time: Goodbye Three Thing Thursday. Hello, One Percent Better, aka OPB.The internet’s most-exciting running tips, wisdom and (bad) jokes newsletter.Guess what? In 5 minutes or less, twice a month (ish), I’m saving you 11 years by reading/listening/watching this newsletter. You’re welcome.Why? Because I already did it. Yes, over the last 11 years, I have scoured the internet figuring out how to *bio-hack and experiment on myself to perform better as I age. (yes, I know ‘hacking’ isn’t a cool word anymore, but you get what I mean).In my quest to better myself one per cent each day, the time has come to retire “Three Thing Thursday” While dope and fun, new beginnings are happening all the time, and I think One Percent Better summarises what my goal is for you as a reader and myself.In each newsletter, I’ll present a few dope ideas from the internet or me that, even if you just pick one thing, will be actionable enough that it will alter the trajectory of your training, racing, business, and personal life by just one percent.I’ll then break each part into The “What, Why, How” framework, which should help make it that much stickier and easier to implement.Different name, has the same great taste and is information-packed with a dash of fun. #funformativeGo here to watch and read the newsletter and get even deeper bombs of knowledge. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
Improving running form is essential for success in any running event or endurance sport. Having good running form can help you run faster, farther, and with less effort. Poor running form can lead to injury, fatigue, and decreased performance.Unfortunately, many runners focus on the appearance of their running form instead of its efficiency. They want to look like the pros, but they don't consider the fact that the pros have likely been running for years and have developed their own unique and efficient form. It's not about looking good, it's about being efficient and effective.What you’ll learn (time stamps)02:58 Bad running form, good results.03:28 Unique running styles.07:16 How to stop overstriding.09:28 Running form tips.12:49 My training updates & Growth through imbalance.And much moreLinksRead it all hereThe opposite of perfect running formsign up to newsletter for freeTHREE THING THURSDAY NEWSLETTER - SPONSORLike what you're hearing? Want to train and live consistently to do dope shit with your health and fitness? Sign for our newsletter "Three Thing Thursday". We'll put three perfectly created and curated things in your inbox. This will be regular motivation ranging from tips, tricks, tools, tactics, and skills. And.... they all revolve around being a better human in endurance sport and wellness.Sign up now to receive my quick guide on how to get healthy, stay fit and use data to create habits that last a lifetime! Go here to be inspired and motivated on the regular!Original Music Used Here Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
Imagine this, you're a pilot in the cockpit of a plane. You have a destination, but the journey is full of unexpected turbulence and challenges. The key to success is staying on course and making small adjustments as needed.And just like flying a plane, navigating life requires a steady hand and a clear sense of direction. Learn all about cavemen, carbs, and recalibrating your inner GPS voice to make sure that you stay on course and reach your goals all on this episode of D Lake Deliberates.I cover topics such as cavemen, carbs, and recalibrating your inner GPS voice.As a sub three-hour marathoner and 10 hour Ironman finisher with over 25 years of experience in endurance sports and distance running, I provide insights and tips for smart runners and endurance athletes to get one per cent better every day and perform amazingly throughout their lives.What You'll Learn00:16 Navigating life like flying plane05:26 Carbs and paleo06:24 Importance of carbohydrates09:18 Training in the Gray Zone14:18 Exercise replacing alcohol cravings15:25 Time as a precious resourceSign up now for free and get this in Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
Watch & Read it all hereUnpopular opinion. I love running in hot weather, extremely hot weather. It feels amazing. I know I'm the minority, but maybe, just maybe, there is some science and merit to training in the heat, the extreme heat versus the extreme cold. Or maybe I'm just crazy. In this episode, my goal is to slightly convince you of whatever you believe in, so the opposite of where your stance is, so that you can try it in your own life and make yourself a better-running human.Timestamps of what you'll learn[00:00] Introduction to the debate: extreme cold vs. extreme heat.[01:17] Discussion on the polarizing topic of training in extreme temperatures.[02:23] Factors to consider in extreme cold and extreme heat running.[06:47] Poll responses and community opinions on cold vs. hot weather running.[08:08] Personal perspectives on running in extreme temperatures.[09:10] Tips for staying safe and hydrated in extreme heat or cold.[10:06] Encouragement to subscribe and engage with the podcast content.[11:02] Judge's verdict on extreme cold vs. extreme heat for running.[13:00] Comparison of challenges in extreme cold and extreme heat running.Links & LearningsReddit - Would you rather run in the cold or heatBenefits of running in the cold outweigh warm weather runningUnveiling the surprising benefits of running in hot weatherWatch & Read it all hereThe One Percent Better Runner NewsletterDLake Runs on Instagram Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
Watch and Read This Episode HereTrigger warning:All runners need to run in the morning.All runners need to run in the afternoon.Which one made you angry? Which one did you agree with? I hope you’re screaming at your screen with your answer and cursing me out. No… I don’t hope that, but yeah, engagement for the algorithm right?In this quick episode, I’ll touch on;Morning Habit Formation & FlexibilityEvening Habit Formation & FlexibilityCombining Morning and Evening Routines with Afternoon ConsiderationsAnd moreAll so that you can become one percent better in your training, racing and life.Timestamps [00:00:00] - Introduction to Morning vs. Evening Training Debate [00:02:30] - Why Remy likes Evening best [00:04:59] - Why Daren likes Mornings and thinks it's the best [00:08:21 ]- Polls and Reactions [00:09:14] - Community Responses: From Mike Trees (run.nrg) and friends [00:10:14] - Laura McGreen Tells us who is right and wrong [00:13:39] - Can Daren and Remy be convinced otherwise?!Links & LearningsWhen is the best time of day to runMorning vs Noon vs Evening24 Hours in the life of a hormone: what time is the right time for pituitary function test?DLake Instagram - B reel Youtube - B Reel Instagram - Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
Which is better - run or bicycle commuting?What if I told you that your commute, yeah… that same old route you take every day, could be your new secret weapon in your running arsenal? It's time to change up your mentality on what you think you know about getting from point A to point B.Welcome to the dope world of run commuting, where every step isn't just a path to going somewhere else, but a leap towards a healthier, more badass version of yourself.By the end of this, you're not just going to see run commuting as a new alternate option; you'll view it as an indispensable part of your day. I’ll dive deep into the hows and whys, cutting through the excuses and misconceptions with a mix of hard truths and unexpected insights.Say peace to the 'but I can't because...' mindset. We’re going to tackle every barrier, real or imagined, and I'll show you how integrating this simple yet powerful habit can transform not just your fitness, but your entire perspective on daily life.And as a bonus I’ll do all of this with my great friend and guest co-host Remy B Reel. Stick around for how he’ll try to change my mind by arguing the side of bike commuting and why it’s way better.Let’s Go!Timestamps[00:00:00] - Introduction to Run Commuting[00:01:42] - Season Two of This or That Begins[00:02:11] - Run Commute vs. Bike Commute Debate[00:04:10] - Logistics of Run Commuting[00:05:02] - Dressing for Run Commuting[00:06:05] - Argument for Bike Commuting[00:10:15] - Instagram Poll Results[00:12:23] - Community Feedback on Commuting[00:13:17] - The Bigger Picture of Sustainable Commuting[00:17:34] - Final Thoughts on Traffic and CommutingLinks & LearningsThe rules of run commuting by runner's worldTracksmith's guide to utility runningDLake on InstagramRemy B Reel on YouTubeStacey Runs on InstagramMike Trees | Run.NRG on InstagramSponsorsMagic Mind - Get 20% off your first 3 months with code "DLake20" One Percent Better Newsletter Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
We are now on Youtube! Watch and/or read it here (if you like to consume your content like that)Are you a short and sweet type of person or do you like to go until you drop?Who’s wrong? Who’s right? What do you do? Does it even matter?This debate has been around for as long as running has existed. In this podcast, we'll dive into the debate and see if we can help you choose (or validate your side of things)Timestamps00:09 Doing one fast vs one hundred.04:44 Running preferences and motivations. 07:31 Backyard ultras is10:18 Running ultra-marathons and strategy. 14:47 The tortoise and the hare. Links & LearningsRunning Faster vs. Running Longer, Fitness and Cardio Benefits✅ Follow DLake on Instagram✅ Follow Remy on Instagram Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
▶️ This is now on YOUTUBE! Watch and read it all here (if you like consuming your content like that) people don’t eat meat for performance - some do. Who’s wrong? Who’s right? What do you do? Does it even matter?Let us know and comment below what you do!Timestamps02:19 Vegan versus omnivore diet. 04:13 Veganism and performance improvement. 10:38 Reasons for personal dietary choices. 11:27 Training options and recommendations.Links & LearningsRunner's World - What are the pros and cons of following a vegan diet as a runner?🗞️ Subscribe to free newsletter to get 1% better each day in your run training, racing and life✅ Follow DLake on Instagram✅ Follow Remy on Instagram Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
Watch the video and read it all herePicture this it’s race morningof the race you’ve been training for all’ve got your race shoes, your race clothes and your race tunes… or do you?Are you the type that races with music or without it?Well find out why you maybe should and shouldn’t on this special series called “This Or That” featuring Remy B Reel on Trees & DLakeI teamed up with my content brother from another mother Remy B Reel to make this new style of video podcast glory.Our main goal is to discuss and showcase both sides to a particularly polarizing topic. This hopefully lets you either see another side or double down on yours which means you can might perform and train just that much better.The choice is yours because you can get with this… or you can get with that.Let us know what you think by emailing or hitting me up on InstagramLinks & LearningsDoes music help you during your running?Effects of music and video on perceived exertion during high-intensity exerciseWatch this on Youtube Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
This is now on YOUTUBE! Watch and read it all here (if you like to consume your content that way)Some people run by distance, while others care about how long they’ve been out.Who’s wrong? Who’s right? What do you do? Does it even matter?We find the answer to all those questions and more in this special series, "This Or That” featuring Remy B Reel on Trees & DLake.I teamed up with my content brother from another mother, Remy B Reel, to make this new style of video podcast glory.Our main goal is to discuss and showcase both sides to a particularly polarizing topic. Hopefully, this lets you see another side or double down on yours, which means you might perform and train just that much better.The choice is yours because you can get with this… or you can get with that.Features hot takes and angles from guests; Mike Trees, Chanh Nguyen @chanhlemonlime , Eva Ward @lordwardingtoniii , Danny Jamie, and a whole bunch more!LinksRunner's World Take on Time v DistanceExample running schedule of a pro (in time and distance)SponsorThree Thing Thursday - DLake & Trees NewsletterNRG Coaching Hosted on Acast. See for more information.