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Creating connections and conversations about people, technology and the intersection of health and wellbeing.
Recorded through the "cyber synaptic space." Catherine speaks to people who are considered experts in their fields.
Important information for parents, teachers, professionals and anyone who wants to learn about cyberspace, digital parenting, security, data protection, counselling, health, wellbeing, personal growth and development.

This is your acoustic & neuroplastic ride that will synthesise areas of information you never knew could be!
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Security Awareness 101

Security Awareness 101


With Perry Carpenter: Chief Evangelist!  Author of: Transformational Security Awareness. I know many therapists are scared of tech, many can find it overwhelming and so I decided to speak with one of the most comprehensive communicators in the field of security awareness. One who shares my passion for the overlap between human and tech, human behaviour and those darn errors of judgment and mistakes we make with tech.   In this episode, we tackle why sole traders are often out of the loop of cybersecurity and why this large topic area can be easily accessible and how to tame the monster!  Perry is eloquent in his approach and we have many themes that overlap in terms of why we do what we do, and Perry brings lots of overarching models and theories to the table. This is quite the episode!  Do take a look at Perry's book, and the company he reefers to; KnowB4 and see why I was soooo stoked to speak with him.. I reckon there are another 40+ conversations I could have with him!   For therapists and counsellors listening: Welcome back to the cyber-based conversations; we have a long way to go. Head over to if you want to get great, accurate and up to date advice on matters like the ones discussed here today. Get the right advice from someone in the field.
Welcome to season 4 of Cyber Synapse and I am back with technology-related material!!    Season 4 started in 2020, however, this is the first video of season 4 as I was spending time with the audio versions on other platforms for ease and for time. This, however, was such an important conversation that we decided between us to add the video to my channel. This content today dives into the stories of people with Cancer, therefore please do look after yourself if you take the time to listen/watch.    Gamers Beat Cancer is a CIC based in the UK which began in the headspace of Steve Bracewell who finds himself fighting AML for the second time when we record this episode. I am joined by one of the other members of GBC; Ben Nicholls.   The episode may be hard to hear for some, inspiring for others and exciting for those who can see what we aim to do to support Cancer patients, families and staff using.....Gaming..Huzzah!!  Enjoy this episode, its raw and GBC means business.   Timestamps (approx)  02:00 Steve explains what AML is and why he came to create GBC and what he sees for the vision of the work   12:00 Ben introduces himself, his story   25:00 The trauma of Cancer, the financial cost of Cancer and how the UK benefits system really needs a change here in the UK 30:00 What hospitals look like to the patients, why lack of stimuli is unhelpful. Why gaming tablets may just be an answer   34:00 A call to action for Developers, Gaming, VR and Technology organisations!   36:00 why tech can provide patients a lifeline, agency and help where helplessness exists   41:00 Where the focus tends to be on heterosexual patients and families and why the LGBQTI+ community seemed to be missing groups, what GBC intends to do about this   50:00 Online gaming therapy with patients, (practised safely and ethically via specialist training of course!!)   To learn more about the gift of gaming, how you can help and how gaming can be the space for healing see  Don't forget to find out more from Cath at and sign up for my newsletter to stay up to date with news and more.   I'll be back here soon when the Rona is gone and I can get back to working face to face and gaming with my clients in the clinic!   #gameonnotgameover #giftofgaming #cancerdoesntdiscriminatepeopledo
Today I'm joined by another Instagram buddy who is in the health and wellbeing sector.  Today we talk all things Mental health, Diagnoses, Wellbeing, Trauma, Childhood Trauma and Functional Health The second half of this conversation is superb tying in so many domains and paradigms.  0:30 Intro to Sara Chaves and the Insta post that got this episode recorded 03:00 OCD what is that? 07: 45 How thoughts can become obsessive.  08:30 Inflammation pathways.. of thoughts? 11:00 Children, epigenetics and the passing on of behaviours? 15:00 Role modelling on social media 18:00 Everyone has Mental health Issues 23:00 What about those who don't get help? What kind of boss do they make? 26:00 Why SSRI's are not always the universal answer, why they could be a panacea. 28:00 Jordan Peterson and Benzo's 31:00 Trauma, Crime, Diabetes, and Physical Health; how this is related to Mental Health 33:00 ACES, Trauma and CV-19 where censorship could end up stopping the spread of health advice 36:00 be responsible for your own health and wellbeing 38:00 Crap meditation IS the meditation 41:00 Neuro-Nerding! Why we know very little but we know a lot about the brain.  48:00 CPD for growth; personal and professional. Do your own work first. 51:00 Middle of the road, be the expert of yourself. Eat, Drink, Sleep, Take notice 53:00 The wave of integration between mental health and functional health 55:00 Biohacking without breaking the bank 58:00 Proactive rather than reactive. Choose whats costs 'nowt' 60:00 Marie Condo and minimalistic living. (I own my personal book collection here and ask please don't judge LOL) Conversations that matter. A big thank you to Sara for a fantastic conversation. TBC......!!
Season 4 kicks off without the long intro: This about getting to the talk immediately!  Its an episode taking an amazing dive into a subject that is going to create a double-take for some people.  I'm joined today my Michelle Ching, whom I met on Instagram where she was discussing the Endocannabinoid system with another podcaster. It's one of my favourite topics to discuss in terms of the wisdom of the body and the capabilities our cells have to regulate us in trauma and threat responses and flow! Its a widely misunderstood system and one that often gets a bad wrap when you discover that its the same biological process associated with  CBD, and THC.  If you don't know what these are? Then listen in!!  Hint this is not a chat about cannabis. Firstly we begin with a look at the western medical system and why we both now work, speak and exist in the world of holistic and co-operative healthcare, from there  00:05 We begin! 06:00 Mental health and coaching, self and purpose. 09:00 Wonderfull products and why they are CBD based 12:00 Endogenous cannabinoid systems and how these work with CBD 18:00 Safety and threat 27:00 Mitochondria and Endocannabinoid systems 33:00 Anandamide- an amazing molecule 41:00 Physician/Therapist overseeing, why we really need someone to watch and care along with us.  50:00 The ECS - an extraordinary system.  58:00 Cannabis and "insert named disease", what's the connection? 1 hour onwards : side effects, delivery methods, dosages Trauma-informed holistic healing and an ECS approach
2:30 - Polvagal theory and associative memory in trauma 7:00 - its excitement not nerves, does this reframe really work? 20:00 why public speaking is a big issue for some 26:00 The Q&A section of presenting. Why this can be an issue for speakers 32:00 - why the mainstream media demonise technology and create a dysregulation in the social engagement system 36:00 - gaming, fun and biases of the public (and some academics) 47:00 - Neil Strauss (and others) and the PUA community and why this is trauma not sex addiction.  54:00 - Why Daz adverts are the same technique used by the social dilemma narrative 1:07 - VR and how this is a fab intervention. (IMHO) 1:10- E-motions, health and wellbeing See you in season 4!
Todays end episode is completed with a colleague of, and in the world of trauma. Oliva James and I chat about public speaking, trauma, twitter hassle, calling out the BS, the trauma Olympics and how this is a framework for something I called traumatology identity. Why do some people need their label, their victimhood and repetitive nature of story telling, We look to the palatable reframe of awful human behaviour and why we do this? How the current climate is causing children to mistrust, cybertrauma, attachment trauma and more. Why sandals and candles might be the best phrasing from Oliva about the approaches of cliche, practice to help you heal from your trauma.  Rapport and the story of trauma and how relational safety can be the regulator for the client and or patient.  Why being a people person is the most important aspect in trauma healing.  We end on a chat about IEMT (Integrative Eye Movement Technique) and what this is and why we both like this intervention. To follow is a bonus edition because we didn't get everything covered in this episode!
Today I'm joined by Nicole Dawson-Cullinan. She is a classical homeopath, functional health practitioner, and creator of Wellness Place International.   01:00 - What is a homeopath? Why is there such stigma and why are we the "ahhh" practitioners? 05:00 Burnout. Why this often shows up in functional medicine.  09:30 Turning the tide to integrative models of medicine- the pandemic within the pandemic, systemic issues 14:30 Biodiversity and the loss of species, connection to nature. From egocentrism to world-centric (and beyond) 17:00 polarisation and integration. Why health needs more than crisis medicine 22:00 Wellness, diversity and are there really hacks or magic pills? 27:00 "Real-ationships", healing and being in relationships 30:00 How home cooking became the content for Wellness International 34:00 The overworked person and burnout as a presenting issue of extreme manifestations.  37:00 Motherhood and a 'career'; a marathon, and a juggling act 41:00 The high achiever pushing to the n'th degree how this may be the marker for burnout 45:20 The chaordic system You can find Nicole here: As we head to the end of season 3 you won't be left hanging for long as season 4 has already begun recording. Stay with me and see how far the rabbit hole goes!
This episode I am speaking with another functional medicine practitioner as the lockdown continues. I am joined by Corrina Van Der Erden from Germany, where she is creating one of the biggest networks of functional medicine/health practitioners in Europe! Corrina takes us through her story of noticing when she was 15 that she had an autoimmune disease, and how this has impacted her life, and yet through the process of functional medicine she has created a life of health for herself and others, including her children. Given the lockdown has impacted so many people in so many ways this is an episode for you to really get to grips with how you can take care of your health, for you and your children, and your children's children. 01:30 Corrina's journey into School of Applied Functional Medicine 03:30 Why helping others and altruism drive the health movement 08:00 Noticing Hashimotos 13::00 When help is local 28:00 What you eat is often related to your symptoms 34:00 Health advice "I read it in a book" why books and advice evolve over time 38:00 Power to local people to make a change 43:00 How Functional health in Germany can mean needing to speak German about your poop. When the translation isn't quite enough 49:00 Micro movements and the daily use of your body 54: 00 Women's health, straight-talking, and poop conversations, why Functional Health has to include your digestive motions
I'm joined today by a fellow psychotherapist with a passion for understanding technology and how we relate to and with this invention of man. Ronen and I have riffed about this subject matter at conferences for some time, and even in a sauna at the TA conference in Birmingham in 2019, where we were supposed to be taking care of ourselves and relaxing, yet it turned into an animated conversation about the development of the human next to/with and through this (see the chats I've had about the detox properties of saunas in previous episodes) We talk attachment, tough, relationships, gaming, and parenting and, much more, A Fabulous conversation and this must be part one...  See the timestamps below for more details: 05: 30 Covid and Technology, the ambivalence of therapists 07:20 The infancy of understanding 10:50 Relating, what is this, and how does the threat response impact us? 13:50 Touch, Attachment (strokes & strokes) and tech 16:40 Attachment and regulation 20:10 Cars and technology, what's the link? 23:00 Addiction, or replacement. Is this relating? 26:00 How Ronen noticed childhood play and his own experience 30:20 Polyglot and language; are you talking about me? 33:30 The vehicle of socialisation, disconnection, and connection 37:30 Boredom, self-connection, and regulation 42:10 Pack warfare or team cohesion? 45:45 Parenting and gaming, power dynamics!! 48:10 Closing the circle Ronen can be. found on his Facebook page: Ronen Stilman Psychotherapy As always you can stay up to date with my news by heading to my website and signing up for the newsletter. Please subscribe and if you have two minutes rate/comment and share this episode!!
Darryl Edwards joins me today for one of the most timely and important conversations.  This is not new in terms of the subject matter, however, we have to change the narrative.. its time.   Timestamps:  04:02 Black Lives Matter, an introduction. 05:44 #BrokenLegsMatter 08:40 Empathy for victims, do we have to experience it to 'know' it? 13:01 This is our shared trauma experience as black people. 15:45 "Diplomatic conversations" why this becomes a norm? 20:00 Why are you out running?  26:10 Angry, Bitter, or something else? 29:30 On the fence, what can I do or say to challenge the status quo? 36:35 One eye open, one eye closed, why the "background operating system" is always ON 39:30 Overcompensation to reduce and mitigate racist decisions. 43:15 The district line life expectancy of 20 years difference. Barking to Richmond.. why;  SES and living conditions.  45:30 "Just eat this food & exercise this way" why the privileged narrative is patronising and misses the culture and SES. Class and racism. 47: 50 Clean eating, Why it's not about Olive oil as a dressing! Lifestyle choices versus Elitelsim 49:02 "If you just..." Why this narrative is unhelpful. Listening is key. Why blame helps no-one 53:35 COVID impact on the 'haves vs have nots', how the environment will have an impact on health 57:00 Why you don't need a gym; how you can help yourself in lockdown in less than 2M squared 60:01 The government guidelines approve exercise during the lockdown and why this is so good for everyone 64:40 The civil uprisings of the sixties and the parallel to current responses to George Floyd's death and blacklivesmatter 67:02 That could have been me: Cybertrauma and how black people witness trauma and why this is an issue we need to take into account moving forward. how the news creates much more trauma for people. 73:15 Why metaphor might just be the way to communicate the issues that we need to talk about.   This interview matters so please do share where you can.  You can find Darryl on Insta at @fitnessexplorer  His website is
Thomas Olivier, CEO of joins me today after a bit of a wait to get him on the podcast. I met Thomas in 2017 when I joined him for my Nutrigenetics/Nutrigenomics training and knew that I had to get this story out to people about how they could get a handle on their health and mitigate some serious health conditions going forward based on their unique 'bio-individuality'' (N=1)  Thomas has developed a stunning platform that allows for a person to take an in-depth dive into their health at the genetic level where the changes (SNP's) matter. This episode is one not to miss if you're treating to avoid the big 4 killer diseases!  Thomas speaks about his journey to the launch of, and what this actually is!     Timestamps: ...  05:48- We are dying of diseases  07:33 DNA, Epigenetics and what we are made of (hint its 37 trillion cells and more)  11:02 Whole genome sequencing, do we need this or specific tests? What's the cost?  14:37 Would veganism suit my genes? How would I know and why is Omega 6 and 3 important?  17:02 Scientifically validated genetic and functional testing. Why does this sound like NASA? 18:30 The four killers. Multifactorial?  21:38 Gamification of health systems, #levelup?  24:  Toxic environments, car fumes what harm can they do?  30:50 Choices in health: will COVID make a difference?  33:00 Our vulnerability, body wisdom and connectedness  36:15 New Health architecture, the new future?  40:00 Health Optimisation events and sharing of knowledge  45:00 The future is faster, why Kotler and Diamandis make their mark in this conversation! (love this bit, but I am biased with tech)  50:00 Are health predictions like meteorology?  52:00 Balancing not boosting your immune system  55:00 Optimsiing: what is this?   You can find Thomas at on Instagram... the platform is    as always to find out more, sign up for free courses around Epigenetic Psychotherapy  & Functional health visit
First of all this episode was put on the back burner whilst a few episodes took centre stage during the outset of covid-19. Thank you to Matt Dipll for being patient as this was recorded some weeks ago!! Danke! So moving to the episode, firstly this is a wonderful, wonderful conversation with some fantastic reflections about culture, the advancement of life, the deep biology of each of us, and the humanness of the life narrative. Matt has a background in Chinese Medicine, Has travelled and lived all over the world practising and then heading into the world of biohacking after losing a friend, and being in and around workers in technology and also his own health. We talk technology, sun=bjectiveness and objectiveness and how this was the seeing towards Matt working around his Male psyche, emotional needs and impact of this on day to day living. Matt brings into the conversation about how mental health presentations also are represented in biological health. Matt talks about how life, early needs and wants are mirrored through interpersonal connection. Pain is most certainly an underlying reason for health issues (See my blogs on ACES and illness). Matt talks about inside out and outside in and how to 'be' a man.. What is a man and what is healthy masculinity? There are layers here and this is THE most wonderful part of the conversation today. THIS is authentic and raw and real. You need to listen deeply here so be in a space where you can absorb this message. It's so good. Like for reals really good! Apologies for coughing in the episode, anyone would think that there was a reason for this. (perhaps?) CONTACT: Matt is on Insta and @MattDippl BOOKS: Iron John by Robert Bly Manhood by Steve Biddulph (book) :   His Facebook group
I'm joined Today by Gavin Andrews from HeartMath UK. This is another podcast recorded pre-lockdown and we briefly mention the impending crisis as we are chatting about regulation and the practice of gratitude, heart coherence and beyond. Whist this originates in how to use biofeedback for practices such as psychotherapy, this is also pertinent to the crisis that has shaken the world recently.  Gavin is offering a 15% discount on the products available from HeartMath UK with the code CATH goto to purchase in the United Kingdom
This video was originally recorded before the current health crisis. The introduction sets the scene for why getting to the root cause of an issue is the prefix to good health. Now we are in the light of Covid-19 this approach is likely to be more important than ever. Shania and I discuss why functional, holistic, naturopathic methods can really help you understand your health to the cellular level and how this can help mitigate from issues in the future.  Shania can be contacted at   As always more information about Catherine can be found at
Today I'm joined by Ben Cote from Neurohacker Collective. (NHC). We get straight into who NHC are and what happens at HQ. How dialling in and stacking your health comes from a place of assistance rather than the phenomena of "hacking'. This really is a natural approach and one hugely supported in science and research.  Ben explains about Qualia and why this is such a great nootropic and not a smart drug meant to "make you smarter". We then go onto cover Eternus and why this is a great stack for longevity, which i am sure many of us want!  What Qualia actually does is literally quite amazing, and Im saying that after almost 6 months of taking it. so cannnot wait to be a long term supporter of my own cellular functioning and health. (which I have been doing but this takes it to the next level) It has to be experienced in order to get where we are coming from in this episode in terms of the phenomenological experience. (One persons deep lived experience) and this has been really hard for me to describe to people and I'm quite a lexical communicator! Ben talks through  the process of how NHC learn and trial the contents of the products and why they make the difference they do to you if you are hoping to achieve that mental performance breakthrough. For me the empathic resonance and attunement and #levelup I get when I take these products has literally moved me into a different domain of human connection, thinking and reasoning.  Ben discuses how he gets to speak with so many people at trade shows and what people reflect and how the narrative reflection of most consumers of these products is pretty similar, and that folks makes a better than a few anecdotal findings. The ingredients of these products are all aimed at creating a naturalist harmony within your own body and mind and looking at them they are all essential ingredients of a well oiled machine cascading in a bottom up and top down manner.  You really DO need to try them, with all of the caveats we speak about. But do head over to and get your orders in! P.S. Eternus has also had a major impact on sleep quality and efficiency as I'm now functioning better since stacking. Wow guys at NHC. Thank you!  For more information and to get in touch with Cath head over to 
Todays episode features Shawn Wells MPH, LDN, RD, CISSN, FISSN and is a humdinging top to toe neuronal frazzle of delight. Which may sound like a fangirling overload, however sometimes there are some people who speak in such an eloquent way that all I can say is this is a must listen/watch for you! Shawn is balanced, critical, and speaks about his journey from the deepest places of what he calls his brokenness to his place of beauty which is a genuine well intentioned place of helping others heal. We talk positivity, finding your purpose, passion and tribe for longevity. We look at health indicators and how to sift through the plethora of information relating to diet and nutrition. Most importantly Shawn reiterates purpose and mindset and how happiness might just be the key to fulfilment and those extra few years on your life! Shawn is a Nutritional Biochemist, Registered Dietician, Certified Sports Nutritionist and Chief Clinical Dietician and Worlds Greatest Formulator, ..basically I think he is a wizard of all things from research to the mitochondria, "now thats what I call science!" (which will be the name of the next episode when I get chance to speak with him in the future) Shawn can be found here: and here He is on Insta and Twitter as the same name so go follow him quick sharp! As costs are rising to host this podcast, I made a decision to open the podcast to sponsorship and advertising, so if you are interested get in touch.
This episode is a fantastic start to 2020 for anyone who still might not know who they are, thinks they have to have all the qualifications and skills by the age of 21 and who may need a reassuring reflection as we head into the new year new you rhetoric. Im joined by Sagar Doshi today and this is a super jam packed top to bottom episode of zippy one line motivational assurances that you are doing just fine as you are, for example Sagar quotes  "where you study or work is not the sum of your life" (I love this by the way) We talk how tests/exams/assessments are carried out to 'measure your output' and how this is often seen as the reflection of the entire picture and how this affects young people and adults and yet course correction and progress are a part of life. Sagar is a product manager at Imbellus who are a games/assessment studio that seeks to measure abstract skills—and ultimately, human potential—using game-based assessments. So this episode travels over technology and human domains and the conversation is packed with the all important discussion of reaching your potential. I loved this episode so much, I have listened back to it (which is unheard of), its that good, IMHO. See you next time I refer to Daniel Kahneman's book "thinking fast and slow" so this is your check in on the show notes for it.  Sagar's work can be found at :
Today i'm joined by Tony Wrighton; he is the presenter of the podcast Zestology (link below), Sky sports presenter, author and fairly new Father to a 9 month old. This is an episode that transitions over a number of subjects and is one about being human, having flaws, attempting to rid ourselves of these parts we don't like. A fascinating set of topics for those of you interested in human beingness, self development, and personal growth.  We talk about Tony's journey into health and wellbeing, which takes us into Emotional Freedom technique (EFT) also known as trapping. Tony talks about his self confessed addictive personality and how this ties in with tech, we look at digital hygiene, morning routines and modelling of behaviours to children (whether they are 9 months old or in their 20's).  We even get into therapy, NLP, relationships and what having a baby does to sleep (and more). We talk red wine and resveratrol, oura rings and spreadsheets for tracking health, quite the jam packed episode! Tony's website and link to his podcast are below is his histamine site that he refers to; so go ahead and get some more energy and vitality from his time and effort, its another good recommendation to top up your knowledge! **For those of you who are body trained/aware or perhaps a therapist see if you can hear the moment that the synchrony of attunement occurs between Tony and I and feel the energy shift, its quite remarkable and very lovely and as always, its about heart not head.
Todays episode is part one of a conversation I'll be coming back to at a later date with my friend Mads Juhl Christensen, whom I met whilst volunteering at the biohackers Summit that took place in September this year in London and was the most awesome beginning of a new health movement thats going to be the way we all (hopefully) turn towards taking a step to a longer, happier and healthier life! SO I asked Mads to come on the podcast as he is a font on knowledge and similarly like my other guests he also has a story to tell about his health journey. We fill this hour with so much information that you'll likely need to go back and listen to it again. I make no apologies for our enthusiasm and occasional tangents around topics.  We talk light and how your cells rely on this at differing times of the day and what this actually does at a cellular level, we talk hormones and the process of support through light in order to carry out this function and why getting outside is probably the best free hack/gift there is on the planet for mental health and wellbeing. Way too much to describe on the show notes, so go ahead and dive in on this subject, theres so much to know that we wil be back to visit this alongside the EMF issues we allude to in the episode Take care and see you soon
Todays episode is aimed at the Christmas season which begins now and beyond. Todays message is based on a podcast episode with Neil from over two years ago; the message still needs to be shared and to create a discussion. What is interesting about this message is it you the listener that we are asking to share and to begin the conversation. Questions such as: Do you really drive safely at all times and do you take phone calls whilst you drive? Listen to Neil and discuss why this is actually an issue and how we are not capable of doing this with the level of concentration that we think we have. (Its neuroscience!!) nCognitive bias on this topic matter si what we address in this episode. Neil reflects "just because you can and its' not 'illegal' doesn't make it safe", so consider whats going on in the cars around you and if the driver, that stranger truly believes that they can multitask and keep other road users safe including you and your family? This may seem like a fact that you are already mentally disputing, I mean not many of us like to think we have flaws and many of us don't want to think our driving may be under par or indeed that we are unable to carry out a task due to a limitation of our brains functioning; surely we are intelligent and what about the fact we have been driving for so long? Listen to Neil and I in this episode and please feed back and share this epsidie to begin this conversation. Let's see this issue as important as Driving Under the Influence. Let's make a difference to our driving and perhaps that will be enough to model the behaviour for another. SMART PEOPLE CAN MAKE SMART CHOICES AND PHONES ARE NOT THAT SMART - UPDATE 3 Dec 19...check this video out and see what you think:.....
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