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Exploring the facts of tomorrow in the fiction of today.
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Episode 6: Augmented Reality
An Augmented Reality can be understood as a digitally-produced “layer” or “display screen” interposed by specialized hardware between you and the physical world. The potential of this emerging technology to enhance the ease and quality of life is enormous, and it will affect nearly everything in the coming informational age. Story excerpts from “Dork Knights of Harohbakh” by Shawn Koch, and “The Master Key” by L. Frank Baum.SOURCES & LINKSA Brief History of Augmented Reality Challenges & Opportunities of Augmented Reality | Edward Miller A Smith (Lockheed Martin) - Extreme Augmented Reality: What the Future Really Looks Like Dawn of the Age of Holograms | Alex Kipman Louis Rosenberg, CEO of Unanimous A.I. Future of Imagination: Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and How We Shape Our World History of Information Stuff Works Zuckerberg at Facebook F8 is using HoloLens AR headsets to build its new spacecraft faster Technologies's Up with Augmented Reality Contact Lenses? Theme by Tod Foley“Be Which One” by Captive Portal
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