DiscoverFractopiaEpisode 5: Futurecasting through Science Fiction
Episode 5: Futurecasting through Science Fiction

Episode 5: Futurecasting through Science Fiction

Update: 2018-09-27


A look at the uses of Science Fiction to predict and influence the future, featuring insights from Yuval Harari, Berit Anderson, Douglas Rushkoff, Pat Cadigan and Stephen Oram. Story excerpt from "The World Set Free" by H.G. Wells.

"Canal Street Blues" - King Oliver w Louis Armstrong
"Mister Really Loves You" - Captive Portal

Yuval Harari

The Mundane Manifesto

Science in Sci-Fi, Fact in Fantasy (Dan Koboldt)

A History of Books that Predicted the Future

Berit Anderson

Pat Cadigan & Douglas Rushkoff
In Channel
Episode 8: The Food of the Future
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Episode 5: Futurecasting through Science Fiction

Episode 5: Futurecasting through Science Fiction